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The Venus Effect

Venus, in astrology, is the planet of love, marriage, friendship, beauty, shopping and cash matters.  Every eighteen months this lovely, capricious planetary influence spends around forty days travelling backwards in a sign. The result is a long stay in one Sun sign, long enough for us to really feel the atmosphere created by this event.

This year Venus enters the intense, passionate, fixed water sign Scorpio on the 8th September, backtracks between 8th October and 18th November, and finally leaves Scorpio on 7th January 2011.


The last time this happened in Scorpio was way back in the autumn of 1995.  Remember? Maybe not…..But perhaps you do, for Venus in Scorpio is dramatic, and intense. Not light and flirty and easy.  And during September and October she is joined by the red planet, Mars, one of her mythic lovers. This has the effect of doubling that deep, dark, velvety Scorpio vibration for us all. The potentially smouldering conjunction between Venus and Mars is on Sunday, October 3rd. 

But the retrograde phase of Venus is the most significant thing about this transit to consider this autumn. So, how can we make the most of this? And what should we watch out for?

Venus Retrograde: 8th October – 18th November

Love and Friendship

Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, which symbolises passion and back into Libra, sign of partnership, and one of the signs she rules. Relationships are in focus.  And that includes the relationship you have with yourself.

What’s good:

•    A great time to reassess your relationships and friendships. What’s working well doesn’t change, but what’s not working well stares you in the face, and just won’t go away.  Neither Scorpio nor Libra give up easily once they are involved in a relationship, and with Venus in these two signs this is not the time to flounce off in a huff. But some meditation and reflection could be positive and helpful.

If you’ve fallen out with someone, this could be the perfect time to kiss and                     
make up. You reassess the friendship or love affair, and you think – I miss that
person. Life’s too short.

•    Seething with resentment? How very Scorpionic of you. But sometimes, like now, it’s helpful to let that anger out. Maybe just in your journal, or if you can stay calm and assertive you can find a time to air your grievances face to face.

•    Whatever happened to…? Now’s the time to ask that question, or go looking. You may also find old friends and lovers knocking on your door during this phase. Some of them may have unfinished business to resolve with you. Others just want to keep the link alive, or reignite an old love.

What’s not so good:

•    Falling madly in love is something few people can resist. If someone bewitches you during this time it should feel delicious. There’s no denying the erotic enchantments of this Scorpio phase. But please, do not rush into anything like marriage or moving in together. The Venus retrograde only lasts for forty days. You can wait!  Your object of lust may not be quite what you thought they were. Give yourself a little time. Your lover might be very hard to shake off if you get too involved. Scorpio is an obsessive sign.

•    Relationships can be restricted or inhibited in strange ways now. They may be clandestine – Scorpio being the sign of secrets, or emotions are hidden or held back in other ways.

•    Traditionally, Venus retrograde periods are not good dates for a marriage. If you’ve already planned your wedding don’t panic. But astrology advises you to think seriously about yourself, your partner, and what marriage means to you both. That’s sensible advice anyway.

Money, money, money…..

Venus is a magnetic planet, said to draw things to you. She also rules money, and luxury items as well as beauty and art. With Venus in Scorpio, your tastes in fashion, home accessories, movies and entertainment may have a nifty little gothic twist.

What works:

•    If you love vintage clothes or antique goodies, this is a wonderful time to rummage through market stalls or visit vintage clothing stores. It should be possible to find real undiscovered gems if you have a little knowledge. The effect of the retrograde Venus can mean that people aren’t fully aware of the value of their goods. Now’s your chance to snag a bargain.

•    Digging and detection are Scorpio traits, so if you adore looking for treasure – whether it’s an old first edition, or that fabled hoard of gold in your garden – take this opportunity and go on a treasure hunt.

•    If you need to renegotiate a contract, loan or mortgage, Venus retrograde is a favourable time.  Since reassessment is all around you, reassessing financial terms and conditions works well.

What doesn’t work:

•    Investments are better postponed until Venus turns direct. This is not an auspicious time to get involved with anything risky. The illusions that can gather around love can also gather around what looks like a sure-fire money-making scheme. Wrong.

