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Moon Diary 2011

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Moon Diary: Christmas Eve New Moon in Capricorn by Jane Lyle
Innovative, yet down-to-earth, the Capricorn new Moon’s seasonal greeting is one of love and understanding in all its myriad forms. And by myriad, I mean it includes all forms of loving connections, how ever unconventional they may seem.

Yes, many people will be inclined to act on impulse or express themselves in unusual ways. And yes, emotionally immature types may spark off mayhem over the holiday period. Certainly, some of us will be dealing with very strong emotional experiences or surprising events this Christmas time. But the Moon’s link with Jupiter brings generosity and warmth, while its links with healing Chiron and self-contained Vesta bring us the emotional honesty and clarity to understand others, or even forgive them.

Magically speaking, this is a positive time to focus on what we need, rather than what we want - or think is our right to have. Necessities are not glamorous, but they sustain life. Since each new Moon begins a cycle, this would be a good time to think about what we need, and how we’re going to find that. At her idealistic best, this new Moon says ‘love is all you need’. For millions of people that need for love may translate into food, warmth, shelter, or medicine. Capricorn is practical, not fanciful or overly sentimental.

It has been a remarkable, dramatic year, and 2012 promises another wild ride. This new Moon marks out a time to reflect on everything that’s happened, and to tune into the spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas!





Moon Diary: 10th December Total Lunar Eclipse at 18 Gemini by Jane Lyle
This blood red winter Moon should be visible in Russia, Asia, and parts of Australia. It’s an eclipse on a mission to focus our thoughts, and acts as a catalyst for changes in the way we look at things, and the way we communicate our feelings.

All lunar eclipses favour contemplation, willing or unwilling. This, the final eclipse of 2011, promises some dramatic realisations about our ideals and dreams. It could be time to abandon what’s not working, and make way for new directions, philosophies, and attitudes. But there’s hesitation, vacillation and emotional dithering before we make much headway. Maybe some of those dreams and ideals don’t really belong to you - maybe they are the dreams of your parents or your partner? Are you struggling to make someone else’s vision come true? This is a particularly important eclipse for you if you have planets or angles at 18 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Expect events to reflect the eclipse message for about six months.

At its best, this is a very feminine full Moon. It connects with both Venus and Ceres, giving us the presence of the capricious goddess of art and love alongside the more maternal, nurturing vibrations of Ceres, goddess of life cycles from seedtime to harvest. So it’s about how we feed ourselves on many levels - from agriculture, fishing. and food production, to intimate relationships and close bonds of every kind. How we express our care for others, our care for ourselves, and for our dreams is a theme that pulses at the heart of this eclipse. And sometimes, despite the best intentions, how we give and receive love and affection can become a bit of a battlefield inside and out. How can we blend light and dark, instinct and reason, love and the need to be free? How can we find balance? The answers may take a while to find.

All the questions raised by this eclipse are emphasised by a group of Centaurs, cantering around the Sun and Moon. Centaurs are mythical creatures which are half human, half animal, and semi-divine. A centaur is the symbolic being of Sagittarius, home of the Sun for this eclipse. Centaurs in astrology represent transformational energy. They are trans-Saturnian objects that cross the orbits of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. At the time of this eclipse, Centaurs Hylonome and Pholus are conjunct the Sun. Hylonome is named for a beautiful female centaur, whose basic message is sacrifice - something must be let go if our greater aims are to be achieved.

Pholus is another potent catalyst for change, particularly when it comes to attitudes we’ve unthinkingly absorbed from our families or culture. Pholus stirs up chaos too, a dynamic storm is brewing. His meaning encompasses the idea that from a small moment, a single act, dramatic events can unfold. Centaur Thereus, fierce bear hunter and wild warrior, conjoins the Moon. Thereus suggests that some of us are waiting, like hunters, to attack our prey. That could relate to our ambitions, to a lover, or to a cause. Back to the inner battlefield of this eclipse then. Something’s got to give way so that a harmonious blending can be achieved.

This eclipse is another pivotal one for Europe. The message of change and sacrifice should manifest in moves towards creating something new. This, in turn, affects the USA eventually, adding yet more energy and potential confusion to events and opinions in 2012, it’s important election year. Russia, Asia, and Australia are also highlighted as places affected by this eclipse. We can expect a certain amount of inner turmoil, plus debates about cultural and environmental issues in these locations.

Whatever inner conflict we experience with this eclipse, it is important to remember that growth and change often spring from chaos. What emerges from this inner storm is positive - particularly if we can keep communicating and making interim agreements with one another. Resistance is futile, as they say. But doubtless many of us will resist the call to adventure until the last possible moment.

Eclipse alert! Special birthdays:

This eclipse is very meaningful for you if your birthday falls on one of these dates:

Gemini: 8th June - 10th June
Virgo: 10th September - 12th September
Sagittarius: 9th December - 11th December
Pisces: 8th March - 10th March





Moon Diary: New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, 25th November 2011 by Jane Lyle

November’s new Moon rises at 2 degrees of fiery, philosophical Sagittarius. It’s a partial solar eclipse with potentially unsettling effects for Europe and the USA - these effects will be rippling out into 2012.

Yet it’s submerged message is clear - if we can explore unconventional solutions to our problems, we’re likely to find an answer. Eventually. But meanwhile, confusion, suspicion, and unexpected events seem to throw everything up into the air.

The eclipse Sun and Moon receive masses of energy from their connections with classical planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars. We’re likely to be galloping off in random directions, not sure where we’re going but determined to create change somehow. And perhaps not even certain what that change might be either….Along the way there are challenges, fights, and battles to be won. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the lord of the eclipse. It’s connection with the Moon favours humour, protectiveness, and resilience. Uranus with the Moon electrifies emotions, sexuality, and imagination. It also means emotional detachment, unusual relationships, and sudden emotional events. Gut feelings, intuition, and the will of the masses (that’s us) seem rule the day - but they must battle with Mars if anything more than turmoil is to be achieved. Inspiration and idealism will not be enough, we must find staying power too. We can expect areas ruled by Jupiter to be in bright focus - the law, sports, exploration, travel, religion and education.

Okyrhoe, one of the Centaurs - objects that orbit between Jupiter and Saturn - conjoins this eclipse too. Sagittarius is symbolised by a Centaur, half human, half horse. Okyrhoe strengthens the Sagittarian eclipse message of standing up for your beliefs and principles in the face of negative criticism or opposition. This centaur’s name means ‘swift running or fast flowing’, something that reflects the feeling of this eclipse. Not only half-woman, half-horse, Okyrhoe was a visionary prophet who, in typical Sagittarian fashion, inadvertently revealed the secrets of the gods. They punished her by turning her into a mare. Her prophetic voice fell silent. Whistle-blowers may be out in force during the months ahead. But will they be punished for revealing awkward secrets? And what about other people who stand up and tell the truth? They may all be criticised or punished for their honesty. You can easily imagine how this theme might pop up in your personal or working life too…..Some of us may feel as if nobody is listening, nobody is willing to believe us. But we must try to hold on tight to the truth and keep going.

A rather dubious fixed star, Dschubba, throws further confusion and drama into the eclipse mix. It is the star of suspicious minds, loss, danger, and vengeful plans. It is said to be bad for business in general. Certainly, if people tell the truth or reveal secrets, that can be bad for conventional business and politics - particularly where negotiations or discussions are conducted in secret. Many people around the world would like to see more openness and accountability though. Herein lie some of the tensions lit up by this November eclipse.

Finally, the eclipse conjoins several asteroids whose symbolism and meaning is found in their names. These include Asteroid Juewa, meaning Star of China’s Fortune. Juewa’s presence suggests that China will play an increasingly important role on the world stage in the coming months.

