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Moon Diary - Full Moon in Scorpio, April 21st- 22nd, 2016 by Jane Lyle

April’s Scorpio full Moon rises at 2 degrees of sultry, spooky Scorpio on the night of 21st-22nd April.

It’s the smallest full Moon of 2016, at it’s furthest from Earth.

All full Moons – even micro Moons - tend to emphasise fluctuating emotions and intuitive feelings. This one, in watery, emotional Scorpio, could be especially intense, and the emotions it illuminates particularly brooding or hard to define.

The Sun is fresh in earthy Taurus – signifying our possessions, security, and what we value. What we cherish aside from material possessions is hugely important – it’s not all about money. Those emotional and philosophical values shine beneath an uncluttered full Moon. Their vital importance may become painfully obvious, or act as a catalyst for transformation during the coming days. 

Sun and Moon are aspected by asteroid Dionysus in Leo. There are innumerable asteroids in modern astrology – how can they possibly be meaningful?  Yet, sometimes, the name itself - or what it symbolises - seems to pop up in some amazingly synchronous way when a named asteroid aligns with one of our more familiar planets.  It could be something worth considering anyway.

Dionysus is often represented as the crazy, androgynous party-boy of the Ancient Greek gods. His less attractive Roman equivalent is Bacchus – paunchy, lecherous, drunken god of wine. God of theatre, wine, and sacred, orgiastic rites, Dionysus has a darker, deeper core. His true essence is about death, sacrifice, and rebirth, and he symbolises tremendous life-force. So I feel that he resonates very well with the meaning of this full Moon. We’ve got the sensual, greedy, earthy side of Taurus, and Scorpio as the mystical sign of death, sex, and regeneration. Dionysus carries all this imagery with him - perhaps the rocky little asteroid named Dionysus intends to bring it to our attention?

In ancient Lydia (modern-day western Turkey), Dionysus’ totem animal was a fox. His wild female priestesses (Maenads/Bassarids) and followers wore fox skins as a tribute. Were they the first foxy ladies? Other totemic animals associated with Dionysus included a panther, bull, stag, and goat. So it looks like more wildness, and more shamanic life force as we head towards the magical month of May, with its potent new Moon in Taurus the Bull. 

With or without Dionysus, this Scorpio full Moon has some depth-charge potential, that’s for sure. I’m fairly certain, though, that this vivid, anarchic god will put in an appearance, one way or another.

“He is life's liberating force.
He is release of limbs and communion through dance.
He is laughter, and music in flutes.
He is repose from all cares -- he is sleep!
When his blood bursts from the grape
and flows across tables laid in his honor
to fuse with our blood,
he gently, gradually, wraps us in shadows
of ivy-cool sleep.”

Euripides – ‘The Bacchae’

Image: ‘Evening Scene’ by Abraham Pether, 1801. Image via Wikimedia Commons






Moon Diary - New Moon, SuperMoon in Aries: 7th April 2016 by Jane Lyle.

A new Moon in Aries always signifies a fresh beginning. This one throws everything up in the air.

The atmosphere is likely to be volatile, dramatic and erratic in the days around this week’s fiery new Moon – and it’s a SuperMoon too. This means that the Moon is at it’s closest to Earth in its monthly cycle (perigee), having a stronger effect than usual on the ocean’s spring tides, the weather, – and probably our emotions’ inner tides too.

The desire to make changes in our relationships, homes, and circumstances will be powerful. If you’ve been thinking about leaving your job, distancing yourself from a draining friendship or relationship, or simply clearing out your cupboards – here’s some irresistible motivation for you. The Moon aligns with electrifying Uranus – stirring rebellious impulses, and bringing surprises. And in the Capricorn corner there’s Pluto, urging us to clear the decks, recycle, clear and transform emotions and environment. Hard working Saturn makes a helpful aspect to all this volatility – what begins now isn’t a flash-in-the-pan, we’ll want to keep going until we’ve finished what we started.

We’re all influenced by our environment, and what’s going on collectively – so to a greater or lesser extent we’ll all feel this new SuperMoon’s purging powers. If you’ve got planets in your personal birth chart at around 18 degrees of Aries or Capricorn then you’re likely to notice these effects most strongly. Planets at 18 degrees of Libra and Cancer are also triggered, but the effects may be less obvious.

"But Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way."

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


The aspects are: New Moon at 18 degrees Aries, square Pluto, 17 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Uranus, 20 degrees Aries, trine Saturn, 16 degrees Sagittarius.

Image: ‘Alice and the playing cards’ by Obakeneko. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons







Moon Diary - Keep Calm and Carry On: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra, 23rd March 2016 by Jane Lyle.

Balance and harmony are what a full Moon in Libra seeks to achieve. This one, however, is a lunar eclipse – meaning that those Libran scales will be plunging up and down, alongside our thoughts and emotions this spring.


Our relationships are in focus, for Libra rules partnerships of every kind. So our friendships, working alliances and professional associations can be just as important now as our romantic partners. Our links with adversaries and enemies need thinking about as well as the eclipse brings things to the surface. All kinds of tension can be cleared and talked about openly, possibly a little too openly for some of us.

This Moon is opposite the Sun and chatty Mercury in frank, honest Aries. There’ll be quite a few people telling it like it is over the next few months. Mars in equally open (some might say tactless) Sagittarius also energises our peace-loving Libran Moon, increasing the likelihood of direct action, bald statements of fact, and impulsive statements and outbursts. We could see this manifest in political shenanigans, military tensions and indecision, and news about sport, and sporting organisations and events.

There’s energy, restlessness, and angry outbursts – what’s been suppressed or ignored will demand attention. There may be riots and demonstrations as people seek to express themselves, and to be taken seriously.

We can expect secrets or hidden information to emerge, perhaps in the form of realisations about what we truly think and feel. This can trigger endings, or at least the desire for them. Every full Moon is a time of culmination, and signals the end of a phase. An eclipse is a super-charged full Moon – so those peaks and partings are likely to be more dramatic or have long-lasting impact on our feelings and our lives.

This eclipse links back to projects, partnership issues, thoughts and feelings that began around the time of the Libran new Moon last October. It also resonates with the Libran lunar eclipse of 23rd March 1997. If the spring and summer of 1997 was important for you in some way, you can anticipate something similar now – or may find your thoughts and feelings about that time are suddenly very meaningful and relevant to your life today.


Libran Areas of Life in Focus include:

Justice and the law – the scales of Justice connect with the scales of Libra.

Peace negotiations – from international meetings, all the way through to family discussions and relationship counselling.

Social life, friendships, and romance – especially marriages and civil partnerships.

Libran industries such as beauty, jewellery, fashion, art, and design.

Enemies and open adversaries. Sometimes it’s a case of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ or ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. This looks like one of the themes of this Libran lunar eclipse.


The Lunar Eclipse and You

This lunar eclipse is meaningful for you and your partnerships, friendships, enemies, and alliances if you have planets around 3 – 4 degrees of Libra or Aries, Cancer or Capricorn.

Special birthdays fall around 27th – 29th September (Libra), and 22rd – 25th March (Aries).

To a lesser extent, Cancer and Capricorn planets and birthdays may experience some lunar eclipse effects. Special birthdays are 24th – 26th June (Cancer), and 24th – 26th December (Capricorn).

Famous Librans whose natal horoscopes are energised include:

Gwyneth Paltrow and April Lavigne(27th September)
Mira Sorvino and Brigitte Bardot (28th September)
Silvio Berlusconi (29th September)

Famous Aries people whose birthday year ahead is vitalised by this eclipse include:

Reese Witherspoon, William Shatner, and Stephen Sondheim (22nd March)
Elton John (25th March)


Out in the World

As I’ve remarked in the Cosmic Weather, this eclipse looks meaningful for Greece, and the Greek public – the public is ruled by the Moon in a national horoscope.

Both the horoscopes for the Greek Revolution (25th March, 1821) and Greek Democracy (24th July, 1974) are activated. Questions about how independent Greece can be are likely, and the Greek people’s urge for freedom is in focus. This eclipse is about partnerships and alliances, so obviously it highlights issues around Greece and the European Union. Again. People have a lot to say now, and during the next three months or so.

Other national horoscopes worth watching include:



Image: Ault & Wilborg company poster by Will Bradley, New York Public Library Public Domain.







Moon Diary - Dream Catcher: Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces, 8th-9th March, 2016 by Jane Lyle

Powerful, dreamy, and unsettling – the first solar eclipse of 2016 magnifies our emotions and seduces our imaginations.

A shoal of planets in watery Pisces emphasise intuition and vulnerable feelings. Our connections with friends, family and lovers may be slip-sliding around all over the place now, and in the weeks and months ahead. We may feel a deeper love, or realise that we’re not sure how we feel about someone, perhaps someone very familiar to us. Repressed, submerged feelings surface – if we’ve been deluding ourselves about someone, or something, then this becomes more than a nagging feeling we can ignore. It becomes clear to us that we must make changes, either at work or in our personal lives. This will feel strange, and needs flexibility and that oh-so-Piscean quality, surrender.

Often, the changes that accompany an eclipse are out of our immediate control, yet what is ‘eclipsed’ or seemingly lost will make space for fresh developments and positive progress during the next six months.

This eclipse really is extraordinarily fishy – we have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Ceres in Pisces. Jupiter and the Moon’s Nodes in earthy Virgo oppose them, rather like a small island in the midst of a vast ocean. Jupiter expands everything – on the plus side this signals great empathy and remarkable creativity, on the negative side it denotes floods of erratic emotion, old hurts, illusions and delusions - particularly religious, philosophical, and spiritual kinds.

The potential for floods of water and storms at sea now, and in the coming months, appears to be high too – partly because the eclipse is in Pisces, and partly because Jupiter and the Moon’s Nodes align with the fixed star Denebola.

Traditionally, Denebola signifies religious tensions, severe weather, sedition, and the deaths of famous men. The great expert on the fixed stars, Bernadette Brady, also associates it with being unconventional, or ‘out of step’ with society in some way. Traditionally, again, these effects might be expected to manifest most dramatically in the regions where the total eclipse is visible – from Western Australia, and across Asia and the northern Pacific ocean.

Sober old Saturn, uncomfortable in flexible Sagittarius, makes a square to the Pisces Sun, Moon and Virgo Jupiter. Perhaps this offers a smidgeon of stability? Perhaps it only offers us a stop-go kind of feeling. Mutable energy finds an outlet in Gemini – so this will be a phase of much talking, communications, travel and the continuing prominence of Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis. Curiously, these movements of people are often described by using watery analogies – floods, rivers, tides, and waves – all things associated with Neptune and its sign, Pisces.

Piscean areas of life in eclipse focus

These include charities; pharmaceutical industries; cinema, theatre, and the film industry; music; drugs and alcohol; oil and gas; hospitals; sailors and fishermen; the sea; clouds and fog; wavering boundaries; mystical experiences and individuals; dreams; restlessness and anything that dissolves – including agreements, contracts, and illusions.

The Eclipse and You

This is an important eclipse for you if you have natal planets or angles around 18 – 21 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

This eclipse impacts upon EVERYONE born between 1965 and 1967. You all have Saturn in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces, and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. The houses in your personal chart holding Pisces and Virgo will show you where the changes associated with this eclipse are likely to make themselves felt. Jupiter triggers this eclipse once more in July, 2016. If you aren’t familiar with your birth chart, why not consult a professional astrologer and find out what effects this eclipse may bring?

“The small wisdom is like water in a glass:
clear, transparent, pure.
The great wisdom is like the water in the sea:
dark, mysterious, impenetrable.”

Rabindranath Tagore


‘Memory’ by Elihu Vedder (1836-1923)
Courtesy of






Moon Diary - Peak Stuff: Full Moon in Virgo, 22nd February 2016 by Jane Lyle

A Virgo full Moon emphasises our inner emotional need for outer order. Virgo is often said to be picky and critical – yet turn these qualities around and you’ll find the ability to make delicate choices, pick something that’s perfect, and quietly create order amidst chaos. A sense of wellbeing and mental clarity is our reward.

This full Moon at 3 degrees Virgo signals culmination of a phase that began last September, when we had a solar eclipse – and new Moon - in Virgo.  It’s a helpful time to think about what projects or routines began then – what’s working well, what might be coming to an end? Virgo rules the house of health, service to others, small pets, and daily routines at home, and at work. So the full Moon draws attention to these themes, and invites us to think about them. Virgo energies also urge us to do something practical – to fine-tune routines, tidy up or recycle our stuff, or even go for the whole spring cleaning thing in a big way. And, you know, this could be the right moment to ask ‘what do I feel about ‘peak stuff’? Virgo’s house or houses in your personal chart show where the main focus lies.

The Sun in watery Pisces is opposite the full Moon, bringing along a little mystical, musical energy to balance Virgo’s earthy practicality. It’s particularly potent this year, as the Sun is aligned with the Watcher of the South, fixed star Fomalhaut in the constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish. This is one of the archangel stars, each symbolically ‘watching’ over the north, south, east and west. Fomalhaut is linked to the Archangel Gabriel who watches over the direction of south in magical lore. Fomalhaut denotes artistic success, charisma, and idealism – but warns of failure caused by over-confidence, egoism, and blind idealism. February’s full Moon message is to keep Virgo’s fastidious modesty in mind, view over-the-top emotions with a wary eye, and all will be well.

Once this full Moon begins to wane, we move towards a dynamic eclipse season in March, when both new and full Moons are the first solar (Pisces) and lunar (Libra) eclipses of 2016.

“In the west, we have probably hit peak stuff. We talk about peak oil, I’d say we’ve hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak stuff….peak home furnishings.”

Steve Howard, Head of Sustainability Unit, IKEA, January 2016


Image: 1950’s advertisement via, public domain





Moon Diary - Electric Moon: New Moon February 2016:  by Jane Lyle

An electrifying new Moon rises at 19 degrees of Aquarius on 8th February. If you want to create something new, innovative, or unusual then February is a good time to begin.

Our friendships and relationships, too, can benefit from a fresh approach – exploring unconventional solutions, or forming unusual friendships and alliances resonates with Aquarius, a sign that’s concerned with the whole of humanity in all its diversity.

Uranus – rebel, scientist, revolutionary and eccentric – rules Aquarius. And Uranus makes a productive aspect to this new Moon. An extra helping of intuition, inspiration and originality is in the air – it’s electrifying, for Uranus is the ruler of electricity too. Ideas and feelings bubble up, or there are sudden realisations – the kind we like to call ‘light bulb moments’. This new Moon favours psychic flashes, and spontaneous moments of surprising illumination.

It’s vital to find a way to earth this sparkling energy however. Mars, strong and determined in Scorpio, challenges both Sun and Moon. There’s powerful emotional energy around, and it can rapidly spill over into angry outbursts or emotional frustration. The Moon and Mars together can symbolise angry women, female protests, and news or debates about difficulties with health care – in particular childbirth, miscarriages, sexual health, and pregnancy.

Asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth, signals a way through this new Moon’s tense moments. Vesta aligns with Uranus in Aries – representing focus, hard work, and a renewed sense of purpose this month. Vesta’s presence encourages us to see the bigger picture and devote ourselves to what’s new and fresh. 

‘I have perceiv’d that to be with those I like is enough,

To stop in company with the rest at evening is enough,

To be surrounded by beautiful, curious, breathing, laughing flesh is enough,

To pass among them or touch any one, or rest my arm ever so lightly round his or her neck for a moment, what is this then?

I do not ask any more delight, I swim in it as in a sea.

There is something in staying close to men and women and looking on them, and in the contact and odor of them, that pleases the soul well,
All things please the soul, but these please the soul well.’

‘I Sing the Body Electric’ – Walt Whitman


Aspects to this Aquarian new Moon are:

Uranus in Aries, 17 degrees, sextile Sun and Moon in Aquarius, 19 degrees.

Uranus in Aries 17 degrees, conjunct asteroid Vesta in Aries, 18 degrees.

Mars in Scorpio square Sun and Moon in Aquarius, 19 degrees.


Poster for Electricity Exhibition, Marseilles, 1908. Public Domain

Image via






Moon Diary - Lioness Moon: Full Moon at 3 degrees Leo 24th January 2016 by Jane Lyle

A full Moon in dramatic, fiery Leo traditionally highlights matters connected to love, success, honesty, and financial improvements. Every full Moon symbolises letting something go – but this can be a way of thinking about life, or negative attitude just as much as it can mean clearing out junk or leaving your job.


A Leo Moon has a big heart, so finding ways to keep this emotional powerhouse free and open to life and love could be one of the most important messages the full Moon brings to us.

The first full Moon of 2016 has two feminine companions. The Sun in Aquarius is close to asteroid goddess Pallas, while the Moon herself makes a mysterious aspect called a quincunx with love goddess Venus. Pallas brings strategy, tactics, feminine wisdom, and objective intelligence with her on this full Moon. Women’s role in society, politics, work and religion is highlighted now in our own lives, and in the news. Women in prominent positions speak out, or there are debates about women’s role in major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Venus in Capricorn has a practical role to play. Finances will need adjustment, compromise, and perhaps something needs to be released so that, in time, new attitudes and systems can be developed this year. A Leo full Moon loves to gamble and speculate, but Venus in Capricorn is cautious and prudent. Somehow, these two must find a workable path. Cool-headed Pallas in Aquarius offers the diplomatic tools and clear-sighted strategy to make this happen, eventually. Aquarius is an inventive sign too – some of the full Moon’s letting go can be about releasing old patterns and protocols in business, banking, relationships and organisations. So-called ‘disruptive’ new businesses - Uber cabs and Air B’n’B for instance - may be in the news for this reason.

This looks like a significant Moon for a number of locations including Russia, the Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

If your birthday falls on the 23rd-24th January, you’re ending one cycle and poised to begin another this year. This is a time of culmination. Take your time when seeking new things, and let the cycle unfold.

Famous birthdays today include: Mischa Barton, Neil Diamond, Luis Suarez, and Nastassja Kinski.

Book cover: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.






Moon Diary - Earthly Powers: New Moon in Capricorn, 10th January 2016 by Jane Lyle

The first new Moon of 2016 rises at 19 degrees of earthy Capricorn, the Sea-Goat. The Moon’s emotional nature is nourished by the idea of building something real.

This Moon likes that old phrase in the Christian marriage vows – ‘to have and to hold’.

A Capricorn new Moon is, generally, a helpful time to review money matters and to consider what you need, rather than what you want. Dreams are tailored to fit reality now, so perhaps it’s not the best time for projects needing a wild imagination. But if you want to prepare for the coming year, you can plant your seeds now and gather your resources.

Both electrifying Uranus, planet of revolution, and underworld Pluto – planet of deep transformations and power, connect with our new Moon, and each other. Emotions can be exceptionally erratic as a result, with impulsive or sudden outbursts or moments of icy ruthlessness. If you feel unsettled, angry, or weird try to remember that this, too, shall pass and hold off on losing it entirely. If you’ve been resisting change, this might be a helpful time to think about that.

Out in the world, this new Moon suggests a very challenging month lies ahead. Security alerts remain high, financial markets look uncertain, and there’s the strong possibility of serious civil unrest or even terrorism and violence. It’s deeply uncomfortable, yet change only comes through effort of some kind and those issues we’ve been thinking about over the past four years or so are in very sharp focus this month.

It’s a meaningful new Moon all around our planet, highlighting themes of finance, boundaries, and power – political, military, and the power of our energy resources. It has a strong message for the UK – and perhaps particularly Scotland; for the USA, Russia, Ukraine, China, and a number of Eastern European nations including Lithuania, Slovenia, Kazakhstan and Croatia.

‘You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need’

You Can't Always Get What You Want lyrics © Abkco Music, Inc.





Moon Diary - Born to be Wild: New Moon at 19 Sagittarius, 11th December, 2015 by Jane Lyle

A new Moon rises in sociable, humorous Sagittarius the Centaur every November or December – presiding over the end-of-year party season, and offering us a symbol for warm-hearted generosity of spirit too.

This year, our fiery new Moon radiates extra wild centaur energy, courtesy of Jupiter. If you’re dreaming big dreams, or feeling powerful emotions, you can expect them to grow even bigger during the weeks ahead. If you tend to be extravagant, breathe in and out very slowly before you shop. It will be hard to keep to a budget while this Moon is in charge – particularly if it links with your natal chart, especially your Venus.

Travel plans, sport, legal matters, education, and making predictions are all favoured by this new Moon’s strength and forward-looking optimism. Further developments or even shake-ups to these plans emerge by March, 2016 when there’s a potent solar eclipse at 19 Pisces. Keeping things fluid, and keeping a door open somewhere in your thoughts is the way to make the best of this flexible phase. Sagittarius and Pisces are both highly intuitive signs, so tuning in to intuition now is one positive step towards travelling in the right direction – whether that’s a holiday, a course of study, or beginning a new relationship.

With Venus trine Neptune today as well, romance and shopping for beautiful things are emphasised. Art and music glow beneath this pairing too. Meanwhile, warrior Mars opposes eccentric, unpredictable Uranus – bringing surprises at best, shocks at worst. Certainly, instability is woven into the current atmosphere – another sign that we’d do well to centre ourselves before rushing around. Some Sagittarian sociability or Venusian gorgeousness could be just what we need to balance things out.

Finally, Sagittarius is a sporting sign – and I think this new Moon could mark yet another new chapter in the serpentine saga of corruption allegations surrounding FIFA.

