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Will our love horoscopes help you meet your perfect partner or put a spark back into your relationship? Find out what your lovescopes have in store.

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 13th March)

By Sarah Bartlett

This week, Mercury joins forces with Jupiter in fiery Aries, reminding us that rebellious, impulsive love can quicken our heart's desire, but action without thought may lead to regrets and disappointment. Saturn trudges on through Libra to remind us that duty isn't necessarily love, but love usually brings big responsibilities. Rebellion versus authority is a world-wide theme right now, but don't let either rule your love life, nor your love life rule you.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 6th March)

'Hey, Soul Sister', is a fabulous song by Train. This week, we can sing along with the words, and admit that we're all beautiful soul sisters or brothers of our partners, lovers, friends and well, hopefully, the human race. With Uranus and Neptune both hovering on the cusp of a new sign, it's as if we're all dangling over a precipice. Not sure where we're heading or why. Yet the 'soul sister', we find within ourselves, and then love, we will find in the places we never expected.

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