Two other asteroids close to this eclipse captured my attention. Asteroid Feronia, was named for an ancient Roman goddess who presided over the freeing of slaves, fertility, abundance, travellers, fire and water. Those themes are part of the meaning of this eclipse which, although it is tense and challenging, offers us a message of new kinds of growth - spiritual and creative, rather than simply financial. And there are many kinds of slave after all. We can be trapped and enslaved by toxic love, by debt, by greed or even by negative thinking. It could be time to think about freeing ourselves.

The second asteroid, Fortuna, is named for another Roman goddess, a daughter of Jupiter. Fortuna presides over the great Wheel of Fortune that turns throughout our lives. Round and round and round she goes, where she lands nobody knows…..Perhaps the appearance of these two Roman goddesses suggests a turning point for Italy.

This eclipse is feisty and somewhat tricky. Overall, I think it’s clear that our best bet is to stay true to ourselves, be flexible in our approach to life, and - as ever in these challenging times - expect the unexpected. Yes, a martial arts approach is the stance to favour now, and in the months ahead. Somersaulting in the air is optional.

Birthdates energised by this eclipse are:

Gemini: May 22nd - May 25th
Virgo: August 24th - August 28th
Sagittarius: November 23rd - November 27th
Pisces: February 19th - February 24th


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Moon Diary: Full Moon in Taurus, 10th November 2011 by Jane Lyle
Power and desire, practicality and seduction are the compelling themes surrounding November’s full Moon at 18 degrees of Taurus.


It could be supremely sensual for some of us, but never forget that Taurus is essentially down to earth, while Scorpio – where the Sun is currently travelling opposite the Moon – is the master or mistress of intuitive strategy. If you’re in the mood for love, you’ll want more than mere flirtation under this full Moon. And since full Moons bring a phase to a close, this one says it’s time to consider getting intimate, or time to find what you really value in love. And to think about values and assets in general. Skills, talents, friends and contacts are assets we can mull over now. And what do you treasure about yourself?

Meanwhile, wider themes emerge. Dwarf planet Ceres, Greek mother goddess of seed time and harvest, connects with this Sun and Moon. Yes, it’s about food, glorious food on every level – your heart and soul need food too. Back to values and assets again. Expanding this theme is asteroid Leto, conjunct the Moon. Leto is an ancient, primal Mediterranean mother goddess who brought forth the god of the Sun, Apollo, and his fierce, wild and witchy sister, Moon goddess Artemis. More fertility, more taking care of business and valuing what, and who, we have in our lives. Who knows what we can produce or give birth to from this fertile seed bed?

And what about the desire and seduction theme? The Scorpio Sun meets Europa, one of Jupiter’s Moons, named for a woman from Greek myth. Mythic Europa has given her name to modern Europe. She is a symbol of pan-Europeanism, and she’s even appeared on the Greek 2 Euro coin…..Europa, first queen of Crete, was seduced and carried off by lustful Zeus (Jupiter). He had turned himself into the most beautiful white bull anyone had ever seen. Just as he planned, she fell under his spell, tenderly decorated his horns with flowers, and rode on his snowy white back right into the sea. The fabled white bull appears in the stars as the constellation, Taurus. Power, desire and seduction indeed. Such themes might be bewitching in the bedroom beneath the light of this full Moon. They may also translate into yet more shenanigans around the Eurozone and its complicated challenges. The sign Taurus is inextricably linked with land, property and money after all. But it likes to keep a close eye on things, and hang on tight to what it already possesses. Scorpio too likes to hold on to things.

A full Moon is not a good time to begin something new. We can conserve, protect, value and treasure what we have instead. If you need a loan, wait a while. While you’re biding your time you could make soup, bake a pie, or kiss someone passionately. Happy full Moon.



Moon Diary: The Diwali Moon, 26th October 2011 by Jane Lyle
The Scorpio new Moon rises at 3 degrees of this strong, intense sign. It marks the triumph of light over darkness at the festival of Diwali, an important sacred celebration for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs.

Here on earth Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of firecrackers, sweets, candles and joyful gatherings of families and friends. It’s just before the pagan feast of the dead, Halloween, too. Gods, goddesses, spooks and spectres are gathering all around us. So what does the astrology have to say?

Jupiter stands firm in earthy Taurus opposing this new Moon, The message of this connection is that deep, intimate feelings are intertwined with a powerful desire to protect ourselves and others. Our spiritual senses are tingling, and our intuition is expanded and strengthened. But the Moon is a changeable creature, and it may be difficult to pin down our dreams as we bob about in this sea of emotions. If you’re longing for someone to make a commitment to you, for example, it may be very hard - even impossible - to reach an agreement with each other now, and in the month ahead. Similarly, dreams of future plans that surface now will need to be refined and tested after that first intoxicating surge of inspiration has ebbed away. Inspiration and passion are precious though, so we must not limit ourselves too much. Just be aware of obsessive behaviour and stalking tendencies, this is a Scorpio new Moon after all. Sitting outside someone’s house in your car is probably a bad move. You know why.

A fortunate fixed star, Princeps, conjoins the Moon, encouraging Scorpio’s detective skills to flow in helpful directions. It favours research, the law, science, and the arts and is an excellent influence if you’re studying or on a fact-finding mission. A positive time, then, for starting projects that need mental focus or for finding out more about someone, or something. Princeps is a star in the constellation Bootes, the herdsman or ploughman. The name means prince, suggesting important news about royalty, religious leaders, and statesmen.

A Scorpio new Moon highlights creativity, and this would be a positive way to channel some of those unruly desires, jealous feelings, and unsettling thoughts brought to light this month. Linking with both Mars and Pluto, the rulers of Scorpio, the new Moon represents a cocktail of dark energy with transformative potential. So, it might be wise to find something for this energy to do. Cleaning house works well now - there are many levels to choose, from giving away unwanted items to space clearing and feng shui. It’s an important Moon, too, for gardeners, farmers, and those working with agriculture or the land. Time to plan, plot, prune and prepare for the new season in many ways, just choose what’s appropriate for your life. Happy Diwali!

And if you’d like to know more about Diwali, go here:






Moon Diary: Aries full Moon Astrology, 12th October 2011 by Jane Lyle

A fiery warrior princess of a full Moon looks set, little darlings, to stir it up every which way this October.

It rises at 18 degrees of Aries, escorted by the dark goddess asteroid, Lilith, and the queen of discord and mayhem, dwarf planet Eris. Here come the girls - a trio of strong, female energies that take a sharp, pointed stick and poke it, hard, into our inertia, smugness, and lazy expectations. Once again, our lukewarm love of the status quo is challenged.

Now, what this means for you depends upon which side of an argument you favour. The Moon, and her feisty companions oppose the Sun and Saturn, giving us a stand-up stand-off between the masses and the authorities. This basic message is beamed out loud and clear over the next two weeks, part of a longer ongoing theme. So expect more demonstrations, strikes, and heated debates about global debt, the Euro - all accompanied by the roller-coaster responses of nervous money markets. The authorities seem to favour one thing, the people another. The Moon is also boosted by Mars in Leo, pouring accelerant on this cosmic fire and eager for battle, action, and self-expression. If you’re an Aries, Leo or Sagittarian (or have planets in those signs) you’ll be super-sensitive to this Moon, and more eager than most to reinvent, reorganise, or fight injustice. Capricorns, Cancerians and Librans will also find themselves in the thick of things with much to play for, much to lose.

We’ll see these patterns in our personal lives too. There’s a combination of wanting and needing change, but being fearful of loss and upheaval - with many of us tending to think, ‘better the devil you know’. Aries represents the individual, Libra operates best as part of a group - albeit often preferring to be in charge of that group. In a marriage, love affair, or working partnership, we’ll see those tensions between what we need as individuals, and what we think works best for the marriage or partnership we’re involved in. Perhaps we feel that our boss is blocking our progress at work, or that a lover is draining us with their demands. Perhaps we’re that lover or that person in charge, unable or unwilling to understand why people are so upset with us. There’s resentment, irritability, and even rage bubbling up all over the place. Of course compromise is possible, and for that we need to be in a calm and rational state of mind in order to discuss possibilities and potential. But sometimes things have to get really dramatic and heated before we arrive at that constructive place and are able to think things through in new ways.