FIFA’s ‘birthday’ is 21st May, 1904. Our lively new Moon shines brightly opposite Gemini Pluto, planet of relentless and slow transformations (and lord of the underworld) in FIFA’s chart. Hints of what’s yet to come should begin emerge in the next few weeks, for Sagittarius is also the sign of truthfulness. By the time of that powerful Pisces eclipse on 9th March, 2016, we’ll know even more than we know today. The eclipse at 19 degrees Pisces pairs up with this new Moon at 19 degrees of Sagittarius to keep on knocking at the door.

For anyone who enjoys synchronicity and coincidences – the very next day after the eclipse happens to be the birthday of Piscean Mr. Sepp Blatter, president of this beleaguered organisation. He was born on 10th March, 1936 and has his Sun at 19 degrees Pisces. Eclipses are said to be game-changers – what’s cooking up now promises just that. It should be a very interesting spring. 

Special Sun Sign birthdays for this important new Moon (and upcoming March eclipse) are:
Gemini: 8th – 10th June
Virgo: 10th – 12th September
Sagittarius: 9th – 11th December
Pisces: 8th – 10th March

If you have planets at 19 degrees of any of these signs, your own personal chart is activated now, and on into the spring of 2016.

Image: ‘Pallas and Centaur’ by Botticelli. via Public Domain.






Moon Diary - Let Me Entertain You: The Full Moon in Gemini, 25th November, 2015 by Jane Lyle

A chatty, entertaining Gemini full Moon lights up our nights every winter. It’s sociable, restless, and bursting with mental creativity.

This year, extra energy flows from Mars in airy Libra – bringing a volatile edge to conversations and social media shenanigans. Everyone’s in the mood to talk, but some of us could be a tad confrontational or tactless. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is travelling through humorous Sagittarius, right opposite the full Moon. On the one hand this means playful fun and friendship, on the other – foot-in-mouth syndrome creates some ‘did I really say that?’ moments. Journeys may take you to unexpected places, or be disrupted in some way. It’s an interesting time to just wander about a bit and see what you can find. Gemini and Sagittarius enjoy spontaneous moments.

Saturn and Neptune have also been invited to this full Moon party. Old friends, memories, reunions, and older people in general are all in focus. It could be a positive time to talk to your parents, or think about what kind of routine emotional reactions and habits you’ve inherited from them. Are you turning into your Mum or Dad?  Is that a good thing or something you’d like to change? And while Saturn can be a bit restrictive, there’s an opportunity to embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy of simplicity somewhere in your life. Financial markets may have to consider this philosophy too – now, and on into 2016. Neptune in Pisces longs to dissolve rigid structures, the Moon brings things to a head, and Saturn has the potential to help us get things in order over the next two weeks. Everything is possible if we just keep communicating – with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.

‘We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans - because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings. That's why we paint, that's why we dare to love someone - because we have the impulse to explain who we are.’
Maya Angelou

Image: Vintage circus performers, 1940’s-50’s. Public domain image via







Moon Diary - Candlelight Moon: The New Moon in Scorpio, 11th November 2015 by Jane Lyle

This big-hearted new Moon rises at 19 degrees of emotional Scorpio. Scorpio sometimes seems to be all about secrets, sex, and vengeance – yet this intuitive sign is also stable, fixed, protective and mystical.

A new Moon here calls to our emotional depths, setting the tone for the November weeks ahead.

There’s a symphony of feelings – from raw emotion to gut feelings giving us guidance, and these qualities are boosted by a helpful link with expansive Jupiter in sensitive Virgo. So this new Moon favours quietly tuning in to your subconscious, your dreams, and any persistent gut feelings you may have noticed. It might also be useful to think about money, and our attitudes towards it. The house of Scorpio rules other people’s cash, resources, and support – do you need a new start in any of those areas? All sorts of possibilities can be revealed when you step off the whirling hamster wheel. Why not light a candle, relax, and discover what your mind is longing to tell you? 

Communications are similarly boosted, with chatty Mercury also in Scorpio. What’s written, sung, or spoken has power and intensity with added karmic bells on from the centaur Chiron. Maybe there’s something that’s needed saying for a long while, or information that’s been kept secret. What comes out into the open represents a fresh start for everyone involved. The combination of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury suggests a flood of information, communications, and emotions that have a powerful impact on the public – that’s us. It’ll be an irresistible time for some of us to open those flood-gates and let it all spill out.

This new Moon marks the annual Indian festival of Diwali, a festival of lights celebrating love and abundance. This year, the Moon favours happy family get-togethers, and strengthens our protective feelings towards those we love – relatives, lovers and friends. In the wider world it focuses on farming, agriculture, religion, the law, publishing, female leaders and women’s experiences in general. Traditionally, the combination of Moon and Jupiter suggests heavy rains and flooding – although this can work out in a more symbolic way as tides of emotion swell, seeking release and a new beginning this November. Happy Diwali!

How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candle-light?
Yes, and back again.
If your heels are nimble and light,
You may get there by candle-light.

Traditional nursery rhyme


Image: Indian women lighting lamps at Diwali. Vintage postcard, public domain. Via





Moon Diary - Halloween SuperMoon in Taurus, 27th October 2015 by Jane Lyle

The final supermoon of 2015 rises at 3 degrees of earthy Taurus, the Bull, on 27th October. It’s Halloween season too, so this full Moon brings a little lunar magic to the celebrations – and although waning, should still be looking large and luminous by Saturday when it enters deeply emotional, psychic Cancer.


Ethereal and ghostly themes glow beneath this Moon, for both Sun in spooky Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus are linked with Neptune, planet of dreams and spirits. This haunting atmosphere continues to build up towards the weekend when the Sun makes an exact connection with misty Neptune. It’s a very fertile time for psychic experiences, vivid dreams, and supernatural tales of lost love and wandering spectres. These days are a beautiful time to listen to music, sing, or have a dreamy, candlelit bath.

Yet Moon in Taurus is also earthy, practical and protective. It favours established friendships and relationships, home and family, warmth, comfort, and delicious food. Every full Moon represents a point of culmination in a cycle, but here in Taurus the feeling is about protecting what we have, rather than going after something new. Both Scorpio, where the Sun is now, and Taurus are fixed signs. They like to protect and conserve, keeping things stable whenever possible. If you need to do something practical then this Moon favours physical clearing – cupboards, gardens, bookshelves or cellars.

As you probably know by now, any supermoon has a potent reputation for stirring up our weather, creating extra-high tides, and marking a week or so when dramatic earthquakes, eruptions and storms are more likely to occur. Emotional storms and eruptions are more likely too, particularly in situations where things have been simmering for a while. So it’d be a good idea to focus on this full Moon’s protective, stabilising qualities, and enjoy the imaginative, spiritual atmosphere it promotes. And Happy Halloween!





Moon Diary - New Moon in Libra, 13th October 2015 by Jane Lyle

This new Moon in Libra is about seeking balance in unconventional ways during the month ahead.

Relationships of every kind can fall into unhelpful patterns, or stagger beneath the burden of expectations and conventional thought.

But this new Moon encourages us to shake things up a bit, find new ways of relating, or learn how to travel lightly through the thorny thickets of human connections.

The thing is, we all need other people – and sometimes we have to find ways of working with annoying individuals, living next door to people we dislike, or being pleasant to our partner’s incredibly irritating old friend. And that’s before we negotiate romance, friendship, and the minefield of family relationships in our lives.

This new Moon, plus the Sun in Libra are shaken up by mad, eccentric Uranus. Uranus doesn’t care about convention. Uranus never watches Disney films, or believes in the perfect roses-round-the-door fairy-tales of human love we’re all supposed to live up to. Uranus knows that there are infinite ways to relate to each other, and endless possibilities for an honest, fulfilling emotional life that are far from stereotypical.

It’s time to cut loose, look at things in a new way, and find our own individual paths to happiness, family routines, friendship and teamwork. The new Moon is here to tell us that there’s more than one way to find that all-important Libran balance and fit that square peg into a round hole. Follow your heart.

Illustration by Pearson Scott Foresman, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain





Moon Diary - Blood Moon Rising: The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, 27-28th September, 2015 by Jane Lyle

Watch the skies! The total eclipse of a huge Supermoon doesn’t happen every year. The last one was over thirty years ago, in 1982. With clear skies, we’ll see the full Moon turning a rusty, blood red.

Image: Christopher Columbus ‘predicts’ a lunar eclipse, Jamaica, 1504. Image via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain.

It’s visible from Europe, North and South America, Africa, and West Asia. For many of us, it promises to be a spectacular sight.

Turbulent Supermoons and the Total Lunar Eclipse
So what is a Supermoon? Brilliant astrologer Richard Nolle coined this term more than thirty years ago. It describes the new or full Moon at perigee, or closest approach to the Earth in its monthly cycle. A big, bold Supermoon can appear to be 30% brighter and 14% larger than usual.

Nolle’s extensive research suggests that its effects on Earth extend for a few days either side. This month, that’s between 25th September and 4th October. Effects include storms, exceptional rainfall, high tides, volcanic activity and earthquakes. Sensitive animals and human beings can also experience the physical, mental, or emotional equivalent of these storms on Earth. Upheavals all round, basically.

On his website, Richard Nolle states:

‘September 2015 will be one of the geophysically most turbulent months in all of 2015.’

A lunar eclipse happens at full Moon, when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align with the Earth in between Sun and Moon. The encroaching darkness across the Moon’s bright face is the Earth’s shadow crossing the Moon, which is behind the Earth. Atmospheric dust causes the Moon to turn red or rusty brown or even dark yellow during an eclipse. This particular eclipse is the last in a series of four total lunar eclipses we’ve seen recently. Their more glamorous, spooky name is The Tetrad of Blood Moons. Werewolves, zombies, and vampires probably prefer this description. And while an eclipsed Supermoon is a rare, unsettling, and dramatic event it doesn’t portend the end of the world. These highly-charged eclipses also happened in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, and 1982. For more astronomical information:


What’s the astrological message?
This total lunar eclipse is in fiery Aries, the Ram. Aries is hot headed, passionate, impulsive and often child-like – the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries-ruled areas include the military, surgeons, sportsmen and women, fevers and sudden infections, angry flare-ups, and heroic deeds. Aries, ruled by Mars, says ‘action speaks louder than words’, and ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ That’s the kind of emotional energy this eclipse highlights out in our world, and in your personal chart if you have planets close to 4 degrees of Aries or Libra – and to a lesser extent, Cancer or Capricorn.

Sensible Saturn supports both the eclipse Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, symbolising the possibility of wise advice, realistic limitations, and practical boundaries – all of which will be needed (if not always heeded) at this intensely volatile time. A lunar eclipse is a full Moon, and represents culmination and sometimes the end of a whole chapter or era in life. It offers us the chance of releasing emotions, or letting go outworn routines or habits. This one is about tough love, fierce peace, sweaty saunas and the odd primal scream. Since this potent eclipse is also aligned with the Dragon’s Tail, or south nodes of the Moon, it brings situations involving cause and effect to our attention. In other words, karma – instant or otherwise – is knocking on the door. Alliances and friendships are highlighted – who helps you? What do you offer in return?

Warrior planet Mars rules this eclipse. Currently, feisty Mars is squaring up to cautious Saturn – meaning frustrations over restrictions, limitations and rules could boil over. Traditionally, this is an accident-prone aspect because of the blocked or frustrated energy pattern it symbolises. Overcome the angry feelings, though, and Saturn and Mars can achieve a great deal of hard work together. Our angry feelings will, I believe, seek an outlet during the days leading up to and following this eclipse. Release, not repression, is the answer – but challenging to achieve. Yes indeed.


The Lunar Eclipse and You
This eclipse is especially important if your birthday falls between September 27th – 29th, or March 24th –26th in any year. Planets in your personal horoscope at around 4 degrees of Aries or Libra are energised. If this is you, clues may be found in events, and inner or outer turning points that occurred around September 27th, 1996 and September 27th, 1977. Obviously, they’d have to be massively important for you to recall them after all this time. Or maybe you were born then. Eclipses at 4 degrees of Aries happened on those dates anyway.

Famous Librans whose horoscopes – and birthdays - are vitalised by this eclipse include:
Gwyneth Paltrow, April Lavigne (27th); Mira Sorvino, Brigitte Bardot (28th); and Silvio Berlusconi (29th).
Famous Aries whose horoscopes – and year ahead – is energised by this eclipse include:
Elton John and Aretha Franklin (25th), and Keira Knightley (26th).

Once again, the foundation horoscope for the European Union is activated, as it was this spring by the Pisces eclipse. This time, the eclipse sensitises the Aries Sun – representing leaders, power, identity, and the vitality of the Union itself. In this chart (Treaty of Rome, 25th March, 1957), the Sun rules the 11th house of shared projects and endeavours. Something needs to be released or let go, according to the meaning of this eclipse. It looks like it will be something shared – something fundamental to the European Union’s idea of itself and its aims - but there will be further upheavals before this change can be achieved. 







Moon Diary - Juggler’s Moon: New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo, 13th September 2015 by Jane Lyle

With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, a juggler of a new Moon rises at 20 degrees of earthy Virgo, the harvest maiden goddess.

It’s a partial solar eclipse, visible from Antarctica, parts of South Africa, and Madagascar.

A solar eclipse is an extra-potent new Moon. Seed time, beginnings, and thinking about fresh starts in general are favoured. In Virgo, making lists of tasks and goals could be irresistible, but where to begin? That’s where the juggling comes in, for a mixture of influences and messages prevails beneath this eclipse. It would be wise to avoid hard-and-fast decisions between 10th and 16th September, since circumstances are liable to change. A project may be ‘eclipsed’, and not develop in the way you want it to. Communications and information could also be confusing, or not fully revealed around this time, so that plans have to be adjusted or scrapped later on. Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are all currently rewinding, meaning that past events and decisions underpin current situations, but we may not yet know all the details or exactly how the past is affecting the present and future. Intuition may feel stronger than usual, yet slippery and uncertain. Clarity comes later, we must all take baby steps for now.

Mercury rules Virgo, and is the ruler of this eclipse. Mercury in Virgo favours focusing on orderly systems, calm spaces, healthy routines, and precise information in precise language. Any new starts in those areas – clearing out junk – from junk food, to shabby old coats for instance, are positively energised this month. A link with asteroid Chiron, teacher and healer, strengthens that message too – it’s a catalyst for anything to do with helping others, and remembering to make time for ourselves too. Service to others must not be turned into damaging sacrifice. The potential for tension between order and swirling chaos is very high now, and during the months ahead.

This eclipse aligns with a potent fixed star, Denebola, in the constellation of Leo. Denebola’s meanings are complicated, for it promises success yet warns of regret, separations, and disgrace. Perhaps it is really warning us against rampant ego-mania and narcissism – the harder they come, the harder they fall. Certainly, Denebola underlines the need for wiggle room, subtlety, and those Virgoan virtues of modesty and discrimination at this time, and on into the months that follow. Quiet, self-effacing heroes win; big, shouty king-of-the-castle types fall flat on their faces.

In traditional astrology Denebola is also associated with natural disasters, wild storms, and accidents at sea. Many astrologers also associate eclipses with dramatic changes in weather, and with upheavals caused by storms, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions.

This eclipse is particularly meaningful for you if you have the Sun, Moon, ascendant or midheaven at 19- 20 degrees Virgo or Pisces.

Special birthdays are: 13th – 14th September, and 10th – 11th March.

If there are planets in your horoscope at these degrees of Virgo and Pisces, they are also activated. The meaning of this eclipse for you can be explored in detail by a professional astrologer.

Celebrity birthdays vitalised by this eclipse include Virgos Stella McCartney and Shane Warne (both 13th September), and Pisceans Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Sharon Stone (both 10th March), and Rupert Murdoch (11th March).

Image: ‘Juggler of Universes’, J. J. Grandville, from ‘Un Autre Monde’(1844). Image via Wikimedia Commons






Moon Diary - Wild Swimming: Full Moon in Pisces, 29th August 2015 by Jane Lyle

An emotional high tide rises with the full Moon at 6 degrees of watery Pisces.

Each full Moon represents a peak, a point of culmination and release. In Pisces, this means powerful feelings and spiritual yearnings seek an outlet – through helping others, or helping yourself by resting, meditating, or allowing yourself to feel sad if you’re grieving for something or someone who’s gone.

The intuitive, dreamy themes of Pisces are magnified by Neptune in his home sign, Pisces, and Jupiter, now in Virgo. This swirling gas bubble of elusive energy makes boundaries appear to dissolve in a sea of love, or alternatively, a sea of absolute confusion.

Both mystical Neptune and expansive Jupiter rule the sign Pisces, and both now aspect the Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, and each other. Themes of sacrifice and service to others are prominent, but these will be hard to define as the sea mist rolls in and nothing is quite what it seems. Who is the victim? Who is the saviour? Misplaced helpfulness or a tendency to be hoodwinked by someone playing with our emotions can lead to disappointment.

Celebrating something fantastical, musical, or magical is one pleasurable way to flow with this full Moon’s iridescent energies. Neptune rules the world of illusion – including photography, film, and fabulous fakery, such as costume jewellery. Anchoring ourselves in Virgo’s love of detail, routine, and working behind the scenes in the theatre of dreams is another possibility, using practicality and order to offset the creative chaos. Artificially blurring boundaries or numbing emotions with alcohol, drugs, lies or deceptions will be tempting for some of us – but, obviously, not a good plan. There’s enough pixie dust around as it is.

Everything seems to swell up beneath this full Moon. Events involving and affecting masses of people are highlighted, with collective emotions demanding an outlet or release. News could feature floods, high tides, drugs, oil, and legal or medical scandals. It’s a time of heightened intuition, and a longing for something beyond the material world – whether that’s love, mystical experiences, or shared ideals. These themes resonate throughout September, as Jupiter and Neptune continue to oppose each other.


‘Thus shall you think of all this fleeting world:

A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;

A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,

A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.’

Gautama Buddha, The Diamond Sutra


Image: “The Crown Returns to the Queen of the Fishes” by H. J. Ford, from Andrew Lang’s The Orange Fairy Book (1906). Image via Wikimedia Commons public domain.






Moon Diary - Heart and Soul: New Moon in Leo, 14th August, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The August new Moon rises at 21 degrees of Leo, the Lion. It symbolises the heart-felt energies of love, individuality, and creativity – and would be a positive time to begin artistic projects or romantic adventures.

Added excitement and panache flow, thanks to the Moon’s link with electrifying Uranus. This brings unusual emotions, experiences, and inspiration to the fore.  And with Uranus currently rewinding in Aries, these spring from the past, so may include buried memories, long-lost friends, or signal surprises about family history, parents, and ancestors.

With Venus, also in Leo, backtracking as well the chances of strange coincidences and meetings connected to our past are heightened now, and during the month ahead. Unearthing treasures in unusual locations, or discovering a new way to earn money are also highlighted.

It’s not a stable time, but it is an exciting one filled with creative potential and the loving energy of fiery Leo. Open your heart.

A Birthday, by Christina Rossetti
My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
Whose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles in a halcyon sea;
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my love is come to me.
Raise me a dais of silk and down;
Hang it with vair and purple dyes;
Carve it in doves and pomegranates,
And peacocks with a hundred eyes;
Work it in gold and silver grapes,
In leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys;
Because the birthday of my life
Is come, my love is come to me.





Moon Diary - Blue Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius, 31st July 2015 by Jane Lyle

July’s Blue Moon rises in airy Aquarius, fixed sign of rational thought, innovation, and humanitarian actions.

Aquarius is about the whole of humanity – a sense that we’re all linked together, and that we share a vast pool of unconscious awareness. When the Moon is full in Aquarius the Sun is in Leo, sign of the heart, and of the individual spirit. When Leo’s warmth and energy is combined with those brilliant Aquarian ideas and ideals something wonderful can be achieved. It’s something to strive for.

This full Moon makes no major aspects with any of the traditional planets. It is free and clear, making it a useful time for mental house-cleaning, meditation, psychic development exercises, and creative thinking. Asteroid Diana, the wild woodland Moon goddess of Roman myth, opposes the Moon. She strengthens the idea of independence that both Leo and Aquarius value so highly, and adds an elusive twist to the atmosphere. Diana is a huntress, protector of creatures, and goddess of forests and wild mountainsides. Sometimes she is a goddess of witches too. Diana prizes her freedom, Aquarius believes – at the highest level – in freedom for all mankind. Some of our thoughts and half-remembered dreams will be well worth hunting down beneath the light of this thoughtful Moon, and during the next two weeks that follow it.  After all, the most amazing inspirations tend to come along only ‘once in a blue Moon’. 

Diana, Moon goddess. Image via Wikimedia Public Domain





Moon Diary - Water World: New Moon in Cancer, 16th July 2015 by Jane Lyle

Every new Moon represents a fresh start. In watery Cancer, we’re focused on our security and our roots – so what might that mean to you?


It’s an eccentric, unconventional new Moon this July, inviting us to mull over what home, family, and safety really mean to us now. Feelings rule this lunar month, they are strong and sometimes well up from somewhere deep and mysterious. The result is likely to be unsettling at first, yet ultimately creative and fertile. There’s a difficult atmosphere around this week, as warrior Mars in Cancer challenges the lord of the underworld, Pluto – secret forces do battle, strong passions erupt, and what happened in the spring can’t be ignored. I hope this new Moon can help us find creative ways to channel tension and use instinct and intuition in a positive way.

