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Moon Diary 2012

Moon Diary: Full Moon in Cancer, 28th December 2012
by Jane Lyle

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Still waters run deep as the final full Moon of 2012 rises at 7 degrees of Cancer the Crab on the 28th December. We tend to look back over the year that’s ending now, but under a Cancerian full Moon we’re unlikely to make sense of it. Strong emotions cloud judgment beneath this Moon’s watery rays.

This Moon reminds us of events and thoughts that took place during autumn 2012 - chickens are coming home to roost. Security of every kind is crucial to both Moon in maternal Cancer and Sun in paternal Capricorn. And with sober Saturn and intense Pluto adding to the austere atmosphere we can expect a serious beginning to the new year. Questions about finances, the police, government, and power are all around us. What about corruption? What’s been kept secret? In our own lives, this theme highlights family concerns, family secrets, personal budgets, and hidden agendas in our closest relationships. It’s about how we care for others, and how we care for our own well-being too. Perhaps the truth can set us free?

We can expect announcements from family, and proclamations from those in power around the world too. This Moon connects with fixed star Mirzam, in the constellation Canis Major. Traditionally, the star’s symbolism is that of a barking dog, announcing visitors to the home. It rises before Sirius, the blazing bright Dog Star, and so was seen as announcing the arrival of this important star. What’s been bubbling underneath for months is now more visible – and since full Moons are about releasing things, and concluding a phase, it’s a good time to allow things to rise to the surface and take a good look at them. Big decisions can wait, if at all possible. Certainly, it is time to weed things out, but rushing to fill the gap immediately looks like a waste of time. January 11th’s new Moon might be a more constructive moment to start making plans for a fresh start.

Out in the big, bad world this Moon is once again an important trigger for the national horoscopes of Turkey and Australia, the UK and the USA – amongst many others. Announcements about finances, corruption, and national security may be made, plus intense, ongoing debates about how we take care of each other and our planet. Nothing is final, and many compromises and adjustments will have to be made in 2013.

“I had to stop hoping so much that a ship would rescue me. I should not count on outside help. Survival had to start with me. In my experience, a castaway’s worst mistake is to hope too much and to do too little. Survival starts by paying attention to what is close at hand and immediate. To look out with idle hope is tantamount to dreaming one’s life away.”

Yann Martel, ‘Life of Pi’





Moon Diary: New Moon in Sagittarius, 13th December, 2012
By Jane Lyle

Dance of the Firebird

December’s fiery new Moon, at 21 degrees Sagittarius, favours new ways of thinking, teaching, learning and healing.

Lively conversations and debates promise to spark future events and projects – just expect to wait a while before you see solid results. Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, is currently going over old ground until the end of January, and suggests we’ll be more likely to build on something we’ve begun, however unsatisfactory some of us may think that is. Yet opening up to idealistic possibilities over the next month could get enthusiasm rolling, with that exciting sense of promise and magical renewal we all need so badly at the end of every year.

This new Moon is conjunct the fixed star Ras Alhague in the constellation Ophiuchus – sometimes referred to as the thirteenth sign. Here’s the great, wise healer, endlessly wrestling for all eternity with the muscular coils of a serpent. But the healer knows that, in minute quantities, the serpent’s venom can heal – just as a vaccination uses tiny amounts of some serious infection to protect us against the full-blown disease. So amidst all the talking and philosophising there’s an opportunity to heal something by discussing what’s difficult or even poisonous. Once things are out in the open, it’s possible to see clearly what we’re dealing with. Then we might just be able to learn something, heal something, or find the silver lining in a troublesome situation. And the festive season is frequently full of troublesome situations as family tensions boil and bubble, intimate relationships feel the strain of delusional expectations, or people simply feel sad and lonely. Discussing things with the right person helps.

Holiday flirtations begun under this party-time Moon are characterised by humour, restlessness, and a dash of unconventional fantasy. But don’t get carried away too soon – you might just be experiencing a friendly passing attraction rather than red-hot romance with a capital R. Sagittarius is playful, greedy, and loves, loves, loves freedom. So run away from the heart-breakers, open up to some wild ideas, and do enjoy the seasonal bubbly bits. The race that was 2012 is almost run.






Moon Diary: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 7 degrees Gemini, 28th November 2012

By Jane Lyle
Shadow Dancing

A lunar eclipse symbolises, astrologically, our inner world.

It offers a moment of reflection, a time when our emotions are sensitive and closer to the surface than usual.


Eclipses act as triggers in astrology, focusing energy and illuminating thoughts. Events linked with a lunar eclipse emerge from this matrix. And although sometimes these events can appear random and unexpected, you can usually trace their path if you look more closely into what lies beneath.

November’s Gemini eclipse looks like a wild ride. The full Moon sits at the tip of a Finger of Fate, pointing out into the world. This aspect is also called a Yod, or Finger of God. At the base of the fateful finger we find determined Mars and powerful Pluto in Capricorn working together with Venus and sober Saturn in intense Scorpio. It’s deep, it’s erotic, and somewhere in a dark corner the words obsessive and compulsive spring to mind. It’s time to peer into the depths, and see what’s sitting in the shadows.


Saturn favours doing the right thing, and reminds us of our history and traditions. Pluto adds secrets and psychological depth. Together with the ‘love’ planets, Mars and Venus, we’re digging down into some serious relationship issues – ones where the past has a meaningful effect on the present. In a world where swiftly ‘moving on’ has become the standard response to pain and suffering, we risk missing much of life’s light and shade. We risk congealing spiritually and emotionally, blunting our true feelings and ability to respond to events both positive and challenging. If we co-operate with our inner selves, and each other, we can edge forward and do something more exciting than cling on to the tired old status quo.

The Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun offer a message of mental focus and exploration, a way through the swamp. We can look at what comes up from a wider point of view, be philosophical, or even crack the odd joke about what’s disturbing us. The humour might be a bit morbid, but sometimes it relieves tension. The chart for this eclipse is a tense one. Rebalancing and compromise should help, but you can expect to drop quite a few balls while learning to juggle.

It’s a talkative Moon, and its connection with Chiron suggests ‘the talking cure’ – either therapy or simply a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend. From negotiating relationship tangles, to making important agreements and treaties between nations – it’s all in the karmic melting pot now, and during the months ahead. We need to keep refining things and seeking balance. Whether it’s about masses of protestors, or an intimate relationship, the message is the same. And nothing is nailed down. Nothing at all.

If your birthday is roughly between the 26th and the 1st of the following month, you’ll experience much food for thought and personal development. If you have planets between 6 and 9 degrees of any sign, the same eclipse message applies. Sagittarians and Geminis (plus people with the Moon in those signs, or the ascendant rising between 6 and 9 degrees) are right in the lunar limelight.


Birthdays are:
Gemini: 27th May – 31st May
Sagittarius: 26th November – 1st December
For information about your Moon, ascendant, or other planets you need your natal chart.

Storm Chasers
The full Frost Moon rises amidst a group of stars known as the Hyades. The Hyades are named for some mythic weeping nymphs - they symbolise rain as well as human tears. Traditionally, they signal stormy weather, fog, floods and high seas. The Atlantic and Pacific hurricane season ends, officially, on 30th November – just two days after this eclipse. The South Pacific cyclone season begins on 1st November 2012, and lasts until 30th April, 2013. This time frame falls under the influence of the eclipse. And since this penumbral lunar eclipse is visible from Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, east Asia, western Canada, and the western USA there’s a strong possibility of dramatic storms and natural upheavals in these locations, and along the eclipse path too.