Some kind of deal can be struck, but not without a fight. Saturn, strong in Libra, has dwarf planet Ceres - the great mother goddess - whispering in his curmudgeonly ear. Ceres represents the great cycle of birth and death, the enormous potential locked up in a tiny seed, and the deep mysteries of rebirth. Amidst all the rivalry, anger, and challenging of systems and beliefs, Ceres draws our attention to the bigger picture, the cycles of seasons and of life itself. As goddess of the harvest, Ceres says ‘you’re going to reap what you sow’. Her astrological symbol is a scythe. As lord of karma and the cycles of time, Saturn wields his own scythe, cutting down what is no longer required. Ouch! After the harvest, we prepare to sow a fresh crop. This is precisely what’s unfolding at this full Moon. And, most definitely, over the next few years. Some advanced juggling skills will be required, but if we can work hard and overcome, or work with, our rigidity and our fears anything is possible.






Moon Diary: The Libran New Moon 27th September 2011 by Jane Lyle



What will be weighed in Libra’s airy scales on this new Moon? And will those scales wobble wildly as they seek balance amidst conflict and upheaval?

Whatever happens, there will be endless talk and analysis going on, for the Moon, at 4.0 degrees of Libra, connects with Mercury and everyone will want to express an opinion. Some of us will have extreme, eccentric, or simply quirky points of view (Moon opposition Uranus). Others, longing for power or change, will reveal secret thoughts, or repeat and spread hidden agendas, scandalous gossip, and classified nuggets of information. Pandora’s box opens up, lawyers prepare to get involved, and many people are in the mood to challenge the established rules - particularly in partnerships, relationships, marriages, and other alliances such as love triangles and coalitions. What’s harmonious for one person may not be working for the other, and everybody has strong feelings to express (Moon square Pluto, Moon sextile Mars).

Libra is the sign of balance, represented by the scales. But it’s easy for balance and harmony - such beautiful ideals - to become static and stagnant. Believing things are in balance, we become resistant to innovative change and unaware of how things must always keep moving if they are to remain vital and alive. This should become crystal clear at this new Moon, and in the weeks that follow. How many times have you thought a couple was ideally suited, only to be shocked when they parted company? The appearance of balance and agreement is not always what it seems. Just be aware that moods will ebb and flow, and that if you want to break up a negative relationship or working situation you may find yourself dithering in true Libran fashion. How important is the status quo? How much does the outward appearance of things matter to you?

This new Moon connects with the fixed star Zaniah in the constellation of Virgo, the Virgin. Negotiations for peace and the freeing of captives come under the meaning of this star - decidedly Libran themes. It is also associated, like Libra, with both love and money - and sometimes with love for sale. Perhaps that’s why it isn’t thought to be a good star for marriage…..

New Moons mean new beginnings, particularly in the house where they fall in your birth chart. A Libran new Moon favours creating beautiful surroundings, new clothes, or even a new image. On a deeper level, it’s a good time for team-work, asking for assistance, or beginning negotiations. With its potent aspects, this Moon would be especially good for space-clearing, starting a diet, beginning a course of counselling or therapy, and telling the truth.

Birthdays that might want to take special notice of this new Moon are:

Aries: 25th-26th March
Cancer: 25th-26th June
Libra: 27th-28th September
Capricorn: 26th-27th December




Moon Diary: Pisces full Moon 12th September 2011 by Jane Lyle

Wet, wet, wet! Emotions swirl around this full Moon (at 19 Pisces) like the currents and eddies of a powerful rip tide. Some of us spin in the whirlpool, others crawl ashore having been buffeted and bruised by our experience.

A fantastic release of emotional tension is possible, or an impressive stream of creative energy and blissed-out spiritual sexuality. The answer to this full Moon’s potent and unsettling vibes is to go with the flow and understand that at one level or another resistance really is futile. That’s not to say we must surrender to all our impulses, just that if we feel overwhelmed for a few days it’s ok. And we should avoid – if possible – taking big decisions or making expensive purchases unless everything has been set up far in advance. A sudden urge to upgrade your car, for example, might not be such a great idea.

This full Moon makes what’s known as a Moon Wobble, meaning the Sun and Moon make a gritty aspect to the Moon’s own axis. This pattern occurs several times a year, and connects with upheavals here on Earth in the form of insane weather and other dramatic events in the news. In our personal lives we’re unlikely to be feeling rational, so roughly between the 10th September and the 20th it might be wise to bear this in mind. If you’re a Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo person (or have these signs represented in your horoscope) you’re likely to notice this cosmic upheaval more than most.

But chaos can be creative or liberating, a thought to hang on to when things are so unsettled. The Moon is close to a lucky star, Homam, in the constellation of magical Pegasus, the winged horse of myth. Rising above difficulties is the gift of this constellation – just be aware that the Chinese named the star Luy Tien, meaning Thunder. Seeking the calm after the full Moon’s storm is what many of us will be doing I suspect.

The Moon is also close to stars in the constellation of Aquarius the Water Bearer, giving us another powerful shower of water to deal with. Stormy weather? Yes, in our hearts, minds and outside too. But Aquarius is an inventive, productive sign, and if anyone can find a positive way to deal with this inundation, it’s them. Here’s what a 1st century astrologer, Manilius, had to say about the meaning of these stars:
"The youthful Waterman, who from upturned pot pours forth his stream, likewise bestows skills which have affinity with himself: how to divine springs under the ground and conduct them above, to transform the flow of water so as to spray the very stars, to mock the sea with man-made shores at the bidding of luxury, to construct different types of artificial lakes and rivers, and to support aloft for domestic use streams that come from afar. Beneath this sign there dwell a thousand crafts regulated by water. Why, water will even set in motion the face of heaven and the starry habitations, and will cause the skies to move in a novel rotation.”
(Astronomica, Book 4)





Moon Diary: Virgo New Moon astrology 29th August 2011 by Jane Lyle
August’s Virgo new Moon rises at 6 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is a materialistic, earthy sign but it is also mutable, prone to fluctuations of energy levels, moods and focus.

This new Moon’s links with Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus give it some serious cosmic oomph, meaning that this would be a good time to begin a project or new routine with a Virgoan theme. Big themes here include well-being and health, order, systems, helping others, daily working routines, and pets and their needs and routines. At one level it’s a clearing-out-cupboards/going-on-a-diet kind of new Moon. At a deeper level it would be a good time to analyse your relationship if you need to, or think about how friends, colleagues, or family members can support and help each other.

The influence of this Moon is very social, too, bringing out a desire to see friends and participate in our neighbourhoods and communities. How we use or waste resources is something we can seriously consider – and that includes governments and nations who will be wondering how best to use what they have, or do not have available.

The link with Pluto suggests critical debate about security, crime, and terrorism in the news. Public opinions may be very different from what we hear from our governments about crime and security issues. A new Moon offers a symbolic fresh start, but there must always be a conscious decision to make that new beginning. Virgo is a communicative sign, so talking about things should work well – just be aware that minor niggles could assume gigantic proportions for a few days, and remember to allow time for ideas and impulses to settle before making big decisions.




Moon Diary: Full Moon in Aquarius 13th August 2011 by Jane Lyle

You might think a full Moon in Aquarius would highlight rational thinking. But somehow, I don’t think this particular full Moon will be cool, calm or collected.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and it can be very dogmatic and prone to a ‘because I say so’ kind of attitude. This might not be an ideal time for helpful discussions or debates because many people will be in an uncompromising, volatile mood.