Cancer is a dynamic sign, so a new Moon in Cancer can stimulate our ambitions and desire to make our dreams come true. Wild ideas and unlikely projects swim into focus now, so if you’re creative in any way your imagination could surprise you.  Questioning conventional wisdom about relationships, family life, and home offers some startling insights, thanks to a gritty aspect to electrifying Uranus. With this new Moon we can see that there are all sorts of possibilities – all sorts of families, and all sorts of places people can call home. A ‘nuclear family’ in a home built of bricks and mortar is not the only option.

A tussle between the desire for security and the urge to run away with the circus is never going to be comfortable. But discovering something new can be very healing, or act as a catalyst for fresh new developments over the next four weeks. A lovely, flowing link with asteroid Chiron in Pisces offers calm after the inevitable storm, while another to Saturn in Scorpio favours emotional stability, and the courage to face up to the past and understand how it has shaped the present day. And with all three water signs involved, how we really feel about that.

‘We thought we were running away from the grownups, and now we are the grownups.’ – Margaret Atwood


Image via






Moon Diary - The power of dreams: Full Moon in Capricorn, 2nd July, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The first full Moon of July rises at 9 degrees of Capricorn, the fish-tailed goat. Traditionally this is a money moon, focussing on cash, security, and practicality.

It highlights both our ambitions, and our ancestors – the Sun is in silvery Cancer, sign of home, mothers and motherlands, roots firmly anchored in the deep mud of the pond. Capricorn, sign of this full Moon, leaves the pool, and climbs up the mountain, heading for the top.

This full Moon links with mystical Neptune – it’s a swirling picture showing us magical ideals all mixed up with bewitching illusions or even self-sacrifice. At it’s best, this partnership brings intuitive insights and spiritual grace. Lurking in the shadows is the possibility of scandal, scams, and misplaced ideals. With that down-to-earth Capricorn vibration, this would be a good time to review your aims and ambitions, finances, and maybe the year so far. How’s it going for you? A mix of intuition and practicality could really vitalise any planning you need to do. Plus, as every full Moon tends to bring things to a head, it could be a positive time to decide what you need to keep, and what you need to shed on your journey up that symbolic Capricorn rock-face.

The new Moon will rise in emotional Cancer on the 16th, marking a moment for new beginnings. So the next two weeks are a time to prepare for those fresh starts, particularly if you’re looking for a home, a job, or more security in your life.


‘Oh,, desert wind and swirling sand, mirage of trees in summer! Let me know what is real and not real. Let me see what it is that I have made. Let me see in the mud upon the banks the bricks that will become the houses of cities. Do not let me become stupid and forget the first time I saw a white ram by the river, drinking. He was the substance of my own thirsty soul. I drank and my mind was made fresh.’

‘Awakening Osiris : The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ –  translation by Normandi Ellis (1988)

Image: 'Capricorn' street art, via Wikimedia Commons public domain.






Moon Diary: New Moon in Gemini, 18th June, 2015 by Jane Lyle

The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it.


‘Meditations’, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180)

Crackerjack energies burst forth at this new Moon. They find their way into lively arguments, protests, and hot emotional words. The Moon lines up with both Sun and Mars, suggesting conflict between men and women or inner battles between intuition and the urge to get things said or done quickly. With all this chattering away in Gemini, there could be a focus on social media, demonstrations, or even a riotous war of words capturing our attention in the next four weeks.

Certainly, if you have something to communicate then it will be hard not to talk, write, tweet, or shout out your opinions. Travel and education are also highlighted by this shot of Gemini power – debates and arguments about these topics are just waiting to erupt. What’s been festering away since April could also take a new turn during the month ahead – something ends, a journey is finished, and something new must be discussed with care and finesse.

The Moon rises amidst the mystical stars of Orion. To the Greeks, Orion was a mighty hunter, to the ancient Egyptians these stars signified Osiris, the great god who died, and was reborn thanks to all-powerful goddess of life, Isis, his sister and his wife. Positive, life-affirming Betelgeuse is close to this new Moon, suggesting that some of the upheavals it represents may improve our lives eventually. However, I would still advise taking care with what we write and what we say to each other during the coming weeks.

The Kessler Twins. Image via Wikimedia Commons





Moon Diary: Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2nd June 2015 by Jane Lyle

June’s fiery full Moon rises at 11 degrees of philosophical Sagittarius, the Archer. It shines on education, travel, spiritual matters and sport – bringing things out of the shadows, or pushing for the end of a phase in one or other of these areas.


Sagittarius is a truth-seeker, and both an optimist and a pessimist. This full Moon wants us to think and communicate, but allowing our thoughts to shift and change will work better than trying to nail anything down just yet. The Moon links with misty Neptune and impulsive Mars, so intuition and instincts will have a strong influence over what we say and what we do during the next two weeks.

Imagination and ideals can be used positively now to dream up changes, visualise possibilities, and find creative ways to channel sensitivity. Tender emotions blossom with the Moon and Neptune in two very caring, empathetic signs – so being kind to others, and to yourself, is one very helpful way to work with this full Moon. Mars in Gemini, meanwhile, is all about actions and desires expressed through words.

Watch out for emotional tirades, heated arguments, and allowing feelings to blur the facts. It could be hard to think straight, and easy to play ‘blame the victim’, particularly if that ‘victim’ is a woman. Yet this supple and even visionary full Moon also energises our imaginations, so this can be a most fertile, creative time too. Although, it must be said, not a particularly practical one.

We are the music-makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems.

-Arthur O’Shaughnessy (1844-1881)





Moon Diary Medusa’s Moon: New Moon in Taurus, 18th May 2015 by Jane Lyle

May’s new Moon in Taurus, the Bull, rises at 26 degrees of this earthy sign.

It must be marked ‘handle with care’ since it aligns with the intense fixed star Algol, in the constellation of Perseus. Algol represents the severed head of snake-haired Medusa, the Gorgon who was beheaded by Perseus. Her malevolent gaze could turn human beings into stone. Yet when drops of her blood splashed into the ocean below, Medusa became the mother of beautiful Pegasus, the winged white horse of myth.

So somewhere in the legend of this baleful star there’s some fierce creativity to be found. Maybe that’s why Italian designer Versace chose her as a symbol for his couture label.
The dark side of Algol, however, has the inkiest and most terrifying reputation of all the fixed stars. Algol is actually a binary star, meaning that there are two stars – one eclipses the other every 2.86 days. To ancient astronomer-astrologers, this looked as if Algol was blinking – and when she went dark, her reputation for symbolising poisonous deeds and disasters was thought to be particularly intense, vengeful and destructive.

Chinese astrologers named the star ‘Piled up Corpses’. Arabic astrologers named it Ras-al-Ghul, the Head of the Demon. Jewish astrologers linked the star with Lilith, first wife of Adam, first man of biblical legend whose second wife, Eve, would also turn out to have her own ideas.  Lilith refused to submit to Adam’s demands (especially in bed), and was banished, becoming a furious, powerful female demon who symbolises the raw power of female sexuality. Yes, really there’s no escaping the potency of this star’s rather extreme reputation.

The new Moon vitalises Algol, for good or ill. Passion rises – and if that passion can find a positive, creative outlet then great things can be achieved or begun in the coming weeks. If that passion is blocked or thwarted, then we will see the frightening face of Medusa, a stone-cold killer.

As I’ve written in the Cosmic Weather for May:
"This is a strong new Moon in Taurus, for the fixed star Algol has a complex, sometimes very sinister, violent reputation. On the positive side, Algol represents intense creative power, feminine passion, and the unstoppable, dramatic forces of life, and nature herself. Natural energies can, of course, be destructive too – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and extreme weather for example. Tread carefully."

In her book ‘Star and Planet Combinations’ astrologer Bernadette Brady associates Algol with the following world cities:
Ankara, Turkey; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Beijing, China; Naples and Rome, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria and latitudes between 39 to 43 degrees north. Algol passes directly over these locations every day.’

Image: ’The Moon on Water’, from The Wildwood Tarot, Eddison Sadd Editions.






The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Full Moon in Scorpio, 4th May, 2015 by Jane Lyle

There’s always something smouldering about a Scorpio full Moon...

Intuitive, passionate and intense, May’s full Moon rises at 13 degrees of Scorpio. This year both emotions and psychic senses are heightened by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and expanded in a push-me-pull-you way by Jupiter. It’s a powerful, gothic romance of a full Moon, bringing out deep feelings – from erotic ecstasy, to insistent gut feelings that c lead to inner revelations.

This full Moon favours detectives of every kind. It brings things to a head if you’re hunting for something, engaged in research, or simply trying to figure out your own subconscious motivations. The link with Pluto intensifies everything, and can also indicate a strong desire to purify or transform your home, your body, or your emotional life. Every full Moon represents a helpful time to clear things out, but this particular one is especially potent if you want to free yourself from things that are holding you back emotionally and creatively.

Relationships with women are also highlighted now. These include your mother, or other important women in your world. You may be able to see such a relationship in a new light, or express feelings that have been suppressed. This works even if the woman in question is no longer in your life, but remains a powerful figure in your inner world. Could she still be influencing your beliefs, motivations, or ability to act in your own best interests?

Remember this is a Scorpio Moon, and watch out for extremes of anything – if you go too far, or become too obsessive, you won’t get the results you desire. So stand back from the bubbling cauldron, and focus on harmony, peace, and the pink candles of love instead. Traditionally, magic spells worked beneath a Scorpio full Moon are destined to backfire. The same warnings apply to emotional manipulations, revenge fantasies, and losing your cool. Respect the magical beauty of this full Moon, and tread lightly. 


Image: 16th century woodcut by Hendrik Goltzius 



Warrior of Love: New Moon in Aries, 18th April 2015 by Jane Lyle

‘Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious. There can be no transforming of light and of apathy into movement without emotion.’


Carl Jung, ‘Psychological Aspects of the Modern Archetype’

A new Aries Moon is an energetic activity centre. It favours action, beginnings, bold plans and everything that’s fresh and new. This one rises at 28 degrees of Aries, so just a couple of hours later the Moon enters earthy Taurus. There’s a bridge between spontaneous action and bubbling optimism, and the practicality – and patience – needed to move things along in the direction you most desire.

It’s a good time to clear away the previous season, one way or another. Whether this means spring-cleaning, or something more subtle and emotional, you can free yourself from what’s passed its sell-by date and see what might come to flourish in the space you’ve made. With focus and attention, a brand-new atmosphere in your home, and in your heart, can be successfully created now.

The Moon makes no classical aspects, but flows in a trine with the asteroid goddess Pallas Athene. Pallas represents strategy, wisdom, intellect and emotional intelligence. She’s a warrior and a thinker, combining beautifully with a feisty, determined Aries Moon, and supporting the baby Taurus Moon that arrives two hours later. Spontaneous outbursts can be filtered through the more measured perceptions of Pallas. Well, we can always hope so anyway. If you need to fight for your rights, your ideas, or your emotional well-being, then this would be a positive influence for your campaign.

Image: Minerva/Pallas Athene via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain





Sweet and Sour: Total lunar eclipse in Libra, 4th April, 2015 by Jane Lyle

It’s the shortest lunar eclipse of the century, and the penultimate ‘Blood Moon’ of a rare series of four total lunar eclipses that began last year.


This eclipse in Libra will be visible across the Pacific, in East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and North and South America. Traditionally, these locations are likely to be more sensitive. Wild weather and natural upheavals are more likely. So, what might it mean for us down here on earth?

A full Moon in Libra highlights our relationships, partnerships, and connections with rivals, adversaries, and enemies. The power of an eclipse super-charges this theme – and opens us up to the idea of change in those areas. With an eclipse, changes sometimes appear out of the blue – but if you look carefully, you’ll probably be able to see how tension has been building underneath the surface. This eclipse is real shot of espresso, strong and bitter, yet sweet and intense. For some of us it links back to decisions and events around the time of the October 2014 lunar eclipse in Aries. Things come to a head, or a chapter comes to a close this April and May.

More specifically, the eclipse energises the revolutionary energies of electrical Uranus, and the darker, more power-hungry yet transformative energies of underworld Pluto. Themes familiar over the past three or four years are vitalised – the power struggles, moves for freedom of self-expression, moves to squash or destroy self-expression, serious questions about our resources, secret agendas, and riots. This potent pattern can revitalise too – a storm rages, but the air is fresh and clear once the rains stop.

If changes emerge over the next couple of months, don’t resist them. Trying to hold on tight to something now is futile, it’s better to be flexible and adopt a wait-and-see approach. Somewhere, Libra always strives for balance – but those scales will be bouncing around all over the place before harmony can be found. There are bound to be some eruptions, floods, purges and extreme cleaning episodes first. Watch out for dangerous combinations of water and electricity – literally, or symbolically in the form of powerful emotions and obsessive ideas. Ultimately, Pluto promises buried treasure as a reward for all these trials – perhaps this is good news for researchers and archaeologists?

Jupiter in Leo offers a way to release some of this tension. It makes a helpful link with both the Sun and Moon – suggesting that positive outlets include education and knowledge, a broad mind, a sense of connection with the whole world, and above all a sense of wonder and adventure. The fixed star, Alpheratz, aligns with the Sun at this eclipse – another symbolic message of freedom and breaking free. This star is now said to be part of Andromeda, the Chained Princess, but was once part of the constellation Pegasus, the Winged Horse. Either way, the imprisoned woman is freed in the legend, and the winged horse soars above us to the stars.

Eclipse Effects

This eclipse signals a meaningful turning point for you and your professional and personal relationships if you have planets (particularly the Sun and Moon) at 14 - 17 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn in your natal chart. Don’t forget your rivals, those awful neighbours, or enemies.

Special birthdays are:
Aries: 3 – 7 April
Cancer: 4 – 9 July
Libra: 7 – 10 October
Capricorn: 4 – 8 January

This is a significant eclipse for the USA – 4th July, 1776, sensitising it’s Sun in Cancer, and Saturn in Libra. Questions and issues about law, government, leadership, and founding principles are highlighted. For Libran China (1st October, 1949) the eclipse falls on Neptune – suggesting a focus on boundaries, gas, oil, medicine and drugs, and perhaps a scandal. Events involving masses of people are also indicated – the Moon’s nodes are at 16 Aries and Libra.

It’s also another important eclipse for the UK, for Prime Minister David Cameron with his Libran birthday on 9th October 1966, and for the British Royal Family whose natal horoscopes are rich in planets in the currently sensitive mid-degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Other famous names at an inner or outer turning point are cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Simon Cowell, and Vladimir Putin.





Wild Horses: Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 20th March, 2015 by Jane Lyle

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, ‘The Little Prince’

The first solar eclipse of 2015 takes place at the magical, fateful degree of 29 Pisces, just hours before the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and the zodiac year begins.

Both the Aries Sun and the new Moon mark new beginnings – it’s a doubly potent time indeed. The eclipse will be partially visible in Europe, north and east Asia, and north and west Africa. Traditional astrology says that these locations will feel the effects of the eclipse more intensely than other places on Earth. These effects begin to kick in about two weeks beforehand, during the first week of March. The dramatic, backlit black Sun total eclipse can be seen from the beautiful Faroe Islands, near Iceland. All at Sea? What might this eclipse bring?

I think this eclipse will have far-reaching effects, as it’s vibrations roll out through 2015. On an emotional level, it’s a game-changer – like all eclipses. In Pisces, it’s about soulful love, boundary-less romance, fantasy and sacrifice. Damaging choices in love, friendship, or even spiritual delusions are made clear too, for this eclipse is at the final degree of Pisces – a place where we can look back, see patterns, and find clarity before moving forwards. So-called ‘Twin Flames’ can burn you in less than blissful ways, while ‘soul mates’ can initiate some spiky learning curves. At the final degree of Pisces, it’s a good time to wrap things up and prepare for the glorious rites of spring and a love that’s about joy, not drenched in inappropriate sacrifice, loss, and delusion. And releasing old patterns is similarly emphasised by the Dragon’s Tail, or south nodes of the Moon – any eclipse, including this one, linking with this point speaks of cause and effect, karma, and the past.

A complicated fixed star called Scheat (I know) aligns with the eclipse. It’s in the constellation of Pegasus, exquisite winged horse of Greek myth. Pegasus was born from a gruesome union between Medusa’s blood, which dripped into the ocean, joining with Poseidon (Neptune), lord of the seas. Scheat is associated with chaos, accidents and disasters at sea, and those associated with falls from a great height – such as plane crashes. For example, Scheat was aligned with the Moon when the Titanic sank in 1912, while the chart for the doomed ship’s launch showed Scheat aligned with Mars. It was also prominent in the astrology for the Fukushima disaster in March, 2011. Yet, when positive, it signifies original thinking, creative ways of rising above difficulties, and unusual talent.

The eclipse energises the midpoint of warrior Mars and dreamy, mystical Neptune – another sea god - too. Astrological Neptune rules Pisces, sign of this eclipse, while Mars is currently in Aries, sign of the imminent Spring Equinox.  It’s an interesting combination, suggesting feisty spirits, poltergeists, those who fight for their faith or ideals, and those who create magical illusions, sizzling scandals, and misty deceptions. Any of these could appear in our lives, in the news, or in our dreams. Again, we’re warned about falling for tricksters, or the silky wiles of conmen and women. And with all this magical symbolism around, if we can resist the fairies’ tricks or solve their fiendish riddles we’ll be on the way to gaining fabulous treasure of the enchanted kind.

Out in the World : The Eclipse and the Eurozone

It’s really no surprise that this eclipse marks a pivotal moment for both the European Union, and the Euro currency itself. If the Euro were a human being, it would be asking ‘how do people see me?’, and wondering about its partnerships and longstanding associations. Similarly, the European Union itself would be questioning it’s own health and well-being, it’s secrets, and wondering about love, money, sacrifice and loss. These are ongoing, critical issues affecting all of us, and stirring up mass responses – particularly in late June, and from September through to November when the eclipse point is stimulated again by both assertive Mars, and the Moon’s nodes – symbolising a focus on working with others, shared benefits, and shared tensions and concerns.

The eclipse energises Venus (29 Pisces) in the chart for the Treaty of Rome (25th March, 1957) – and Venus rules money, along with art, luxury goods and trades, beauty, orchards and market gardens. In the chart for the EEC (1st January, 1958) it stirs the ascendant and descendant – how it sees itself, and how the partners relate to one another. Finally, the chart for the Euro as a real, physical currency (1st January, 2002) shares the same ascendant of 29 Virgo, and descendant of 29 Pisces as its ‘parent’, the EEC. Saturn, the old school responsible banker and timekeeper, is also very active in all these charts from now, and on through the next two years. Looks like a time for grindingly hard work, definite endings, and new beginnings as Saturn calls for restructuring, and some kind of serious overhaul of rules and regulations.

And Finally

This eclipse is a meaningful one for you if you have planets or angles at 29 Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. Special birthdays are:

Pisces: 19th – 21st March
Gemini: 19th – 22nd June
Virgo: 20th – 23rd September
Sagittarius: 19th – 22nd December

Prominent people whose horoscopes are stimulated include Scorpio Prince Charles, with Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius and revolutionary Uranus at 29 Gemini; Pisces Prince Andrew also has Jupiter in Sagittarius, at 28 degrees. Events connected to the law, spiritual values, publishing and travel may concern both brothers this year. The lunar eclipse on 4th April vitalises their natal charts too, along with those of Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince William. It looks like an important, meaningful year for the Royal Family.





Maiden Voyage: Full Moon in Virgo, 5th March, 2015 by Jane Lyle

"But can’t you just wave your hand and make all the dirt fly away, then?" [...]

"That works, but only if you wave them about on the floor with a scrubbing brush."

- Terry Pratchett, ‘Wintersmith’

It’s time to return from winter’s Underworld, and the perfect time to spring-clean whatever takes your fancy – does your love life need a makeover? Would your career benefit from a big bucket of soapy water? Some kind of clutter-busting activity would be an ideal way to use those spick-and-span Virgo vibes of this full Moon. Every full Moon symbolises a high point in the cycle, bringing things to a head. And for a couple of weeks afterwards, the lunar tides favour clearing, cleansing, or mulling things over and making preparations. Since the next new Moon is a potent solar eclipse in Pisces, preparation would be wise.

Depth charges are attached to this full Moon, courtesy of Pluto in Capricorn. Deep emotions are the least of it – intensity, passion, and intuition peak at this time, and those feelings need a channel. Which is where spring-cleaning comes in. For as you - and the producers of countless tv shows about cleaning and hoarding know – domestic order and harmony have powerful psychological aspects. From extreme examples, such as the obsessive-compulsive cleaner who can’t stop hovering, to the isolated hoarder, who can’t walk down their hallway – the links between our minds and our homes reflect much more than our taste in furnishings.

Finding lost or hidden objects by using intuition is another meaning of the Moon with Pluto. I think this could range from buried treasure to your house keys. Long-lost relatives or lovers could also turn up during the next couple of weeks. Either way, detectorists and detectives should dig and delve for pleasing results.  

Asteroid Persephone, Queen of Souls, aligns with the intuitive Pisces Sun, standing opposite her mythic partner Pluto or Hades, ruler of the Underworld and intensifying the message of transformation this full Moon brings. At this time of year, the myth tells us that Persephone returns to the world, bringing the life and light of the spring. Rebirth, return, renewal – we’re in transition now, and during the weeks ahead. A new season awaits. 


Moon Diary - Going for Gold Full Moon in Leo, 3rd February 2015 by Jane Lyle

Anarchic and expansive, February’s full Moon rises at 14 degrees of Leo the Lion.