A significant number of national horoscopes are triggered – perhaps more than usual, because of the way the planets are currently situated, rather like beads on a necklace. Something that stood out for me is Iran’s Moon, symbolising the masses in a national horoscope. It happens to be at almost 7 degrees Gemini, with the eclipse right on it. I’d expect notable tension, power struggles, and civil unrest there between now and next April. Overall, this complex eclipse highlights an important time of adjustment and ongoing transition for the world, and all who sail in her. Let’s wish ourselves light, wisdom, and love along the way.

‘Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.’
(Alice Sebold, ‘The Lovely Bones’)






Moon Diary: Total Solar Eclipse, 22 degrees Scorpio, 13th November 2012

by Jane Lyle
Snakes and Ladders

Every solar eclipse packs a punch. It simply has more potential energy than an ordinary new Moon.

As you probably know, new Moons symbolise beginnings. Eclipses tend to be about change – acting as powerful triggers for many months after the actual event. Around the time of an eclipse, sometimes during the lunar month beforehand, beginnings are created by events outside our control. This is one of the reasons why eclipses have a shady reputation and were feared in centuries past. Nobody likes a curve ball. So what about this one?


November’s solar eclipse in intense Scorpio is inclined to tell the truth. It’s very easy to fool yourself about all sorts of things, or allow yourself to be deluded by others against your better instincts. This eclipse has no time for all that. It’s after the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…..The Sun and Moon are in Scorpio, the sign of the forensic researcher, the relentless detective. They link up with clever, rational, clear-sighted Pallas Athene, asteroid goddess of intellectual clarity, currently in psychic Pisces. It’s an impressive mix of intuitive knowledge and logical thinking that promises to deliver some game-changing revelations. If you’ve got a gut feeling nagging away at you, please do take the time to listen to it. You may not like the message you hear, but it could open up possibilities you’ve been resisting for a long time.

A symbolic ladder awaits – we can climb up out of the pit, whether that’s a stagnant or toxic relationship, a damaging work situation, or a negative phase in our lives or our finances. Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death, and other’s assets, including joint finances. We can expect the spotlight to shine on serious issues linked to these areas. Saturn is now in Scorpio too, strengthening the austere mood around us. As Scorpio author Robert Louis Stevenson once said, ‘everyone, at some time or another, sits down to a banquet of consequences.’ Yup. What goes around comes around.

Now for the snaky part. This eclipse sits on the fixed star, Unukalhai. This star is in the constellation Serpens, the snake. It represents the heart of the serpent. Quarrels, disappointments, plots and poisonous intrigues are part of the meaning of this star – it’s clever, and it’s dark. It’s the flip side of Scorpio – and pushes us to listen to ourselves and our misgivings or intuitions so we can face up to the truth – even if it does mean a temporary disappointment, quarrel, or a sense of betrayal.

And there’s more. The chart for this eclipse delivers a double-dose of serpents – the Moon’s South node is conjunct fixed star Algol – otherwise known as the Medusa or Gorgon’s Head. The Medusa’s hair is a mass of writhing snakes. Now, while this star has a very sinister reputation, it also radiates tremendous energy and creativity. And, the Medusa’s Head also happens to be the symbol on the battle shield carried by Pallas Athene, goddess of wisdom. The snakes have a strong message for us all it seems. Yet with courage, wisdom, and determination we can overcome what’s negative and dangerous. It’s a little bitter, but it’s potent medicine.

This eclipse will be visible in the southern hemisphere. The Moon’s shadow is visible over Australia, New Zealand, in the south of South America, and part of Antartica. The last time there was an eclipse at this degree (but not this series) in Scorpio was on 13th November, 1993. It belongs to a family of eclipses known as Saros Cycle 133. This cycle began on July 13th, 1219 during the Crusades. Countries whose national charts are affected by this eclipse include the UK, Spain, Palestine, South Africa and Sudan.

Traditional astrology says that the effects of an eclipse are felt most strongly in the regions where it can be seen. Eclipses have long been associated with earthquakes by numerous researchers – although the jury is still out on this one. However, in 1993 there was a massive seaquake on 13th November 1993, the eclipse date, at Kamchatka, the volcanic UNESCO world heritage site in far eastern Russia.

If you are a Scorpio or Taurus, or have the Moon or ascendant in those signs, you are energised by this eclipse. Leos and Aquarians may also notice some stirring effects. Planets at around 22 degrees of any of the fixed signs are activated too, but Scorpio and Taurus ones in particular. If you don’t know, why not ask an astrologer for more information?

Famous people whose charts are switched on by this eclipse include Charles, Prince of Wales, Whoopi Goldberg, and Chris Noth. The BBC – currently reeling from the chilling Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal – was ‘born’ on 14th November, 1922. An important year lies ahead for them all.





Moon Diary: Halloween full Moon, 29th October 2012

By Jane Lyle
Treasure Island
How gothic. How perfect. A bright and potent full Moon at 7 degrees of Taurus rises just before the traditional date for the Halloween celebrations on 31st October. The full Moon at this time of year is called the Hunter’s Moon.

It radiates strong, stubborn, sensual emotions, yet demands we collectively channel our feelings into practical actions and resolutions to clear out corruption, decay, waste and crime.

Finances, both global and personal, are highlighted. It’s a good time to search out hidden bank charges, money drains, and prune unnecessary expenses or collect overdue loans. It’s an excellent Moon for attracting money, and you might find you’ve already got more money than you realise. You just can’t see it! This Moon favours cash-in-the-attic discoveries, and lucky finds for metal detector aficionados too.

In the more personal realms of everyday life, this full Moon’s message promises deep insights into why we hang on to destructive or stagnant situations in our lives. These might be at work, where we’re afraid to speak out or fear nobody will listen. In our private lives, the Moon illuminates relationships where one person is unable to let go of something that blocks progress, or relationships where both people crave romantic depth and intensity. High drama indeed, but full of magical potential and hidden emotional treasure. There’s nothing bland about this salty, smoky October moment.

The Moon connects with Pluto, the transformative lord of the underworld who goes by numerous names in many cultures. Pluto rules Scorpio, where the Sun is travelling at this time of year. And as underworld deity, Pluto feels very much at home with the spirit of the time and the ancient ideas of death and rebirth that lie behind the gaudy Halloween masks. Sensitive, psychic people may find themselves feeling particularly witchy in the days around this Moon. Ceres, the dwarf planet named for the great Roman mother goddess, strengthens this message from her current home in maternal Cancer. Rebirth is possible on many levels – Pluto tears things down, only to rebuild them anew. Ceres guards the stores of grain – the seeds of life itself – and nurtures the crop. The crop is cut down, and the cycle begins again. Centaur Chiron in Pisces brings some healing energy into the mix – offering the perfect remedy for the love hangovers, earthbound spirits, or financial shenanigans this Moon may uncover.

Currently, there are eight classical planets sitting between 0 and 7 degrees in the zodiac. Then factor in healing Chiron and strong, independent Ceres, and we’ve got ten. If you’ve got planets at these early degrees in your natal chart, this Moon and her planetary friends will be pouring enlightening vibrations into your dreams. Everyone with birthdays in the first eight days of a Sun sign should feel the force too. The most obvious signs are Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. But I think the rest of the Zodiac will also sit up and take notice of this bewitching, strong-willed full Moon, and the illuminating and strange days around it.

Happy hunting, and happy Halloween!






Moon Diary: New Moon 22 degrees Libra, the Scales, 15th October 2012

By Jane Lyle
Smells Like Team Spirit

Every new Moon offers us the chance for a fresh start – a symbolic moment of beginning each month.

