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Will our love horoscopes help you meet your perfect partner or put a spark back into your relationship? Find out what your lovescopes have in store.

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 24th April)

By Sarah Bartlett

Although the sun is now steadily moving on through down-to-earth Taurus, the line-up of five planets in egotistic Aries is still giving us much to get fired up about. Thankfully though, Mercury is moving direct again to give us clearer heads and wiser intentions. Perhaps more importantly, the Mars Jupiter conjunction this week will give us all a chance to show that spontaneity and impulse are just as creative in our lives as doing things by the book. Maybe it's time to to write your own personal book of love?

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 17th April)

By Sarah Bartlett

With Venus moving into Aries, making a total of six planets in this volatile, fiery sign, this is likely to be a week of demanding partners, escalating self-righteousness, and people with more chips on their shoulder than on their dinner table.  Stand still in all this just for a moment, if you can. See that the universal energy, just for an instant in the great measureless moment that eternity is, shows us that love, however much we believe it makes the world go round, is often the thing that makes us spin out of our own personal orbit. It may not make us happy spring-time bunnies either, but if we aim to recall that love is as volatile as it is calming, as despairing as it is accepting, and as passionate as it is serene, then maybe we can start to give out the light of love, rather than flounder in its darkness.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 10th April)

By Sarah Bartlett

Love is wild, free, often mysterious and rarely predictable. And while the planets surge on through action packed Aries, there's a feeling that the only way forward is to be more spontaneous or take a whimsical approach to life. That doesn't mean give up being responsible, it does mean we need to laugh a little. This week, we may find partners slothful or frustrated; we may wish the world was a better place. But only if we engage with others, smile a little and show that we can overcome the dull and inevitable, will we find that love gives us back tenfold what we truly desire.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 3rd April)

By Sarah Bartlett

Neptune, planet of illusion, relinquishment, redemption and magic, glides subtly into it's own sign of Pisces this week. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was way back in the middle of the nineteenth century, strangely about the time it was actually discovered. So this week, discover yourself. Discover the spiritual you, the love within you. Bin the rule books about how to love and be a perfectly nice couple. Instead, trust your inner voice, your intuition, your higher self, your guardian angel, your soul. This next cycle of Neptunian magic will enchant some of us to know that to love from the heart, is also to love from the soul. Without either, some of us may flounder in Neptune's emotionally deceptive waters.

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