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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 11th December)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 11th December by Peter Watson.

ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
Pluto’s connecting with Mercury.  And as the week progresses there will be times when you feel you’re being forced to hurry up and stop, as they say.  In other words, you’ll have Pluto encouraging you to be extremely proactive over certain things and to exert your pressure on those who aren’t being compliant.  But you’ll also have Mercury causing friction, controversy and confusion – all of which suggests you’ll wonder whether to just walk away and refuse to try any harder or go any further.  The real message from the cosmos at this time is for you to take a pause, a few deep breaths and to wait and find out how you feel on Monday 18 December when the New Moon occurs.  You should start to see things very differently.   

TAURUS  Apr 21 – May 21
One particular episode has left you feeling somewhat resentful of certain individuals who’ve lacked sympathy, understanding or good judgement as far as you’re concerned.  However, the build-up to the Sagittarian New Moon is about to throw new light and understanding in terms of the area of your life relies on others to be compliant.  First, you’ll realise that you don’t need nearly as much from them as you first thought.  And second, you will have been behaving with such dignity that they will feel slightly ashamed and embarrassed and they’ll begin very slowly to change their ways,.  What you obviously won’t want to do is welcome them with open arms after they have behaved rather badly.  But just show them how, to your mind, complex situations should be handled.

GEMINI   May 22 - Jun 21
Mars linked to Mercury suggests you’ll become snappy with those suggesting you need to change your ways.  But deep down you must know that such individuals do care about you.  And they’ve been watching you sweat and toil within areas in which things have been far from easy.  You seem to have developed a distorted view of how vital it is to get everything done in record time.  Do just remember that with Mercury appearing to travel backwards you probably are making a meal of it.  Perhaps you are misinterpreting messages coming through – and to your mind they seem to be suggesting that you’ve got to push yourself even harder.  And that’s not the case at all.   So, start to develop ways of working consistently at whatever needs doing and don’t expect miracles of yourself.   

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
All sorts of unusual and unorthodox ideas will spring to mind as you survey a scene in which you’re expected to achieve something impressive.  And you should be heartened by the fact that your creativity and ingenuity are at their best.  This has a lot to do with the fact that Uranus which is occupying a power-packed position in your chart is allied to the Sun. And the Sun just happens to be in an extremely conscientious section of your chart.  So enjoy knowing that you are going to get a lot done, all extremely efficiently and successfully – but you’ll be adding touches of near-genius which will make all the difference between things being just about okay and absolutely outstanding!  Look forward to a round of applause coming your way over the next few days.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23  
No-one could blame you for wanting to approach a mundane, everyday set of responsibilities fairly optimistically.  You seem to have grown tired of having to slog your way through unexciting areas or commitments, feeling as though you’re being dragged back by inexplicable forces working against you.  That’s why you’re going to be delving deep and dredging up creativity, imagination and innovation, all helped by the fact that Pluto’s allied to Mercury.  And these two heavenly bodies are taking up positions in your chart where they are able to give you a tremendous boost as you strive to get routine things done in a way that’s fun, exciting but still highly efficient.  You’re about to be extremely surprised at just what you can pull out of the bag.  So make up your mind to get started.

VIRGO   Aug 24 - Sep 23
Although at times you might think that people fail to appreciate how hard you work or how much you achieve, you’re about to see how wrong you can be.  The Sun’s link with Uranus means that your efforts are about to be acknowledged by people whose opinions matter to you.  With Uranus involved you will of course be at your most ingenious.  And this will encourage these people to appreciate how much you can do when the pressure’s on. Don’t expect everyone to clamour around you, packing you on the back and offering congratulations, bouquets and bottles of champagne.  But listen out for the kind of comments you don’t often hear.   They’ll warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, while acting as a reminder that you’re far more talented than you think.  

LIBRA   Sep 24 - Oct 23
People will say you’re mistaken in assuming you’re ready to go ahead with some financial wheeling and dealing, or maybe a business or property deal that you see as fairly straightforward.   Aggressive Mars picking a fight with retrograde Mercury means you should be prepared for all sorts of insults to be flying around.  Hopefully no-one will become hurt or offended as a result of all this.  But even so you need to show that you have no intention of being dominated or made to rethink plans that you consider to be sound.  By all means check to see that what’s being suggested doesn’t mean you’re on rocky ground.  But certainly don’t allow anybody else to take over from you and persuade you to step to one side.  That’s the last thing you should be doing.  

SCORPIO   Oct 24 - Nov 22
Quite out of the blue you may look at a plan of action being put forward by workmates, peers or companions and decide it could be of great benefit for you, as well as for them.  And with Venus, the planet of values, in a section of your chart governing cash flow and all that you have and own you might want to capitalise on something being discussed.  However, Venus is allied to Mercury which is still, of course, retrograde or appearing to travel backwards.  So your thinking will sometimes be unclear and messages will be misinterpreted.  You may have to go over things time and again to get them right.  In other words don’t take any chances with plans or projects being discussed until you are absolutely sure that the sums add up.  

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 23 - Dec 21
Something that feels to you to be a personal attack on your competence or talents is not to be taken seriously.  And you certainly must not allow it to hold you back while you’re meant to be negotiating a deal or arrangement. With Pluto linking up with retrograde Mercury you might mishear, misunderstand or misinterpret comments being made by people taking a keen interest in what you are intending to do.   And you must not assume that these individuals are working against you or bad-mouthing you behind your back.  They’re not.  They’re simply trying to offer objective views on what you have in mind.  And you should listen to them while promising yourself that you will stop being over-sensitive to what they say if it’s of a slightly negative or critical nature.  Hear them out.

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 - Jan 20
It might have been hard to fully understand what has been going on in terms of some kind of business deal or a plan that has the capacity to impact your reputation or long-term future.  And you must tell yourself that the Moon is very much on your side as it enables you to tap into your intuition which is razor-sharp in terms of important developments taking place very close to home.  As the Moon travels through Libra until midweek it is enabling you to tune into your sixth sense and be guided by it in a way that should prevent you from feeling dazed and confused over whatever has been occurring recently.  Look forward to your focus becoming pin-sharp and knowing what you should be doing, how, who with and for how long.

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
You have assertive, energetic Mars travelling across a hugely influential part of your chart.  And, lurking beneath the surface, there might still be the remains of an awkward situation which cropped up with a small group of people with whom you’ve never been able to see eye-to-eye.  Or perhaps it’s a recent scuffle or a one-off event and you don’t know how to make it up with one another.   If this feels an especially sensitive area this week it can be explained by the fact that Mars is confronting Mercury, which is still retrograde.  Not only are you unsure as to how to handle this matter between yourself and colleagues or friends.  But neither do they.  Wait until the weekend when it will all begin to seem clearer and less complicated.   

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
Hovering over an extremely impactful part of your chart is energetic Mercury, appearing to travel backwards.  And you’ve probably learned in the past that when Mercury is retrograde, as it’s known, communications become inconsistent or unclear.  So much of what you’re doing these days is impacted by a one-foot-forwards-two-steps-back syndrome.  And your challenge will be not to lose heart and start to despair.  Remember that mid-week the Sun links up with Mercury.  And this should help convince you that there’s nothing that can prevent you from nutting out even the trickiest problem and making your way through even the most dense and complicated territory.  Nor should it.  So you need to keep your eye focussed on the target that means most to you and tell yourself that you’re going to achieve it whatever it takes.   



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