The annual new Moon in Libra highlights connections with others, shining on partnerships, alliances, and perhaps even open enemies too. Basically, it’s a positive time to make plans, or begin projects involving others.

There’s no time to waste. Fortunate energies should be beaming down on us, because this new Moon is conjunct the lovely fixed star, Spica. Bright Spica sits in the stars of Virgo, where it represents the sheaf of wheat in the hand of the virgin goddess or maiden of Virgo. Art, science, and practical spirituality thrive beneath this influence – so starting up projects, classes, or studies involving any of these areas would be a positive step for many of us now. Thousands of years ago the great ancient temple of the moon goddess Diana, at Ephesus, was aligned with the rising of Spica. Diana (or Artemis, her Greek name) was a fierce huntress, lunar queen of the night, and sometimes said to be the queen of witches. Spica is her star, and thinking about this connection might strengthen and encourage us to do what must be done.

The new Moon connects with another singular ancient goddess too. Dwarf planet Eris, named for the Greek goddess of discord, sits slap bang opposite the Moon, stirring up trouble with our enemies. Enemies is such a grand word - but you know how disruptive a partner’s ex can be sometimes, or how stressful it is to deal with a workmate or colleague who opposes or undermines your way of doing things. Perhaps we can make a new start? Certainly it would be a great time to be more open and honest, if only with ourselves.

Eris really hates to be ignored, so pretending everything’s ok won’t work out too well. While your head’s in the sand, tension builds up behind the scenes - and it’s likely to erupt all over the place when the Halloween full Moon rises on 29th October. Some balanced Libran-style negotiations and discussions over the next few weeks equal sensible damage limitation. Worth a try, anyway.

This is the last new Moon before the total solar eclipse on November 13th too – we are edging ever closer to some big, fat turning points when the eclipse season rolls around. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be needing our friends and allies more than ever in November. Or, as Chinese military strategist Sun-Tzu (400 BC) once advised, maybe you should, ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’






Moon Diary: Full Moon at 7 degrees Aries 30th September 2012

by Jane Lyle
The Harvest Moon

This is a red-hot firecracker of a Harvest Moon. It symbolises erratic or unconventional emotional reactions and opinions, as it’s linked up with Uranus in Aries.

As you probably know, this then sparks off Pluto, lord of the underworld, the unconscious, and what’s hidden beneath the earth. Pluto is about power and obsession, Uranus is about revolution and freedom. The heady brew of Uranus and Pluto is currently mixing it up all over the world. So we can expect this full Moon to trigger unsettled emotions in large groups of people – both politically, and personally.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It represents the ego, the self, the part of us that says ‘I am’. The Sun sits opposite in Libra, sign of personal and professional partnerships. This full Moon shakes everything up, turns it upside down, and wants things to change. If you’re single you might decide you must have a partner. If you’re involved with someone then unspoken tensions might need to be released, or maybe it’s time to say goodbye. The same applies at work – tension and dissatisfaction can only be suppressed for so long before something needs to be done. This would be a bad time to be a complacent or smug boss. Full Moons tend to signify the end of a phase, which then ushers in a new chapter, eventually. This is a positive outcome, despite the rocky road we may have to tread to reach our goals.

If you are an Aries, Libran, Capricorn or Cancer person you’re likely to be extra sensitive to this full Moon. And if you have planets between 6 and 8 degrees of those signs in your personal horoscope, you can expect the unexpected – and maybe some astonishing and inventive insights too. You have the power to move your life forward now, just resolve to keep a very open mind and stay centred.

Out in the wider world, this eccentric and potent Moon (symbolising the masses) activates many national horoscopes, and the chart for the United Nations too. Countries experiencing turbulent events or heated discussions include: Thailand; Australia; the United Kingdom and Scotland. China, with its 1st October birthday, is already experiencing some conflict and maybe moving towards a reassessment of identity and leadership. Turkey, with a Libran Mars and Cancer rising, may experience angry demonstrations, military action, or extreme natural events.

Yes, this might be a Harvest Moon, and that means we reap what we have sown. But it’s also time to think about what to plant for the next cycle.

Birthdates activated by this full Moon are:

Aries: 27th – 29th March
Cancer: 28th – 30th June
Libra: 29th September – 1st October
Capricorn: 28th December – 30th December






Moon Diary: New Moon at 23 degrees Virgo, 16th September 2012

by Jane Lyle

The rhythm of life

September’s new Moon rises in earthy Virgo. Virgo is symbolised by that ancient goddess, the virgin maiden, with her harvest sheaf of wheat, or corn. It’s harvest time in the northern hemisphere, and a time when everyone senses change – it’s a new season, that feeling of a new school term, whatever age you happen to be.

This new Moon sits close to Virgo’s ruler, Mercury. Emotional intelligence rules as quick-thinking Mercury joins the intuitive Moon – it’s a good time to understand others, and to communicate our own emotions clearly. If you need to talk to a team at work, or get some kind of community project going, then here’s an excellent time to focus on that, or to plan carefully what you want to say. The Moon and Mercury highlight rhythms of speech, wit, and humour – just what you need if you want what you write, or say, to make a good impression.

Virgo is often (but certainly not always) very tidy, orderly and meticulous – and it is the sign of hard work too. So maybe it’s time to reorganise things, or focus on creating a calm atmosphere in your home? I think this Moon favours clutter-busting, feng-shui, and practical spiritual practices like space-clearing and dowsing. If you’re a messy person, don’t stress. An incredibly immaculate home isn’t always a home filled with joyful, positive energy – it can indicate someone with emotional problems. Healer Denise Linn, a well-known expert on space-clearing and subtle energies wrote:

‘If you are naturally messy, accept that part of yourself. However, if you are in a stagnant or blocked place in your life, consider cleaning your home. Often this will assist you in releasing the blockage and getting on with your life.’

(Denise Linn, ‘Sacred Space’, Rider, 1995.)

The constellation of Virgo, where this new Moon rises, is located in a part of the sky that’s sparkling with densely-packed stars. There’s a lot of potential energy here, and if we can find a way to channel it we’ll be in a better position to weather the inevitable storms of autumn 2012. Creating a sanctuary would be an excellent beginning.






Moon Diary: Full Moon at 8 degrees Pisces, August 31st 2012

by Jane Lyle

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

(Blue Moon, 1934. Rodgers & Hart)

Once in a blue Moon there are two full Moons in one month. This is the second full Moon of August 2012, rising in dreamy, watery Pisces and swimming into our dreams. It’s called a Blue Moon.

While the Moon is in Pisces, the Sun is in hard-working Virgo. The challenge with this combination is how to blend hard work with spiritual and imaginative vision, how to be practical without losing our magical, intuitive selves. What lurks at the back of the wardrobe is brought out into the light of day – whether that means a pile of unwearable clothes you’d forgotten, or something deeper and more complicated.

This full Moon connects with Mars and Pluto, bringing a super-charged energy and more than a hint of obsession and compulsion, perhaps anger too. Emotions and hidden feelings can really get a grip at such times – in some ways I think this is a real stalker’s Moon. Chiron, the wounded healer, sits with the Moon in Pisces too. So what comes up can, with thought, care, and deep breaths, begin to be healed and embraced as part of ourselves. It’s about self-acceptance really. Intuition is strengthened at this time, and can help guide us towards what’s lost, hidden, hoarded, or buried.

