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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 23rd October)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 23rd October by Peter Watson

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
People may think that you are behaving in an extravagant, excessive way as you take control of territory which has been allowed to take care of itself for rather too long.  In fact, all you’ll really be doing is grappling with a situation that could be of far greater benefit to everybody concerned if only it were injected with some enthusiasm, creativity and structure.  It does have to be said however that the fact that Jupiter is joining forces with the Sun in a partnerships sector of your chart does help explain why those you’re meant to be motivating to make more effort do feel that you’re going a bit too far.  But they’ll just have to put up with it, won’t they, if the desired outcomes are to be achieved?

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Go out of your way to describe to colleagues or friends the way in which you intend to reorganise some on-going tasks and duties which everyone involved seems to avoid if at all possible.  With Venus in Libra you will be well aware of how much more could be gained from the areas concerned if everything were made more ship-shape.  You also have to take into account however the fact that Pluto is challenging Venus which suggests that onlookers or bystanders will be offering the kind of criticism you find disruptive and entirely unhelpful.  So it’s vitally important that you prove to everyone concerned that you have total confidence in the strategies that you’re adopting and that you’re certainly not going to be put off by anybody else’s views or opinions.

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
You’ll be in no doubt whatsoever that you and a partner, colleague or friend can make a very good job of handling a contract or piece of work that promises to be profitable, pleasurable and fulfilling.  And you’ll be buoyed up even further by your ruler Mercury making a connection with Pluto at the weekend. Little by little you’ll feel the earliest effects of this cosmic link as it encourages you to flex your muscles and to let everyone see that you’re absolutely determined to score a huge triumph with this collaborative piece of work in which you have so much hope.  That’s fine provided you have a sufficiently thick skin to ward off any negative comments uttered by one or two Doubting Thomases who can’t bear to see you doing so well.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Allow your intuition to steer you towards a means of handling chores or duties for which you don’t really have time.  You won’t want to appear lazy or unhelpful by trying to pass the responsibility of this work on to somebody else.  So with the Moon in a conscientious and productive section of your chart during the early part of the week you’d be wise to tackle whatever needs to be done without delay. During this period it should be fairly easy to tap into a part of yourself that can often see a solution for problems which would leave most other people feeling at a loss as to what to do next.  If you listen to an inner voice telling you how to handle this situation you’ll soon have it in your grasp.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
No-one could blame you for becoming extremely excited and animated when you first start talking about some kind of joint venture involving yourself and some of your workmates, friends or companions.  You’ll be especially enthusiastic because of the way in which Neptune is connecting with Mercury and encouraging you to indulge fantasies and be extremely imaginative and creative in terms of your means of achieving some truly outstanding results.  And that’s fine but you must of course check to see that you have the time, the resources and the support to ensure that you’re not left struggling to perform miracles.  Yes, by all means be ambitious but also remember that no amount of wishing and hoping can bring you what you want without a lot of hard work being put into the mix.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
Having had to approach a number of projects in an extremely orthodox and conventional way in the past you’ll soon be in the mood to be a great deal more inventive within certain areas of responsibility.  This is why you need to check that you have whatever’s needed to ensure that you can think along more creative and ingenious lines as you embark on a potentially controversial venture.  This is partly due to the fact that Venus is being challenged by the powerful planet Pluto and this suggests that someone will be extremely quick to accuse you of getting things wrong.  And you won’t like being criticised in this way.  So make sure you leave absolutely nothing to chance and that it can never be suggested that you’ve fallen short of other people’s expectations.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
Perhaps you have grown a little bit tired of being singled out as the go-to source of wisdom, knowledge and experience within territory in which you certainly do know what you’re doing. And this week onwards you will be impacted by the way in which the Sun has just left your sign and moved into the area of your chart that governs everything you have and own.  So your thoughts will naturally turn to your cash-flow, earnings, investments or possibly a talent that you haven’t been using as extensively as you might have done.  As a result, you will need more time for yourself and your own interests.  And you’ll have less to spare for everyone else.  And that’s how it should be, for the next few days, or even weeks, at least.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
Strike while the iron is hot and capitalise on a deal or arrangement which hasn’t been given enough of your time and attention up until now.  Early in the week, with the Moon making its way through the proactive sign of Sagittarius, you’ll be encouraged to let your sixth sense lead you towards people or situations offering the potential for you to do extremely well.  This will require you to close your ears to one or two individuals who, for reasons of their own, would prefer you to continue to do things in the same old way as they’ve always been done.  But once you listen to your intuition as it insists that you put heart and soul into something new, different and daring, there should be no stopping you.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
For quite some while you’ve grown accustomed to having powerful Pluto make its way through the industrious and hard-working sign of Capricorn.  So it’s likely that you have experienced times when you’ve felt a boost of energy enabling you to achieve something fairly remarkable.  This week especially, as you feel the build-up to Pluto’s positive link with Mercury at the weekend, it should feel to you as though you’re in a position to share with colleagues, employers or trusted friends some of your more original ideas.  And even if one or two individuals have doubts about the wisdom of what you’re doing you’ll feel inspired by Pluto and Mercury to do what feels right to you.  Just make sure everything is as foolproof and watertight as it needs to be before you make a start.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
It shouldn’t take you long to make sense of a plan, project or piece of work about which other people have had a lot of doubts.  You’ll then have the option to pursue it in a way that’s likely to bring you profit, a sense of achievement and a certain amount of acclaim.  You do just have to remember, however, that as the week progresses you will feel the earliest effects of Venus squaring up to Pluto on Saturday.  So gradually there could be some negative influence being put to work by those who aren’t comfortable watching you take a very brave step towards what could turn out to be a triumph.  Are you going to be put off?  No. But should you do everything possible to avoid even the slightest little mistake?  Definitely.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
From time to time you seem to come up with some ingenious ideas or unorthodox ways in which to handle work or other areas of responsibility.  And this week you’ll also be impacted by the way in which Neptune is making a very positive connection with Mercury.  So you’ll feel inclined to spread the word when you have a sense that you’re coming up with a plan, scheme or dream that you intend to turn to your advantage.  Of course with Neptune involved there is a chance that you’ll be aiming rather too high or underestimating the amount of work that will be required to achieve what you want.  But is that going to hold you back?  No.  However, you will need to adopt an extremely pragmatic approach as circumstances require it of you.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Quite a number of people will become jealous of the amount of responsibility you have, partly because you’re gradually assuming more power and influence within one particular area that’s enabled you to show yourself off at your very best.  This week, as you feel the effects of Venus squaring up to Pluto, it will pinpoint the fact that there are certain aspects of your work and responsibilities that are too precious for you to put at risk in any way.  You certainly won’t want critics or rivals to steal what’s yours from under your very nose.  Nor will you be willing to take on board critical comments that have no foundation to them.  So let this Pluto-Venus clash bring out that steely part in you that will stand no nonsense from anybody. 



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