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Claire's Daily Horoscopes (Wednesday 11th April)

Claire Petulengro's daily horoscopes for Wednesday 11th April.

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Signs such as you don’t find themselves, they create themselves. You see today where you were going wrong with a relationship which seemed to be going backwards. Talks had today get you both back on track. Ring now to see clarity where there was confusion.
Saturn the planet of structure helps you to put recent events into perspective and you start to work out where you were going wrong previously. Bad news is turned into good news as someone important to you changes their mind. Ring now to tap into your psychic side.
Live for the moment you can’t put into words. For a Gemini, you have been putting far too much emphasis on what others want, rather than on what feels right to you. Honest words bring you closer to a loved one. Call now to hear why you should take the lead in love.
Your element of water sees you reading too deeply into what others are saying. Try to take a step back and take a lighter look at life. Doing so will ensure others open up to you about what they really want from your union. Ring now to hear how Mars favours gambles in love.
I know you feel as if things have gone too far recently, but remember that life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone. Honesty can bring you closer than ever before to those you love. Ring now to hear which sign is talking splits and divorce.
You thought you were lost, but now you know you were just exploring. The events of the last six months have ensured that you researched what you didn’t want. Now it’s time to follow what you do want. Ring now to hear how Jupiter favours financial good luck.


Gambles you take in life today will pay off in your favour. Believe in yourself and others will too. You start to think outside the box as far as your problems are concerned. You find new faith in close ones who make sacrifices for you. Ring now to get your priorities in order.
There is an independent feel to your chart you are trying to follow, but you also know that you want to be part of a team or partnership. Opening up to those you care for will give you knowledge of who will put you first. Ring now and let’s do some honest talking.
You’re still getting used to the changes your life has experienced. However, unless you start to relax, you won’t know for sure if you are really enjoying it. News of a birth makes you re think your own plans for the future. Ring now to reveal all.

Why are you asking the opinion of those whose lives you would never want to lead? Accept you are individual and independent. Don’t be upset by those you don’t talk to any more. They’re not worthy of you. Ring now and live life to the full
Work is proving more stressful than usual and some would say that you’re merely going through the motions of working, rather than actually doing it. Wake up. Life is waiting for you. Ring now to hear what I know is holding you back.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent Pisces. Remember this. Don’t let go of your dreams. They are what will make your life a better place to be. Ring now to hear why it’s worth doing overtime for free this week.

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