This would be a wonderful Moon for a little retreat from routines. Much as Virgo adores routines, they can sometimes limit us and reduce our ability to create, love, and feel like ourselves. Habitual ways of thinking, watching too much tv, telling yourself you’re no good at something….these are the kinds of routine we can decide to change in the days around this powerful, emotional full Moon.

A fish cannot drown in water.
A bird does not fall in air.
Each creature God made
Must live in it’s own true nature.

Mechthild of Magdeburg, Medieval mystic, c. 1207-1294






Moon Diary: New Moon in Leo, 17th August 2012

by Jane Lyle
Keep On Running
Our August new Moon rises at 25 degrees of golden Leo, the Lion. So it symbolises the essence of drama, life-force, and self-expression.

Yet its expression is low-key – and like exquisite tailoring or a perfect single rose, it does not need to shout to attract our attention. The roaring lion of Leo is more like a slinky, watchful cat - the cat that walks by itself on moonlit nights.

New Moons are about new beginnings for the month ahead. This one looks like an excellent time to begin a project needing both hard work and creative oomph. Saturn, serious and relentless, supports the Sun and Moon and favours gritty efforts with an eye to long-term results. This is much more positive and helpful than Saturn’s challenging link with the new Moon on 19th July. Assertive Mars further fires everything up with some carefully-measured action. But without effort and action this mix of Moon, Mars and Saturn could be most indigestible. There’s a push-me-pull-you feeling about Mars and Saturn in Libra – take two steps forward and then find yourself taking three steps back. Add a silvery dollop of fluctuating lunar emotions and we’ve got plenty of potential for family rows, lovers’ tiffs, and political squabbling. So, making the most of this new Moon’s influence needs quiet thought, some hard work, and a purely physical outlet too. Simply taking a long walk would work – walking helps us think and channel some of the mental and physical frustrations that could rise to the surface around now.

Dwarf planet Eris watches from the sidelines, from her longstanding place in fiery Aries. Again, Eris connected with July’s new Moon in a much less sympathetic fashion. The goddess of discord was said to be the daughter of Night, sister of Mars, and grand-daughter of Saturn. She’s the goddess of strife and competition, so part of her astrological meaning is linked to war and bloodshed. Eris represents the uninvited wedding guest, the bad fairy at the baby’s christening party. Resentment and anger at being ignored or insulted lead Eris to plot revenge. However, strife can be a positive thing – and her other manifestation is in healthy competition, and the desire to achieve or win – something we’ve seen in all its tear-jerking glory during the spectacular London 2012 Olympic Games.

So what will it be on this powerful new Moon? Strife or striving? Mayhem and arguments or going for gold? Out in the wider world, we shall probably see both manifestations over the next month. This is an especially meaningful new Moon for Russia, Pakistan, and much of the Middle East. For the people of the United States, and for President Obama personally, it represents an important point of change and reassessment.

If it’s your birthday today, the new Moon gets your year off to a remarkable start.
Celebrity birthdays for August 17th include charismatic Hollywood veterans Robert De Niro and Sean Penn.






Moon Diary: Full Moon in Aquarius, 2nd August 2012

by Jane Lyle
Light My Fire



The Aquarian full Moon rises at 10 degrees of that eccentric, intellectual sign. It comes trailing clouds of fiery glory, high energy, and flaming idealism. This is the first full Moon of August, we’ll see the second one at the end of the month.

Jupiter, giant planet of expansion, connects with both Leo Sun and Aquarian Moon to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and optimism. The feel-good factor brims over with humour, playfulness, and the desire to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. In the wider world, this translates into the need to enhance national reputations – and since Jupiter has close, symbolic links with sport this influence should be clearly visible during the Olympics. While the Leo Sun represents individual creativity and the essence of the inner self, the Aquarian Moon symbolises humanity as a whole, mass consciousness, and the collective. How can we connect with others? How can we play a part in the world, or be more involved with our communities? Gemini Jupiter also lines up with three goddess planets – Venus, goddess of love and art; Ceres, great mother goddess and harvest deity; and Vesta, goddess of the sacred flame that burns at the heart of the home. I think this is a particularly meaningful Moon for women.

Electrifying Uranus, burning brightly in Aries, further energises this full Moon. There’s emotional detachment here, or an unconventional approach to life. Inventive ideas about family life, love, and relationships give this Moon a bohemian edge. Intuitive insights lead us towards new ways of doing things, or encourage us to care for others in unusual ways. We can question tradition, or we can reinvent it with style and panache. Uranus and the Sun create further rebelliousness, passion for independence, and questions about freedom in a global sense – and as individuals.

So expect surprises, and perhaps the announcement of an unusual new invention or discovery over the next few weeks. In our own lives, this might translate into surprising realisations about projects, friendships or relationships we started recently. This is a harvest Moon, so it’s a good time to look back at the year so far and see what’s flourished and what hasn’t worked out. Harvest the seeds of imagination now, and prepare to plant them when autumn comes around.




Moon Diary: New Moon in Cancer, 19th July 2012

by Jane Lyle
Home Sweet Home?
July’s Cancer new Moon shines on our dreams of home, sweet home, with some curious twists and turns along the way.


Do we believe home is where the heart is? Or is it all about family roots, property, or just wherever you hang your hat? This emotional new Moon highlights such questions, and all the deep feelings that lurk behind them.

The Moon is very strong in her watery home sign of Cancer, ready to be tested by Saturn in Libra, planet of boundaries, structures, law, time and history. Family history will be important to some of us now, and help us make sense of the present. That might include memories of childhood, realisations about our parents, or even searching for a missing relative or ancestor. For others marriage and commitment could be highlighted – what does it mean to you? What do you really feel in your heart?

Crowds and the public (us, in fact!) are represented by the Moon in astrology. The stand-off with Saturn suggests that we, the public, will have a lot to say this month. Many people will feel as if they are not being heard by the authorities, and will want to make their views known. Those feelings of frustration could spill over into aggression for some of us as we demand to be heard. Mars is busy energising revolutionary Uranus and uncompromising Pluto right now, and the desire to express bottled up emotions (a Cancerian speciality) may be overwhelming. And, obviously, you can imagine how these feelings might well up at home, with family, or even with a boss who’s been stonewalling or ignoring you. Enough is enough. We want practical answers - not hot air, theories, or empty promises.

Asteroid Varuna was named for the Sanskrit god of the creative celestial waters, immortality, and the immutable laws of nature. Varuna is radiating its mysterious spiritual energies alongside the Sun and Moon. More water, more emotion, more thirst for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Hmmn. Could get messy. Those symbolic waters could be literal too – more dramatic rains and floods seem likely this summer.

Dwarf planet Eris tosses her trademark signature of disruption into the lunar mix too. She enjoys upsetting the status quo, creating discord is her special skill. Yet without discord there is no eventual harmony. So although Eris rocks the boat on this new Moon, it is perhaps time to clear the air so that what begins stands a good chance of flourishing.

And last, but most certainly not least, there’s Juno. Asteroid Juno, named for the Roman goddess of marriage, supports this new Moon beautifully. Those feelings of a need for commitment, of thinking about family and our roots, are not just a passing mood for many of us. We will want to create something lasting, and to focus our intentions on that goal. It could be like a rock in the middle of a swelling, stormy sea.

Such potent energies are outstanding fuel for achieving our goals, for being determined not to give in or give up. Willpower alone is not enough, July’s new Moon says it’s time to listen to our hearts too. And when strong feelings join willpower, we can achieve miracles.






Moon Diary: Full Moon 3rd July 2012

by Jane Lyle
A serious full Moon rises in Capricorn on 3rd July. Emotions flow around the time of any full Moon, a time of high tides in our hearts and minds.

