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So Alone

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I really don't know where to start but I will try. I feel that love eludes me and although I have had a few relationships since my divorce 3 years ago, I don't seem to meet the one for me, although I feel that they are to begin with.


My friends tell me that I am aiming too low but this just confuses me as I am able to look past outward appearances and seem to see inside their soles, yet it is their ego that gets in the way of us having a meaningful relationship and I just end up feeling used or decieved by them. My DOB is 19/03/62 born in UK 6.30am can you see me ever meeting the one for me, I have a big heart and would truly love to find someone to share this with. Thank you.




Dear Gail

I am sorry to hear of your difficult times. I think seeing inside someone's soul is one thing, but it could be quite terrifying to the person who's soul you have seen. Have you not thought maybe to not delve too deeply into someone until they feel they can trust you too? It works both ways? I'm not saying you turn a blind eye, and of course with a host of planets in the 12th house of your chart it's not surprising you can see into their soul, but it may be that they feel hugely uncomfortable with that psychic invasion. This creates a defence mechanism, and big egos, whether deceptive, manipulative or whatever, are simply ways of trying to armour themselves from your intrusion.  It may be that you are undervaluing yourself - as it seems if you are aiming too low, those who don't know their own souls let alone their egos are not worthy of you. Perhaps you should socialise in more 'spiritually aware' or intellectually aware' circles. It's not about how much people earn or how little, its about how well they know themselves. And men on the whole, don't know themselves as well as they might.


With Uranus currently 'waking up and shaking up' your whole outlook on life as it begins to transit your rising sign or Aries, and also beginning to nudge its way towards your rising Venus, there is a need here to re-evaluate what you truly 'value' in love. What are you looking for exactly? To be centre of attention perhaps, sneakily, because you hate the thought you might be self-centred yourself. But there is a subtle closeness between self-worth and egotism. You have to have an ego in the first place to give it some worth. So time to do so. Shine a light on you, not on others. Look deeply into your own soul, not those of others. See the glamour of yourself. See the light of your own love. For if you don't love yourself, then how can anyone else? This is not an easy time with Saturn in the 7th house of your chart - the love corner - and it may be that you don't meet Mr Right for another year or so, at least until Saturn moves out of this part of your chart. But on the other hand, when we stop looking it's often when love truly comes to find us.



I wish you well and hope you can turn your attention to yourself right now. Love does move in very mysterious ways indeed. But it moves best when we not only have a big heart like yours, but also have a willingness to take it for ourselves as well as give it to others. The givers don't usually get what they want, the takers usually do. Learn to find that balance within yourself. I think the hardest thing for Pisces is to learn to find one's own identity. To not reflect the person you're with, nor find oneself wrapped in that person's soul - for then you lose a sense of who you truly are. Now's the time to rediscover that ego centre, and pamper it, then someone else will too.



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