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Cosmic Weather Forecast (December)

December's planets and you

by Jane Lyle

It’s hard to believe it’s the last month of the year. December 2010 promises to be a fascinating month, although it does have a few snarl-ups and delays, thanks to Mercury (retrograde between the 10th and the 30th).

All the usual advice about post, emails, and travel plans apply – yes, it’s a bit tedious for all of us. Is there a plus side? Of course there is. Our old friends are more likely to pop up when Mercury backtracks, and at this time of year that’s usually a lovely thing.

Unexpected messages or visits are especially likely during Christmas week itself.  And the good news is that, after the 6th, when Uranus turns forward, no other planets are rewinding  so what’s been stuck or delayed in our lives can finally move forward between now and the end of January 2011.  

This month is alive with some intense planetary activity and, therefore, not without stress. Here are some dates to look out for, or plan around:

2nd December: a wonderful day for acting on dreams, visions, and helpful impulses as Mars meets Neptune. Meticulous work or plans may get a little confused.

3rd December: Much physical energy is around today, so watch what you’re doing with sharp objects, fast engines, and electrical items. Could be one or two arguments brewing too. Special birthdates that are energised on the 2nd and 3rd December, and on through until January, are:

Gemini: 17th-19th June
Virgo: 19th-21st September
Sagittarius: 18th-20th December
Pisces: 16th-18th March

5th December: A beautiful new Moon rises in Sagittarius today. You can read more about it in the Moon Diary.

6th December: Memories of last summer stir, and deep thoughts crave expression.

7th December: One of the best days of the month for getting things done.

8th December: Ah, romance. Passion. Intimacy. It’s all there today.

10th December: Mercury stands still and turns around. The retrograde period has begun. This may affect you more if you’re a Gemini or Virgo. But all of us will notice as the days go by.

14th December: A very dramatic and potent collision between Mercury, Pluto and Mars occurs now.  They are all in earthy Capricorn, sign of government and other structures. This planetary link-up activates issues around power, control, action and desire. It also connects back to June’s Capricorn lunar eclipse, and events or thoughts that came up then. It’s extremely meaningful for you if your birthday falls on the following dates:

Aries: 24th-27th March
Cancer: 25th-28th June
Libra:  27th-30th September
Capricorn: 25th-28th December

21st December: The Winter Solstice occurs today, when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn.  It’s a day of endings and beginnings, the day when the Sun dies and is reborn. There is also a total lunar eclipse in Gemini, right opposite the magical, mystical Galactic Centre – that dark patch of sky in the Milky Way that various mythologies say is our soul’s home.  It’s an unusual moment, and one that our ancient ancestors would have celebrated with great ceremony and ritual.

24th-25th December: Merry Christmas under the warm-hearted Leo Moon.  

27th-29th December: More power, intensity, and probably a certain amount of frustration too. It may not be the ideal time to visit the winter sales, but positive use can be made of some of this energy by working hard at something you need to do, or simply getting very quiet and thinking about the year that’s just passed, and the one that’s about to unfold.

31st December: Promises some sweet moments as the Moon meets Venus. Emotions will be tender and vulnerable though, so plan to be with those you love best and avoid random strangers where possible.

Happy holidays and a joyful and fulfilling New Year!


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