The Moon links up with Venus, Mercury, and the Moon’s nodes. All of this suggests volatile, fluctuating emotions; spontaneous connections with others; inconsistency and uncertainty. Yes, you might feel quite flirty or in the mood for pleasure, but your mood (or the mood of your friends) could change suddenly, or your attraction to someone fade unpredictably. Similarly, promises made under such a Moon are quite likely to be written on the wind, or based on emotional feelings which then change or fade away. The same changeable feelings apply to things we acquire, from major investments such as a car, to a pair of jeans or a new hairstyle. Finding a spiritual centre or place of calm reflection is the answer - but frankly, quite a challenge for most of us.

Out in the wider world, the focus is on trade and commerce - but again, the emotional atmosphere makes it difficult to make long-range plans. Promises or alliances we make with each other are likely to shift and change, and the same atmosphere affects discussions between politicians, governments, nations and other large organisations. It is easy to be bombastic, but difficult to be objective.

Overall, there are high levels of tension and possibly violence floating around in the atmosphere - Mars, god of war, meets Pluto, lord of the underworld, and Uranus, unpredictable god of sudden events and upheavals. A tense atmosphere simmers underneath ordinary daily life for the rest of August, and into an autumnal war of words and ideas. This is, then, a time to treasure what, and most importantly who, you have and what you truly value and love.




Moon Diary: Leo New Moon astrology, July 30th 2011 by Jane Lyle

Showtime! Swashbuckling romance and flamboyant glamour pulse at the heart of this, July’s second new Moon, rising at 7 degrees of fiery Leo. The second of two new Moons in a month is sometimes called a Black Moon, but under this Moon the darkness is bewitched by fairy lights and sensual mysteries.

Jupiter and the Moon connect today, making this a good date for parties or intimate gatherings and celebrations. It’s a fortunate, fertile Moon for relationships and friendships, promoting warm, protective feelings towards those we love and encouraging us to make generous, expansive plans for the future. And if today’s your birthday, this is your year for beautiful new beginnings.

The themes of success, help and expansion are further added to on this new Moon thanks to its conjunction with the fixed star Asellus Borealis, in the constellation of Cancer. Once upon a time, long ago, the stars in this constellation marked the summer solstice.

Ancient Egyptians linked these stars with the sacred scarab beetle - symbol of the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. At that time these stars were believed to be a portal, a magical place that souls travelled through on their way into life here on earth - a gateway of life and vitality. Traditionally the Chinese also connected these stars with the spirits of the ancestors, and believed that strange psychic experiences with spirits might occur when these stars were activated, as they are by this new Moon.

Spirits, in many eastern philosophies, can be helpful to us or come to us in dreams, bringing information or guidance. Souls, spirits, or just somebody solid and human to help you….all positive experiences should be embraced now.

Traditionally, this would be a splendid new Moon for focusing on attracting love, success, and all good things. And whether or not you believe in spells and enchantments, it’s a heartwarming time to be generous with yourself, and with those you love.




Moon Diary: Full Moon in Capricorn astrology, 15th July 2011 by Jane Lyle

Money, money, money - the Capricorn full Moon shines on the material world, on our resources, land and property. What makes us feel secure? What have we got, what do we need?

The answers to these questions could be unexpected or unusual because the Moon links up with Uranus in a subtle way. Capricorn often favours conventional thinking, but Uranus is quite the opposite, suggesting that the answers to our dilemmas may not be obvious. They could be eccentric, radical, or even revolutionary.

Apply this theme to global financial problems, or to personal worries about cash, home, and emotional security - the off-the-wall solution might be the very one to work most effectively. Certainly, this would be a good time to at least consider innovative possibilities for earning money, taking care of family members, or simply taking care of yourself.

At its best, Capricorn has tremendous practical energy and the ability to solve problems.

The full Moon also makes a subtle, complex link with the Dragon’s Tail (Moon’s nodes) in Gemini.


Trade and transport are highlighted by this combination - it might be that large numbers of people are on the move at this time. Trading across borders, and the availability (or lack) of products to buy and sell are similarly highlighted now.


Compromises and adjustments are needed to get things flowing - blockages and problems around supply and demand will have to be thought about very carefully.


The mood of this full Moon, and the questions it raises about our ‘stuff’, reminded me of this poem by William Wordsworth, written just over two hundred years ago at the dawning of the Industrial Revolution...Perhaps it really is time for a change?

The World is Too Much With Us
The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.
William Wordsworth, 1807





Moon Diary: Partial Solar Eclipse, 1st July 2011 by Jane Lyle

July begins with a partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer.


Since it’s path arcs along through the southern polar regions, very few people will see it - but the penguins may sit up and take notice. Eclipses at this degree of Cancer last occurred on June 30th, 1973, and June 30th 1992. Are those years meaningful ones for you - for instance, you may have been born in 1973 or 1992. Think back, life experiences and lessons this year could be similar to what happened back then. This is also the first eclipse in a brand new Saros series, 156.

This eclipse resonates with last year, a time when the cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra were at odds with one another, a time when an intense desire for redemption and new beginnings struggled with the desire to maintain the status quo, the desire for business as usual on the part of individuals, institutions, and governments. We’ve seen that impulse for change rise up all over the Middle East this year as people challenge old, repressive regimes - and continue to do so. And we’ve seen stubborn resistance to change too - notably in the financial sector. This eclipse highlights these issues in our world, and in our own lives too. Change and new beginnings are exciting, yes, but scary and nerve-wracking too.

This Cancer new Moon, in the sign of the universal mother, connects with Saturn, strong in Libra, and symbolic of authority, structure, the law and patriarchal attitudes. So on a personal level it’s about our parents, what we’ve absorbed from them, and how we look after and discipline ourselves as adults. How do we restrict ourselves? Do we block or inhibit our own emotions in a bid to cope with situations that make us nervous or even afraid? These are the kind of feelings many of us may be dealing with around the time of this eclipse, and for months afterwards. But there’s more. The links with feisty, revolutionary Uranus and secretive, powerful Pluto, suggest profound struggles and turbulent emotions all around us - mirroring what’s inside us, and encouraging us to find a practical way to manifest our dreams. Secrets, and hidden feelings surface in individuals - revelations and revolutions erupt on a larger scale out there in the world.

Specifically, the Moon’s link with Uranus suggests emotionally volatile individuals who may be leaders, or in charge of prominent organisations. At its best, it denotes innovative ways of caring for others, at its worst a chilly detachment. It’s an unconventional vibration - nurturing versus freedom, emotional chaos and disruption versus traditional values. The Moon also connects with Pluto, bringing a message of emotional intensity. There’s also the possibility of exposing corruption or other criminal practices, and discussions about privacy, taboos, and secrets on a large scale - when is a secret a positive thing? When do people have a right to know? Pluto also rules terrorists and other individuals who work in secret to disrupt or destroy things. There are other indications of turbulence, strange weather, dangerous moods and catastrophes around this summer. For astrology geeks, I’m talking about the Moon’s north node connecting with the baleful fixed stars Ras Alhague and Lesath, the sting in the Scorpion’s tail. Somewhat unsettling, poisonous influences, basically.

Better news is that the eclipse degree conjoins the fixed star Alhena in the constellation of Gemini. It’s a bright white star in the left foot of the celestial twin, Pollux. This star, like the eclipse itself, seems to be connected with causes, ideals, and demonstrating in public for one’s beliefs. It is linked (as is the eclipse) with some important events in American history. It is also connected with Nelson Mandela’s horoscope, and with that of the eighteenth-century navigator and explorer Captain Cook. If you think about their lives and achievements you’ll see how the symbolic message of the star can be glimpsed in their determination and refusal to embrace defeat. In the midst of all the powerful energies of this eclipse Alhena’s message might be ‘best foot forward’, although determination to rise above difficulties or even losses and wounds will be required.

