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Will our love horoscopes help you meet your perfect partner or put a spark back into your relationship? Find out what your lovescopes have in store.

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 26th September)


With no planets in the fire signs (apart from a quick visit from the moon this week) it seems we're all content to settle down and just 'get on with it', whatever we assume 'it' to be. We lack motivation, drive, confidence and impulse. Yet we're filled with wishing and hoping, praying and intuiting, uncertain if we're ever going to get out of the hole we've got ourselves into, or are about to fall into another permanent trap. We feel disillusioned, unsure of our previous plans. Yet, luckily, Venus and Mars in erotic Scorpio give us a breathing space. We can love more deeply, be closer to others, dream of our heart's desire. So, take a deep breath, wish on a shooting star, and wait for the time, not long off now, when we can all can burst into splendid romantic life again.




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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 19th September)


A fiery full moon plus the autumn equinox (when the sun moves into Libra) on the 23rd, mark a fascinating turning point in the year. Not only a sense of a change in season, but a sense that we are all being given a chance to right wrongs, balance the romantic books, ensure we receive and take as much as we give; enjoy being who we are rather than reproach ourselves; and remember to believe in that often forgotten word in the midst of love's messy relationships, 'respect.' To look at others objectively, see their differences, accept them as they are, while not forgetting to respect oneself. This is your task this week, because the more you can love yourself and not let anyone put you down, the more love will fill your personal world.



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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 12th September)



With flighty Mercury moving forward again in obsessive Virgo, we're all going to assume that love will now work to order. Of course, those who think love is a mystery, not a logic, may disagree. In fact, ' an about turn Mercury' may give us all a sudden wish to return to what we thought was bearable, and to give up on our wishes for more. Yet by the end of the week, we an get on with loving from our hearts rather than from our heads. Although of course, love is from all the parts we thought we never knew existed. This week, time to reveal them.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 5th September)



Mercury retrograde may be stalling plans, disrupting computers, making us think backwards and upside down, but its also slowing down romantic intrigues, and giving us a feeling we aren't as desirable as we thought we were. In fact, this week is simply one where delays will occur and the love bus may well seem as if it's leaving without us. But with Venus and Mars still ploughing through lovely Libra, we'll at least be able to rationalise our moods, and bad thoughts will become good ones again.

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