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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 17th August)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


As Venus continues her move through your relationship sky don’t be put off when things don’t work out with a new flirtation. Mercury’s interference provides a few frogs before you find your prince or princess. Keep on kissing until you find your happily ever-after.

Whilst it’s not ideal it does seem as if your workplace is where it’s at for new romance T. The issue may not be the fact that someone at work is ringing your bell, it could be that they’ve rung it before? Going back and a work/romance thing? Stop thinking, put the emphasis on feelings.

You’re at your flirtatious best at the moment Gemini and even when you get it wrong it seems you get it right! You could have overstepped the mark, commented on a delicate matter or gone too far down the road with some idle chit-chat; but still it seems your forgiven. As ever.

Pluto and Mars are having a rowdy time in your relationship sky, both intense planets and both seekers of truth at any cost. Look for someone who is strong enough to take it Cancer, someone who is just asking for it; the depths of an emotional connection that is. What did you think I was talking about?

There’s something in the water, must be, as the Sun prepared to leave your sign his spotlight is bringing a lot of attention your way Leo. But it’s your relationship planets Uranus who provides the introductions, enhances your reputation and ultimately provides you with a love choice. Or two.

You can play the demure one, the eyes down looking at the floor, shy, but we all know that’s not who you are, the coy thing is an act. Luckily someone else has seen right through it, he or she does the same thing and until one of you speaks you’ll continue to look at each other’s shoes. Sort it.

Venus is in your sign Libra, right in the middle catching more of you with her reach up and down your sign. She’s providing some attention from folks, but she’s also asking you what you want from your love life? And that would be? Get super clear.

There are things you want to say but can’t, so keep them bottle up inside Scorps, that’s super healthy! You know nothing will change until you clear the air, be it a new love or the residue from you know who, it’s time to let it out. Not let it go, that happens after you let it out. Talking stick is yours.

There are things you’re not so good at, I know, it comes as a shock to know that but there it is. One of those things might be letting someone know you fancy him or her; wow! That means you really do fancy them, like big time fancy them. Find a way before the go away.

With three big hitters in your sign it’s a really powerful time for you Capricorn, not just about relationships. Folks see that, they see you’ve got a lot going on and they may automatically find themselves stepping back. If you rather they didn’t step back, step forward.

With Mercury still reversing in your relationship sky you may say the wrong thing, push a drama too far or blurt out something you should have kept to yourself. But. Laughing at your own foolishness can bring you closer to someone who gets you, gets your spontaneous nature.

There are things you’re not so keen on, things you adore and things you recognise need some work. I think that’s called normal. Don’t over-hype it Pisces, a new love interest may not be perfect but who amongst us is? Apart from you of course.


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