•    Buying luxury items to wear, or for your home, is not a great idea when Venus is retrograde. They are highly likely to prove disappointing.  Worst case scenarios involve fakes, stolen goods, or things you really, really don’t need.

Between September and January we’ll all experience Venus in Scorpio, and Venus retrograde in that most mysterious and potent of signs. Many of us will have a planet in this sign, or the Moon, our rising sign, or other meaningful points in our horoscopes. An accurate birth chart is the way to discover where and what might the results for you personally.



Your Sun sign is only one part of who you are. But this brief Sun sign guide could give you a glimpse of what’s in store:

Karmic love, or a recognition of just how true and deep one relationship is could make your heart thump and your head spin. Either way, you can’t avoid learning some profound truths about yourself and those you love.
Financially, it’s all about other people. Tread warily.

Love deepens, smoulders, and maybe explodes. Or it ices over and you wonder what’s happened. Venus is your ruling planet, and she is showing you another, more complex face. But a very alluring one. Be brave.

Watch out for that retrograde phase and hang on to your hard-earned cash.

If you’re looking for love, everyday life or working environments offer surprising possibilities.  If you’re already involved, expect some emotional battles. Friendship could be more than fascinating.
Cash comes down to earth. You want to spend money on home and domestic luxuries. Take it easy.

Love. There it is, simmering and steaming away in your solar fifth house of romance. Whether single or coupled up, your sexuality and romantic imagination are highly stimulated. Have fun.

Spending like a drunken sailor is very possible. Use your eye for a bargain plus your matchless intuition and you could triumph.


Fire – that’s you – and water (Venus in Scorpio) creates a volatile mix. You’re craving passion, privacy, and room to explore love and intimacy. Expect a little drama, and enjoy the chemistry between you and your loved one. If it isn’t intense, you will lose interest.
Cash is channelled into family, home, and projects dear to your heart. It could be the perfect time to re-mortgage or get a loan too.

Friendship can turn into love for you, and is often the route you prefer. But emotions are strange, uncontrollable things.  Your feelings could surprise you this autumn. Mostly in a good way.
Don’t throw money at projects or schemes connected to friends or neighbours. Wait until next year and make a decision then.

Shared values and goals sound a little dull, but peel away the layers of romance and what have you got? You need to feel understood. You need your soul mate. Now’s the time to really communicate with each other and find out what lies beneath.
Financially?  Caution. Caution. Caution. That’s it. Don’t let anyone talk you into something just because it seems easier to agree with them.

This transit of Venus brings out your charisma, particularly in September and October when Mars throws in some extra energy. You’re irresistible, but you may experience some quiet, introverted moments and want real depth rather than conquests. You do like a challenge after all. Squash stalking tendencies and revenge fantasies too. You know the ones.
You’re rarely silly with your money. You might want some expensive, exquisite thing. But that’s ok.

Love may be hidden or restricted in some way – you have a secret affair, or your partner has to travel a great deal or spend long hours at work. You are rarely needy so this shouldn’t affect you too much. If single you could be looking for love in all the wrong places. Kick back for a while and keep it simple.
Money? You need to sort something out but you don’t have all the facts yet. Don’t rush into anything, and scrutinise the details of any deal with forensic care.

What you share with someone close matters more than ever. You’ll enjoy a romantic phase just so long as you feel secure.  Singles could meet someone special now, but although attractions look electrifying they could take time to prove their worth.
Spending on gorgeous jewellery, accessories and other fripperies may escalate. You love nice things. Nice, expensive things. Try to set limits.

You attract workmates, and people who can help you or encourage you in some way. Romance thrives on shared ambitions, but withers when you realise someone doesn’t share your inner beliefs and values. Stormy seas lie ahead for some of you. But if anyone can negotiate those swelling emotional waters, it’s you.
How ever much you believe in a project or investment please do think twice during Venus retrograde. A hasty decision now could lead to a lengthy period of regret.

Your passion for beauty and art is enhanced and deepened. Your creativity blooms, and with it your love life as you bring a more creative spirit to romance, and enjoy surprising and delighting your partner. Exploring places or mysteries together is bonding. Or a lovely way to meet someone new if you’re looking around.
Cash can be confusing, or things cost more than you thought. Seek advice in September, and don’t be adventurous with your money.





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