We have a Leo full Moon every year, but this one radiates powerful energy thanks to its link with generous Jupiter, also in the sign of the big-hearted Lion. Our feelings are magnified, hearts and minds overflow with strong emotions and imaginative flights of fancy. Romance and extravagance bubble up, and can be channelled into love, art, or acts of creative beauty. Every full Moon represents a peak, a culmination – this one is like the big finale in a show – all singing, all dancing.

The glittering climax also surprises us with unexpected twists and turns of fate. The Moon and Jupiter link with Uranus, planet of eccentric electricity, revolution, and inventive breakthroughs. This romantic Moon has a bohemian edge. It highlights unusual relationships, unconventional choices, different ways of organising family life. It favours inventive solutions, designs, and ways of showcasing your work. And it hints at the possibility of significant breakthroughs. These could relate to something as personal as changing one’s appearance, public profile or website. Or they may denote some fabulous lightning bolt flash of inspiration, leading to bold adventures in science, art, love or travel.

The exciting, unsettling connection between Jupiter and Uranus flavours all of February, but this full Moon vitalises that link and sets it in motion. For some of us, particularly those who have already prepared and been working towards a goal, lucky breaks and extra helpings of good fortune are on their way.

Such boisterous extravagance does have a downside – the Moon aligned with Jupiter can signify floods or other excessive natural events and upheavals.

Well-known people whose year ahead carries the energy of this rumbustious Moon include actor Warwick Davis (3rd), best-selling author Henning Mankell (3rd), and flamboyant musician, Alice Cooper (4th).

‘Exuberance is beauty’ – William Blake





Moon Diary - Learning Curve. New Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius, 20th January, 2015 by Jane Lyle

Sociable, yet serious, January’s new Moon rises in the intellectual, curious and friendly sign of Aquarius just as the Sun enters this sign.

Every new Moon signifies a time for beginnings, and this one opens up a fresh, new page.

Generally speaking, an Aquarian new Moon favours sociability, group projects, humanitarian movements, and sharing ideas with others. This one has some constructive, serious potential too, for it makes a helpful link with Saturn, the great teacher of the zodiac. Hard-working Saturn has just entered Sagittarius, a sign associated with teaching, philosophy, travel, and freedom. What can we learn about these things now? With another new Moon in Aquarius in February, this early spring period would be a productive time for study, meditation, or for joining a class or group.

Venus and Mercury are also currently in Aquarius, encouraging us to take pleasure in our friendships and sparky mental connections online, and in the real world. What connects us all, and what we share, is always vitally important – and never more so than now.

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tired into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.” 

Martin Luther King Jnr.

Today’s celebrity birthdays with new paths to explore this year include Gary Barlow, Will Young, and Buzz Aldrin.





Moon Diary - Full Moon 14 degrees Cancer, 5th January, 2015 by Jane Lyle 

Howling at the Moon

An emotional, volatile Wolf Moon rises on 5th January, 2015, in the sign of Cancer the Crab. Every year the full Moon in Cancer draws strong feelings to the surface as we look back at the year just gone, and forward to what lies ahead.

This year, it’s all extra-strength lunar vibes, with the added stellar power of blazing Sirius – the bright and beautiful Dog Star. If you’re an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn person – or have planets at around 14 degrees of any of these signs – you and your emotions will certainly notice this full Moon building up over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th January.

Cancer is a self-protective, dynamic sign. So this full Moon will energise our New Year desires and dreams. Your bucket list, personal goals, and whatever (or whoever) it is that you’ve decided to leave behind in 2014 are all candidates for attention. Unusual ideas or new ways of organising home and family matters could occur to you too, since the Moon aligns with revolutionary Uranus. It’s connection with enigmatic Pluto brings a darker edge, opening up personal secrets or buried feelings and strong passions. And away from the strictly private and personal, this Moon emphasises our friendships, relationships, neighbours and even our connections with the greater family of fellow human beings on our planet. The Moon’s nodes are all about our links with one another, and this full Moon neatly squares up to them as they travel through Aries (the individual) and Libra (relationships).

Out in the wider world, this potent full Moon stirs up things that surfaced back in October 2014 when a lunar eclipse sensitised 15 degrees of Aries. We can see things from a new point of view now, or see that it’s better to include other people in our plans or share our anxieties with a trustworthy person. This is likely to be a time of power struggles, secrets spilled or investigated, revolution, and breakthroughs – now, and during the rest of January and February. Areas for disruption or sudden events include travel, trade, and transport in general. Other events involving water (rain, stormy seas, floods) and electricity (from lightning strikes to machinery) are likely to take us by surprise too. The Libran lunar eclipse in April, 2015 brings yet another perspective for us to think about in this long-running cosmic pattern. Cardinal signs certainly have work to do, and a lot of it will be as much about the inner world as the outer world.

Countries that were vitalised by October’s eclipse are prodded once again, and invited to think about last autumn’s events. These include Canada, the UK, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Sikkim and the USA. China and Singapore are also in a transitional phase, with more to come for everyone as we move towards the spring of 2015. The presence of brilliant Sirius also suggests success and breakthroughs in some of these locations – alongside the dramas and dislocations there’s remarkable news and outstanding achievements are announced.

A Native American Wolf Prayer

Spirit of the Wolf,
You who wanders the wild lands,
You who stalks in silent shadows,
You who runs and leaps
Between the moss-covered trees,
Lend me your primal strength
And the wisdom of your glowing eyes.
Teach me to relentlessly track my desires
And to stand in defence of those I love.
Show me the hidden paths and moonlit fields.
Fierce spirit,
Walk with me in my solitude
Howl with me in my joy, and
Guard me as I move through this world.






Moon Diary - Full Moon Party at 14 degrees Gemini, 6th December 2014 by Jane Lyle

A Gemini full Moon is always going to be chatty, lively, and restless.

It’s a party Moon – sociable, scandal-spreading, and flirtatious. And this year the Gemini Moon practically throws off electrifying sparks.

The Moon’s companions are fleet-footed Mercury, god of language, travel, and dubious scams; Uranus, bold and bright in Aries, bringing talk of the revolution to the party; the Moon’s nodes bring both the desire and need to connect, plus memories of those who aren’t around, past lovers, and other Decembers. Ceres, grain goddess and mistress of the cycles of time, is close to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius – emphasising our need to see old friends, or, alternatively, free ourselves from people who weigh us down, or really do belong in the past.

It could be time to talk, endlessly, into the night. It could be a weekend of odd coincidences, spontaneous meetings, and surprising visitors. There are unsettling memories, dreams of past lives, unexpected attractions to people, and the possibility of disruptive conversations, events, journeys and moods. If you’re a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarian or Pisces – or have planets in those signs – enjoy the ride, but don’t sign on the dotted line just yet. Aries, Leo and Libra can also sparkle. Yet somehow everyone must make sure they stay centred and don’t run away with an alluring stranger, spend like the Wolf of Wall Street, or spill all their most shocking secrets all in one go.

‘Never miss a party – good for the nerves – like celery.’ 

F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘Gatsby Girls’





Moon Diary - Life is a Cabaret – New Moon in Sagittarius, 22nd November 2014 by Jane Lyle

November’s new Moon rises at 0 degrees of fiery Sagittarius, right at the very beginning of the idealistic sign of the centaur. 


If you feel like some self-improvement, study, or adventure then this new Moon is an excellent time to clarify your intentions and set some goals. At its brightest and best, Sagittarius is a powerfully optimistic sign. The Moon represents fluctuating emotions though, so we must guard against negativity and pessimism, and not confuse them with being realistic about what we hope to achieve. Practical concerns can be addressed at December’s 0 degrees new Moon in Capricorn. For now, it’s time to unleash the expansive power of imagination, positive thinking, and creative solutions.

The third brightest star in the night sky, Toliman, aligns with the new Moon. It is the alpha star in the constellation Centaurus, shining in the hoof of the celestial Centaur. Toliman is said to denote great energy and passion, success in disputes, and an ability to help or heal animals. On the dark side, it can be associated with poisons, vengeful behaviour, and bad habits that are kept secret. So - dirty little secrets aside - our fiery, fresh new Moon seems even more symbolic of positive beginnings and the energy to stretch out towards the far horizons of mind, body, or spirit and discover something new. Areas favoured by Sagittarius include education, travel, sport, caring for animals, spiritual studies, and the law.

Overall, it’s a meaningful month for Sagittarians, for the house of Sagittarius in your horoscope, and for planets and points in this philosophical, humorous sign. Venus, planet of love, cash and creativity; Ceres, the great mother goddess and minor planet symbolic of nourishment; and Vesta, guardian of the hearth. and the independent centre of our hearts and minds, are all currently in Sagittarius. The mythic fields of the cosmos are alive with centaurs, symbolising freedom and a wild spirituality. Let’s ride!

“Never," said Hagrid irritably, "try an' get a straight answer out of a centaur. Ruddy stargazers. Not interested in anythin' closer'n the moon.”

J. K. Rowling, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’




Moon Diary - Body Language: Full Moon in Taurus, 6th November, 2014 by Jane Lyle

A very sensuous full Moon rises at 14 degrees of earthy Taurus this Thursday, opposing the Sun in emotional, passionate Scorpio.

It highlights our physical needs and desires – everything that delights our five senses, plus our need for emotional and practical security and protection too. These wishes and wants are balanced against our deeper desires – the Scorpio longing for intimacy, transformation, and rebirth. With love goddess Venus in Scorpio, close to the Sun, the romantic and creative potential of this intense full Moon beams up close and personal vibrations our way.

Love and sexuality might seem to be the most important qualities of this time. But all our senses are heightened. So it's not just a time to be intimate with another, for that's not always possible. And how often do we ignore or neglect our other senses - distancing ourselves from the physical world in myriad ways? This really is a slow down and smell the roses, the coffee, the rain, or the freshly-baked bread kind of Moon. The Scorpio side of things brings out the mystery of our sixth sense, the subtle guidance of intuition and awareness. Enhancing awareness of all our senses is a kind of meditation, and that heightened awareness is the heart of the matter at this full Moon. If something doesn't smell right, sound right, or leaves a bad taste….that's body language, and it's got something important to tell us.

It's not a particularly good time to make sweeping changes, for Taurus favours the status quo and is slow to embrace change. Rather, it's time to appreciate what's right here, right now. If your life feels all cluttered up with random thoughts, objects, and worries this is a positive time to simplify things, and protect what truly matters to you.

If you're a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarian then this is a significant, turning-point full Moon for you. Planets and angles in your birth chart at 12-16 degrees of those signs are energised too, whatever your Sun sign might be. Special birthdays are:

Aquarius: 31st January – 5th February

Taurus: 1st May – 7th May

Leo: 4th August – 9th August

Scorpio: 4th November – 8th November





Moon Diary: Walk on Gilded Splinters: the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 23rd October 2014 by Jane Lyle.

This partial solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Scorpio weaves spells and sings a siren song.

It is visible in Canada and North America, across much of Asia, and in the Pacific. It brings love, strategy, cash, and the vital support we receive from others to our attention. Eclipses trigger change, often signalling times of upheaval in our lives – individuals, nations, and organisations whose horoscopes are energised will see notable changes in the months ahead. The Scorpio influence highlights death and rebirth too, so we can expect some important transitions in the world around us over the next few months. Destruction, followed by rebuilding or transformation is a key Scorpio theme.

The eclipse Sun and Moon connect with the planet of love, art and money, Venus, and the asteroid goddess of intellect, Pallas. Venus is deep, dark and restricted here in Scorpio, while the goddess Pallas plots subtle strategies and magical manipulations in her shadowy Scorpio cave. Love has a karmic magnetism with this eclipse - emotional reunions or endings are dramatic and may seem mysteriously fated. A hefty chunk of 2014 saw us battling with partnership issues during the transit of Mars in Libra. Now an eclipse in emotional Scorpio peers deep into our hearts, demanding authenticity and honesty. It’s a time for tough love, a fierce peace, and not much wiggle room for hypocrites or liars. This applies, obviously, to love and sex – but also to finances, banking, and everything to do with money, money, money. One way or another, secrets, lies and sexual shenanigans are revealed.

Warrior Mars and power-broker Pluto rule this eclipse, signalling energy, action, and the desire to travel far to fight for our beliefs (Mars in Sagittarius) and our security (Pluto in Capricorn). There’s a deep need to transform situations, cleanse toxins,  shake things up and reform them. Taken to the limits, this doesn’t bode well, but with a measured approach it marks a very dynamic time. With any eclipse there’s always the increased potential for earthquakes and extreme weather events. But since the path of this eclipse travels over unstable, earthquake-prone regions such as Indonesia, some subterranean stirrings in the Ring of Fire are more than likely.

Eclipse Effects
Out in the wider world, this eclipse energises the Sun in the horoscope of the United Nations – bringing up issues around its leadership, and UN membership too. Both NASA and the Vatican City’s horoscopes are triggered, suggesting a time of important developments, projects, and reform. News from North Korea could be dramatic (even explosive), with challenging events connected to its allies, neighbours, economy and security.

Elsewhere on the planet, this eclipse brings a focus on British history, triggering both the horoscopes for the Battle of Hastings (1066), and the House of Commons. Similarly, it resonates with various pivotal moments in history for the French and the Americans. We will look back in order to learn, and to ask questions about both past and future direction. In Africa, eclipse energy visits Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Sierra Leone. Hungary has its ‘birthday’ on 23rd October (1989), so - just like an individual with a birthday at this time - it faces a stand-out year ahead. Hungary will be dealing with its neighbours, trading partners, and immigration issues in particular.

The eclipse is meaningful for Scorpio and Taurus individuals, and for anyone with planets or points at 28 Libra/Aries to 2 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus. Leos and Aquarians will feel the rumblings too – and those with planets or points at 28 Cancer/Capricorn to 2 degrees of Leo/Aquarius. This is a good time for analysis and planning, but hold off on impulsive decisions involving money, love, or attempts to gain power over anyone else.

Famous Scorpios whose horoscopes are vitalised by this eclipse include a clutch of footballing celebrities – Arsene Wenger (22nd); Pele (23rd); and Wayne Rooney (24th). Actors Jeff Goldblum and Derek Jacobi (22nd), plus musician Bill Wyman (24th) can also anticipate an interesting year of change.   





Moon Diary: Scarlet Ribbons – the total lunar eclipse in Aries, 8th October, 2014 by Jane Lyle

Fiery and volatile, this total lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Aries promises to turn things inside out, and upside down for many of us.

Emotions tend to intensify during the days leading up to an eclipse anyway, and I think with this one that's pretty much guaranteed.

Aries favours an ‘act first, think later' approach, while the Moon denotes fluctuating emotions, imagination, and our inner world. Impulsive actions, fuelled by emotion are written all over this eclipse. Taken too far, this signals a rather ‘me, myself, and I' kind of atmosphere.

With Mars ruling the eclipse, there's a danger that action could be hot-headed or aggressive. Some of this eclipse's upheavals are linked to events, thoughts, or battles that intensified last April. Past decisions and actions in general play a key role in developments now, and in the months ahead. It will be interesting to see what happens in the early spring of 2015, when the crackling, karmic energies of this eclipse are reawakened. This is both a rusty red Blood Moon, and a traditional Harvest Moon – we will reap what we have sown.

To add even more excitement, plus the strong possibility of unsettling events, the eclipse conjoins eccentric, unpredictable Uranus – planet of revolution, rebellion, and invention. Unexpected, even shocking, events linked to the past bring the law of unintended consequences to our attention.  With Uranus involved, these could be linked to new technology, inventions, revolutionary movements, riots, space travel and aeronautical discoveries or events. Uranus symbolises electricity too – from that amazing buzz you feel when you're stimulated by someone's mind, body, or spirit - to electrical storms, lightning bolts, fireballs, and wild fires. Sudden, original thoughts could pop up out of nowhere, strong emotions may surprise us, or unexpected attractions (or repulsions) disrupt our plans.

Unusual, bohemian people or extraordinary thinkers are having a moment now too – particularly those individuals who have been ignored, or whose ideas formerly seemed just a bit too out there. Maybe their unconventional ideas were right all along? And in the smallest ways, this would be a good time to think about your own needs and see what changes might revitalise you.

This eclipse stimulates a range of national horoscopes, suggesting a shake-up for a number of locations. These include Canada, the UK, Sikkim, and Uzbekistan. Uganda, too, will feel the unsettling effects for its ‘birthday' is 9th October, 1962. The eclipse is visible in its entirety over the Pacific and Asian regions – and is likely to bring important, perhaps dramatic, news from China and Singapore over the next few weeks and months.

It's a particularly meaningful eclipse for Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn individuals – and for those whose personal birth charts connect with the eclipse. If you don't know, please do ask an astrologer.





Moon Diary: New Moon in Libra, 24th September

by Jane Lyle

Sitting on the Fence

The annual Libran new Moon symbolises our emotional need for partnerships in love, and at work.

Libra is about harmony and balance, yet it also rules the astrological house of open enemies – these are the kind of opponents we have a relationship with, even though it may be a spiky one.

Since every new Moon is a good time to think about beginnings, this one might be a positive time to evaluate relationships, or set intentions for more peace and harmony in our lives. Libra, sign of the scales, could describe the dreaded ‘work-life' balance we hear so much about – or simply draw our attention to what we need to feel calm and happy.

This new Moon floats free from any aspects with other planets. It might be easy to see what needs doing, but difficult to find a workable, practical way of achieving our goals. A sense of unreality may prevail. Peace talks and negotiations, too, struggle to reach fruition. With a powerful lunar eclipse coming on 8th October, that might not be such a bad thing. October's two eclipses (8th and 23rd) are bound to shake things up for many of us, and what we try to nail down at this new Moon is likely to change or be rejected during the weeks ahead. Focusing on balancing mind, body, and spirit is all we can do now as we prepare for some game-changing rolls of the dice this autumn.





Moon Diary: Star Maiden Voyage - the New Moon in Virgo, 25th August 2014

by Jane Lyle

The last new Moon of the summer rises at 2 degrees of Virgo, the maiden, the priestess, and the lover of order and cultivation.

This new Moon, with its mixture of seed-time and harvest, points towards the coming autumn season. Virgo rules the sixth house of service to others, well-being, and everyday routines. Fresh starts, back to school, back to everyday life after the summer…. A bit of spit and polish, and off we go. In the southern hemisphere, spring beckons – so wherever we are in the world, change is in the air during the month ahead.

Setting intentions and making plans is something we can do at every new Moon. This particular one favours thinking about new diet and exercise routines, signing up for a class or course, volunteering for a charity, or freshening up your home. On a spiritual level, it's a positive time to learn mindfulness and use meditation as part of your daily routine. Setting things in order is Virgo's symbolic purpose – whether that's clothes on hangers, or unruly emotions in the head and heart.

Mercury, Virgo's ruling planet, connects with the deadly serious Saturn and Mars conjunction in Scorpio today. Deep, dark, and angry energies need the healing presence of the Virgo goddess – and Mercury's connection with the planetary bad boys suggests that communication is at least part of the answer when faced with difficult relationships and political stand-offs. Deciding to talk our way towards resolution is never easy, of course, but must be attempted.

This new Moon rises close to the great fixed star, Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars of Persian astrology. Known as the ‘Watcher of the North', Regulus is brilliant and powerful, but warns of loss, disgrace and destruction - particularly for those who take revenge on others. Another excellent reason to talk things through then. The classical goddesses of Virgo are Astraea – ‘The Starry One', and tender-hearted Erigone. Both these virgin goddesses represent celestial judgment, justice, and sacred law. Could the broader message of this new Moon be any clearer?

“Justice is my being allowed to do whatever I like. Injustice is whatever prevents my doing so.”

- Dr. Samuel Johnson, wit, lexicographer, eccentric…. born under the sign of Virgo in September, 1709.





Moon Diary: A Mind-Expanding Full Super Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius, 10th August, 2014

by Jane Lyle

'At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge.'

'Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence.'  Lynne McTaggart – 'The Field'

August's full Moon in airy, intellectual Aquarius is the closest to Earth this year, making for a spectacular sight. It's a Super Moon, expanding all the effects of an ordinary full Moon. Every full Moon represents the culmination of a cycle, high tides, and emotional peaks that tickle the edge of consciousness about three days beforehand, and tend to linger for two or three days afterwards. A Super Moon intensifies everything, and according to astrologer Richard Nolle's decades of research on them, can coincide with major storms, extreme seismic activity, and other upheavals. What he's discovered is fascinating. Here's a short extract from his website:

'SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment – within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event. And other lunar extremes (of declination for example) can extend the geocosmic stress window by a day or two here and there in any case.'

Richard Nolle,

Moon in Aquarius highlights humanitarian feelings, unusual ways of caring for ourselves and others, and emotional detachment. Sexual experimentation, including experimenting with celibacy, is another way the changeable Moon can express its wild Aquarian imagination. Since this particular Moon squares Saturn, currently in Scorpio – a sign closely linked with sexual expression – we might expect sexual energies to find many kinds of creative, imaginative outlets. Beware of emotional coldness though, Saturn can denote limitations of feeling and sensitivity.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, also aspects the Moon – emphasising what's experimental and innovative. Emotionally-detached ways of caring for others can be vital when working in any of the caring professions, as an aid-worker, or in situations where the greater good (Aquarius) must be weighed against decisions affecting individuals (Leo). Tricky. Yet finding a way to bridge 'me' and 'them' is, in most ways that matter, more vital than ever.






Moon Diary: New Moon at 4 degrees of Leo the Lion, 26th July

by Jane Lyle

This fiery Leo new Moon roars and purrs its way into our lives, energising the new lunar month ahead.