In your own horoscope this eclipse will energise the house of Cancer, or any planets or angles at around 9 degrees of this sign, of Capricorn, Aries or Libra. The Sun and Moon in your horoscope are especially sensitive if they are at this degree of Cancer, opposite it (Capricorn) or squaring it (Aries and Libra). An astrologer can tell you much more about the possible effects. Important birthdays affected by this eclipse are:

Aries: March 29th-31st
Cancer: June 30th-July 2nd
Libra: October 1st-3rd
Capricorn: December 30th-January 1st

As I’ve said before, this is an important, meaningful eclipse for America, Canada, and the UK. And it opens up many possibilities during the remainder of 2011 for those with eyes to see and ears to hear…..



Moon Diary: The full Moon total lunar eclipse, 15th June, 2011 by Jane Lyle

It’s one of the longest, darkest lunar eclipses we’ll ever see. Lasting one hundred minutes, this remarkable eclipse is visible across large areas of the world.

The whole thing will be visible from East Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Western Australia. But totality will be visible all over Europe (except for northern Scotland and northern Scandinavia), and even in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The zenith occurs close to Reunion and Mauritius. Altogether, it promises to be quite a spectacular event.

The sight of a blood-red Moon would have sent shivers running up and down the spines of our ancestors, who invariably viewed eclipses as omens of doom and catastrophe. Astrologically they are simply catalysts, a burst of super-charged energy activating planets and angles in the horoscopes of people and nations. Lunar eclipses can sometimes signal the removal of certain situations or relationships. Like the period around an ordinary full Moon, things tend to come to a head or culminate at such times.

So what about this one? The full Moon is at almost 25 degrees Sagittarius, connecting with the Moon’s nodes, with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and the Galactic Centre in the Milky Way. A time of reflection and adjustments leading, eventually, to creative flourishing might be the long-range message of this eclipse. Sagittarius rules journeys - our trips and holidays, and also our journeys into the realms of knowledge, spirituality, emotions, and philosophy. Wonderful ideas and dreams need practical work to make them come true, which is where stoic Saturn and dogged Mars in Taurus come in. And those adjustments I mentioned, which quicksilver Mercury in Gemini suggests could be alive with multiple options.

Mars in Taurus connects with a fixed star called Algol, the blinking eye of the Demon, the Medusa, or the Gorgon, her snaky locks squirming away. Yes, it is rather sinister and much associated with disaster, war, and losing one’s head literally or figuratively……But we must always remember that the blood of the Medusa’s severed head mingled with Poseidon’s (Neptune) salty ocean waters to produce Pegasus, that beautiful white, winged horse of Greek myth. So again, there’s the message of something uplifting and inspiring being born from the depths of something negative or even horrifying. This theme has already been developing for many weeks - the Medusa has much she wants us to learn it seems. Adjustments are a strong theme here too. One way or another, certain situations cannot continue as they were. If we try to resist, or refuse to negotiate with others and ourselves, then we imprison ourselves - or like the Medusa’s mythic victims, turn to stone.

Finally, the eclipse connects with the Moon’s Nodes. This is sometimes called a Moon Wobble, and is associated with times of transition, change, upheaval and civil unrest. Whatever’s happening with you, it isn’t the best time for big decisions - events may overtake you, or you’re likely to change your mind before too long. Many astrologers also associate both Moon Wobble and eclipses with extreme weather events, or geophysical upheavals such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Moon Wobble effect begins around 5th June, extending to 25th June - time to steer a steady course if at all possible, and wait and see. Again, taking a stubborn stance is not a very positive way to work with these energies. Staying centred and flexible, like a martial arts master, would be the way to go. Or just keep a low profile!

Widely visible, this dramatic lunar eclipse also activates many national horoscopes around the planet. News and events linked with these countries may stand out this month, and in the months ahead. Those with planets at 25 degrees of Sagittarius are:

Ivory Coast; Niger; Benin; Albania; Colombia; Iran; China; Ecuador and Australia. There’s also a link with the UK in one of its significant historical horoscopes - some surprising news for Britain this June perhaps.

Those countries with Gemini planets activated in their charts are:

Israel; Tunisia; New Zealand; Lebanon; India; Pakistan; and Iceland.

Whatever it may bring, I am certainly looking forward to seeing this eclipse. If you wonder whether you’ll be directly affected, please do ask an astrologer.





Moon Diary: Partial Solar Eclipse 1st June, 2011 by Jane Lyle

June’s new Moon at 11 degrees Gemini is a partial solar eclipse. It’s visible from the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere - Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and parts of north-east Asia. An eclipsed midnight sun will be visible in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Ancient astrologers believed that where an eclipse was visible identified the locations most affected by eclipse energy. If this theory works, we may expect news and events connected with the polar regions, and northern Scandinavia. Certainly, Iceland’s national horoscope is activated by both June’s eclipses.

So, what message might this eclipse have for you and me? Eclipses are catalysts, basically. Their effects can often be felt a month beforehand (that would be around the end of April, beginning of May), or a month later. The 1st July, exactly a month from this eclipse, sees yet another partial solar eclipse, this time in Cancer. A busy, turbulent summer season then. Some experts say eclipse energies endure for much longer, it’s a complex subject. You’ll notice the eclipse energy more if it connects with a planet or angle in your horoscope - so if today’s your birthday, for instance, it connects with your Sun, and your year ahead promises to be special and memorable in some way.

This airy Gemini Moon links up with Saturn in equally airy Libra, favouring hard work, serious thinking, team work and parenting skills. It’s a new Moon, so generally a good time to begin a project - don’t expect things to run smoothly at first though, and consider any offers or deals with extra care. This is, after all, an eclipse. Gemini communicates, so news, information, or even discoveries that appear now will shape our decisions and opinions. Saturn is cautious, too, the voice of authority counselling a sedate, measured approach. The Libra-Gemini mix suggests looking at the rules - whether this means regulations around commerce, economics and trade, or those often unspoken ‘rules’ we follow in our friendships, love and family relationships. This might be a positive time to talk about those things and make a fresh start. Saturn likes to remove things too, pare things down. Under this new Moon that might include negative attitudes, or worn-out ways of relating to each other.

As for the fixed stars, the eclipse connects with the stormy fixed star Tabit, in the constellation of Orion the Hunter. It’s said to have a positive influence on trade, but warns of poisoning, wild weather, and uneven energies flying around. The Moon will also be very close to one of the four great royal stars of the Persians - Aldebaran, the eye of the bull. It is the Watcher of the East, a star linked with the medieval Crusades, and symbolically connected with the archangel Michael, military leader of the heavenly host. East and West, a familiar theme in our world today, and one that’s rarely out of the news. But perhaps this eclipse might be a positive time to try, yet again, to negotiate or talk about peace in the Middle East? We can but hope.





Moon Diary: full Moon in Scorpio astrology, May 17th 2011 by Jane Lyle

The full Moon rises at 26 degrees of smouldering Scorpio on May 17th, 2011. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, favouring secrets and deep emotions, hidden away but bubbling beneath the surface like lava inside a volcano.

This is no time for any sane and sensible person to rock the boat in love, or anything else, but the urge to do so may be irresistible for many of us. Oh, and try to avoid thoughts of vengeance too. Whatever you do is likely to have unpleasant consequences.

Dramatic possibilities abound. The Sun in Taurus is conjunct the baleful fixed star, Algol - a star with charming names such as The Ghoul, the Medusa’s Head, and the Demon Star. It was considered a star of great power for good or ill in ancient times - its intensity can be channelled into tremendous feats of creativity. Artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali both had Algol prominent in their horoscopes, as did Albert Einstein. Prince William, like his mother Princess Diana, also has Algol represented in his natal chart. The Medusa herself was a Gorgon whose hair was a mass of writhing serpents. One look from her could turn you to stone. She was beheaded by the mythical Greek hero Perseus. When her severed head hit the sea her blood created a beautiful winged white horse, Pegasus - this gives us a clue to the tremendous, soaring creative potential locked within this star’s symbolism. The dark side of Algol is full of poison (those snakes), beheadings, war, murder, and general doom.

