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Claire's Daily Horoscopes (Friday 13th April)

Claire Petulengro's daily horoscopes for Friday 13th April.

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Family issues are highlighted and you may spend much of your time trying to support those whose lives are not going as well as yours. Think before you speak. Your words can change everything. Ring now so we can talk love decisions.
Nothing can stay the same, you and I know that now Taurus, don’t we? Instead of allowing the change to dictate to you, stand tall and dictate the change. Your life will be a better place to be if you do. Ring now to reveal the best path in life.
I know you thought you weren’t getting anywhere, but maybe it was your approach that was the problem. Today kind words unlock iron doors. You just have to find the motivation and this is done by taking the first step. Ring now
Venus works her magic on you. She gives you the courage to say what was in your heart but could not be uttered from your lips last month. Nothing can ever stay the same again. Ring now to hear how house moves are a possibility in your stars.
Your need to make progress in your career could well see you taking silly shortcuts which will cast you in an unprofessional light. Be aware that your actions are being judged. Know when to be the consummate professional today. Ring now for insight.
Try to have patience with family who will be trying to push you for things you don’t really want to do. Compromise is the key, but so is calmness and awareness of others needs my friend. Ring now to hear why I think you’re feeling nervous.


It’s going to be almost impossible for you to please everyone today, so don’t even try. Do what you promised, but don’t be emotionally manipulated or you’ll drive a wedge which cannot be removed. Ring now to live your life to the full.
If you want to know who to be, be the best version of you. It’s what will see you, with pride and determination, enjoy the days ahead of you. Auditions and tests today go well. Ring now to make sense of the white lies you know you’ve been told.
Time is running out to do the things you want. Try not to rush through what needs to be done, but instead focus on enjoying the moment you are in. Happiness links to saying yes to impromptu invites. Ring now to focus on what’s important.
Work and tasks may seem like a drag but they are also very necessary. Try to focus on getting the job done and it will be over before you know it. Saturn promises a financial settlement to please. Ring now so we can make your life a great place to be.
Knowing how far is too far to go is imperative to you coming out of this week with a smile on your face. Just because others play the fool does not mean you have to. Ring now to hear why I know someone is trying to goad you into a confrontation.
Seeing as you are one of the most easily addicted characters in the zodiac, you will no doubt be pleased to hear that this is one of the most successful times for you to give up addictions and to start on a more positive path. Ring now for a push in the right direction.

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