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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 23rd January)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 23rd January by Peter Watson

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
Those trying to encourage you to work closely with them or for them obviously appreciate your talents.  All of which is fine provided you don’t start to feel you’re being buttered up so that you give in and do far more for them than you originally intended.  The fact that Pluto is joining forces with Mercury at a potent point in your chart spells out just how proactive and fast-moving you can be when faced with challenges.  But that can work against you if you get it into your head that you’ve got to be superfast, highly productive and unbelievably efficient no matter what it costs you. That attitude isn’t going to do you any favours if it means that you jeopardise aspects of your personal life that you hold dear.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
At first you may be surprised at how much interest is shown in a scheme or plan with which you think you might make some money and produce something worthwhile.  Those individuals who are particularly keen to be part of the action obviously see that you are on to something with the potential to deliver good outcomes.  And if you invite them on board they have to understand that there are certain rules and guidelines with which they’ll have to comply.  The fact that Saturn is at loggerheads with your ruler Venus does suggest that one or two of the people concerned fail to see the true worth of cooperation and collaboration between those individuals who have a similar work ethic.  They must learn otherwise if things are to go well. 

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
For some reason you’ve been afraid to express your views regarding a venture in which some of your workmates, friends or relatives are placing a great deal of hope.  And it’s only this week, as you feel the effects of the build-up to Mercury’s connection with Pluto being made at the weekend, that you will decide that you owe it to yourself and to the other people involved to speak out.  With Mercury on your side you’ll be at your most articulate.  But you mustn’t let Pluto’s influence mean that you start to sound a little bombastic.  You’re dealing with people who need to feel that, even if you intend to raise objections to some of what’s being done, you’re still very much on their side and that you all want the same thing.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
In a way it might seem a pity to you that someone in authority is urging you to be more challenging when it comes to certain of your colleagues or associates. Yours is a sensitive, caring sign and you often have great difficulty in forcing people to see your viewpoint when it’s very different from their own.  Even so, you will see that one or two situations could be improved if you are were able to take more control of what’s going on.  So you should capitalise on having the assertive planet Mars moving to the highest and most potent point in your chart and bringing out that streak in you that is more combative, and less compliant, when it comes to those with a one-track mind.  Do your best.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Don’t be surprised if friends or colleagues hint that they’d appreciate a little more wriggle room when it comes to plans or projects on which you and they are working together.  You might be happy to stick to a pattern or formula that requires deadlines and budgets to be adhered to quite strictly.  And this is linked to the way in which Mercury and Pluto are allied to one another in Capricorn which means they’re having a lot of impact in an extremely productive and conscientious section of your chart.  In fact, you would do yourself and the other people concerned an enormous favour if you were to be more flexible and consider various ways of working which in the past you have refused to entertain.  It’s time to open your eyes and think again.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
It seems that you are about to get caught up in a no-win situation with regard to your job or certain responsibilities to which you’re very committed.  Once again, people are loading more on to your shoulders than they should, simply because you always manage to come up with the goods no matter how over-burdened you might be.  At the same time there’s a small voice at the back of your mind reminding you that the occasional worry or concern about your health or well-being sometimes creates a bit of unrest in your mind when you least expect it.  So take quite seriously the fact that there’s a New Moon in Aquarius at the weekend.  And it’s encouraging you to strike a better balance between getting results and taking care of yourself.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
Just when which you think things are going well on the work or business front someone will throw a spanner in the works.  And your first instinct will be to respond in an aggressive way and make it known that you’re not happy with the situation.  You must be careful however because  with Venus being challenged by Saturn you might jeopardise a relationship which means a lot to you. This is why you should make a point of considering very carefully what this person has been saying or doing and try to find out what lies behind it.  If you can show that you’re willing to take on board other suggestions and ideas rather than stick to preconceived plans, you should find that you can both become far more collusive and cooperative with one another.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
Mars making its way into the assertive sign of Aries, which it rules of course, does imply that you’ll be driving yourself to get a lot done.  And although there is nothing wrong with that, it could all go wrong if some of the people around you start to feel bullied or intimidated by your manner which, perhaps without your realising it, is starting to become annoying.  It might be useful to think of the difference between carrot and stick and how one can often coax the right outcomes out of workmates or associates while the other causes upset, anger and resentment. It’s important not to underestimate the value of relationships and how they are not to be jeopardised simply because you feel the need to push too hard when it’s not really necessary.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
Other people will suddenly seem incapable of producing what’s required of them.  Or are they simply not in the mood?  Whichever the case may be, you should be glad that Mercury is joining forces with Pluto.  And as it does so, you’ll be reminded  that when you put your mind to it you can be extremely powerful and persistent when it comes to achieving goals.  As you’re impacted by the build-up to this cosmic connection you should feel yourself becoming more assertive and self-confident than you have been recently when it comes to challenging those individuals who won’t play ball.  You don’t have to be so attacking that you make them miserable while damaging your reputation.  But you do need to make it crystal-clear that it’s either your way or the highway, as they say.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
People may have become quite boring when they have repetitively talked about finding new ways of handling funds, investments or cash-flow.  But rather than ignore them, you should take on board their point that change can be good and that you and they probably should become more creative and inventive when it comes to financial wheelings and dealings.  In some ways this could be the perfect time to experiment and explore because you are being affected by the weekend’s New Moon which occurs in one of the financial sections of your chart.  And since we’re talking about Aquarius this means that inventiveness and originality will be second nature to you.  So you can expect great things of yourself provided you don’t lack the courage to bring in the new and throw out the old.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
Expect to find yourself entering a moral maze as you struggle to decide how generous and accommodating you should be with regard to colleagues, employers or friends who see that you’re doing rather well.  Even though they might not hint that they would like your support, you’ll have a strong sense that you’re expected to contribute something to their situation. This is exacerbated by the way in which Venus is at right angles to Saturn this week and raising questions in your mind about whether or not you have to provide back-up for those who cannot or will not fend for themselves. Only you can decide.  But the really important thing is that you refuse to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. And certainly don’t fall foul of guilt trips or emotional blackmail.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Having sat on some money or other resources you’re starting to wonder whether you should put it to good use.  The reason you haven’t been very proactive about it until now is that you’ve been afraid to make a wrong move.  But with Mars leaving your sign and entering Aries you’re thinking quite seriously about capitalising on what you have at your fingertips and how you can make more of it.  This is fine provided you don’t become so sure of yourself that you stop listening to other people’s very sound advice and you start taking chances that could end badly.  Yes, it will do you good to feel more self-assured when making decisions but you mustn’t let bravado convince you that you can’t put a foot wrong.  You can if you’re not careful.


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