The full Moon connects with generous Jupiter (by quincunx for the astrologically curious), and with Neptune, god of the sea and planet of dreamscapes. Neptune, or Poseidon to the Greeks, was the father of Pegasus - returning us to the myth, the Gorgon’s head, and the power of this full Moon to stir our emotions, our creativity, and the world’s oceans. But just like an oyster irritated by grains of sand, the pearls we might create will need adjustments and work. Our loyalties to others are all lit up, and our commitment to ourselves and our own potential needs to be acknowledged and taken seriously. Jupiter in Aries is in a tearing hurry, Neptune in Pisces is promising mystical music and intuitive knowledge. Somehow, we must weigh things up and work out how to connect our dreams, ideals, and deepest emotions with everyday life.

These intense themes linger until the Gemini new Moon, and partial solar eclipse, on 1st June. But because Mars will connect with Algol at the time of the total lunar eclipse and Sagittarian full Moon on the 15th June, I suspect that we’ll be experiencing waves of strong emotion for much longer. If you have a planet or angle at 26 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius you may be more sensitive to all this. Don’t know? Ask an astrologer.





Moon Diary: Taurus new Moon astrology 3rd May 2011 by Jane Lyle

A new Moon rises at 12 degrees of sensual Taurus on 3rd May, 2011. Lush, fertile and more than a little bit magical, this Moon makes a beautiful, spiritual connection with Neptune (a quintile), planet of dreams and much else. So this should be a wonderful time to unleash our imaginations, to begin cultural projects or artistic ventures, to express our love and sensuality, or simply revel in the scent of herbs and flowers.

Traditionally, a new Moon in Taurus is not a good time to begin anything that requires radical or revolutionary energy. For a start, it tends to be laid-back and sensual. Secondly, Taurus is conservative. It favours what is already there - established values and situations - and likes to protect those things. But not all new projects need super-dynamic energies do they? Sometimes patience and persistence can achieve more in the long run. They are the positive attributes of Taurus, the valuable side of all that stubborn, obstinate, hooves-planted-firmly-in-the-mud energy that Taurus can exude. Agriculture and associated businesses are highlighted by this Moon - if you think about it, growing crops is a slow process - growing a project, or a business, can be just as painstaking.

That arch-conservative, Saturn, is still around too, connecting with the Moon from Libra - the other sign ruled by Venus. But those cautious vibes work better now than they did in April - favouring longstanding associations and partnerships a little more - and impulsive actions a little less. Saturn also links with the planet Venus, there is a tug of war going on, a tug of love, or a cutting off perhaps. If a parting has been delayed or discussed, but not made final then this new Moon could be urging us to say farewell, let’s move on to the next stage. With so much Venus around, that stage could be a friendship if both people agree. Since new Moons represent beginnings, any cutting off that happens this month simply opens the door for a new start, a different phase.

The Moon and Saturn together also symbolise parents and parenting both in our own experience, and in the wider world as organisations that give us rules and boundaries (Saturn) or feed and nurture us in some way (Moon). It can represent limited or constrained emotions, difficulties with fully expressing our feelings to others. Sometimes this is connected to our childhood experiences, or what we learned from our families. So this might be a good month to think about some of these issues, or sort through some memories looking for emotional patterns or inhibitions with a view to addressing what blocks energy and joy.

There is considerable healing potential in this new Moon’s chart. It makes connections with national horoscopes for Australia, Lebanon, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Swaziland. These countries and their people may be in focus in the news this month.




Moon Diary: Full Moon astrology, 18th April 2011
By Jane Lyle

April’s airy full Moon rises at 27 degrees of Libra, the sign that signifies our relationships in love and business - and both harmonious links with others, and with our open enemies or detractors too. So all those links are in focus, and many of us will be thinking about our connections - how they work and what they mean to us - more than usual. Certain things must end or change, so we are thinking about that too.

There’s a romantic, even dramatic atmosphere around for some of us, for the full Moon connects with slushy Venus in Pisces, and with the fateful Moon’s nodes. And while you might imagine much sweetness and moonlight kisses, there is also more than a hint of turbulence during the days around this Moon. Issues of control and even confinement tussle with dreamy blissed-out moods and playful impulses. If you have planets in late Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, you’ll be longing to chill out. If you have planets in late Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn you may be the one wanting to get organised, pin things down, draw up contracts or set a wedding date. We’ll be aiming for harmony and compromise, but it could be hard to achieve at this time without a sacrifice of some sort.

Ask yourself, ‘what began around the time of the new Moon on 3rd April’? Shared projects, a relationship phase, something we’re involved in with other people - all of these gather a sense of urgency now as feisty Mars and Mercury in Aries boost our desire for progress, and need to get our ideas across. Since full Moons are about culmination, it’s a positive time to think about how those new beginnings are shaping up. Information could surface now that changes how we see a team, a relationship, or even how we deal with someone spiky and difficult. Maybe we can try to relate to someone in a new way and leave the past behind? Try to be tactful, Mars and Mercury together can spell impulsive, angry words. Oops.

Out in the big bad world, expect some juicy indiscretions in the days around this Moon - or a very public hissy fit and split - perhaps romantic, political or in entertainment. Trade agreements and transport don’t sound terribly exciting, but some drama surrounds them - as it surrounds big agreements and arrangements in general.

Stay centred, and this full Moon could be sexy and productive. Get careless, and those Libran scales are all set to wobble wildly.





Moon Diary: Aries New Moon astrology, 3rd April 2011
By Jane Lyle

April’s new Moon rises at 13 degrees Aries, close to expansive Jupiter and slap bang opposite curmudgeonly Saturn in Libra. Now, new Moons represent a fresh start each month and none more so than a new Moon in Aries, the enthusiastic first sign of the zodiac.

But this time it’s not so simple, because Saturn introduces a note of caution and restraint – perhaps even a fear of making a fool of yourself, or a lack of confidence in what’s new and untried. This is a complex new Moon – here are some of the possibilities it brings to the next few weeks:

There’s a parental theme here because the Moon symbolises the feminine, and mother, while Saturn is all about authority, limits, time, and the traditional image of the father as rock and rule-maker. Some thinking about what we’ve learned from our parents might be helpful this April, and how some of that is positive and helpful, while some of it could be holding us back. Similarly, how we deal with authority figures (Saturn) or people who try to help us or nurture us (Moon) is in sharp focus in our relationships, at work, and in the wider world. If you’re busy playing insecure games of control in your relationship, watch out. It could be exhausting and tricky. In the end, nobody wins and love dies.

It’s tricky because Saturn is sitting uncomfortably with a fixed star called Algorab, in the constellation of the Crow. On the plus side, Algorab brings courage and righteous anger into the mix. We fight for that fresh start we need. On the negative side, it can be a spiteful trickster – a nasty piece of work who tries to manipulate you, or who scavenges what it needs with little thought for others. If someone is using you for your energy, time, creativity or sexuality this new Moon will shine a light on their tricks. If you’re guilty of playing those tricks yourself….well, beware. Algorab is also linked with magical powers, and its constellation, The Crow, is a bird belonging to the ancient death goddess of northern Europe. Murder most foul might be a step too far, but revenge could be in the air. And Saturn is the planet of karma and endings too.

On the other side of this stand-off is the new Moon, very close to Jupiter and expanding our emotions and impulses. It is conjunct the fixed star Alpheratz in the constellation Andromeda, the chained woman. This ancient Greek damsel in distress was sacrificed by her father to a gigantic sea monster. Don’t worry, she gets rescued from the ravenous beast by a handsome hero and, yes, they get married. So, for some of us, a difficult situation could be turned into something of lasting value if only we can break away from what binds us. Alpheratz is a positive star, associated with freedom, love, riches and popularity. If we lose something – such as a job, a relationship, or a dream – chances are the loss will make room in our lives for something better eventually. Endings can be beginnings too.