At this time of year, those emotions are often linked to our work situation, or to our roots – homes and families yes, but also the very depths of what has shaped us.

This July the Moon is close to the underworld god, Pluto, and to that buzzing rebel, Uranus. Tensions can be eased by getting rid of unwanted junk – and that may mean outworn emotional attitudes or unsupportive friendships too. If you’ve felt under pressure this year, you’ll be more than keen to find a way to ease that during the first two weeks of July. Some of us may react by suddenly resigning from a job, leaving a lover, or de-cluttering the house. Often those reactions will reveal what’s been simmering away for many months. It’s like the kind of controlled explosion that brings down the derelict building – everything’s in place, just waiting for someone to throw the switch. The full Moon has her silvery fingers poised, waiting for the signal. Weak leaders, or those who are corrupt will be shaken up and may fall now.

Your finances, assets, possessions and savings may need some attention too. This is a good time to get more organised, or review anything and everything connected to money and to what you value. This Capricorn Moon favours a realistic approach, and shines a bright light on what you’ve ignored or failed to notice – those bank charges, that standing order, money you’re owed…..And, yes, these topics are likely to be very much in the news now too. Pluto rules shadowy secrets and spies, while Uranus likes to uncover things and shake them up. You can imagine the rest.

If your birthday falls on these dates you’ll feel this Moon’s energies more than most. Or, of course, if you have planets or angles between 8 – 14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

ARIES: 28th March – 3rd April
CANCER: 30th June – 5th July
LIBRA: 1st – 7th October
CAPRICORN: 29th December – 4th January






Moon Diary: New Moon in Gemini, 19th June 2012

by Jane Lyle
June’s new Moon at 28 degrees of Gemini is our second Gemini new Moon of the season. Since new Moons are, traditionally, a time for new beginnings this might suggest you get another shot at starting something that resonates with Gemini and its ruler, Mercury.

Basically, you could choose from anything to do with communications, movement, travel and writing. What that something might be will be refined by Gemini’s house in your natal chart – but if you don’t have your chart you can still use this cosmic boost to make a start, or renew your commitment to a project or intention.

There are plenty of mental and physical challenges around now. Energy planet Mars challenges the new Moon – taking intuitive action could be a positive use of this feisty mix. Arguments and misunderstandings represent another, less attractive, possibility, with the Moon and Mars symbolising angry women and emotional outbursts. Rows and aggression around sport and sporting events is another strong possibility.

Saturn, planet of structure, strengthens this new Moon and brings a serious vibe to events and projects begun over the next month. This link reminds us of our past – either our nation’s history, or personal memories of our parents and family life. Building on the past or using knowledge from the past is helpful in understanding and building for the future. Maybe some of the outbursts and rows experienced now have their roots in old behaviour patterns or childhood memories? Saturn and the Moon favour contemplation and retreat – and if you factor in Neptune’s influence (a trine) then you’ve got the perfect time for a spiritual retreat, for writing a personal journal or dream diary, or for creating music or art that reflects your innermost thoughts. Saturn always gives a boost to hard work and serious determination, while Neptune’s glamour and mysticism brings inspiration.

A Message from the Stars
Polaris, the pole star, and powerful Betelgeuse in the spectacular constellation of Orion, both conjoin this new Moon. Polaris, the sailors’ steering star, says follow your instincts and allow them to guide you on your journey. Betelgeuse - red, bright, and potent - may signify storms and battles – or power and success. Both fixed stars seem to echo the meaning of the planets around this dynamic new Moon. It doesn’t look easy. But tread carefully and cautiously using the lessons of the past, and it could open up a very productive phase.

Celebrity birthdays
If the new Moon rises on or around your birthday, it means a year of beginnings or new projects awaits you. Celebrities whose birthdays fall around now are: Nick Drake, musician (19th June); Sir Paul McCartney (18th June); and actor Nicole Kidman (20th June).







Moon Diary: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4th June 2012
by Jane Lyle
A full Moon in June sounds quite romantic, but this unstable eclipse is more inclined to preside over lovers’ quarrels than moonlight kisses. Well, maybe both if you’re lucky. With a side order of chaos.

This partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees of Sagittarius opposes the Sun and Venus in Gemini. So there’s plenty of talk, wild flirtation, tall stories, and jaw-dropping exaggeration on internet dating sites and at a bar near you. Venus and the Moon suggest a very feminine vibe, but Mars, in Virgo, challenges all this frothy fun in an assertive or even aggressive manner. And with Venus retrograde, I’d expect plenty of rows referencing the past in some way. Jealousy over past relationships flares up, perhaps fuelled by the recent reappearance of some old flame. Those tiny, yet repetitive, irritations with someone’s less than endearing habits may reach breaking point around now. Grudges and resentments may also be about money, shared assets, or each other’s annoying friends.

Emotions run high, and with Mars and Venus plugged into the Moon it looks quite steamy for some of us. This is the positive side of things, where passion is one way to channel some of the undeniable tension that’s around us. Pleasure with someone you already care about is heightened – expressing your love and affection feels good. In a relationship that’s less secure, though, expect uncertainty or even a strong desire to end it. Break-ups now – and in the weeks to come – could seem sudden to outsiders, but have been brewing up for at least a year. Eclipses often act as triggers, appearing like a wild card in the deck. Think of the Fool in the tarot deck, or the Joker in a pack of playing cards. The eclipse lights the fuse……

Out in the wider world, the eclipse energises areas such as art, music, dance, social life, and national traditions and culture. If your work or interests involve any of these, expect to be inspired and busy. Agriculture, and arguments about food and resources, is also in the news. Since this is a very talkative kind of full Moon, there promises to be much communication and debate over the summer months. There’s much moving around too. Travel, whether that means your journey to work, or a longer trip or holiday, could be disrupted and disruptive. It would be wise to avoid arguing with strangers – road rage and every other kind of travel-linked rage is in the air. Neighbours and local people could similarly be eager to express themselves – anything from community protests and stimulating conversations to rows about noise sparks a torrent of words.

Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarians and Pisceans are likely to feel this eclipse most intensely. And if you have planets in your natal horoscope between 9 and 19 degrees of those signs you can similarly expect to see some situation in your life, or your emotions, change in the coming weeks.

Celebrity horoscopes energised by this lunar eclipse include Geminis Rafael Nadal, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and Mark Wahlberg. Famous Sagittarians whose horoscopes are activated include Ozzy Osbourne and Jay Z. Virgo Richard Gere and Piscean Chaz Bono can also expect an interesting summer.






Moon Diary: Annular Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini, 20th May 2012
by Jane Lyle
The first solar eclipse of 2012 resembles a burning ring of fire.

The Moon will not completely cover the Sun’s disc – its dark shadow is surrounded by a blazing halo of the Sun’s rays. This is called an annular eclipse. So what might it mean for us here on earth?

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An eclipse is like a strong energy stamp in a horoscope. Its effects begin to build up beforehand, and last for many months afterwards. Since a solar eclipse occurs only when the Moon is new, it symbolises a beginning in some way. Many ancient sources associated eclipses with war, the death of leaders and royalty, disease, earthquakes and natural disasters. Others saw them as potent omens of change – which is perhaps closer to the modern astrologer’s point of view.

If the eclipse touches a planet in your horoscope, particularly the Sun or Moon, you’ll be more sensitive to its message and meaning. I give special birth dates below, but to find out about the position of the Moon, planets and angles you’ll need your natal chart. If you don’t know the details of your horoscope, why not consult a professional astrologer?