Optimism and enthusiasm fight it out with rashness, hot tempers, and self-protective instincts – accepting and learning how to work with fluctuations of mood, weather, cash or intuition is the way to find balance now.

Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all in the royal sign of Leo. So matters Leonine gleam in the dark – a splendid time to plan a party, get out into the sunshine, and open up your heart – which is ruled by Leo. Mars, newly in Scorpio, squares up to the Moon, and represents the quiet, intense guest at the celebrations – enigmatic, perhaps even a little sinister. There is the potential for a battle of wills. Egos swell, idealistic or religious beliefs ignite, and issues of control surface – particularly when it comes to family matters, politics, and patriotism. There's also potential for vibrant energy, as we head towards the sunlight.

Every new Moon represents a time of new beginnings – this time, those beginnings emerge from playful moods, humour, creative rituals and love. If you like setting intentions at the time of a new Moon, then this one favours big visions, plans to expand, and plans to promote yourself or your business. It's time to become more visible, take up more room, and step out onto the stage in some way. Leo rules matters concerning children – both flesh-and-blood children, and children of the mind and imagination – your pet projects, creations, and heart-felt dreams. Many of us have experienced high levels of stress or drama this year, and some of those dreams are almost forgotten. This new Moon serves to remind us. We're in transition this summer, and some relationships, goals, and attitudes will, inevitably, be left behind now. But others return so that we can take a fresh look, play around with ideas and possibilities, and enjoy thinking about what comes next.

If today's your birthday, then a stand-out year lies ahead. Today's celebrity birthdays include: Mick Jagger; Sandra Bullock; Kevin Spacey and Helen Mirren. 

“He'll be coming and going" he had said." One day you'll see him and another you won't. He doesn't like being tied down--and of course he has other countries to attend to. It's quite all right. He'll often drop in. Only you mustn't press him. He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.”

C. S. Lewis, ‘The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe'.






Moon Diary: Thunder Moon

Full SuperMoon in Capricorn, 12th July 2014

by Jane Lyle

The first full SuperMoon of summer 2014 illuminates a landmark weekend for many of us. Every full Moon brings things to a head, or a conclusion.


This one, at 20 degrees of practical Capricorn, is particularly dynamic. A SuperMoon is a Moon at perigee – closer to Earth than usual, and therefore more likely to stir up dramatic emotions, wild weather patterns, and powerful events. There are two more full SuperMoons this summer – in August, and September.

The Sun in protective Cancer, sign of the universal mother, opposes the Moon in ambitious Capricorn, sign of the universal father or authority figure. It highlights our plans and goals, our expectations of success, and what we have inherited from our parents, carers, and ancestors. Maybe things haven’t moved along as we’d hoped. So now’s the time to reassess. We can dump things like self-defeating attitudes and toxic relationships, reconsider things, and begin to wrap up the past eight months so that we’re ready for a fresh approach. Take it easy, the next week or so is volatile, with many shifts and changes in the world around us.

A significant line-up in Libra, sign of relationships and partnerships, gives this Moon extra oomph. For eight months desire planet Mars has been encouraging a fight for relationships of every kind – from romantic ones, to those we share with colleagues, neighbours, and even our enemies. What have we learned? Anything? Nothing? This full Moon would like to illuminate our answers, and bring our muffled emotions out for an airing.

Masculine Mars finds himself surrounded by strong female symbols. Asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth and significator of independence, links with Mars – as does the great mother goddess Ceres, ruler of nourishment and harvests. Close by is the dwarf planet Haumea, Hawaiian goddess of all creation and interconnectedness with all of our planet’s life. How is your feminine side doing? And what does that actually mean to you? These potent goddess symbols emphasise creativity and the fertility of our minds, bodies, and spirits. They also underline our responsibility for our environment, farming methods, and bio-diversity. Bright, brilliant, and fortunate fixed star, Spica, continues the harvest theme – it represents the ear of wheat in the hand of the virgin priestess of Virgo. Spica is currently closely aligned with Mars in the night sky. For some of us, the full Moon coincides with a career peak, success, or recognition.

Finally, this full Moon is very much about food – on every level you can imagine, from the soul food of love and spiritual support to what we put on our plates. With millions of people seriously overweight, and millions starving around the world we certainly need some Libran balance and a new relationship with food. This full Moon weekend offers a planetary powerhouse that can be used to initiate serious changes and endings in the world, and in our own personal lives. The cosmic atmosphere that’s defined 2014 so far is about to change. New flavours demand a squeaky clean palate.




Moon Diary: New Moon in Cancer, June 27th 2014

by Jane Lyle

Bohemian Rhapsody

A salty, seawater new Moon rises at 5 Cancer on 27th June. It’s a glamorous, bewitching new Moon, perfect for artistic adventures, soulful exercises, seduction and theatrical flourishes.

Creating a magical theme for a party, wedding, or website would be one way to use this new Moon’s beguiling qualities. Planning a romantic weekend, a special date, or intimate dinner could be another. Spiritual and psychic boundaries – for those who are sensitive to such things - tend to dissolve in the silvery mist. So it’s an ideal time to explore healing, meditation, telepathy, clairvoyance and dreams too. We are sensitive to atmospheres, to paranormal experiences, and to each other’s secret thoughts and feelings.

This new Moon makes a flowing link with Neptune, god of the sea, and ruler of Pisces. Neptune’s rulerships include the world of illusions, such as film and fake jewels and furs; music; supernatural and spiritual experiences; sacrifice; drugs; anaesthetics; oil, gas, and the sea and its harvests. The Moon in Cancer highlights protective instincts towards these things – in a business sense, and also emotionally. Issues connected with any of Neptune’s special interests receive attention in the month ahead. Emotional idealism swells up now, but will need practical support later on if our visions of what might be are to turn into something solid.

As we rub the fairy dust from our eyes, we may notice that elsewhere in the cosmos a powerful energy clash is taking place. Mars in Libra is making a stand-off with rebellious Uranus in military Aries, an aspect that suggests impulsive actions at best, explosive conflicts or accidents at worst. The spiritual levels of this chill-out zone new Moon act as a soothing balm to calm this unstable duo, for it tends to provoke sudden acts and unexpected, disruptive responses.

'Eventually man, too, found his way back to the sea. Standing on its shores, he must have looked out upon it with wonder and curiosity, compounded with an unconscious recognition of his lineage. He could not physically re-enter the ocean as the seals and whales had done. But over the centuries, with all the skill and ingenuity and reasoning powers of his mind, he has sought to explore and investigate even its most remote parts, so that he might re-enter it mentally and imaginatively.' 

Rachel Carson ‘The Sea Around Us’




Moon Diary: Full Moon in Sagittarius, Friday 13th June

by Jane Lyle

A Sweet and Sour Strawberry Moon

June’s full Strawberry Moon rises in fiery Sagittarius on Friday, 13th.  If you’re superstitious this is quite a dramatic combination.

Certainly it’s a tense weekend, thanks to the clash between warrior Mars and underworld Pluto. But truth and healing lie at the heart of this full Moon’s symbolism, lurking beneath the party-loving, strawberry-scoffing Sagittarian emotions and witty, chatty Gemini vibes emanating from the Sun. There’s fun to be had, but look outside the window and what do you see? This full Moon could burst a few personal bubbles as it searches for the truth like a heat-seeking missile - or a fearless, galloping Centaur shining the light of truth into dark corners. 

The potent fixed star, Ras Alhague, aligns with the full Moon from the constellation of Ophiucus. Ophiucus represents the shaman, healer, and sage wrestling for all eternity with a serpent. Positive and negative forces are kept in balance here, but not without some inner wrestling with thoughts, conscience, emotion and direction. If inner turmoil is resisted (and how tempting that is), then outer events tend to trigger some upheaval, prompting some necessary soul-searching. Sagittarius is, traditionally, a most philosophical sign, and with the Moon linked with Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, education, religion, sport, plus important issues involving travel could all offer us food for thought this summer. Full Moons bring things to a head, so that they can be looked at afresh. Sometimes, the full Moon is about endings – certainly the end of a phase, or of a way of thinking about some aspect of our lives and relationships.

Mercury, ruling the Gemini Sun, is currently retrograde. Sagittarius is a travelling sign – mentally, physically, and spiritually. But our journeys now could be confusing, with last-minute cancellations, changes of plan, or even air, sea, and road chaos to contend with. If you’re on the move this weekend, allow plenty of time – just in case.






Moon Diary: New Moon in Gemini, 28th May 2014

by Jane Lyle




Talking In Your Sleep

A Gemini new Moon is, traditionally, a favourable time for communications –  so plans for writing, talking, short trips and meetings can be set up now and should go well if we act quickly.

There’s no time to lose. Mercury – Gemini’s ruling planet, and the planet governing all things Mercurial, like communication and travel, will turn around and begin travelling backwards on June 7th.  Delays and misunderstandings are more than likely until 1st July. So if you need speedy results, make your move now. Otherwise, the retrograde phase is a helpful time to fine tune plans, edit your writing, or think more deeply about what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

Dreams, ideals, and intuition can thrive in the coming month, as this lively new Moon squares up to Neptune in Pisces. The planet of dreams has a wonderful, spiritual vibration that can be difficult to grasp. If your work involves art, film, paranormal research or ghost-hunting, this month looks like a promising time for you.  Neptune can foster delusions too, linking it with scandals – particularly scandals involving chemicals, drugs, sexual fantasies, oil, medicines, and the entertainment business. Neptune’s influence creates sensitive, shimmering dreams that can dissolve, vanishing like a mirage in the desert. This is a highly creative new Moon, but season its candyfloss delights with some earthy caution and common sense.

Romantically, this can be a seductive time. But again, common sense is essential. Neptune and the Moon symbolise romantic dreams, spiritual bliss, and a sense of boundary-less connection with others. Just peachy. Just remember that connections made now, or offers received, will need to be tested in a more practical way to see if they will stand the test of time, and reality itself.  Do not part with your heart or your cash until those bewitching mists disperse.








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Scorpio, 14th May 2014

by Jane Lyle
“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”
- Dolly Parton

This brooding full Moon rises at 23 degrees of Scorpio on 14th May. Like the water sign of Scorpio itself, the lunar message is deep, evoking powerful emotions. Many of us need some emotional release now, as the first quarter of 2014 has been a demanding time with few opportunities to process what’s been happening.

Saturn, ruler of boundaries, time, and karma, is closely aligned with the full Moon. There’s an ancestral message here – emotional patterns and responses connected with our parents and childhood emerge. We may be concerned with our own parenting skills too, or even how we take care of ourselves – the Moon represents (amongst other things) our mother, or mother figures – while Saturn symbolises authority, and conventionally this is assumed to be the father, or father figures. Of course, in some families the mother is the rule-maker, while the father might be more nurturing – or one parent could be trying to play both roles. No need to be too literal about it, a Scorpio Moon with Saturn simply highlights what’s shaped our development, and invites us to think about how that might, in turn, shape relationships in the here and now.

Neither a Scorpio Moon, nor Saturn in Scorpio, are interested in shallow responses. Dive deep, and there’s treasure. But you’ll have to work hard to find it. Everything about this full Moon is obstinate, uncompromising, and tough as old boots. The full Moon’s rulers, Mars and Pluto, are in a gritty mood as they square off to each other, while Venus, planet of love, art and money, is also under pressure and inclined to get involved in power-struggles. These could be dramatic days for women, and women’s interests, welfare, and place on the world stage.

The past may offer other possibilities too. For some of us, a past lover returns, so that unfinished business can be addressed or even completed. Finally letting a former relationship go can happen now too – even if many years have passed since you were together. Saturn is not only a lord of karma, it is the great time-keeper. Tick tock!

If you have planets in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, or in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, between 18 and 24 degrees, this full Moon is a meaningful one for you. If today’s your birthday then you’re coming to the end of a phase in your life, and preparing to begin a new chapter. Celebrities born on 14th May include: George Lucas; Olly Murs; Cate Blanchett; Tim Roth and Mark Zuckerberg.

‘Study the past if you would define the future’ - Confucius







Moon Diary: Solar eclipse in Taurus, the Bull, 29th April 2014

by Jane Lyle

Breaking up is hard to do

April ends with a super-charged new Moon at 9 degrees of Taurus the Bull. This solar eclipse begins a time of endings, a time when we must consider what we can hold on to, and what we need to let go.

Taurus is a practical earth sign, ruled by Venus in her earth-goddess phase, a joyful deity of fruitful orchards and scented rose gardens. So the letting go signalled by this eclipse is one that makes way for something new in the months ahead - it contains fertile potential even though it is not without the sadness that accompanies the end of a familiar pattern. Taurus is a sign that hates to let go of things, the status quo is all-important, and change is unsettling. It could well be a time of reckoning for collectors, hoarders, misers and dictators.

But change we must. The eclipse is close to the Dragon’s Tail, the South Node of the Moon. This is a karmic point, underlining the message that what – or who - leaves us now has reached the right moment to depart. It is time. In practical Taurus, this may translate as objects, possessions, forms of investment, expenditure, land or property. On another level, our values and what makes us feel secure are challenged – and it could be time to re-examine some of those familiar things. If you’re in a relationship – personal or professional - simply because it makes you feel secure, it’s time to think about that more deeply. An eclipse occurred at 9 Taurus on 29th April, 1995 – if this was an important year for you, similar themes are now likely to develop.

Glamorous, dissolving Neptune and transformative Pluto both connect with the Sun and Moon. Magical forces flow, it’s almost Beltane eve - traditionally this is a witchy, spirit-haunted time of year when fairies (so not the sweet, fluffy kind) steal human beings away out of love, desire, or mischief. Should you think you’ve found a fail-safe cash bonanza scheme, spiritual quick fix, or a brand-new soul-mate it would be wise to wait before risking everything on a roll of the lunar dice. And, you know, don’t take sweets from strangers.

The eclipse is aligned with fixed star Schedir in the W-shaped constellation of Cassiopeia, the Ethiopian Queen. Sitting on her gilded throne, she brings a warning against indulgence – perhaps indulging in hanging on to the past? Ancient astrologers associated this constellation with gold, jewellery (a Taurean favourite), gold mining and gold prospecting. It will be interesting to see what happens in the gold markets around this time. The link with Schedir also emphasises the theme of possessions, status, values and so on that we may be better off without too. Certainly, the challenge is to be flexible (not a Taurean speciality really), to adapt, and to let go.

This is a meaningful eclipse for the European Union, whose Moon at 10 Taurus is stimulated. Security, values, and important ethical issues are in strong focus during the changeable months ahead. If you have planets, Sun, Moon, ascendant, or midheaven at 8 - 11 Taurus in your natal horoscope, this eclipse signals endings and new beginnings for you. Similarly, those with planets, Sun, Moon, ascendant or midheaven at 8 – 11 Scorpio can expect important changes this summer. Individuals with Leo or Aquarius planets at these degrees may also feel the effects of this eclipse.








Moon Diary: New Moon in Aries, 30th March 2014

by Jane Lyle

Salamander Moon
A real fire-cracker of a new Moon rises on 30th March at 10 degrees of Aries, the spring Ram. It’s the second new Moon this month, and is a powerful warm-up act for April’s dramatic planetary patterns.

Exciting, unstable, and unpredictable, this new Moon brings out our impulsive side. We can expect the unexpected. If you have planets or angles in your birth chart between 9 and 11 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn you’ll be feeling the electrifying energies of this new Moon at work in your mind, heart, and spirit.

Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac. It is fiery, innovative and enthusiastic. Aries just loves to begin something new. The Moon here overflows with emotional energy and imagination. It’s a real spring-time Moon, representing our desire for something fresh and new at winter’s end. Plus, we have that eccentric, innovative rebel planet, Uranus, encouraging unconventional moves, original thoughts, and sudden emotional outbursts as it aligns with the new Moon to create a burst of burning love, or a storm of angry tantrums. And, for many of us, it triggers both at once in a dizzying mix of sunshine with perilous, stormy intervals. It’s time to take another look at what we were dealing with as 2014 began. Can we find a new way? Is it the right moment to call time on some particular project or source of frustration in our lives?  

This new Moon also stimulates current prevailing tensions in numerous locations in the world around us by connecting with the ongoing patterns that symbolise the deep need for change in our society – Uranus square Pluto, Jupiter opposite Pluto, and Jupiter square Uranus.  These potent alignments reach a peak in April, and one way or another there will be much to negotiate with great care and attention in the weeks ahead.

Specifically, it’s an interesting new Moon (conjunct Uranus, bringer of change) for the Vatican City’s horoscope – suggesting yet more surprising (or not, depending on your point of view) news from the heart of the Catholic Church this spring. 

"What kind of beast is your salamander?" asked the Prince.
“It is hard to tell their kind, your Honour,” said Golg. “For they are too white-hot to look at. But they are most like small dragons. They speak to us out of the fire. They are wonderfully clever with their tongues: very witty and eloquent.”

C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Virgo, 16th March 2014

by Jane Lyle

Making a Clean Sweep

Every year the full Moon in Virgo coincides with that almost-spring feeling, that exciting, unsettling sense of a new season approaching. We want to prepare, make plans, lose weight, paint the kitchen, or buy new clothes and flirt with a new love.

This year the Moon – at 26 degrees of Virgo the Virgin Maiden – is supported by sensible Saturn in Scorpio. Getting organised by getting rid of something is a strong message here. So if you’d like to do that traditional thing and go on a spring diet, the next two weeks could be a helpful time to begin. Healthier routines reflect one of Virgo’s symbolic meanings, while Saturn rules restrictions and boundaries – both of which you’ll need to reach your goal. Full Moons are about culmination, so if you need or want to cut back in other ways then this is a good time for it. Trimming back your budget, address book, inbox, or unworn clothes are all favoured by this rather abstemious full Moon, and the waning phase that follows. It all sounds dull as ditchwater, but just imagine the golden glow of virtue you’ll feel.

The Moon with Saturn also symbolises our parents rather well – fatherly Saturn and the instinctive, maternal vibes of the Moon. Considering how our family background has influenced our habits and reactions can be a useful tool for changing things too. How we adapt to our own roles as parents or carers is another area for reflection. Is it time to change something here? Is your family life working for you, or would a new routine be helpful? What insights did you have around the new Moon on the 1st March? It’s a good time to make use of them.

Once we’re aware of unconscious habits and patterns, we can decide what to do, what to keep, and what to change for the better. And looking ahead to April’s many challenges, the lighter we are in mind, body and spirit the better we’ll be able to embrace change.

“Anybody who doesn’t make you feel good, kick them to the curb. And the earlier you start in your life, the better.”


Amy Poehler







Moon Diary: New Moon in Pisces, 1st March 2014

by Jane Lyle

Sleeping with the Fishes
This strong, magical new Moon rises at 10 degrees Pisces on 1st March. It flavours the weeks ahead, signalling a time of heightened emotions and confusion, with a salty twist of bewitchment on the side. What secrets lie on the ocean floor? What drowned treasures can we find in the depths?

The Pisces Sun and Moon are closely accompanied by healing Chiron (13 degrees), Neptune, god of the sea himself (5 degrees), and asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage, Juno (28 degrees). This shoal of planets is highly romantic, but brings to mind the whole thing about Cupid being blind-folded. His arrows of love and desire can cause all sorts of mischief, and with so much Pisces energy the chances for some magnificent delusions are magnified. Yes, it’s time to be very wary of the unwise holiday romance, the fascinating stranger, the silver-tongued seducer and the heartless hustler. What’s real will emerge in time, so just play safe for now.

Further expansion comes from Jupiter in creative, emotional Cancer. Jupiter and the Moon encourage us to protect those we love, a beautiful impulse. Yet all other emotions are expanded too, and they may not be quite what they seem. In weather astrology, this combination forecasts floods and extreme weather (as if we haven’t had enough this winter). Tears and emotional excess can be the human version of stormy weather. If you work with people, be aware that others may try to drain your energy, bend your ear out of shape, or be feeling very sorry for themselves.  However, with Chiron close by, the potential for a healing release of bottled up emotions can be positive and healthy.

There’s depth and personal transformation too, with the mysterious lord of the underworld, Pluto, supporting the Sun and Moon from earthy Capricorn. This could, quite literally, create a squelching, slippery mud-bath. Yet, indulge in a spot of mud-wrestling and undiscovered pearls of wisdom can be found, gleaming in the sludge. 

Music, entertainment, art and film are all great ways to enjoy this Moon’s enchantments. If you work in any of those areas, your imagination and inspiration is deepened and enriched. If you think you’re not creative, think again. You can widen your horizons – why not bake a cake, change a room around, sing in the shower or dance around the kitchen? If you meditate, use creative visualisation, or are working on your intuitive skills then this is the new Moon for you.

Traditionally, it’s a bad time for organised magical endeavours, but a good one for casting spells aimed at confusing others. And there’s a lot of confusion around. But if we can stay centred, and hold fast to the power of love and courage, we can enjoy one of the most potent new Moons of the year.








Moon Diary: Valentine’s Day 2014, Full Moon in Leo

by Jane Lyle


Romantic, dramatic and volatile, this Leo full Moon rises at 26 degrees on Valentine’s Day evening. Beneath such a Moon, everything seems larger than life, and Cupid may be in the mood to create more than a little glittery mayhem today, and for the remainder of February.


The Aquarian Sun and passionate Leo Moon are energised by Mars in Libra, traditional sign of relationships, partnerships and marriage. Perhaps there’ll be a few more romantic proposals than usual. Sober Saturn’s influence here suggests that channelling loving feelings into a solid commitment might be a positive use of this time. Where there’s a longstanding relationship, I think this would work well – a full Moon symbolises culmination.  But with shape-shifting Mercury travelling backwards in Aquarius, I suspect there will be as many tricks as there are treats and kisses in store. Astrological conditions are just perfect for social media fun and games, scams, and online love hangovers. When it comes to charming strangers, you really can’t believe everything you hear today.

