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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 23rd April)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 23rd April by Peter Watson.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
Try not to doubt everything being said or suggested by people with whom you are hoping to produce something worthwhile.  It’s all very well for you to feel quite strongly that you are the one with all the answers.  But much of that is due to the way in which your ruler Mars at the high point of your chart is allied to the optimistic planet Jupiter.   In actual fact, there are one or two characters close by who are equally well-equipped to take the lead when it comes to whatever it is that you and they are creating together.  Make sure you don’t give the impression that it has to be either your way or the byway.  There really is a great deal of room here for collaboration and integration.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
You should expect to be inundated with comments, enquiries and possibly even demands from workmates or associates who are confused about some aspects of whatever is shared between you.  We are probably talking here about professional, business or financial undertakings which require everybody to remain alert and efficient. It just so happens that some if not all of those involved will begin to see you as the one who knows more than anybody else.  And whether or not that’s true you shouldn’t be surprised if your inbox is suddenly overloaded with questions which, it is assumed, you’ll be able to deal with.  Be glad that your ruler Venus is making its way into Gemini where it will help you maintain an air of being well-balanced, calm and collaborative – which is exactly what will be required.

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
Even though you might well be dealing with a group of colleagues or companions who are known to be competent and co-operative you may start wondering whether you should take control of whatever you’re striving to achieve together.  You must be careful of course not to make it look as though you have doubts about them and what they can do.  But with Mars allied to Pluto in the section of your chart that governs partnerships, teamwork and shared endeavours there might well be a part of you that feels compelled to promote yourself as the leader of the pack.  All of which is fine provided nobody else feels left out or becomes resentful of your approach to the situation. This Mars-Pluto conjunction sometimes has a way of making sparks fly.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Be ready to respond to someone you know extremely well as questions are asked about your involvement in an ambitious scheme.  The fact that Mercury, from a powerful position in your chart, is squaring up to Saturn implies that this individual is determined to scrutinise the way in which you intend to proceed.  And it will be done with a certain degree of precision and diligence so as to ensure that nothing whatsoever is allowed to slip through the net.  The danger of course is that if you become defensive and refuse to co-operate you’ll appear to be hiding something.  On the other hand if you’re too accommodating you run the risk of being held up by having to answer too many queries or provide endless information, quite unnecessarily. A middle ground is the answer.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
At last you’ll be able to focus on areas which have been allowed to become disorganised and chaotic.  And instead of talking about making changes and doing nothing about it you will swing into action because you’re being driven by the way in which Pluto is allied to Mars in a section of your chart that is about structure and good outcomes.  True there may be times when you are distracted by other more fun-filled activities but that won’t let you abandon entirely what you know to be an extremely worthwhile and necessary commitment.  Of course it’s all likely to take longer and prove more complicated than it first seems.  But you can rely on Pluto and Mars to help you find the grit and determination required to succeed in the end.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
With all the comments being made and questions being asked about the direction you’re taking in terms of your work or finances you might lose patience with those who refuse to leave you alone.  It’s a good job therefore that Venus the planet of logic and refinement is making its way into Gemini this week because it means it will be governing the highest point of your chart and the sector related to your image and reputation.  This is why it’s quite safe to suggest that you will find the resources with which to remain polite, helpful and conciliatory, even at those points at which one or two rather unthinking individuals are getting under your skin.  The more pleasant you can be, the better it will be for all concerned in the end. 


LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
Although you might not object to contributing, financially or in some other way, to an idea designed to profit you and whoever else is involved you may hear some negative comments from certain other people.  One of them in particular who plays a major part in your private life will be keen to point out that if you take any unnecessary risks you could endanger your home and family life in terms of money coming in and going out.  The fact that Mars is cosying up to Jupiter mustn’t provide an incentive for you to let some well-earned cash slip through your fingers simply because you want to please or impress those on the receiving end.  Any unusual spending or investments you make must be discussed fully with the person or persons closest to you.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
At first it might be hard for you to see how two individuals or two different sets of people will ever be able to pool their resources in a bid to bring about profitable and meaningful outcomes.  But that’s only because not enough is known about those involved.  This is all likely to change however as Venus makes its way into Gemini this week.  It means that this logical and well-balanced planet will be encouraging you to look at the positive factors involved rather than concentrating on the negative.  And by speaking sensibly to those concerned it shouldn’t be long before you start to feel that they are coming around to your way of thinking and are likely to join forces with one another in a way that promises to be beneficial for everybody involved.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
No-one likes to listen to people boasting about how much money they have, or their success rate within challenging territory.  But this week it might prove quite hard for you not to mention the fact that you’re achieving quite a lot at the moment.  This is linked to Pluto allying itself to Mars and bringing out your go-getting streak.  All of which is fine provided you don’t feel it necessary to broadcast every detail of what you’ve accomplished to the point where your audience grows tired and uninterested.  It’s often better to remain quiet and let people find out what you’ve been doing through hearsay or by way of other sources.  It would be a pity to put a barrier between yourself and others by becoming too fond of the sound of your own voice.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
For some while you may have wondered, vaguely, whether one or two individuals have been making it difficult for you to achieve certain results.  It’s only now that you’re able to think about it sensibly and logically that you’ll find ways to work out whether or not you have been the casualty of some scurrilous behaviour.  Up until this point you’ve perhaps thought you’ve been slightly paranoid about people who seem keen to see you fail or experience difficulty in getting to wherever you want to be.  The difference now is that you’re feeling the impact of judicious, fair-minded Venus entering an extremely conscientious sector of your chart.  So you’ll refuse to accept anything about which there’s even the vaguest suggestion that others are being dishonest or deceitful.  And you’ll do something about it.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
Secretly you might wonder whether this is the time for you to branch out in some kind of business, financial or formal undertaking which others have encouraged you to ignore.  The fact that Mars is allied to Jupiter is a clue as to why you’re in the mood to take no notice of the advice you’re being given and to go with whatever feels right to you.  And that’s all very well provided you’re not allowing Jupiter to encourage you to become over-confident and perhaps even a little bit reckless around this time. So while it’s good for you to feel ready to be a little bit more daring than usual it is still essential for you to do your research and become acquainted with all relevant facts, figures and potential pitfalls.  

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
People who have spoken about supporting you in the past might suddenly be on the missing list.  It’s not that you’re about to face a potential disaster but it might become necessary to rethink some aspects of your financial situation or a work-related issue.  You’ll realise that you’d like to put in place some kind of structure or device that will safeguard you against unnecessary risks or any set-up that threatens to cost you quite a lot of money or hamper your progress within the world in which you operate.  Do remember that you’re up against a clash between Mercury and Saturn which is why you’re feeling the need to know you have the back-up of people who can be of help if and when some new and unexpected development occurs.


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