Mermaids and Mystics
This Gemini solar eclipse links with Neptune, god of the sea and ruler of Pisces. Everything tends to blur and dissolve when the Moon meets Neptune – without boundaries it is easier to sense other people’s emotions, but also easier to soak up atmospheres around you and suffer emotional exhaustion as a result. Love is blind, idealistic and possibly delusional – really, nothing is quite what it seems. Insights could be stunningly accurate, but wait before rushing into anything. And that includes financial investments, contracts, and impulsive decisions about marriage and partnerships.

The Moon and Neptune preside over a watery kingdom awash with fantasies and illusions. Unwary souls are lured by the mermaids’ song, and sink beneath the waves. Others drown their sorrows and surface with a love hangover. Music, poetry, films and fiction thrive. And though it could be a struggle to manifest much creative work, it would certainly be worth making the attempt.

Where Angels Fear to Tread?
The eclipse opposes asteroid Juno, pragmatic goddess of marriage as a practical commitment. Juno says romance is all very well, but who’s paying the bills? She focuses on the nuts and bolts of sharing your finances and property with your partner, rather than the sweet, playful aspects of love. She’s also linked with money in general. Since both cosmic masters of deception, Mercury and Neptune, are involved with the eclipse, this would not be the ideal summer to gamble with your heart, or your precious cash. But you know how it goes. Taking such risks could be almost irresistible. In theory, we have a choice, and making such choices is how we evolve and mature – even when the intoxicating mists of Neptune are clouding our minds and hearts. So, there’s considerable tension between living the dream and keeping it real. Practical details could swim in and out of focus - cling on tight to avoid dematerialising.

Yet another sign that we’re all at sea this summer is the presence of the fixed star Alcyone close to the eclipse Sun and Moon. Alcyone is the brightest star in the Seven Sisters, or Pleiades. This fabled cluster of stars is found in the constellation Taurus, where they sit on the shoulder of the bull. In ancient Babylon their rising marked the beginning of spring. The Pleiades were thought of as rain-bringers – the rains of spring that foster fertile growth. And just as they bring rain, they are also said to bring tears and sorrow by many commentators.

The Pleiades are associated, like Neptune, with illusions. In a literal sense ancient astrologers said that this meant cross-dressing and the artful illusions of fashion and beauty. More seriously, it meant encounters with the mysterious ways of fate, the spirits of the dead, and the world beyond our own. What you see is what you get? Not always. There is something mystical and uncertain going on. A kind of dreamy turbulence unsettles everything but, as with Neptune, it’s possible to experience amazing visions too.

Birthdays and Locations
Traditional astrology says that places on the eclipse path can be strongly affected – the eclipse is seen as an omen of dramatic events, wild weather, or earthquakes in these areas. This eclipse begins in Asia and travels across parts of China and Japan before heading across the Pacific to the south-western regions of the United States and places such as Nevada, Utah, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There may be news about oil, gas, chemicals and poisons in these regions. Political and business scandals continue to emerge from the shadows during the summer months – political and business leaders could topple and fall.

Finally, what if the eclipse activates your natal horoscope? Unless you’re up to your neck in illegal activities or clandestine, unethical business practices don’t stress. Remember the visionary, loving vibes that accompany the eclipse and take this opportunity to explore your inner world. A new chapter awaits you.

Birthdates activated by the eclipse are:

Taurus/Gemini: May 20th – May 24th

Leo/Virgo: August 22nd – August 25th

Scorpio/Sagittarius: November 20th – November 24th

Aquarius/Pisces: February 18th – February 22nd

Famous birthdays for the 20th May include Cher, Morrissey, and Naomi Campbell. This promises to be a turning-point year for them.

If you’d like to know more about the astronomy of eclipses, both solar and lunar, visit






Moon Diary: New Moon in Taurus, 21st April 2012

by Jane Lyle
Sensuous and passionate, the new Moon rises at 2 degrees of Taurus the Bull on Saturday. Every new Moon symbolises beginnings, and this one is all about seed-time for your projects, your garden or the love in your heart.


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This new Moon is energised by Mars, and caressed by mystical Neptune. We can express emotions more assertively than usual, and with more sensitivity to other people’s feelings. When Mars meets the Moon it can sometimes indicate a belligerent kind of sentimentality or even passive-aggressive behaviour. But here, for most of us anyway, Martian energy brings enthusiasm and passion to the changeable Moon. Neptune adds a layer of sensitivity, psychic awareness, intuition and fantasy. This mix suggests those dreamy, lazy moments in life that result in imaginative ideas and discoveries. Wild, moonlit swims and scented baths belong to this beguiling blend too.

Sometimes we need to relax our minds so that we can find out what’s really going on deep down in the fertile regions of the subconscious. There are so many stories of music and novels being born in a dream – even scientific puzzles have been solved by the dreaming mind. Got a problem? Sleep on it under this new Moon’s magical rays and you might just wake up with the answer.

The ongoing tension between Mars and Neptune warns of deception, or of fantasies and delusions we believe to be real. So a little care and attention to detail won’t hurt. If you’ve been fooling yourself about your motives or actions this new Moon will make that very clear to you. And that can be discouraging, but it allows you to reassess where you are now – and to gather up your energy ready to strike out in a new direction when you feel like it. Like the Hanged Man in the Tarot deck, sacrificing something – in this instance an illusion – brings clarity and inspiration. You just have to be prepared to wait for that knowledge to surface – back to the powers of day-dreaming, meditation, and sleep again.

In the wider world, this new Moon highlights news around charities and welfare, farming, and the production of oil, gas, and drugs. The next new Moon, in May, is an eclipse and – linked with Neptune again - will also highlight these topics. It emphasises confusion, deception and scandal in those areas though. So now might be the ideal time for a spot of spring cleaning and reorganisation before things get tricky – forewarned is forearmed.






Moon Diary: Full Moon in Libra, April 6th 2012

by Jane Lyle
Something about this full Moon reminds me of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s about balancing and testing and trying out one thing and another until you feel it is just right. In the process, much dithering combines with idealistic visions of love, family, and relationships.

The Moon, at 17 degrees of Libra, links with Jupiter in an aspect (the quincunx) that demands adjustments or compromises. Since the Moon is self-protective and defensive, and Jupiter a big, fat expander of all it touches – well, you can imagine this full Moon presiding over some very lively discussions about all kinds of love over the holiday weekend. Fortunately, Jupiter brings humour and enthusiasm too – there are enjoyable meetings, pleasurable connections and, for some of us, love will triumph over hesitation. Emotions are expanded, diets abandoned, everything is larger than life.

Traditionally, the time around a full Moon is the natural time to clear something away, or finish a phase or project. This would be a great time to weed your wardrobe, your bookshelves, or your forgotten store of antique jams and pickles. It would be a terrible time to make big emotional decisions though – you’re likely to vacillate and be unable to carry things through.

Out in the wider world, Jupiter and the Moon bring floods, fertility, and a focus on the opinions and influence of women. Land, farming, agriculture and the law are also linked up – we learn more about these issues, but no final decisions can be made just yet. Curiously, the chart for Burma (Myanmar) shows the Moon at 17 degrees of Libra. We can hope that the influence of one particularly special woman, Aung San Suu Kyi, there will begin a more harmonious era for that troubled country. Her own natal Moon is also in Libra.






Moon Diary: New Moon at 2 degrees Aries, 22nd March 2012

by Jane Lyle

A new season, and the annual new Moon in the first sign of the zodiac seems to be about sprouting seeds and fresh starts. But this year it’s a bit more complicated.