For those of you who are securely ensconced in your relationship, the Leo Moon can simply bring a dash of flamboyance and fun – much needed on a night that is already loaded with weighty expectations that cannot be fulfilled. Singles may feel a bit chilly and downbeat, but should remember that in some countries Valentine’s Day celebrates friendship too – so why not widen your love horizons to include all those who warm your heart? The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius favour quirky, unconventional thinking. And – unlike those expensive, conventional Valentine’s Day special menus - thinking is free. Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of the season,  here’s a poem:

‘Some Kisses from the Kama Sutra’ by Hugo Williams

The Reflection Kiss, one given
Or blown to the reflection
Or shadow of the lover
In a polished mirror
Or on the surface of water,
Is called the Reflection Kiss

And is but one of many
Varieties of kiss, for example
The Balanced Kiss is a most
Tender expression, for it is placed
Upon a woman’s eyelid
Or on a man’s fingertips
And is called the Balanced Kiss,

Being neither too strong nor
Too light. Again, the Passion-
Arousing Kiss, that of an amorous
Woman who looks at the face
Of her husband sleeping
And kisses it to show her intention
Or desire is called the Kiss

That Kindles Love or Passion-Arousing
Kiss. And Vatsyayana lays down
Many more varieties of kisses
Besides those mentioned above
(e.g. The ‘Drinking Kiss’) stating
That these will not be needed
By those who are properly in love.







Moon Diary: New Moon in Aquarius, 30th January 2014

by Jane Lyle


A Change is as Good as a Rest
Mad as a box of frogs, January’s second new Moon rises at 10 degrees of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. If you crave change, stimulation, or surprises then this is the new Moon for you.

Its lively vibrations signpost an emotionally energetic February, a time when we can shake up our ideas, be inventive, and turn old routines inside out.

Both Sun and Moon, always together at the time of a new Moon, are electrified by Uranus – ruling planet of the sign Aquarius. This is a revitalising combination, favouring fresh approaches and unconventional solutions. Bright flashes of intuition can reveal unexpected truths, or give unusual insights into relationship dynamics or the motives and personalities of others. All of this is very exciting, and can be extremely useful. Just remember, this isn’t a good time for detailed work or meticulous planning – that will have to wait until later on in February. If you want to try meditation, mindfulness, psychic development, or keeping a dream diary – this would be a good time to experiment.

It’s a restless, even revolutionary new Moon. Unusual plans for the new year can be dreamed up now – you may even surprise yourself, as well as everybody else. If you’re online dating, use this time to have a good look at who’s out there, and maybe question your ideas about what you want. Are you limiting yourself unnecessarily? It’s time to stay detached, rather than plunge recklessly into a steamy romance. What’s for you won’t go past you. 

Finally, a new Moon on your birthday marks out an important year ahead. You may feel things more intensely during this phase, and find yourself more deeply tuned in to what’s happening in your life. Today’s celebrity birthdays include: Christian Bale; Vanessa Redgrave; Phil Collins, and Olivia Colman.

‘The mind ought to sometimes be diverted that it may return the better to thinking.’
- Phaedrus (15BC-50AD)








Full Moon in Cancer, 16th January 2014

by Jane Lyle

The Food of Love
January’s full Moon rises at 25 degrees of Cancer the Crab. It’s an ultra emotional full Moon every year, for watery Cancer rules some of our deepest feelings – those connected with home, our mothers, our roots and what all that means to us.

Cancer is also about nurture and nourishment. This Moon may encourage us to think about what we eat, and how we take care of ourselves. It’s about soul food too. In an ideal world, your mother feeds you good food – but she loves you too, and feeds your spirit and emerging personality with her love. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to be given such a good start in life. As adults, we must learn how to love ourselves, create our own inner sense of home, and find kindred spirits to share both joy and sadness with us.

The nurture and nourishment message is underlined by dwarf planet Ceres, great grain goddess and mother figure. Ceres squares this full Cancer Moon and the Capricorn Sun from Libra, the sign of the scales.  In the wider world, this combination suggests news about food and the food industry, obesity, starvation, and crops and harvests on land and at sea.

We live in an increasingly imbalanced world where some people starve, and others are seriously overweight. Action and balance are desperately needed, for obesity has now reached epidemic proportions in the West. Enormous quantities of food are thrown away, too. It is an unsustainable state of affairs, and an unnatural one. Ceres will be travelling through the sign of balance, Libra, for many months this year and her presence there asks us to think about aiming for balance in what we sow, and what we harvest on every level. It’s all about cause and effect, our relationships and responsibilities to ourselves, to our environment, and to others.

This Cancer full Moon can signal the end of one way of feeding ourselves – from what’s on our plates, to what’s in our hearts. And, you know, 2014 is a good time to think seriously about the essence of what relationship sign Libra stands for. Full Moons pull up both ocean tides and the high waters of human emotions, so the next couple of weeks would be a useful time to clear away old habits, and move towards creating more emotional harmony in our lives. Action is required in our social lives, romantic partnerships, families and close friendships. Our positive connections with others feed and nourish us. Do you spend enough time with people you love and care about? Who makes you feel good about yourself? Mars in Libra doesn’t aspect this full Moon, but is working away in the background, stirring up our thoughts and desires about all our relationships in a major way this year. It’s a strong theme, and as emotions swell beneath the full Moon we will be very aware of the need to make changes, and leave what’s unsatisfactory behind.

‘You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’ – A. A. Milne, ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’








Moon Diary:

New Moon 11 degrees Capricorn, 1st January 2014

by Jane Lyle

Serious Moonlight.

A brand new year, and a brand new Moon rises in Capricorn to begin 2014 on a seriously grown-up note.

We can’t escape strong Capricorn vibrations - for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all lined up in this ambitious, earthy sign. Overall, the next few weeks favour practical thinking and a realistic appraisal of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. New year resolutions begun today will be hampered by delays, or very slow to produce results. Hmmn, that sounds like a typical diet and exercise regime to me. But, if you really want to make those resolutions, January’s second new Moon, on 31st, will be much sparkier and favours new plans and original ideas.


This new Moon is closely aligned with both communicative Mercury and deep, dark Pluto. Profound thoughts, desires, and feelings rise up from the subconscious, thought-provoking journeys are undertaken, or the secrets of hidden archives are revealed. With the ever-changing Moon also being prodded and pinched by reckless Uranus and a passive-aggressive Mars in Libra, some of these personal or public revelations could be sudden - provoking angry denials, reactions, or even strikes and riots.

There is a little bit of wiggle room however. The wounded healer centaur, Chiron, offers help from soothing Pisces. Now, while this may demand some kind of sacrifice – anything from a long-held belief to that pile of junk in your wardrobe – it suggests that by holding our nerve, and sticking to a sensible Capricorn agenda, we can release troublesome or draining circumstances and make a fresh start. Jupiter is shining brightly in Cancer too. Here’s a potential outlet for some of that spiky energy – using generosity, love, nurturing and education to solve or soften our current dilemmas. Jupiter rules faith, so many of us can expect our faith to be tested in some way – whether that means religious faith, or other spiritual beliefs.

Finally, Saturn rules this Capricorn Moon, urging us to take responsibility for ourselves as we begin 2014. As we step across the threshold of the year, there’s a strong focus on the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). This dynamic atmosphere continues for months, and means that we are facing more than a few challenges between now and a make-or-break spring season. Our New Year new Moon shows us what kind of challenges these will be, so we must start as we mean to go on.

‘Antisthenes says that in a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer.’

Plutarch (46AD – 120AD) – ‘Moralia’







Moon Diary:

Full Moon at 25 degrees Gemini, 17th December, 2013
by Jane Lyle


Starlight Express
Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight

Traditional Nursery Rhyme

Lively, flirty, and communicative, December’s Gemini full Moon shines on parties, gatherings, short trips, gossip and good news. Full Moons always signify the end of phase – this one presides over our end-of-year celebrations. And, remarkably, it makes no major aspects.

This winter Moon does make some beguiling links with the fixed stars though. It rises amidst the stars of Orion’s Belt – those three bright stars that most of us can pick out in the night sky. These stars are called Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. They are sometimes known as the Three Kings, Three Wise Men, or the Magi, those exotic astrologers who followed a star in search of enlightenment. While we may not be receiving gold, frankincense, and myrrh from our stellar kings, the influence of Orion’s Belt is said to give some excellent gifts - a sharp mind, energy, strength, and a good memory.

Another fixed star that lies close to this full Moon is Wazn, located at 26 degrees of Gemini. This star is found in the constellation of Columba, the Dove – a bird that brings a message of peace. This constellation’s traditional meaning is one of spiritual strength, innocence, kindness and good news. To the astrologers and astronomers of ancient China, these stars were known as The Child.

Of course, you can say that this could all be a coincidence. But I can’t help thinking how lovely it is to see these traditional seasonal symbols represented here like this. Yes, the Magi, the Child of Wonder, and the Dove of Peace are part of the Christian Christmas story. Yet they are also very ancient symbols found in other religions, and other timeless myths too.  In turbulent times, it might be good to remember that, rise above what divides us, and in the true spirit of the season celebrate what joins us all together.








Moon Diary

New Moon in Sagittarius, 3rd December 2014

by Jane Lyle

The Firebird Moon

December’s new Moon in Sagittarius rises on fiery wings at 11 degrees in the sign of the archer, the centaur, and the adventurer. If we tune in to this Moon, we’ll find things of wonder and new horizons. Like a glowing feather from the fairytale Firebird herself, this new Moon can light up your imagination in unexpected ways.

And with courage and daring, we can set out on a magical quest in search of intuition, or seek to free ourselves from negative thinking or stifling expectations.

This new Moon makes a flowing link with electrifying Uranus in Aries, a triple dose of fire for us all since the Sun and Moon are always conjunct at a new Moon. The Moon rules our emotions, imagination, the mass of humanity, and our inner world. It’s about nurture and nourishment too. Along comes the eccentric wizard, Uranus, to challenge us with unconventional notions and new ways of looking at our emotional lives. For many of us, questions and possibilities have been milling about in our minds since early October’s powerful Libran new Moon. Here’s what I wrote then:

‘If you’re stuck in a rut, then here is dangerous moonlight indeed. There’s great pressure for change over the coming month, and with unpredictable Uranus and subversive Pluto challenging the emotional Moon feelings run deep – and often they are uncomfortable. What really matters most to us? And are those values and hopes shared by our partners, longstanding friends and family? If we work in a closely-knit team we may wonder if everyone is singing from the same song-sheet. Do we really agree about what we’re trying to achieve? The silver sickle of this dynamic new Moon cuts to the chase, prunes away delusions, and rearranges the furniture in our heads.’

And now, dwarf planet Ceres in Libra has reached the exact place where that Moon rose (11 Libra), and blows gently on the shimmering fires of this new Moon in Sagittarius. The great mother goddess is here to remind us of seeds planted back in the autumn. What thoughts and feelings arose then? Maybe if things seemed desperately difficult at that time we’ve arrived at a place where we can find a solution, or begin working towards one at least? Fresh inspiration is available now. Unusual, original or inventive women can be brilliant catalysts for progress this month. If this sparkling new Moon coincides with your birthday, then it sets an important theme for your year ahead. But I think the Firebird has an exhilarating message for all of us, if we care to accept her invitation.

‘So Tsarevitch Ivan took his place in the garden, and sat down to watch under the apple tree that bore the golden apples. He watched an hour, he watched two hours, he watched three hours. When midnight drew near sleep al most overcame him, but he drew his dagger and pricked his thigh with its point till the pain aroused him. And suddenly, an hour after midnight, the garden became bright as if with the light of many fires, and the Fire Bird came flying on its golden wings to alight on the lowest bough of the apple tree.

Tsarevitch Ivan crept nearer, and as it was about to pluck a golden apple in its beak he sprang toward it and seized its tail. The bird, however, beating with its golden wings, tore itself loose and flew away, leaving in his hand a single long feather. He wrapped this in a handkerchief, lay down on the ground and went to sleep.’

From: ‘The Firebird’,








Moon Diary: Full Moon at 26 degrees Taurus, 17th November 2013
by Jane Lyle

Medusa’s Moon

Our November full Moon rises in the earthy, practical sign of Taurus on Sunday, 17th November. It’s stubborn and fixed – so the endings associated with every full Moon will be clear, immovable, and definite.

If you need to complete practical tasks, this would be a good day to choose. Tasks linked to your home, financial affairs, garden, cookery or security might be excellent ones to finish up.

On another level, the full Moon is conjunct a dramatic, intense fixed star, Algol. Here is the head of the Medusa, that snake-haired demon who is also known as the Gorgon. In Greek myth, one glance from the Gorgon would turn you to stone. She was beheaded by Perseus, who only managed to kill her by looking at her reflection in his shield. Meeting her eyes would have been a fatal mistake. So part of Algol’s fearsome reputation for signifying terrible, violent events includes accidents to the head, or literally ‘losing your head’.

While there’s no end to Algol’s dark, destructive legend, this star is also a powerhouse of creativity, energy, and intensity. It is found in a prominent place in the natal horoscopes of many remarkable people, including Einstein and Picasso. Algol’s energy is female, sexual, and powerful. The Medusa was once a beautiful woman before she was turned into a monster. When this creative force is suppressed or ignored, an overwhelmingly primal rage bubbles up, hissing. But when this amazing energy is channelled constructively, extraordinary achievements can be born.

As with all astrology’s patterns, not everyone will tune in on a personal level to Medusa’s intensity. Such things can be projected onto other people, or seen in shocking news events, fiction, or watching a film with Gorgon-like themes. In our world, the Medusa can operate on many levels, for as writer Ray Bradbury once said:

‘The television, that insidious beast, that Medusa which freezes a billion people to stone every night, staring fixedly, that siren which talked and sang and promised so much and gave, after all, so little.’

Mercury, planet of communication, reminds us of April’s thoughts and events now too. It is knocking on the door of that Scorpio eclipse back in the spring. We’re dealing with similar themes now, and maybe some unfinished business too. Here’s a taste of what I wrote then:

‘The Sun in Taurus highlights our resources, values, money and property.  The Moon in Scorpio also highlights resources, this time other people’s money, the help they can offer, and what we share with them – such as intimate connections, sexual love, property and cash. These are the fundamental themes of this eclipse, stirring up our relationships with each other, and inviting us to take a close look at what we own, what we share, and what we really value. What can we keep, and what can we leave behind or give away?’

As the year marches on towards its end, this November full Moon is the perfect time to ask those questions again.








Moon Diary: New Moon and Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 3rd November 2013

by Jane Lyle

Fight Club: The final eclipse of 2013 packs a proper Scorpio punch.



It rises at 11 degrees of Scorpio, and is a hybrid eclipse. This means it’s seen as a partial eclipse in most locations, and a total eclipse in a small corridor crossing Africa in Gabon, R. Congo, D.R. Congo, and Uganda. But it can be viewed as a partial eclipse in America, Mexico, Columbia, Southern Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

Scorpio themes of sex, death and rebirth, resources, and money are strongly emphasised. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and the Moon’s nodes are all pulsing away in a tight little group in Scorpio. It’s looking karmic, deep, and intense. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but….. yes, you can be sure Scorpio will find it, and expose it. Any flaky, draining relationships, false friendships, or wildly imbalanced situations are up for review in our personal and professional lives. It’s clear they’re unsustainable, and it’s clear they must be transformed or ended. Of course, we can always choose to sit on the fence, but that might not be the wisest option.

Mars and Pluto, Scorpio’s rulers, connect with the eclipse and each other – bringing a flow of energy, transformative power, and street-fighting spirit to the party. The presence of Saturn offers us, at best, the chance to create stability and longevity, bringing structure and mature practicality to the fore. At worst, Saturn’s limitations can seem very tough and depressing, but they are purposeful and often timely. Admittedly, such benefits can often only be seen with hindsight – it’s a kind of ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of thing. Pluto’s regenerative power works slowly too, transforming things from the depths.

The energy of Mars gives this eclipse an impulsive, determined edge. Conflicts are brought out into the open, the desire to fight to protect others increases, and volatile or fluctuating emotions flow.  Mars combines with the fixed star, Zosma, a star symbolising prophecy, wisdom, and alert minds. This star is also said to signify periods of melancholy, which adds to the Moon-Mars theme of fluctuating impulses and changeable actions. Mercury is backtracking in Scorpio too, another sign of false starts or delays affecting travel, communications, trade and commerce. I can see how all this could lead to irritation, angry exchanges, or even serious conflict if these energies are suppressed. Channelling them constructively is a full-on challenge, but offers dynamic rewards in the end.  This is, after all, a new Moon and like every new Moon it marks new beginnings – how ever troublesome these may be, and how ever much we may have to review the past or face the results of former actions and decisions. Allow yourself new possibilities, reinventions, and enlightenment.

Out in the World
The affairs of the USA and Mexico are influenced by this powerful eclipse, as they were by the lunar eclipse of 18th October (see the Moon Diary).  President Obama’s natal horoscope is energised too, as the eclipse squares his natal Leo Sun, indicating challenges to his leadership.

News and developments concerning the search for oil, gas and minerals are denoted for Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Rwanda in particular. Each of these countries’ national horoscopes has Neptune in Scorpio, ruling oil and gas, at the degree of the eclipse. Trinidad and Tobago, on the other side of the planet (but with Neptune in Scorpio) can also expect important news about their gas and oil industry now, and in the coming months.

You can see astronomical information about the solar eclipse here:


Special Birthdays
This Scorpio eclipse is especially meaningful for you if you have the Sun, Moon, planets or angles in your horoscope at around 11 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus. The signs Leo and Aquarius are similarly stimulated. To discover more about the effects of this powerful eclipse, just ask an astrologer.

Scorpio celebrities who are likely to experience notable changes in the year ahead include Lulu (3rd November); Anna Wintour (3rd November); Sean Combs (4th November); and David Schwimmer (2nd November).  Taurean celebrities looking at a different kind of autumn and winter include David Beckham (2nd May); David Suchet (2nd May); Donatella Versace (2nd May) and Lily Allen (2nd May).







Moon Diary: Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aries, 18th October

by Jane Lyle

The earth together with its surrounding waters must in fact have such a shape as its shadow reveals, for it eclipses the moon with the arc of a perfect circle.

Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer and mathematician (1473-1543)


This is the final lunar eclipse of 2013. A penumbral eclipse isn’t quite as dramatic as a full eclipse, but we’re promised a deep shadow across the Moon’s face – visible all over Europe, Africa, most of Asia and in the Americas. The whole thing lasts almost four hours. According to traditional astrology, this means that its effects last for four months – one month for each hour of the eclipse. These effects can often begin to manifest as the date of the eclipse draws near. So what might those effects be?

A lunar eclipse stimulates our emotions, imagination, and restless feelings in the same way as a full Moon. It’s just super-charged with extra energy, often heralding significant changes and turning points in the months ahead. We can expect things to emerge into the light of consciousness – buried feelings, memories, or information can surface. Sometimes this means we can distance ourselves from a situation, leave a relationship, or become more objective.

Moon in Aries emphasises the self, the ego, and the inner child. The Sun, in the opposite sign, Libra, emphasises partnerships. Finding balance and harmony now is a challenge. Moon in Aries can be feisty and opinionated, while Sun in Libra says ‘anything for an easy life’. Some of us will just want to walk away, wipe the slate clean, and begin again. Others will strive to achieve some sort of workable compromise. Habits, routines and connections dating back to 2004-5 can be challenged now, or seen and understood in a new light.

Mars rules the sign of this eclipse, Aries, and has just entered Virgo. The action planet is entangled with deceptive Neptune, making direct action a bit hit-and-miss. Old delusions or mistaken beliefs can be challenged, and there’s a feeling that nothing is certain or that others have been lying to us. In the wider world, this may relate to healthcare, drugs, poisons, and hospital scandals. Military spies, plots, and upheavals linked to religious beliefs are also in the news. The assertive qualities of this eclipse may have to struggle through a fog of confusion to achieve its goals.


Out in the world

A lunar eclipse in Aries is, traditionally, said to highlight difficulties for women and sometimes heralds the death of a prominent, well-known woman.  This eclipse, and the one that follows in November, both activate the chart for the American presidency (April 30th, 1789)* in that area of the horoscope connected with foreign affairs, trade, religion, education, and the law (9th house).
It also activates Saturn in Aries (structure, boundaries, rules, history) and Neptune in Libra (ideals and confusion, also gas, oil, shipping and medicines) in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange (May 17th, 1792)* in the 3rd and 9th houses. It would seem as though foreign affairs and global trading are very much in the lunar spotlight for the USA this autumn. President Barack Obama’s own horoscope (4th August, 1961) is also triggered by both eclipses. This Aries eclipse squares his natal Capricorn Saturn, while the intense November solar eclipse squares his Leo Sun. This suggests tough, thought-provoking times of crisis and conflict at the heart of the US government during the months ahead.

Mexico’s national horoscope (28th September, 1821)* is stimulated by this lunar eclipse too. It links up with Saturn and Jupiter in Aries, emphasising important events connected with law, justice, structures, buildings, history, and dealing with limitations. November’s powerful solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, and also activates Mexico’s horoscope. It is close to Venus, highlighting issues to do with women, finances, and social welfare.

