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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 31st July)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 31st July by Peter Watson

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
What a pity that you might not be able to rely on the support and understanding of certain people as you embark on something that has the potential to enhance your career prospects, earning capacity or reputation.  You’ll suddenly feel as though some of your colleagues, friends or associates aren’t sufficiently interested in what you’re doing to spur you on and encourage you.  And whether or not you’re right about this you’re likely to blow the matter out of all proportion and might even confront those who are failing to come up with the goods as far as you’re concerned.  Pluto challenging Jupiter means you’ll have a tendency to pick fights when there’s no need.  And you’ll exaggerate the extent to which you’ve been let down or abandoned.  Allow logic and common sense to dictate.

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Once again you might find yourself looking at the distance you’ve travelled and the amount you’ve achieved since embarking on a journey you’ve found challenging.  A pattern is emerging and it will all begin to make more sense as a Lunar Eclipse occurs in the next few days.  You’ll realise there are peaks and troughs in terms of the amount of progress you’ve made.  But it’s only when a bright light is shone on territory in which you haven’t felt valued or, in your terms, you’ve failed to make much impact, that you’ll see just how much you have been able to accomplish.  Let this Lunar Eclipse prove once and for all that you’ve much to be proud of and that the people around you think much more highly of you than you sometimes imagine. 

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
The fact that Pluto’s intimidating Jupiter this week is no excuse for you to go into battle against colleagues, friends or employers who are making it fairly clear that they don’t find your creative, imaginative approach to certain projects very impressive.  These people have a right to state their opinion.  And you have a right to defend your thinking.  But with Pluto involved you absolutely must not lash out at people simply because they’re not entirely on board with whatever you’re trying to produce.  Far better to remain calm and state your position very clearly and respectfully.  Hopefully you’ll be able to explain exactly why you’ve gone about things the way that you have.  And rather than attack these critics of yours you’ll discover a way to talk them round to your way of thinking.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
You’re likely to feel quite uneasy when it begins to dawn on you that one of your colleagues, friends or associates might have been taking you for a fool.  And if so, to what extent has this impacted your finances, output and perhaps even the way in which you’re perceived in the workplace?  Almost certainly you’ll be over-reacting to what you learn, partly because you’re feeling the effects of the  Lunar Eclipse occurring over the next few days.  It’s already highlighting some areas in which you probably do need to monitor things a little more carefully than usual.  But don’t let this mean that you become near-paranoid about being treated badly by others.  Just use it as a reminder that it pays to run checks and balances in potentially vulnerable areas on a regular basis.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Don’t be surprised if some of the people around you begin to offer you advice whether you want it or not, especially in areas in which you assume you’re already doing a pretty good job.  Pluto at loggerheads with Jupiter does suggest you’ll find it impossible to handle such situations with a light touch.  Instead, you’ll want to lash out, especially with Jupiter encouraging you to exaggerate the effects of whatever is being said to you.  Your challenge will be to remain logical and totally pragmatic and not to allow your inner rage to get the better of you.  Try to tell yourself that these individuals probably mean well.  And even if they are interfering it’s because they’re clumsy or tactless rather than malicious.   In other words, they don’t deserve to be judged too harshly.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
For some while you must have wondered how certain amounts of money have been distributed or whether or not the books balance and financial or administrative matters are in good hands.  But you probably haven’t done much about it.  This week, however, you really must check to make absolutely sure that everything’s in its proper place and that there’s more money coming in than is going out.  If there’s a sense of urgency about this it’s because early next week, around 7 August, you’ll feel the effects of a Lunar Eclipse occurring in a very hard-working section of your chart.  And you’ll need to know for sure that your efforts are appreciated and that no-one is likely to be acting in an incompetent – perhaps even dishonest – way with regard to your financial or professional arrangements.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
It will be all too tempting for you to pour your heart out to someone nearby when you start to imagine that your efforts aren’t appreciated or you’re having more burdens piled on to your shoulders than you can possibly manage. You are feeling prone in this area because of the way in which the Moon is squaring up to Neptune in the heavens and in your chart.  This means that an area governing your work, income and reputation is directly impacted by this cosmic clash.  So you’ll feel far more vulnerable than you need to be.  Look at the situation in a pragmatic, sensible and logical way and you’ll realise that you have to let negativity fade away as you adopt a totally realistic approach to whatever is going on around you.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
Some people close by tend to encourage you to be more imaginative and daring when it comes to work or responsibilities which to your mind call for consistency and structure.  And that’s fine except that over the next few days you’ll begin to feel the impact of Uranus in a very conscientious section of your chart changing direction as it enters another of its retrograde phases.  So your instincts will be telling you that if you try to be more unorthodox or innovative when functioning in some unknown areas it might all go wrong.  And you can’t afford for that to happen.  Therefore you must stick to whatever is safe and sound – and if you do become a little more adventurous, check to see that if anything goes wrong it won’t prove disastrous.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
With Pluto confronting Jupiter it may feel as though others are rounding on you with regard to the way you manage your finances or some aspects of whatever work you’re doing.  And of course Jupiter does have a way of encouraging you to exaggerate the impact others are having on you while Pluto urges you to use whatever power you have to tell people to behave differently.  What you must try to do is avoid waging war on these individuals who probably aren’t aware that their somewhat critical comments are getting under your skin.  And hopefully they’ll be more diplomatic when they have something to say about your means of managing your money or career.  If however you’re forced to challenge them about their behaviour do so in a way that is polite but firm.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
Perhaps you’re still feeling the effects of having Jupiter making its way through the most powerful and visible section of your chart.  So you won’t mind being seen as the main driver or instigator when it comes to plans and projects that have the potential to enrich your life and enhance your reputation.  The problem might arise when Jupiter challenges Pluto late in the week.  You’re likely to take umbrage when others suggest that they themselves are responsible for progress being made or new initiatives being put into place.  You may become so aggressive that you jeopardise relationships which, by their very nature, are destined to go through a few ups and downs.  Make sure you don’t create more drama and cause more friction than is absolutely necessary between yourself and those causing problems.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
On one or two occasions you’ll feel you’re all over the place when it comes to paying bills, balancing the books and keeping things running smoothly.  This is a result of the Moon squaring up to Neptune.  Consequently, you’ll feel one minute that everything can be managed quickly and easily.  But the next minute you’ll start to panic and decide that you’re being put under far too much pressure by those around you.  Yes, there may be one or two individuals urging you to be more organised and self-disciplined than you’ve been recently.  But these people aren’t going to hold much power over you.  Are they?  Refuse to let the Moon bring out an over-sensitive streak in you while Neptune is encouraging you to think in terms of fantasy rather than reality. 

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Exciting though it may be to have access to certain funds or to be made responsible for some new work or an intriguing project you must be prepared to prove how responsible you are.  You also need to show that you can inject a certain amount of creativity into your dealings with those involved but you certainly won’t be going out of your way to shock them or to introduce elements they find inappropriate.  This is because Uranus, the planet of inventiveness, is shuddering to a halt, changing direction and appearing to move backwards through your chart.  So nothing will be as straightforward as you’d like it to be when you’re handling a work-related or financial matter that really does warrant a straightforward and almost scientific approach rather than something more experimental.


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