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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 1st January)

Your career horoscope for week commencing Monday 1st January by Peter Watson.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
Nobody could blame you for wanting to approach a business, partnership or financial matter with great gusto.  After all, you’ve suffered delays and setbacks in the past and you no doubt feel that you have something worthwhile to contribute to a set-up which could prove profitable and fulfilling.  But you mustn’t allow your enthusiasm to steer you towards a situation where you are resented by whoever else is involved.  The fact that your ruler Mars is collaborating with Jupiter does make it highly likely that you’ll want to go charging ahead and insist that everything is done your way, all of a sudden.   But that’s likely to be counter-productive.  Instead coax and cajole others into working with you and alongside you rather than giving them just cause to run a mile.  

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Deep down you know you must soon confront a complex situation.  Perhaps you thought you could leave it till after the holidays and begin the New Year with a totally fresh approach to the problem.  And nobody could blame you for that.  However you do now need to act.  You’re feeling the build-up to Mercury’s tie-up with Uranus which, by the weekend, will make you realise just how close you’ve come to missing the boat as it were.   While Mercury urges you to make contact with whoever else is likely to be impacted by what you do, Uranus is trying to bring out that part of you that can be rather unconventional in your approach to such matters.  By all means be innovative but make sure your ideas are well within the bounds of possibility. 

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
Like many others you’ve closed your eyes to exactly how much money has been coming in and going out over the past few days or even weeks.  And it’s only now that the world is returning to normal that you’re beginning to take stock of what needs your urgent attention.  Certainly with the Cancer Full Moon highlighting one of the financial sections of your chart you should get a clear picture of where you need to spend, invest or save.  But avoid letting the Full Moon make you feel over-emotional when having to discuss such matters with one particular individual who knows how to press your buttons,  as they say.  Make all important decisions for yourself and by yourself and avoid falling foul of advice designed to work against you, rather than for you.   

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Recently you might have found it difficult to put across your ideas to workmates or friends who sometimes think you’re too inventive or daring.  They often choose to take a safe approach to whatever you and they are doing together.  And if you’ve had to defer to them too often it has cramped your style.  Rest assured that this is all going to change with Uranus changing direction.  Uranus the planet of surprises has been retrograde, or appearing to travel backwards, for some while.  But this week as it moves off in a forwards direction once more you’ll gradually have a sense that you can now make progress with plans and projects about which you have a tremendous amount of conviction.  And nobody will be able to hold you back.  

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Some of your colleagues or associates might wonder whether you’re pursuing a dream which you’ll never be able to turn into reality.  You seem to have been working on an idea that’s meant to benefit you and the people around you.  But some of these individuals aren’t nearly as brave as you are when it comes to taking chances, which is why you and they don’t always see eye to eye.  This week however as Neptune connects to Venus you’ll suddenly see quite clearly the true value in following up a plan or project about which you develop very strong feelings.  With help from Venus you’ll see precisely what benefits can be gained for all concerned.  And you must talk everyone around to your way of thinking otherwise there could be a lot at stake. 

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
Now that you’ve had a break from your usual routine you should soon feel ready to get back to work or resume making your way through territory which presents quite a few obstacles.  You’re not daunted by any of that of course because you’re made of sterner stuff.  And Uranus colluding with Mercury over the next few days does suggest that some of the people closest to you are ready to give you support and encouragement as you prepare to face one situation that will be far from straightforward.  Keep reminding yourself that you are not on your own with your problems.  There’s at least one person close by who is more than willing to try out ideas that are new and different.   And you must be bold and take a few chances.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
Perhaps it’s a pity that you’ve been stopped in your tracks regarding plans designed to enhance your reputation and hopefully make some money for you.  It couldn’t be helped because, like most of us, you’ve been distracted by the holiday season.  But how that the New Year is getting under way you will be getting ready to swing into action.  And the cosmos is very much on your side as a Full Moon occurs at the highest point of your chart early in the week.  You should therefore expect to be given quite a lot of response with regard to messages you’re sending out in connection with work you are doing or the way in which you are entering into some extremely innovative territory.   From this point on there should be no looking back.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
Fairly recently you seem to have come unstuck when negotiating the financial details linked to some ongoing work or a property or a business deal.  Hopefully it hasn’t cost you too much.  And it’s quite likely that you’ve gained quite a lot from the experience in terms of good learning.  You certainly won’t be making the same mistake again, will you?  And the fact that Mercury is forming a link with Pluto also means that you should now be able to delve deep and come up with ideas which have a far greater chance of succeeding.  Plus, when it comes to informing others of how you think things should proceed you’ll be able to find exactly the right mix of knowledge and power required to get everyone else on to your side.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
Not far from home there are people who are willing to join forces with you as you make a move towards an area in which you’ve long wanted to try your hand.  You’ve perhaps felt too shy to take the first step up until now.   But this week as the Sun joins forces with Neptune you’ll realise you have sufficient resources and back-up to take a chance on what lies ahead.   Of course with Neptune involved there’s always a chance that you will assume that things are going to be far easier than is actually the case.  So do take that into account when you are organising budgets and schedules.  If you proceed with care you should be able to let this Sun-Neptune connection help you turn something ordinary into something quite extraordinary.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
Having wondered for some while about the way in which one or two colleagues or friends have been less than enthusiastic about your work or other ventures you will, quite rightly, feel entitled to some sort of explanation.  And this week you should get it as you feel the impact of the Full Moon occurring in Cancer.  It means that over the next few days somebody who can be described as you opposite number – a colleague, friend, relative or peer-will be ready to discuss with you the means by which at least one of your ideas can be tweaked and made to work more effectively.  This could be your opportunity to gain support and perhaps even advice as well as something collegiate and extremely valuable.  Seize it with both hands.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
All of a sudden you will wake up to the fact that one or two people in authority expect great things of you in one particular area.  Rather than feel compromised or nervous about what is going on you should tell yourself that it could all work extremely well for you.  After all, powerful Jupiter at a crucial point in you chart is allied to dynamic Mars.  As a result you should have plenty of energy with which to embark on an adventure which promises an enormous amount to you.  The only set-back which could occur is connected to the fact that you do not always know how and when to stop when you reach the point at which you become drained and exhausted.  It’s extremely important that you do not subject yourself to burn-out. 

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Through nervousness or a lack of experience you seem to have made up your mind that it would be best for you to steer clear of financial or work-related deals which promise a tremendous amount.  And you’ve been right to avoid them because there has been a great deal at stake.   This week however things should begin to change as you feel the effects of Uranus the planet of innovation beginning to move in a forwards direction once more.  Uranus has in fact been retrograde, or appearing to travel backwards, for some while, which helps explain why you haven’t been able to get a very firm grip on anything different, daring or unorthodox.  See how much more open you become to inventiveness and originality over the next few days and weeks. 



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