Yes it is, no it isn’t
This springtime new Moon is full of energy, but fluctuating moods and thoughts could waste quite a lot of our time now, and in the immediate future. The Moon is conjunct retrograde Mercury, so some of our doubts, hesitations and false starts could turn out to be very useful in the end – between the 19th and 23rd April could be when we see everything more clearly and feel able to get something moving. A good time to re-evaluate our ideas or check new projects with extra care. Some of our insights surprise and delight us – I suspect many of us will be setting out on a new path this spring, and that path might not be exactly as we planned it. Mars, ruler of Aries, is also mooching about in retrograde motion, and not exactly eager for action until mid-April when he finally gets moving again.

Electrifying bursts of energy come from the Aries Sun and Moon close to Uranus, again an erratic and emotionally unstable energy – but an exciting one. On the plus side, this a positive time for insights, unusual intuitions, and for being a little unconventional. Family life, represented by the Moon, could be subject to interesting changes or a deeper understanding of how family dynamics affect everyone involved.

The downside of this link suggests that people in charge – from your boss to world leaders – seem to lack empathy, act on personal whims, or misunderstand the needs of their staff, company, or even country. Immaturity makes itself very obvious now. And probably in a very public fashion.

Endings and beginnings
Asteroids Lacrimosa – meaning weeping, and Atropos – daughter of night, and one of the three Greek Fates, are conjunct the Sun and Moon. As we say a long goodbye to the previous season, and perhaps to certain winter hopes, wishes or projects, we’re likely to feel sad.

Everybody realises, sooner or later, that endings are necessary so that we can make space for beginnings. This doesn’t make it easy though. If it were easy there would be something to worry about!

Atropos’ fateful sister, Lachesis, opposed the full Moon on March 8th. You could say the Fates were gathering, ready to move us on into something unexpected, something brand new. An open mind and a flexible approach is needed – clinging to the wreckage of a job, relationship, or anything else that needs to change is simply a terrible waste of energy and potential. There is always a choice though, and of course it does take courage to do something different. This new Moon, then, would be a good time to use the interesting cosmic mix of innovation and caution to think things through and decide on future changes.






Moon Diary: Full Moon at 18-19 degrees Virgo, 8th March 2012 by Jane Lyle

A Virgo full Moon can be exacting and meticulous. But the Pisces Sun, opposite the Moon, says use your intuition.

Somewhere there’s a place where we can blend both intuition and logic, rise above artificial boundaries, and find the answers we seek. That’s the challenge presented to us by this full Moon. Themes of service to others, sacrifice, and even loss could be obvious around this time.

Dwarf planet Ceres aspects this full Moon from Aries, winding up the tension and strengthening the desire to take a leap in the dark. Ceres (Greek Demeter) was a goddess of growth and abundance, but she is also associated with destruction – part of the cycle of life and death. She is credited with causing winter to come, a time when everything shrivels and dies in the northern hemisphere. Winter was an expression of her grief and rage when her daughter, Proserpina (Persephone), was kidnapped and taken to live in the underworld as the bride of Hades. When her daughter returned, granted six months above ground each year, Ceres allowed spring and summer to return too. Ceres is a mother, Virgo is a virgin maiden – both are connected to harvest time, another kind of ending. Maybe we’re going to reap what we’ve sown?

So think carefully about decisions over the next two weeks, and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – to use an old, and rather dark, turn of phrase. Making adjustments can be tricky, but that’s the planetary message of this full Moon. Think back, too, to the time around the December 10th eclipse – for this full Moon could trigger off meaningful actions, thoughts, and feelings from last winter. What happened then is tested and challenged now.

The Pisces Sun is conjunct asteroid Lachesis, named for one of the three Greek Fates. This suggests that certain things will come to a head over the next two weeks, reaching their conclusion or allotted time span. The Fates weave and spin the threads of life and life’s path – while a full Moon symbolises the end of a phase, her message strengthened as Lachesis snips the thread and tells us something has come to an end. We’re almost at the close of winter (or summer in the southern hemisphere) – so maybe, at the very least, it’s time to put away last season’s things, and prepare for spring. Obviously, Virgo the Virgin Maiden, loves to spring clean. And this could be a very constructive use of this Moon’s symbolism and uneven energies.

This full Moon and its meaning resonates directly with the horoscopes for India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Venezuela. If today’s your birthday then you’ll be completing something this year, or bringing something to a close – ready to make a new beginning.






Moon Diary: New Moon in Pisces 21st February 2012 by Jane Lyle
An elusive mermaid of a new Moon rises at 2 degrees of Pisces, flicking her silvery tail and casting a spell of enchantment over us. Will we be lured onto the rocks? Or will we plunge into the ocean’s depths and discover some mysterious kingdom?

Many of us will probably experience both emotional chaos and intuitive enlightenment. This Moon belongs to the twilight zone. It’s dark side focuses on allergies, addictions, alcohol, floods and emotional neglect.

This watery new Moon has some thought-provoking companions. It is conjunct Neptune, newly in Pisces, doubling the other-worldly feelings we may experience. Fantasy and idealised love can melt susceptible hearts over the next month - a delightful experience. Just try to remember that, like fairy gold, this might be an illusion or even a delusion. It’s blissful and boundary-less, but you might wake up and wonder what happened some time in March. Ancient stories of supernatural lovers are found all over the world; ghostly lovers and fairy maidens bewitch and seduce human beings, and then they disappear at best, break hearts at worst. It rarely ends well.

Certainly, it’s the perfect new Moon for ghost stories, spiritual experiments, and psychic experiences. It favours music and musicians, artists, magicians and film-makers. Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces along with Neptune, sits around expanding these beguiling energies still further. It will be hard to tell what’s coming towards us in the mist.

Tainted Love?

Eleutheria, a large asteroid, is exactly conjunct this Moon. The Greek name means liberty or freedom. In Pisces this suggests spiritual freedom, or the freedom to explore your imagination and see where it takes you. Close by is asteroid Pallas, fierce warrior goddess of wisdom. She’s about strategy, working with conflict, and using our inner knowledge. Rather than charging straight ahead, Pallas in Pisces prefers to use passive resistance or find ways to wrong-foot an opponent by learning more about how they think.

This would be a helpful time to begin looking at your relationships in a new way, particularly if you’ve been having problems or finding it difficult to understand someone close to you. Take some time out, and allow your heart to open up and tell you what you really feel. Chiron, the healing centaur, is also close to the Moon, encouraging us to explore and overcome emotional wounds. These can be from your childhood, your love life, or even a close yet challenging friendship. A wound is a wound. Don’t let it prevent you from living your life to the full.

Asteroid Juno, goddess of marriage and protector of women, challenges all this watery emotion from philosophical Sagittarius. If your relationship is hanging by a thread she asks you to think about what that relationship means to you. Do you want to work on it, or are you holding on to the status the relationship offers? Big questions, but a new Moon is always a promising time to begin a new phase. Sacrifices are demanded from some of us – we may have to give up on a dream in order to seek for something better.







Moon Diary: Full Moon at 18 degrees Leo, 7th February 2012 by Jane Lyle
Does your head rule your heart? Or is the other way around? The annual full Moon in Leo always poses these questions.


For every full Moon is opposite the Sun, and the Sun at this time of year is in rational, humanitarian Aquarius. The Moon in fiery Leo favours intimate, personal and romantic feelings. Working out how to find a balance between reason and emotions is the Moon’s essential message to us over the next two weeks. Full Moons have a habit of bringing things up to the surface – emotions swell, and tides are high. What will get washed up on the beach?