Special Birthdays

Aries people born between the 14th – 16th April and Librans born between 17th – 19th October can expect to see important changes or revelations this winter. Libran celebrities born on this day include Zac Efron, Chuck Berry, Martina Navratilova, and Jean-Claude van Damme. Famous Aries people in the eclipse zone include Peter Capaldi (14th April), the retired Pope Benedict XVI (16th April), and actors Emma Watson and Emma Thompson (15th April).

Cancerians born between the 17th – 19th July, and Capricorns born between the 15th – 17th January will also feel this eclipse.  If you have any planets or angles in your horoscope at around 25 degrees of Aries or Libra, and to a lesser extent Cancer or Capricorn, your chart is activated too. To discover more, why not ask a professional astrologer?

*All national horoscope data is from ‘The Book of World Horoscopes’ by Nicholas Campion, Cinnabar Books (1995)







Moon Diary: New Moon in Libra

5th October 2013

by Jane Lyle

Square Moon Rising


A powerful, unsettling new Moon rises at 11 degrees of Libra at 0:36 am (UT) on Saturday, 5th October. It challenges us to sweep away tired old notions and assumptions, to ask awkward questions, and to review or renew our partnerships in love and at work.

Since Libra also rules the house of open enemies, this Moon may spark off shocking revelations about people who work against us, or oppose our wishes. A new Moon means new beginnings, but these may not be the ones you planned, and eventually that could be a very positive thing.

If you’re stuck in a rut, then here is dangerous moonlight indeed. There’s great pressure for change over the coming month, and with unpredictable Uranus and subversive Pluto challenging the emotional Moon feelings run deep – and often they are uncomfortable. What really matters most to us? And are those values and hopes shared by our partners, longstanding friends and family? If we work in a closely-knit team we may wonder if everyone is singing from the same song-sheet. Do we really agree about what we’re trying to achieve? The silver sickle of this dynamic new Moon cuts to the chase, prunes away delusions, and rearranges the furniture in our heads. Crikey!

The full Moons of September 2012 (Aries) and March 2013 (Libra) carried a similar message, but because they were full they spoke of endings and encouraged us to clear a path for what was to come. This is a new Moon. It’s time to be constructive, for if we’re honest with ourselves we can see what we need to do. All that remains is to stop dilly-dallying, and actually do it. It’s an understatement to say that’s not always easy - but Libra’s urge for harmony and co-operation isn’t always a sweet, pink marshmallow either. The desire for peace and beauty evoked by these cosmic energies is wild, fierce, hard-hitting and even dangerous.

Out there in the wider world this new Moon (and its aspects) signifies continuing unrest as the urge for change, and differences in values and aspirations provoke protests, demonstrations, and all kinds of disruptions and instability. The national charts for Turkey, Chechnya, Syria and Lebanon are amongst those activated. The charts for Venezuela, Bangladesh, Kenya and Iran are also triggered by this potent new Moon.

This new Moon is particularly important for you if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at around 10 – 12 degrees of those signs. Haven’t got a clue? Why not ask an astrologer?

“Maybe there's a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything.” - Stephen King








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Pisces

19th September 2013
by Jane Lyle

Wild Swimming
‘Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.’
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

September’s watery full Moon rises at 26 degrees of Pisces, the Fishes at 11.14 am. Full Moons are about finishing things.  This Moon travels unaccompanied for the rest of the day (Universal Time), making no connections with other planets until evening. It’s an excellent time for bringing a phase to an end. We’re approaching the Equinox, a new season is about to begin – and between now and the December solstice looks dynamic, busy, and dramatic for many of us.

This fishy, foggy full Moon sails alone, with her ethereal cargo of dreams, intuitions and romantic longing. Of course, when the Moon is full it is opposite the Sun. In Virgo and Pisces, our well-being is highlighted. Emotional well-being can affect physical vitality – a message that was brought to us by the new Moon on 5th September too. Painful memories, emotions or relationships that have been in focus since then are illuminated once more, offering another opportunity for healing and clarity.

Passionate emotions swirl around this Moon’s chart, as watery planet patterns remind us of summer’s feelings, dreams and events. Our involvements with friends, lovers, or colleagues are tested and refined. Some connections come, inevitably, to an end now. And with all the passionate intensity in the world it may be difficult to make things work out the way you want them to – at least for the next two weeks. Venus, Saturn, and the Moon’s nodes in Scorpio bring all our ties to others into the picture. There could be irresistible attractions – the feeling you’ve met a true soul-mate, or that you were destined to be together could be overwhelming over the next two weeks. Just don’t make any big decisions yet. On the other hand, there could be an equally irresistible desires to distance ourselves from former friends, lovers, or colleagues. And if you’re a seriously creative person, this is a great time to look back at your work and complete or even abandon projects.

Pluto, god of the underworld, links up with Saturn, Venus, and the Moon’s nodes – and the message now, and during the weeks ahead, is one of discipline, power, restructuring, and organising our resources. But perhaps not today. We’ll be aware of these issues, but many of us will be temporarily distracted, confused, and away with the fairies. Not always such a terrible place to be – creative chaos can be fertile and abundant, eventually. Fancy a dip?








Moon Diary: New Moon in Virgo, 5th September 2013
by Jane Lyle
September’s new Moon rises in Virgo, sign of the virgin maiden, the untouched harvest, and the sixth sign of the zodiac. Everything is on the brink of change as we reach the half-way point of the astrological year.

As always, a new Moon is a good time to begin projects, and as the equinox approaches (22nd September) a sense of wanting to initiate change naturally rises up inside us. Virgo is a practical earth sign, fond of lists, order, and getting things done. Yet it has vision too. Focussing on vague ideas, hopes and wishes now brings them closer – and as we clarify and refine summer’s dreams they stand a good chance of becoming real.

Expansive Jupiter in Cancer expands everything the Moon represents – emotion, imagination, protective impulses and intuition. A positive link between the new Moon and Jupiter boosts loving feelings towards friends, family, and groups we belong to. It’s generous, fertile, and favours fortunate turns of events. The Moon opposes that wise old centaur, Chiron, too, signalling an opportunity to heal emotional wounds and disappointments that may be holding us back or limiting our joy in life. It’s hard to make a new start if you’re stuck in the muddy confusion of the past. And like that magical nanny, Mary Poppins, this new Moon combines a sense of orderliness with a bewitching opportunity to expand our lives and ourselves.

Out in the world, the new Moon shines on agriculture, land and property, and what we harvest from both land and sea. It highlights legal matters, religious impulses, women’s issues, and water. Leaks, floods, and concerns about clean water are in focus at this time.

I think this may be one of the best new Moons of the year for setting intentions. Ask yourself ‘What feels right?’ and dip into your expanded intuition to find out the right answer for you, personally. Summer’s dreams may have been wildly impractical, but it’s likely they contained the seeds of something that can actually flourish. Here’s a chance to find out what that might be and maybe, just maybe, make your wishes come true.


“That’s coral!” she cried in astonishment, “we must be down in the deep of the sea!”

“Well, wasn’t that what you wanted?” said the trout. “I thought you wished you could see the sea!”

“I did,” said Jane, looking very surprised. “But I never imagined the wish would come true.”

“Well, great oceans! Why bother to wish it then? I call that simply a waste of time. But come on! Mustn’t be late for the party!”

‘Mary Poppins’, P. L. Travers  







Moon Diary: Full Moon in Aquarius, 21st August 2013
by Jane Lyle
Once in a Blue Moon

Summer’s second full Moon in airy Aquarius rises at the end of the sign, at 28 degrees. It will be a Blue Moon, the third of four full Moons in one season.

That particular season this year begins with the June Solstice, and goes through to the September Equinox. The astrology for this full Moon says that the chance for something unusual to occur is high. So we really might be saying ‘once in a blue Moon’ about an event or connection that happens under the rays of this August Moon. 

It’s a complex, interesting mix of full Moon emotion and detached, objective thinking – both head and heart are deeply involved. Full Moons tend to bring things to a head, mark the end of a chapter (however minor that might be), and invite reassessment of our progress in the days that follow. Aquarius is an intellectual sign, and is concerned with humanity as a whole – so it looks outwards, and sees the bigger picture. There’s much thinking to be done now, but we must take our time and make room for those illogical emotions too. Tricky. Mind-stretching, even.

This full Moon aligns with the fixed star Gienah, in the constellation of Cygnus, the beautiful Swan. It’s sometimes called ‘the swan’s wing’, and its message favours art and culture, flying upwards, and perhaps the potential for sudden downfall from dizzy heights. Again, some kind of balance is needed to make the most of this combination. But I think that may be in short supply, since volatile energy is this week’s theme. Expansive Jupiter and eccentric Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) are involved in a powerful stand-off on the very same day as this full Moon, stirring up more revolutionary unrest, strikes, and demonstrations while emphasising our need for change, freedom, and justice. At its best, this can promote amazing inventiveness, inspiration, and original thinking. At worst, change for the sake of it creates instability – whether that’s at work, in your relationships, or – more seriously – in the wider world. Surprising moments and unexpected twists and turns will need a calm response and a cool, Aquarian head.

If you’re a Leo with a birthday between the 19th – 22nd August, this is a meaningful Moon for you. Aquarian birthdays between the 15th – 18th February hear the call for change. Cancer birthdays from 3rd July – 7th July, and Aries birthdays from 31st March – 3rd April are also impacted by this full Moon and her charismatic companions.







Moon Diary: New Moon at 14 degrees Leo, 6th August 2013
by Jane Lyle
Light my Fire
Volatile and creative, this Leo new Moon crackles with energy like a summer storm. It conjures up a strongly imaginative theme for the coming month, sparkling with unusual ideas and unconventional solutions and emotional responses.


There’s much fiery passion, combined with emotional detachment, courtesy of eccentric Uranus making a flowing link to Sun and Moon.

The deeper you look, the more interesting and complex this Moon becomes. Leo Sun and Moon are conjunct asteroid goddess Vesta. Vesta was the ancient goddess of the hearth, heart of the home. The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome were, for 600 years, keepers of the sacred flame in the temple of Vesta. This sacred flame signified the burning heart of the great Roman Empire. So, more heartfelt fire then, something that can energise projects or relationships begun now. Sitting opposite this trio is the partnership goddess Juno in Aquarius. Unconventional partnerships and marriages are again highlighted – I’d expect more news on the gay marriage debate, and other arrangements which challenge our ideas and make us think about the true nature of love, and how we perceive it.

Elsewhere in the chart for this fire-cracker Moon is the awesome energy of Jupiter and Pluto, linking in with Uranus and bringing out current issues of power, wealth, compulsion and resources. Leaders in politics and business come up with unexpected plans or inventive, revolutionary schemes and there’s yet more news about money, money, money. Jupiter and Pluto signify extremes of almost anything too, particularly weather events and geo-physical upheavals. But Jupiter sits with clear-sighted asteroid goddess Pallas Athene, symbolising strategy, self-defense, and intelligence – and perhaps bringing a much-needed dash of cool-headed clarity into this scalding mix.

This can be an excellent new Moon for new beginnings, despite its quirky edges. The house in your natal chart where it rises shows you where a new start might be most beneficial. Individuality and self-expression can be channelled in almost any direction you choose, so if you want to begin something new, now might be the right time.

"South," said the captain.

"But," said his crew, "there simply aren't any directions out here in space."

"When you travel on down toward the sun," replied the captain, "and everything gets yellow and warm and lazy, then you're going in one direction only." He shut his eyes and thought about the smouldering, warm, faraway land, his breath moving gently in his mouth. "South." He nodded slowly to himself. "South."

“The Golden Apples of the Sun” by Ray Bradbury (1953)







Moon Diary: Full Moon 0 degrees Aquarius

22nd July 2013

by Jane Lyle

Emotional Intelligence
A super-dynamic Super Moon rises at 0 degrees Aquarius on the 22nd July, but we’ll feel its approach three or four days beforehand – and three days afterwards too.


It’s a potent, stormy phase, magnetising emotions and bringing things out into the open. There will be a second full Moon in Aquarius in August.

The Sun enters Leo today, and Venus enters Virgo – heralding new beginnings and a change of emphasis for all of us. And although full Moons are about the end of a phase, that closing of a cycle also opens the way for us to explore new territory.

Aquarius favours humanitarian thinking, and the Moon also connects with intelligent, philosophical Pallas Athene, asteroid goddess of wisdom, strategy, courage and self-defense. Venus links up with Pallas and the Moon, signalling a very strong feminine energy at work, one that’s concerned with education, rights, and fighting for opportunities for women around the world – already a very hot topic this summer.

If you’ve things to think about personally, this full Moon urges you to begin. However, this would not be the ideal time to finalise big decisions that affect your life – emotions are running very high, and the head and the heart will be inclined to fight one another. Either way, there’s much negotiating to be done by those with cool heads – everyone else may be far too feisty to listen to sweet reason.

Yet more dynamic, sharp-minded energy is symbolised by the fixed stars Altair and Sham, both close to the Moon.  Altair sits in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle. It’s associated with intelligent minds, imagination and passion. The eagle soars above into the airy realms of thought, and is linked with the electrifying thunderbolts and lightning of the god Jupiter. The Eagle is an important symbol for the United States, and although America is always in the news, this could be a particularly meaningful phase.

Fixed star Sham is in the constellation Sagitta, the Arrow. Sagitta’s arrow flies through the air, slicing through our minds with clean, clear intelligence. Certainly, this is a full Moon alive with mental energy and the potential for bolts of lightning to shake up our thinking, or illuminate the night sky with crackling electrical storms. This full Moon takes place against the background of July’s grand trine in water, June and July’s dreamy, idealistic, and emotional summer theme.  A cooling breeze blows, helping us to make sense of any mad tangles we’ve been caught up in, and boost courage and the strength to see things through.  Step through the looking-glass….

“If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's Logic.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking-Glass







Moon Diary: New Moon at 16 degrees of Cancer, the Crab

8th July 2013
by Jane Lyle
Sailing By

July’s new Moon in Cancer rises up from the ocean of watery energies surrounding us this summer.

Emotions, intuition, memories and imagination are demanding our attention as patterns of the past appear and invite us to re-examine them. And with so much emphasis on planets in Cancer, our need for a security blanket (love, money, CCTV) of some kind is likely to be stronger than usual.

Swift-footed Mercury is close to the Moon. Talking about emotions, motherhood, and nurturing is one key meaning of this link. The planet of travel and communications is also retrograde, underlining the message that wisdom, inspiration and healing can be found by reviewing the past. There’s also a restless, moody feeling around, affecting large numbers of people, perhaps even stirring up crowds, demonstrations, or strikes. Travel, and the import and export of goods, may be disrupted more than usual over the next two weeks too. The provocative presence of erratic Uranus adds to the feeling that we must expect the unexpected – sudden or unusual events mean changing our ideas and plans between now and the 21st.

But every new Moon symbolises an opportunity to begin a new phase. This one might be a particularly potent time to give birth to a creative project, particularly one you’ve been thinking about for a while. The powerful fixed star, Canopus – once known as the ‘Star of Egypt’ – is one degree away from the new Moon. This was the star of Osiris, god of death and rebirth, and a number of temples in ancient Egypt were oriented towards Canopus. It is said to signify travel and prosperity. On the darker side, it is associated with drowning – but I think this can also mean drowning in emotions too. Brilliant Sirius, the Dog Star – also venerated in ancient Egypt – is close by. It denotes fiery passions, ambition, success and strong feelings that can quickly turn to anger. So there’s plenty of cosmic rocket fuel for anything you might want to begin. The sign of Cancer, the Moon’s home sign, is quietly ambitious and tenacious too, so why not set your intentions over the weekend of the 6th-7th ready for the special new Moon moment on Monday morning.

‘As if I’d slept a thousand years underwater I wake into a new season. I am the blue lotus rising. I am the cup of dreams and memory opening – I, the thousand-petalled flower. At dawn the sun rises naked and new as a babe; I open myself and am entered by light. This is the joy, the slow awakening into fire as one by one the petals open, as the fingers that held tight the secret unfurl. I let go of the past and release the fragrance of flowers.’

‘Becoming the Lotus’ from the Papyrus of Ani, The Egyptian Book of the Dead. ‘Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of the Dead’, translated by Normandi Ellis.








Moon Diary: Midsummer Super Moon, 2 Capricorn, 22nd-23rd June
by Jane Lyle

Rose Moon Rising

June’s stunning full Rose Moon rises on 23rd June at 11.33 (ET). But it will be visible in all its enormous magnificence on the night of the 22nd.

This Moon is the largest full Moon of 2013, closest to our Earth, and one of three Super Moons this year – one was in May, and the next one is on 22nd July. This one is the most powerful of the three. Such Moons coincide with very high tides, owing to the alignment of the Moon, Earth and Sun – the Earth is in between the luminaries at the time of a full Moon.

The term ‘SuperMoon’ was coined by famous astrologer Richard Nolle back in 1979, and is now being used by some astronomers, as well as astrologers. Of course, once upon a time astrology and astronomy were one and the same thing. A SuperMoon is a Moon at perigee, meaning it is at its closest to Earth. There are several each year. Its impact extends for three days on either side of the exact date – so this one’s range is 20th June – 26th June. Nolle’s extensive observations show that such Moons bring ‘strong storms with high winds and heavy precipitation (big flood potential)…earthquakes, volcanic eruptions…tidal extremes…’. 

Inevitably, we are all affected by extreme weather and geo-cosmic upheavals here on Earth even if we are thousands of miles away from the storms or volcanic eruptions. Our emotions tend to be more volatile, maybe we’re not thinking too clearly, and we may be restless, bad-tempered or uncomfortable. So, it’s wise to factor that into your decisions and reactions at this time - you, and those around you, aren’t quite ‘yourself’. This Rose Moon has a few thorns.

This Capricorn full Moon is energised by both Saturn in Scorpio (its ruler) and Neptune in watery Pisces, part of summer 2013’s big mystical theme. But we will need real focus, since the Moon is extra-volatile now and it will be all too easy to waste time, or find ourselves longing to escape via sleep, drugs, or other illusions and delusions. This Moon could also signal a high tide for fraud and deceptive practices – take extra care of your credit cards and personal information.

Yet this is a Midsummer Moon, with those lovely, poetic names – Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon and Honey Moon. Certainly, old-fashioned romantic gestures bring pleasure now. And it is a positive influence if you’re creating beautiful illusions  – perhaps through photography, film, music or theatre, or just by blowing a stream of bubbles or sending a candlelit sky lantern up into the moonlit heavens.

The Cat and the Moon

The cat went here and there
And the moon spun round like a top,
And the nearest kin of the moon,
The creeping cat, looked up.
Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
For, wander and wail as he would,
The pure cold light in the sky
Troubled his animal blood.
Minnaloushe runs in the grass
Lifting his delicate feet.
Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?
When two close kindred meet,
What better than call a dance?
Maybe the moon may learn,
Tired of that courtly fashion,
A new dance turn.
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
From moonlit place to place,
The sacred moon overhead
Has taken a new phase.
Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
Will pass from change to change,
And that from round to crescent,
From crescent to round they range?
Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
Alone, important and wise,
And lifts to the changing moon
His changing eyes.”

W. B. Yeats








Moon Diary: New Moon at 18 Gemini, June 8th 2013

by Jane Lyle
"When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
Kahil Gibran

June’s Gemini new Moon is a riveting speaker, seeding ideas, stimulating thoughts, and favouring fresh starts for projects involving communications of every kind. It stands apart – light and cool – and invites us to talk about our feelings, ideas, and dreams. And to think and write about them too. Over the next four weeks, this will prove to be an invaluable skill. It is a great time to begin a journal, a blog, a short course, or even therapy.

Two weeks ago we experienced the final spring-time eclipse, the last in a row of three that pushed and prodded us to acknowledge what we’ve gone through, and what that meant for various areas of our lives and personal development. For many people this has been a confusing, or even a distressing and disappointing time, and it may have been hard to see what to do next. This new Moon offers opportunities to think about things in new ways, or listen carefully to other points of view over the next month. I think its also about emotional intelligence, with the Gemini Moon symbolising our thought processes pure and simple, and the build-up of planets in the emotional water signs bringing strong feelings out of their hiding places.

Connecting feelings (the Moon) with objective thinking (Mercury) can be a tricky balancing act, but it enhances intuition and makes listening to inner guidance easier. It’s very easy for our thought processes to dismiss intuitive, creative impulses, or for feelings to overwhelm rational decisions. Pull them together to get thoughts and feelings working as a team and you’ve got something very special.

We’re on the brink of a powerfully emotional summer. If you’re psychic, intuitive, creative and sensitive you’ll welcome a little calm logic. If you’re often detached from your emotions, or find them hard to express, you’ll find that opening up brings increased energy and unexpected rewards. Either way, it’s time for fresh ideas and conversations. The houses of Gemini and Cancer in your horoscope indicate areas where you’ll benefit from talking, listening, and communicating your thoughts. 








Moon Diary: Full Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 25th May, 2013 
by Jane Lyle
“You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always think of you.”
J. M. Barrie

Every lunar eclipse stirs our emotions a little more widely and deeply than a regular full Moon. This one, in philosophical Sagittarius, also stirs up our dreams until we don’t know whether we’re awake, or asleep. It’s the last of the three spring eclipses, and the first in a new family of eclipses, known as Saros series 150. It is also the last in the recent chain of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius. Dreams of being first and last – and everything in between - will shimmer across our mental movie screens now, and during the summer months to come.