In the wider world the loss of power or position suggested by the aspects around this new Moon could be in the news, as a once-popular leader or entertainer is demoted in the first two weeks of April.





Moon Diary: The Extreme Super Moon, March 19th, 2011

By Jane Lyle

Photo taken over The Astrology Room HQ, London, England. 8:30pm GMT, 19th March 2011

It’s an extraordinary, rare event. On March 19th the full Moon will be at its closest to Earth since 1992. This event is known by many astrologers and astronomers as an extreme Super Moon – a term coined by noted astrologer Richard Nolle back in 1979. And many commentators expect it to cause chaos, extreme weather patterns, or even earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

These very special Moons occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992, and 2005. They seem to coincide with wild weather and geophysical events, plus many of us know intuitively that the time of any full Moon can stir up irrational emotions and strange feelings here on earth. The physical influence of an extreme Super Moon generally begins to be felt about three days beforehand, and three days afterwards. But to pump up the volume still further, this full Moon will also be square to the lunar nodal axis – known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail – another traditional indication of dramatic events and natural upheavals on the earth around us, and in our own emotional worlds too. The influence of this angular pattern usually kicks in about a week beforehand, and lingers for some days afterwards – so roughly between March 12th to March 25th we can expect an increase in disruptions and confusion inside ourselves, and in the world around us.

So how does the astrology of this amazing Moon reflect the promise of chaos, even disaster? The full Moon rises at 28 degrees of Virgo the Virgin, a mutable earth sign that fluctuates continually between active and passive. Like all full Moons it opposes the Sun. This month the Sun, in Pisces, will be very close to that anarchic, electrifying planet of revolution, Uranus – suggesting sudden, and perhaps explosive surprises are brewing for many of us. A Virgo full Moon is usually a good time to focus on your home surroundings, on preparation for projects or ambitions, and on money for home improvements. It’s also a good time to think about what you eat – Virgo favours organic foods and the purity or otherwise of our water, air, and environment. Under this special Moon, you may also experience sudden flashes of inspiration around those ideas – or decide to go on an extreme or eccentric diet of some sort.

The fixed stars that connect to this full Moon reveal a consistently watery theme. The constellations are: Argo Navis, the Ship; Eridanus, the River; Cetus, the Sea Monster, and Crater, the Cup, Mixing Bowl or Grail Chalice – a constellation symbolically associated with liquids including water and wine. There could be unusual downpours, storms, floods or volcanic eruptions beneath the seas. Oceans of emotion are a definite human possibility here…..some of us might feel as if we’re not waving, but drowning. Temporarily. A sense of perspective will be hard to achieve, it is not the right time to make snap decisions about your relationship or get swept away by a mysterious stranger. Out there on planet Earth the tides will be high and the rain will be falling – we must try to keep at least one foot on the ground. And go outside and gaze at the enormous silver disc of this full Moon. Whatever it brings, we won’t see another like this for quite a while.





Moon Diary: New Moon astrology March 4th, 2011 by Jane Lyle

The new Moon rises at 14 degrees of watery Pisces on March 4th, lighting up a string of planets in this emotional, mystical sign. The zodiac necklace consists of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Chiron. This looks wonderfully inspiring and spiritual in some ways, woundingly deceptive or sacrificial in others.

But sometimes love requires a sacrifice if you think about it – parents sacrifice things for their children, older children sometimes sacrifice things for their parents, for example. Or we spend time caring for someone we love who is sick or disabled. Less healthy forms of sacrifice are found in relationships where that well-known game of victim and rescuer is played out, each person locked into a mutually-destructive pattern with its roots deep in the past. This new Moon highlights the things we do for love, and it shines on psychic abilities, creativity, and spiritual values too. Its background influence lasts for two weeks, until the full Moon later this month.

At its most fundamental level, this month’s new Moon favours rest and contemplation. Changeable Pisces is not just the sign of the new Moon on her own. It is strongly represented, carrying us along on a glittering tide of fantasy, beautiful illusions, and dreams of mermaids and water sprites. It would be, traditionally, a magical time for plotting to confuse your enemies, or for planting false clues designed to mislead others. Spin doctors and certain sorts of sales personnel should be in their element. But step through the looking glass and we ourselves may be misled, bedazzled, or confused by other people…….so perhaps weaving a tangled web of deception isn’t such a brilliant idea.

Saturn, planet of tradition and authority, connects with the Moon in a mysterious yet powerful way. People who think in conventional terms may struggle with the Piscean oceans of emotion unleashed by this new Moon. And people floating around in a filigree fairyland may resent being limited or controlled by authority. Interesting times for relationships then - Saturn in Libra can be said to represent legal marriages and civil partnerships, while the Piscean planets are romantic to the core, but a tad elusive when it comes to sharing the less glamorous elements of a committed relationship. The same goes for idealists and visionaries – confronted with the processes of government or law they may react in negative ways. Agreeing to communicate, and probably agreeing to disagree too, is one way to diffuse the tension. Resolving it permanently, though, must wait for another day.

And for those who enjoy legends and fairy tales, this Moon perfectly conjures up the ancient Celtic legend of the fair Melusine, a beautiful, faerie woman who grew a serpent’s tail every Saturday in her bath. Her adoring but insatiably curious husband discovered her secret against her wishes, for she had forbidden him from ever seeing her at bathtime. Once discovered, she transformed herself into a dragon and instantly flew away, never to be seen again. That’s the kind of thing that can happen under a Pisces Moon. You have been warned.



Moon Diary: Full Moon astrology February 18th 2011 by Jane Lyle

February’s intensely dramatic full Moon rises at 29 degrees of fiery Leo. What kind of drama can we expect in the days around this event?

All full Moons represent some sort of culmination, and this one is in the very last degree of its sign, Leo – strengthening the symbolic idea of endings and conclusions. But because it challenges Mars, Chiron, and Neptune, it is not only fixed and uncompromising about its message, it is likely to stir up aggressive speech, actions, and chaotic energies all around us. Creative chaos nurtures life, energy and imagination, that’s what could be positive about this time. So, on the highest level a good time for night-time dreaming, for seeking spiritual guidance, or digging around in books of ancient wisdom. Be cautious and centred though. Neptune’s psychic spiritual vibrations can descend into seductive delusion and illusion in the blinking of an eye.

If your birthday falls at the end of one of the four fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius – this full Moon is definitely one to watch. Similarly, birthdays at the very beginning of the four mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - are energised. Your emotions may overwhelm you, while your ability to think straight or act rationally could dissolve for a few days. Anyone with planets, or other important points in the horoscope, at this degree will also feel this full Moon more than most. It’s a doubtful, dodgy time to sign anything legally binding, but a fruitful time to indulge your imagination in private. If you’re not sure about your chart, why not ask a professional astrologer.

Special sun sign birthdays are:

Taurus/Gemini: If your birthday falls between May 18th and May 23rd then the influences of family background, close friends and workmates on your life choices are highlighted. Disagreements can lead to new developments.

Leo/Virgo: If your birthday falls between August 21st – August 24th you’re dealing with other people, and you may question their motives or feel isolated, temporarily. Play a long game and keep a low profile if you can.

Scorpio/Sagittarius: If your birthday falls between November 20th – November 23rd then expect circumstances outside your control to affect your career. Deep down, you want a change.

Aquarius/Pisces: If your birthday falls between February 16th – February 19th you may find yourself in a disruptive mood. Try not to throw all your toys out of the pram. You’ll soon see things a in new light.

