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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 10th July)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 10th July by Peter Watson

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
Just at the point at which you think you’re free to explore exciting avenues, you will realise that people close to you have some doubts about whatever you’re planning to do.   Your challenge will be to remain calm when these individuals begin to vocalise their reservations and insist that you can back up your thoughts with some very convincing evidence.  It’s important that you keep aggression and resentment out of these deliberations because with Pluto opposed by the Sun it will be all too easy for you to become rather heavy-handed.   And that would do nobody any good whatsoever.  Far better to gather the information required to justify your confidence in your plans and ideas and present them in a voice that’s respectful and entirely without any malice or sarcasm.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Others are likely to have clear ideas as to how you and they should manage a particular investment or work project.  Although you won’t mind listening, you might feel slightly aggrieved that they seem to be one jump ahead of you. The truth is that you’ve been otherwise occupied and it’s only now that you are finding the time and the space with which to think very seriously about what should happen next.  So let a run-in between Venus and Mars sharpen up your wits and encourage you to get up to speed with the situation.  You might also like to reflect on other times in the past when you have been more successful by remaining placid and cooperative than you would have been by taking up a more aggressive position.

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
No-one could blame you for wanting to develop some rather daring ideas with regard to a career plan or particular piece of work.  But you are feeling the build-up to Neptune’s clash with Venus.  And, as a result, it is quite possible that you are allowing your enthusiasm and optimism to overshadow the importance of making precise calculations and studying time-lines and deadlines very closely indeed.  There is, of course, always the danger that Neptune, planet of fantasy, will colour your views and make you feel that everything in the garden is lovely when in fact it’s far from it.  On this occasion the most vulnerable area will be that which involves money coming in and going out.  Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time in the counting house.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Some of your loved ones or friends will be encouraging you to invest in, or spend more time on, your home and family.  You, on the other hand, will be drawn towards an area in which you should, if all goes well, be able to make a profit or enhance your status and reputation.  The fact that Mercury is forming a strong link with Jupiter does suggest that you’ll be a little too ready to talk very animatedly about your plans and schemes without doing any kind of feasibility study or making precise calculations with regard to every stage of the process involved.  It’s absolutely essential that you avoid getting carried away with some exciting and far-fetched ideas without doing the necessary background work to ensure that they can be put into practice.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Think seriously about the possibility that somewhere deep in the recesses of your mind doubts and fears are lurking in relation to a plan or project which other people would like you to mastermind.  You don’t like being perceived as unadventurous or stuck in your ways but Pluto being opposed by the Sun does suggest that you’ll instinctively feel that this is quite the wrong time to take on this new and fairly major challenge.  What you mustn’t do is feel embarrassed or ashamed about the fact that you’re not willing to take this particular risk right now.  Instead, be thankful that you’re allowing commonsense to prevail and you’re not chasing a rainbow simply as a means of pleasing those who are trying to convince you that it’s the right thing to do.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
The fact that the excessive planet Jupiter is making its way through Libra means that you do at times go through a very optimistic phase with regard to your earnings or the amount of recognition you’re shown on completion of certain work or duties.  And that’s fine except that you might become a little too keen to broadcast the way in which some of the people in authority are telling you that you’re doing rather well.  It’s a great pity but a number of your colleagues, peers or companions might be a little bit peeved because you do seem to be blowing your own trumpet – especially as Jupiter is linked to Mercury this week.  And you’re doing it at a time when they themselves feeling that that are following in your slip-stream.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
Difficult though it may be to talk a partner or loved one around to your way of thinking you’ll try to do quite a heavy sell on your latest means of making money or achieving a tremendous amount in your work or profession.  You’re being spurred on by the way in which the Sun is challenging Pluto and bringing out a rather fearless, aggressive streak in you.  And the danger is of course that you’ll come across as being so belligerent that the people concerned will back away from you rather than warm to whatever you’re saying and suggesting.  It’s important that you remember that being born under the sign of Libra you’re actually gifted with the ability to use reason, logic and diplomacy to persuade others that your way is the best way.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
For reasons best known to yourself you’ll start to focus on a conversation or series of negotiations linked to a particular challenge, project or creative idea that you would like to pursue.  You perhaps haven’t realised it yet but you are being impacted by Mercury, at the high point of your chart, joining forces with Jupiter.  This helps explain why you’re suddenly keen to analyse certain situations and make the kind of moves that other people would consider to be too daring for them.  But of course Jupiter’s filling you with confidence and optimism.  And that’s fine provided you’re also backing up your thinking with some hard and fast facts and quite a lot of concrete evidence suggesting that you’re right to start taking giant strides through this territory that appeals to you so strongly.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
You’ll feel, in order to achieve what you want, that you’ll have to pull out all the stops. And that will be made easier than usual because Mars is still occupying the section of your chart governing joint endeavours. As a result, others will approach you and offer help without even realising they’re doing it.  And it will be up to you to ensure that they feel that their efforts are appreciated. So the fact that Mars is forming a sharp link with Venus should help keep you on your toes and remind you that you mustn’t take other people’s support for granted. Not only do you need quite a lot of back-up to get everything done but you want to remain on good terms with those concerned, don’t you? Treat them fairly and respectfully.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
With Venus at odds with Neptune you might feel slightly tetchy with regard to on-going responsibilities about which certain people have some very strong views. It would seem to you that every time you’ve tried to do something vaguely daring or unusual, you’ve received an onslaught of critical comments from these individuals who feel they know best. Not only that but they also presume that they’ve a right to pull your ideas to pieces, and be as critical as they want to be but without any regard for your feelings. The answer is, of course, to make sure your inventiveness is backed-up by some sound, solid thinking. And perhaps keep your more ingenious ideas to yourself, at least until you’re ready to launch them and they’re virtually guaranteed to succeed. 

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
While it might seem logical to allow people to step away from shared areas of responsibility for a little while every now and again, don’t volunteer to take on major aspects of their work for them. A set-to involving Mars and Venus means you’ll be tempted to avoid confrontation by standing in for those who want to go missing for a short while. But you’re under enough pressure in other areas. And there’s a danger that while you’re trying to smooth things over for everybody involved, you’ll actually make matters worse. So from the outset remind those concerned that you already have enough on your plate and there is only so much you can do to accommodate them if they’re not able to fulfil their responsibilities on time and in the right and proper way.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Speak openly and honestly about an on-going project or area of responsibility that sometimes presents more problems than it should. You might make it clear to those people involved that you’re not hinting that you would like them to step in and help. However, the fact that Mercury is nicely linked with Jupiter might suggest that one person in particular may well come up with ways in which the two of you could eradicate on-going issues by joining forces with one another. All of which is fine except that you mustn’t let Jupiter raise your expectations to such a degree that you assume you can have absolutely everything done for you. That’s not the way it will be, so start by setting out exactly what is possible and what isn’t.


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