The Sun and Moon square up to that watery planet of dreams, glamour and illusions, Neptune. Heightened sensitivity means that we are more likely to react strongly to allergens, drugs, alcohol and atmospheres. It also activates psychic antennae, intuitive feelings, and longings for boundary-less bliss. Just tread with utmost caution, and remember confusion is the order of the day. This is particularly true if you’re a Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo individual, or have your Moon or pivotal angles of your horoscope at around 4-5 degrees of those signs. Making a total idiot of yourself is more than possible, and you won’t even see it coming if you’ve drunk one too many.

At its best, this is a very thoughtful, spiritual eclipse. Making the most of it requires the stability, self-discipline, and determination symbolised by Saturn in Scorpio, fortunately supporting Neptune with some worldly-wise common sense. Everything is fluid, everything is in transition in that house of your chart where this difficult, yet magical, eclipse falls. Steer clear of those who enjoy the victims and martyrs game, and of anyone you think might be telling lies or even deluding themselves. Gurus and religious leaders are in the eclipse spotlight too – hypocrites, liars and abusers amongst those we trust with our spiritual welfare will fall from grace. Yes, this eclipse certainly has some shadowy places. But it has higher vibrations too. So tune in to the ever-changing beauty of the sea, shining silver beneath the Moon. And give things time and plenty of space to unfold.  What emerges over the summer months may be very different from what you currently imagine.

This eclipse is more or less invisible to us, although the Moon will be visible over the Americas and West Africa during the event. The shadow will be very faint. Somehow I think this reflects the eclipse meaning with all those hints of dreams and shadows.

The eclipse activates many national horoscopes, including various charts for the UK as a whole, and Scotland as a separate entity. Charts for Sri Lanka, Tonga, and Jordan are also activated. 








Moon Diary: Solar eclipse in Taurus, 10th May 2013

by Jane Lyle
To Have and To Hold


May’s solar eclipse in Taurus stirs up new beginnings, and yet these have their roots dug deep in the past.

A solar eclipse is like a very potent new Moon, bringing (in this case) its energy to the house of Taurus in your chart. At heart, this eclipse is about resources – money, property, and possessions of course, but also talents, skills, and inner strengths. It highlights what we value, and what our own values might be. Events and circumstances will bring changes to these areas of life over the next four weeks, and on into the rest of the summer.

A strong, feminine energy here means the eclipse may bring up news, issues, and complicated discussions about women - around the world, and in our personal lives. The eclipse is ruled by Venus, goddess of love, beauty, art and fruitful lands.  Yet she is currently travelling amongst the stars of rainy, tearful Pleiades and so brings stories of suffering to our attention. Taurus, sign of this eclipse, is an earthy, material sign. So, for instance, we may have to consider what can be done about women working in the garment trade (Venus) for pitiful wages (Taurus). Cheap clothes and instant fashion have a high price.

Asteroid Pallas Athene is also involved. Pallas rules the intellect, strategy, and education. It is conjunct the eclipse, bringing up issues around education for women, employment rights, and the different ways men and women think about things. Thoughts and communications are further ramped up by Mercury, planet of the mind, sitting with the Sun and Moon, eager to spread information and ideas around far and wide. Women in our own private world – partners, daughters, mothers, sisters and friends – could play an especially important part in our lives this summer. Some relationships end or change, while new ones begin to form too. Certainly, there’s a lot to think about, and much to talk about over the coming months. Pace yourself though, in the days around an eclipse it can be hard to think straight.

And what about the past? The Dragon’s Tail – otherwise known as the South Node of the Moon - lies beside the Sun and Moon, pointing back towards past deeds, existing talents, and our own history. As you may imagine, this can be good – bringing (often unexpected) rewards, invitations and opportunities from past contacts, old ideas, or even old lovers.  Or it can be bad – as fate catches up with some, and former mistakes or negative actions prove to have consequences. A great influence for solving old crimes, but less welcome if you happen to have caused harm and thought you’d got away with it. This applies on an emotional level too. If we need to make things right with someone from the past, this summer would be the time.

Figuring out how the eclipse will affect you is complex. It has the most impact on Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius Sun signs and Moon signs. Those with planets in those signs at around 19 degrees will certainly feel its effects, as will those with any of those fixed signs rising, or on other angles of their birth horoscope. If you can recall the events of 1994-5, and 2003-4 you may be able to see how this lunar pattern works out in your own life. The last solar eclipse in this cycle was on 10th May 1994. If change is needed, then the eclipse is likely to trigger those changes, or bring important news, as it shakes up and speeds up our lives.

This eclipse will be visible in Australia, and across parts of the Pacific Ocean and its islands. It looks like a significant eclipse for South Africa, coming as it does on the 19th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s formal inauguration on 10th May, 1994. It therefore activates the horoscope for this important event, which took place on the date of the previous eclipse at 19 Taurus.

Finally, here’s a map of the eclipse path from Fred Espanak at the NASA eclipse website:








Moon Diary: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 25th April, 2013

by Jane Lyle
Karma Chameleon


This Scorpio lunar eclipse conjures up some tense magic, and crackles with karma.

It’s a partial eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio, visible for a rather short time in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Traditionally, these are the locations where its message carries the most weight. Eclipse themes tend to build up for about two months before the event, and linger on depending upon the length of the event, and what comes along to trigger the eclipse degree later. A lunar eclipse is about culmination, just like a full Moon – a cycle is closing here and if the eclipse activates your horoscope you may notice things coming to a head in your own life this spring. 

So what are we looking at?  The Sun in Taurus highlights our resources, values, money and property.  The Moon in Scorpio also highlights resources, this time other people’s money, the help they can offer, and what we share with them – such as intimate connections, sexual love, property and cash. These are the fundamental themes of this eclipse, stirring up our relationships with each other, and inviting us to take a close look at what we own, what we share, and what we really value. What can we keep, and what can we leave behind or give away?

Mars aligns with the Sun, boosting energy and impulsive desires. It’s a volatile cocktail when mixed in with the fluctuating emotions around at every full Moon. Mars challenges the Moon, wanting to break free, to move forwards, to slice through restrictions. And then there’s the anger. But with sober Saturn in Scorpio close to the Moon there’s a firm lid on the furious pressure cooker. Will it explode? Possibly.

A positive way to use this energy is to prune back, streamline, or otherwise organise your time, and how you use your resources – including your skills and talents. Saturn brings responsibility and the need for commitment. It is currently in retrograde, reminding everyone of past obligations, old sins, and past events. These influence the present – hence the karmic theme. Cause and effect – or, if you prefer – what goes around comes around. Repressed anger could be a problem, and is something to be aware of now, and in coming weeks.

But there’s a little bit of healing magic around too. This passionate Moon links up with the god of the sea, Neptune in Pisces, and with Ceres, dwarf planet ruling nourishment, currently travelling through Cancer. The dreamy, dissolving and even womb-like qualities of this watery trio offer us intuitive guidance if we are willing and able to hear it.

The bigger picture

Out in the wider world, this eclipse signifies extreme weather events, and some thunderbolts and lightning in our atmosphere. The Sun aligns with a stormy fixed star, Sheratan. Its traditional influence is said to include whirlwinds, typhoons and twisters.

Saturn close to the Moon symbolises parents, home and family – so in a bigger sense that’s governments and other organisations that like to tell us what to do. Agriculture and land development could also be in the news, and all forms of banking and commerce – the theme of resources is central to this eclipse’s message. The charts of many nations are activated by this eclipse, suggesting a time of important and thought-provoking events. They include South Africa, North Korea, India, the UK, Brazil, Portugal and Greece.

If your birthday falls on these dates (below), your horoscope is activated by this lunar eclipse and its themes. If you have planets in Scorpio or Taurus (to a lesser extent Leo and Aquarius) at around 5 degrees in your natal chart, you too will feel this eclipse energy as it travels through your chart. An astrologer can tell you more.

Birthdates activated by the eclipse are:

Taurus:  24th – 26th April

Scorpio: 26th –  31st October

And these birthdates might feel it too:

Leo:  26th – 29th July

Aquarius: 25th – 28th January







Moon Diary: New Moon in Aries, 10th April 2013

by Jane Lyle
Seize the Day

This Aries new Moon is perfect for making a new beginning.

It’s symbolism is simple, direct, and bursting with energy. So if you’ve been hesitating about something, here’s a vibrant window of opportunity.

Venus and Mars join the Sun and Moon today, making a fiery group wherever they find themselves in your natal horoscope. And with Venus and Mars there, relationships are obviously highlighted now. Mars is in his home sign of Aries, and so the action principle is strong and straightforward. Even if your relationships are just fine and dandy, you can use this energy to channel imagination into new, creative projects. In particular, Venus and Mars favour music, art, sculpture and gardening.

If your relationships have been troublesome then now’s the time to give your love life some thought. It’s fiery out there, so some spats are to be expected. But Venus softens the edge of any angry exchanges, and you may be able to kiss and make up. If not, and if you’ve really thought deeply about it, then this could be the right time to make a break and start afresh. Single people could find the courage to look for a partner.  So, whatever’s on your list, why not make a start on something? You couldn’t wish for a more motivational new Moon than this springtime firecracker.

It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.’ – Seneca, Roman philosopher, 4BC – AD65  








Moon Diary: Full Moon in Libra, 27th March 2013

by Jane Lyle
We Can Work It Out

Libra is supposed to be about harmony and balance.

But this full Libran Moon (at 6-7 degrees) presides over a wildly imbalanced set of scales, and plugs us into a dynamic, powerful and dramatic phase for relationships, political alliances, friendships and even professional partnerships. Full Moons are about culmination, so expect all sorts of things to boil up and bubble over the next two weeks. Things that have been dragging on since last December can be resolved or thrown out now too.

A strong line-up of planets in Aries (Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus) oppose the Libran Moon. This group says ‘I am’ loud and clear, and promotes individual needs and desires. Since Venus is involved, charm softens these demands – but make no mistake. Demands is precisely what they are. If you’ve been finding it hard to stand up for yourself, now’s the time to put your foot down. If you’re naturally assertive you could go way too far, so try not to jump in feet first.

The rest of the cosmic picture is exceptionally complicated and volatile - not just for the days around this full Moon, but for the whole punchy early spring time period. There are two Fingers of Fate, otherwise known as the Finger of God, or a Yod. This aspect pattern looks like a sharp, Jack Frost-style finger and it brings together things, people, and situations that don’t naturally get along with each other. And yet, circumstances mean that they must make an effort to resolve differences and move forward.

There will be many discussions, rows, awkward conversations and infuriating written material around. Social media buzzes, internet stalkers and trolls get busy (both fateful fingers involve Jupiter in talkative Gemini). We know we need boundaries and rules, but we also know we need to make changes, transform old structures, and discover new ways of doing things. There are no simple answers, for this is an ongoing process – whether that means your relationships, your working life, or your country’s current situation. Harmony is the ideal, but there’s some way to go before it can be achieved.

Countries whose national charts are activated include a number of African nations, including South Africa, and several Eastern European countries. Both Venezuela and the Vatican City are energised by this full Moon’s important message.

If your birthday falls on the following dates, you’re at a crossroads and it’s time to work towards change:

ARIES: March 25th – April 1st

CANCER: June 27th – July 3rd

LIBRA: 29th September – 5th October

CAPRICORN: 28th December – 2nd January






Moon Diary:  New Moon in Pisces, 11th March 2013

by Jane Lyle
Mermaid Moon
A mysterious mermaid of a new Moon rises at 21 degrees of Pisces on 11th March. Like water, its subtle influence seeps into our consciousness, our hearts, and our dreams. There are no boundaries.

The Moon is close to Venus, highlighting feelings of love and compassion. At it’s most beautiful, this Moon symbolises universal love and bliss – the idea that we are all one, that arbitrary divisions, such as race or creed, simply dissolve at the level of the soul. Such a state of grace is beyond most of us, but we can at least pause to think about it. And there’s no better time than now. With a remarkable grouping of seven planets in Pisces, we’re flooded with soulful energies.

At a personal level, the Moon and Venus signify pleasure from caring for others, from art, music, and the beauties of the natural world. Since new Moons are a time to set intentions for the coming month, we can decide to find time to appreciate those we love, and look more closely at the world that surrounds us.



Intuitive feelings are strong today, and set an underlying theme for the next few weeks. Making time to listen to those feelings can be difficult, but you really don’t need to spend hours in meditation to discover what’s going on inside yourself. A regular short walk could be all it takes.


And while the focus of this Moon is on loving and caring for others, it’s important to remember to care for yourself too. The dark side of Pisces is that of the victim, the manipulative martyr, the mermaid who drowns her human lover in a deadly watery embrace.

If we can open up to this new Moon, it offers opportunities to connect with ourselves and others on many levels. Being in the right place, at the right time brings encounters with helpful people, new friends, or appreciative audiences. Tuning in to intuitive messages can help us move towards a more fulfilling way of life.

‘Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast, in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.’

Ovid, Roman poet (20th March, 43BC – AD17)







Moon Diary:  Full Moon in Virgo, 25th February 2013
By Jane Lyle

Snow Moon Rising
February’s full Moon, traditionally known as the Snow Moon, highlights healing and protective feelings towards those we love.

The Sun is in mystical Pisces, the Moon is at 7 degrees of practical Virgo and – in an ideal world at least – we can focus on each other’s needs, and on what boosts our own feelings of health, security, and well-being.

Needless to say, there are a few things to watch out for. Jupiter squares up to the Sun and Moon, bringing drama queens flouncing out of their hiding places and expanding any nagging inner insecurities. So on the one hand we become over-protective, and on the other we just can’t make up our minds – let alone make an emotional commitment, or decide what to have for lunch. Mercury backtracking to battle with Mars in Pisces doesn’t help much here either as old arguments return to haunt us. But Jupiter in Gemini is nothing if not witty and humorous – seeing the funny side might be one way to diffuse emotionally volatile situations. This should be a brilliant Moon for wits and wordsmiths too – a good time to impress people with a clever tweet, a thoughtful email or a classy speech. Just be aware that the truth may be a little bit bent out of shape - think twice before spreading gossip.

Chiron, the wise old centaur and mythical teacher and healer, sits with the Sun in Pisces. This double dose of healing energy will need focus, and could be uncomfortable for some of us – particularly if your natal horoscope is energised by this full Moon. Achingly sensitive feelings and memories can arise, as if from nowhere. With Jupiter around, this could manifest as allergies, problems with digestion, or fluid retention. The next couple of weeks could be a tough time to be on a diet. What we learn now is useful though, and can help us face up to what’s undermining us – whether that’s dodgy emotions or food sensitivities.

So expect a little chaos to reign, and remember to question your intuitive feelings too. They may not be as reliable as usual. And if you’re pushing your partner for a commitment, why not back off for a while? The inescapably romantic new Moon on 11th March might be a better time to try. Or, if you can bear it, wait for early May’s pleasing Taurean mix of sensuality and practicality. It may be wise to admit, even briefly, that love’s dream would benefit from a little testing. You know, just to see if it can go the distance.

Out in the wider world, this Moon highlights women’s role in spiritual matters, the legal profession, publishing, and agriculture. Floods and heavy rainfall are likely in the days around this date. 

‘If you want to be truly understood, you need to say everything three times, in three different ways. Once for each ear…. and once for the heart.’

Paula Underwood Spencer







Moon Diary:  New Moon in Aquarius, 10th February 2013
by Jane Lyle
F-R-I-E-N-D-S, Do you really need them? Yes

Powerful and contrary, this brand-new Aquarian Moon highlights what’s fresh, innovative, and challenging.

It also brings a kooky, restless and impulsive atmosphere that’s been building up for the past couple of weeks. It opens the Chinese Year of the Water Snake – said to be an excellent time for creativity and spiritual development.

As you probably know, a new Moon offers us the chance for beginnings each month. In Aquarius, this means that friendships, groups we belong to, and the bigger idea of humanity as a whole are all in focus. So at one level, this would be a great time for making plans to improve your social life, or to get more involved with innovative group projects either in your spare time, or at work. If you feel strongly about something, the energy of the new Moon invites you to do something about that – social injustice, ecological issues, neighbourhood campaigns or raising money for a charity could all become more important parts of life over the weeks ahead. And with the Sun and Moon linking with dwarf planet Ceres, the desire to nurture both the earth and our connections with others is strengthened. Toxic, draining friendships could flare up and come to an end now, or we take the decision to cut those ties and move on.

Take it easy though. This new Moon has an impulsive, reckless side. This is because it’s squaring up to the Moon’s nodes, and that means this is the peak of a Moon Wobble. Dynamic, true. But it’s also a phase when people are accident-prone, short-tempered, and likely to make hasty, ill-considered decisions. It’s time to think things through, and not rush into anything – looking at both sides of an argument is a tough trick to pull off, but Aquarius favours mental gymnastics.

The Moon Wobble effect has been building up since January, peaks now, and lingers until around the 22nd of February. If someone pushes your buttons, try your hardest to breathe deeply and count to ten. This advice may not work so well when it comes to large crowds – social unrest and even revolution is in the Aquarian air.

Events and thoughts that cropped up around the time of last November’s Scorpio eclipse could be important now too. The Moon activates 21 degrees of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  If you have natal planets between 19 and 23 degrees of any of these signs, you can expect some interesting developments in your life. And if your birthday falls on any of the dates below, you’ll also be looking at changes – probably triggered by friends, or new connections you meet this year:

Taurus: 10th-14th May

Leo: 12th-16th August

Scorpio: 12th-16th November

Aquarius: 8th-12th February

Out in the wider world, we can expect wild weather and natural upheavals to grab headlines and attention this month. There is a focus on trade and the distribution of goods, services and humanitarian aid too. Countries whose national horoscopes are activated include Russia, Eire, the UK, USA, Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine.






Moon Diary: Full Moon in Leo, 27th January

by Jane Lyle

Spirit of the Beehive
Feisty and fabulous, the Leo full Moon rises at 7 degrees of Leo on 27th January. It closes a week of effervescent mental gymnastics, and lights up our thoughts about ourselves - and about the vast family of human beings to which we all belong.

Each full Moon symbolises a kind of completion, a moment when things may come to a head or a conclusion. Yet the Moon’s fluctuating nature means that any apparent endings must be seen in the light of a larger pattern. Much is written on water, rather than set in stone.

This Leo Moon symbolises our feelings about ourselves as individuals. It is opposite the Sun in Aquarius, which symbolises humanity as a whole. It’s time to think about how we relate to ourselves, and how we connect with, and contribute to, the big, bad world we live in. With the Moon making a flowing link with revolutionary Uranus I’d expect some of those thoughts to be quirky, unconventional, and original. Do we always have to do things the same way? Is conventional wisdom always right, or might we find new ways of relating to each other or creating fulfilling relationships and families? Current issues such as gay marriage, women’s role in the Christian Church, and the best way to help populations who are struggling with the effects of war and poverty are in focus beneath this Moon.

Jupiter, in talkative Gemini, links up with the Sun, Moon, and Uranus too. This expands everything from emotions to unexpected intuitions about more or less anything. Yes, the feeling is probably quite bonkers. For some of us, there’s sudden luck, coincidences, and welcome breakthroughs wrapped up inside this lovely lunar package too. If you have natal planets between 6 and 8 degrees of Aquarius, Gemini, Aries or Leo then why not open up and see what happens? Those with planets at the same degrees of Libra and Sagittarius could find that other people deliver surprises around now. 

The Moon rises amidst a beautiful star cluster in the constellation of Cancer. It is conjunct the star Praesepe, meaning ‘hive’, ‘manger’, or ‘crib’. The star cluster numbering more than forty stars, is generally called The Hive for it is a swarm of stars resembling celestial bees. In ancient times, this part of the sky was also known as The Gate of Man, and said to be the place where human souls descended into incarnation on Earth. The Chinese astrologers said these stars represented the spirits of the ancestors, and when the Moon was there, as it is now, it heralded strange psychic experiences. Perhaps, for sensitive souls, this could be a particularly good time to communicate with the spiritual realms. 






Moon Diary: New Moon, 21 degrees Capricorn, 11th January 2013
by Jane Lyle

Little by Little
January’s new Moon signals a time of beginnings for the new calendar year.

But to be effective, those beginnings need careful thought. Rushing into anything under this sensible, yet feisty new Moon, is unlikely to bring what you desire.

This, the first new Moon of 2013, says read the seed catalogue and look at the recipe book before you get out there and try to create something new. It links up with circumstances and decisions made in 2012, and asks us to look at the results of those decisions. Perhaps we weren’t even sure we were making a decision back then? Sometimes sitting on the fence is a decision, but it still has consequences.

Capricorn is a practical sign, hard-working and ambitious. It is also highly security-conscious. Currently, there are five planets in Capricorn – pushing security to the top of the current cosmic agenda. The Sun and new Moon link up with talkative Mercury, encouraging discussions about finances, job security, and commitments in relationships – both love, and working connections. These discussions are likely to be difficult and challenging. It’s important to make room for them though, because somewhere in there lie the seeds of new beginnings that will develop later on this year.

Restlessness and frustration surface with this new Moon too. Mainly, I suspect, these feelings link up with events and encounters last year. Eris, dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord, squares up to the Moon and invites us to question ourselves and our actions. Perhaps we chose a path that doesn’t seem to be leading towards what we expected or what we wanted? It’s time to dig a little deeper, and prepare to see what’s there. Communication is the key, beginning with the delicate links between emotions, intuition, and logical thought. It’s a good time to find out what you really think and feel, or see how you’ve limited yourself through fear, anxiety, or lack of focus. You’re not alone. This is also a positive time to talk with others, share experiences, and see things from different perspectives. Eventually, solid and inspiring long-term goals will emerge.






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