And just to heap more fuel on the lunar fire, this full Moon is also conjunct the powerful fixed star Regulus in the constellation of Leo. This star’s meaning is associated with the rise and fall of kings, queens, prominent leaders, and high-ranking military men. Regulus was one of the four Royal Stars of Persian astrology, called the Watcher of the North, and associated with the archangel Raphael in some traditions. Looks like this full Moon marks the dramatic end of an era – or the beginning of a new one - for one or more very prominent, powerful or famous people. Such events affect all of us too. But, as Carl Jung wrote, ‘In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.’






Moon Diary: New Moon astrology 3rd February 2011 by Jane Lyle

February’s feisty new Moon rises at 13 degrees of Aquarius on the 3rd in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In America it rises on the evening of the 2nd. It also marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. The horoscope for this new Moon has sizzling emotions and assertive actions written all over it, partly because the Moon is embracing Mars, the planet of energy, sexuality, fighting, and desire.

But because this is all happening in cerebral Aquarius, the fights and impulsive acts we see are very likely to be fuelled by ideas and beliefs and, I hope, use words as weapons rather than fists, guns, or knives.

Fighting for freedom, for humanitarian causes, scientific exploration, and for individual self-expression is the theme here - and since this is a new Moon the fight has only just begun. If you’ve been longing to get your point of view across, you may not be able to hold fire any longer - for many of us our sense of justice or fairness will push us to tell it like it is, and never mind the consequences. Aquarius is a sign linked with the group, and with shared projects and causes. So if you belong to a neighbourhood action group, or are involved with any kind of activism or protest, this might be an excellent time to do some serious lobbying or raise awareness by using social networking sites. Your efforts should have electrifying results.

It could be a provocative time for relationships too, since Moon in Aquarius tends to have an unconventional view of love and commitment. If your relationship is stagnant, or if you both care too much about presenting a respectable, conventional face to the world, then there could be some razor-sharp honesty, volatile emotions, or unusual surprises in store during the next two weeks. Aspects to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, further emphasise the concept of freedom, and ask us to think about what it really means for us as individuals. What is freedom within a relationship? Are we free to express our emotions, to communicate how we are feeling, to be ourselves? Whether involved in a relationship or not, these are vital questions - and ones we need to ask ourselves at regular intervals.

For the spiritually inclined, new Moon in Aquarius is a positive time to focus on telepathy, psychic research, meditation and visualisation exercises. If you’ve been thinking about internet dating, this might be an interesting day to sign up to a website - Aquarius and its ruling planet, Uranus, are closely associated, symbolically, with technology. It is also an excellent time to begin original, wild, or eccentric projects or sow the seeds of revolutionary changes in your life and times.

And finally, because Aquarius is all about the kingdom of the mind, here is Robert Frost’s intriguing poem to inspire you on your journey:

The Road Not Taken
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.



Moon Diary: Full Moon in Cancer, 19th January 2011 by Jane Lyle

January’s emotional full Moon rises at 29 degrees of Cancer, bringing surprising luck to some of us, and surges of deep, soulful feelings to many others. Our emotional connections are highlighted over the next two weeks - if you’re Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio you may notice this more than everyone else.


The Moon connects with Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron - meaning that both luck, expansion, and what we like to call fate are activated now. Certainly, memories will be stirred up. We might want to become more conscious of old patterns of relating to others. The kind of patterns it’s hard to see most of the time, but the kind that don’t always serve us when we’re trying to build a good relationship. Is one of you doing all the work? Is one of you trying to rescue the other? Is there a manipulative game of victim or martyr going on? If your birthday (or significant planets in your horoscope) falls in the late degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius you’re being prodded by life, conversations or encounters to think about how you’re dealing with all your relationships - friends, family, workmates and lovers. February’s full Moon will also offer you a nudge in this direction, so it’s a theme that will be around for a while. Birthdays are:

Taurus: May 18th-20th
Leo: August 20th-22nd
Scorpio: November 20th-22nd
Aquarius: February 16th-18th

And, of course, Cancerians, Capricorns, Aries and Librans - who’ve been in the cosmic spotlight for quite some time - will be continuing to look at the structure of their lives. Whether this means relationships, home, or career will depend on other astrological factors - yes, ask an astrologer for more information. If this is you, you probably already know it’s time for a change or development of some kind.

At its glowing, silvery best, this full Moon suggests experiences of grace and beauty - wonderful music, art, healing or blissful love. At its worst, it could trigger painful realisations about the nature of love, or even bring up a situation that means you must let go of something or someone. The Moon is in her own home sign, Cancer, and with the connections to Neptune and Jupiter it suggests swelling waters and human tears. Mostly, I hope, they will be tears of joy and relief.





Moon Diary: New Year, New Moon - Partial Solar Eclipse 4th January 2011
By Jane Lyle

2011 begins with a sober, earthy, partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at 13 degrees 39 seconds. This eclipse will be visible, early in the morning, in North Africa and Europe, reaching the point of greatest eclipse over northern Sweden. It is visible in the Middle East, Central Asia, and as a sunset eclipse in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and North Western China. There will be four partial solar eclipses this year, and two total lunar eclipses - an unusual event.

The Moon connects with Saturn in Libra, doubling the Saturn vibration, since Saturn rules Capricorn, and is exalted (that is, operating at full throttle!) in Libra. So far, so grown-up and restrained. Financial matters, governments, and everything to do with how authority works with, or connects to, the masses will be in the spotlight. Gaps in understanding between those in power and those they are supposed to serve are energised and highlighted during the coming months. Expect more protests, from demonstrations to local or collective movements whose aim is change. There is tension between the rules, in whatever situation - home, work, travel, politics - and what makes sense. And yes, it seems to suggest a truthful and realistic beginning to 2011. Possibly too realistic for some of us, there are few frills here and hysterical emotions will simply leave us cold.

A parsimonious and frugal beginning in some ways. But true love (as opposed to romance) and dedicated effort fare well. If you're working hard at your relationship, your studies, your job or your determination to get organised then this is a tough, yet productive time to begin. What you achieve will endure. There's also the chance that valuable information or lessons from the past will surface around now, and over the coming months. These will help us make sense of events, or plan more productively for the future. And since the final electrifying, anarchic meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces occurs on the very same day, a little bit of calm caution could be very helpful to us all.

Eclipses are about change - even crisis - and a new Moon always symbolises a beginning of some sort. On this eclipse, it is less about big dreams and more about taking small steps towards some tangible goal. Upheaval and surprises may swirl around our heads as 2011 opens, but the eclipse energies represent the still, small voice of calm - and of individual endeavour and determination. It's about working with what you've got, rather than what you wish you had.

If your birthday falls on the following dates, the eclipse will have a bigger impact on you and your year ahead. Please do remember that even if your birthday isn't mentioned, this doesn't mean that the eclipse might not energise a planet or other sensitive point in your horoscope. A professional astrologer can tell you about this.

Special birthdays are:

*January 3rd - 5th
February 3rd - 4th
March 4th - 5th
April 3rd - 5th
May 4th
June 4th
July 5th-7th
August 6th
September 6th
October 6th - 8th
November 6th
December 5th - 7th

Out in the wider world, this is an especially important eclipse for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and for Turkey (also energised by December's lunar eclipse). Other places whose horoscopes are activated are Singapore; Russia; Georgia; Niger and Bulgaria. If you are travelling to, or living in any of these locations, then you can expect some ongoing restrictions and disruptions this year. Political events may seem quite dramatic; weather, public health, and geophysical events could also be agents of upheaval or news. The eclipse ushers in a very meaningful and eventful phase for these countries during 2011. Echoes of thirty years ago are likely to become clear as the months pass.

The solstice lunar eclipse on December 21st, and the solstice itself, began a new phase. This solar eclipse is, overall, a positive one, but a shift is occurring now that may take us all a while to process. Happy new year!

*Please note: If your birthday falls between January 3rd and January 5th then this promises to be a particularly eventful and significant year for you because the Sun in your horoscope will be conjunct this eclipse. An excellent time to have your chart done if you'd like to discover what this means for you personally.





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