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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 1st June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Seems you’ve fallen in love and when you’re in that state of gorgeousness it’s truly difficult to walk away but walk away you must. Yes, your sofa is lovely, and the new series of Love Island is everything you dreamt it would be, but it’s time to break up with staying in. Venus has gotten way too comfy at home.

A heavy footed approach isn’t going to work for you T, you need to tread softly if you’re to win someone over at work in particular. Smile and wave, share your chocolate with them, they they’ll really know you’re interested. Love is between the lines, those fine lines that can only be walked gracefully.

I know you’re not that bothered at the moment, you’ve got a ton of things to do and TBH, you’re OK ATM. You know you’re busy when you haven’t got enough time for actual words, for actual romance, for actual hi how are you doin’. That’s just fine, but if you want love in your life get wordy; get flirty.

Venus is in your sign; yay! Venus is falling out with Saturn and Pluto in your relationship sky: boo! The pendulum swings Cancer, in and out of how you feel about someone you’ve just hooked up with, but that’s okay; it’s just making sure before any big commitments are made. Go with.

There’s nothing like hooking up with the ex for some real understanding, he or she gets you, he or she knows you so well it’s a wonder you ever broke up in the first place, and don’t they look great! Stop. Now recall why he or she is your ex and talk to your bestie as soon as.

When your mates force you out, yes that’s what they’re doing with their guilt-tripping you into that night out, you may feel a bit miffed, annoyed about their methods but remember they’re doing out of love. Not feeling any better about it? What if you knew Venus was wandering your social sky? Love waits out-out.

Some folks need to make it more obvious than an obvious thing, stand up and wave so they’re seen, and your ruler Venus is asking you to see who’s doing just that; or she’s suggesting you get a spotlight and some sequins and give it the old razzle-dazzle.

You can’t be sure of someone’s response until you ask them, you know that, but you can be sure they won’t respond at all if you cloak yourself and don’t let even the slightest notion of how you feel out of your Scorpio force field. Uranus offers an opportunity, a surprise chance to say hello and impress.

Are you going to consider someone’s offer of help, his or her attempt to assist you with a work deal or maybe make your day run smoother with tips and hints on train times? See through a mundane conversation Sagittarius, it holds way more love magic than you think.

Venus is in the house! To be more accurate she’s in your relationship house and as custodian of your one-on-ones, for the time being, she’s actually pretty good at hooking you up right now. Add to that Uranus and some surprise outings and you’re good to go. It may mean changing your plans. The horror.

You’re in suspended animation, waiting for something to happen and it’s annoying. You’re astute enough to know what’s going on, you can see it, feel it and you’re okay on one level but it’s boring. Sometimes Aquarius you’ve just got to wait for others to catch up with you, one person in particular. Patience.

With a great big triangle over you, a grand trine in water, you’re using your links to Venus and Jupiter via dreamy Neptune in you sign. Using them in many ways I am sure, but if it’s love you’re after try looking further afield? Exotic connections produce some heartfelt and deeply romantic scenarios.


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