A Cosmic See-Saw
Talking about emotions is sometimes difficult, but under this full Moon it may be hard to keep quiet. Conversations swoop between being very rational and reasonable, to all about releasing what’s been bottled up or held back.

Chatty planet Mercury sits with the Sun, encouraging both individuals and large crowds and groups to express themselves. Popular movements, political agendas, and public opinions about money, business, and trade are in the lunar spotlight for the next two weeks. The UK, USA, Russia, Eire and Somalia are some of the countries energised by this full Moon. It’s all about the people, and we’ll all notice the rippling effects of past history upon the present. Eris, dwarf planet and agent provocateur aspects Sun and Moon too – so some skeletons may shake, rattle and roll their way out of our own personal cupboards, or the secret archives of nations, corporations, and public figures. Mars in Virgo adds the need to compromise, adjust, juggle and balance things. But few of us are in the mood.

So can anything help us to channel this lunar energy constructively? Dwarf planet Haumea (at 19 degrees Libra), named for the Polynesian goddess of birth and fertility, offers some helpful possibilities. She could, says her myth, give birth from every part of her body. This means her creativity and fertility are of every kind imaginable. She creates ‘children’ of the mind and spirit as well as children of the body. Since the sign Leo rules creativity, children, and romance, this might give us some imaginative ideas about how to use the tensions of the full Moon in interesting ways.

Moon Magic
Every full Moon is, magically speaking, a time to complete a phase or to think about what we want to end so that we can develop in new ways later on. A Leo full Moon shines on romance (or the lack of it); on feeling successful and confident; and on our creations – whether those are children, a business, a garden or a birthday cake. This would be a great evening to enjoy a dramatic movie, a special dinner, or to light some gold and orange candles and focus on making life feel more sensual and abundant. When money is tight, how we feel inside is more important than ever. If you have natal planets at 17-21 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio you’re especially likely to feel the effects of this full Moon for the next two weeks.

And finally, if it all gets too much, we can celebrate the 200th birthday of a great Aquarian writer and satirist, Charles Dickens, born on this day in 1812. He said, “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” I suspect that’s the kind of friend many of us will welcome.






Moon Diary: New Moon at 2 degrees Aquarius, 23rd January 2012
By Jane Lyle
Are you ready to break the rules? Be inventive? Challenge your own assumptions? Then this free-thinking new Moon is the perfect time for you.

It’s an excellent time for proper, positive, new year resolutions - ones that are about trying something new, pushing your boundaries, and stretching your imagination. And if you fancy trying meditation, mindfulness, or psychic development this would also be a wonderful time to begin.

Audacious aspects
The Sun and Moon, always together at the time of a new Moon, make vibrant links with high-energy planets Jupiter and Uranus. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, invariably symbolises something unconventional, unexpected, or even revolutionary. When linked with the Moon, this awakens our emotions and encourages us to question longstanding patterns we’ve fallen into. Maybe, we think, our families were wrong about some things. Maybe we question what society says is right, and want to rebel against the rules. Or maybe we gain a fantastic, sudden insight into a stagnant or oppressive situation, and see how we can break free.

Jupiter’s presence expands everything. When closely linked with the fluctuating Moon, it signifies waves of emotion and inspiration ebbing and flowing all over the place. Sometimes this means dithering on the brink of making a decision that needs emotional commitment. It might bring out the worst in emotionally immature types, particularly if they have any power over us. But at its most positive, it favours big dreams, splendid plans, humour and enthusiasm. When Jupiter is involved it is always wise to enjoy the ride, but please do wait a while before you splash out financially. You may feel like sneering at sensible advice, but it is possible to explore your most soaring visions of the future while avoiding gambling your life savings. Back to the meditative, inner side of this new Moon…..enrich your inner world for best results.

Goddesses and Monsters
Ceres, the dwarf planet that rules nourishment and life-cycles, favours this new Moon with her presence - strengthening the message of feeding our spirit, our minds, and our emotional selves. New possibilities around food and farming could appear now too. Ceres is linked with asteroid Nephthys, ancient Egyptian goddess of divine assistance, protection, and the infinite realms of night. Like Ceres, she has a fierce, determined side. She destroys her enemies with her fiery breath, or soars skywards on falcon’s wings. Nephthys rides in the night-ship that carries the souls of the dead towards their next life - underlining the Moon’s message of new frontiers for the brave of heart.

Asteroid Scylla is worth mentioning here, for this fearsome Greek sea monster also appears in the chart for this new Moon. She had six heads, and enjoyed eating sailors who had been foolish enough to sail too close to her home in the Strait of Messina, Italy. On the other side of the Strait dwelt Charybdis, a wild and ravenous whirlpool of a monster. She sucked ships down into the depths of the sea. This myth gave rise to the ancient saying ‘between Scylla and Charybdis’ - would you fancy getting close either of them? So, some of our choices at this new Moon may seem to be difficult, or as equally scary as each other - we may be stuck on the horns of a dilemma, between a rock and a hard place. There could be real storms on land and at sea. Or unexpected whirlpools of emotion to deal with. However, I feel that if we ride the waves we’ll be ok - the trick seems to be to go within. Step into the night ship for a fascinating journey. Don’t forget to fasten your safety belts - and enjoy an exhilarating, if bumpy, ride.

Special Birthdays
Aquarians - if it’s your birthday today, or it falls between January 22nd - 28th, you’re looking at a lively, eventful year ahead. Your ideas are brilliant, please use this cosmic energy boost to do something with them.

Leos - if your birthday falls between July 22nd and July 27th your partnerships are energised in exciting ways. This means professional connections, or longstanding love links. Perhaps both.

And remember - if you have planets in your horoscope at 2 to 3 degrees of Leo or Aquarius this new Moon is especially meaningful for you, and a fortunate time to begin something adventurous. If you don’t know, why not ask an astrologer?





Moon Diary: January 9th, Full Moon - Cancer the Crab by Jane Lyle

A potent, high-energy full Moon in Cancer means an emotional high tide. At its most positive it’s about focusing on caring for others. We’re thinking about people we love, and those who are suffering around the world. Our feelings are more instinctual, our hearts more tender.

But the Moon’s link with Mars intensifies everything, energy ebbs and flows and anger sizzles or flares up. So if you feel as if you’re doing everything, and your family or partner isn’t contributing much…well, you can imagine the rest. The same vibration affects crowds of people, and if they feel they’re being treated unfairly it’s likely they will take to the streets or plan to strike during the next two weeks. Sport, farming, metal and mineral industries, and land development are in the spotlight. There may be sharp criticism of people on benefits, or anger towards the vulnerable and needy.

And there’s more volatile energy in the mix. The Sun, Moon and Mars are also meeting up with the feisty goddess of strife, dwarf planet Eris. Yes, more righteous anger plus a strong desire to see justice prevail and hated rivals destroyed. It could get messy. But as the Chinese proverb says ‘ A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without adversity.’ The Moon with Mars and Eris symbolises angry women, female warriors, and female activists on the rampage. Expect at least one prominent woman to speak out, or issue a challenge around now.

Today’s celebrity birthdays include Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge; veteran rock stars Jimmy Page and David Bowie, and actress Joely Richardson. This year will be a memorable turning point for them - and for you, too, if your birthday is today or tomorrow.

Other energised birthdays are:

Aries: April 7th - 11th

Cancer: July 9th - 13th

Virgo: September 13th -14th

Libra: October 10th -14th

Capricorn: January 8th - 12th



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