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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 23rd February)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night. 


All you need to do is open up, to let them know they’re on the list and chances are they’ll get in soon. They’re not losing interest, it’s more a case of respecting your desire for space, for time, for healing perhaps? But. He or she won’t wait forever, and hey, they’re astute enough to notice your needs. That’s a good start: right?

There are whispers, notions that someone likes the way you walk, the way you talk; you get the gist. You’ll get more than that if you respond with a louder voice, respond with a clear yes, you’re interested even if they’re so shy they’ve send an envoy, a mate, rather than say hi themselves. Turn up the volume on a possible new romance.

Your inner voice is having a bit of a time of it, he or she isn’t enamoured of the way someone has behaved but hey, that someone is pretty cute. Is that enough, do manners count for nothing? A new love interest may be a ten in the looks department, but they may also rate just as highly in the hard-work department. All about balance.

Turn off your socials, or at least put the phone down for a couple of hours and clear your head long enough to make up your own mind. We can be anything we want to be on social media, what you want is someone who is authentic, no filters. A choice, one shiny-happy and as fake as their profile, one grumpy-content and as real as it gets. Choose.

Sometimes we need the space to think things through, it’s not even about another individual, no ex, no potential partner it’s just about what you really want from your love life. And so it is, Venus asks you to sink into the questions you have, what you want your love life to look like. Go there Leo, allow yourself the stillness, allow yourself space to find the truth of it.

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in your relationship sky, you’re pretty much up for the chat, the hello, the taking things to the next phase for some. But. Friday sees a full Moon in your own sign, so maybe an adjustment to the plan is called for too? Move slowly, move consciously, be aware of everything you say and its consequences.

Do you have a list? Does someone meet your expectations Libra? What about their fourth cousin, twice removed, will they have an issue with you? Didn’t you used to date their ex? Bin it. Bin the list, or ask yourself if you’re being thorough or looking for an excuse to get out of there? In or out. It’s really that simple.

It seems as if all you have to do is click your fingers and there’s another likely candidate, another love interest happy to spend time with you Scorps. No? Ah, then maybe the veil between you and potential suitors is thicker than I thought, or you’re just not lifting your head and looking around? Pay attention, four planets are working your new love sky, work with them.

Mars in your sign is about to get things in to action and your new love ruler is pushing for some surprising encounters, probably through some happy accidents. That left turn when you were set on right, the cancelled bus, the change of venue; when you find yourself anywhere but where you thought you be, that’s exactly where you should be! Cupid is predictably unpredictable.

It’s not like you to shy away from a challenge, so why are you staying in, avoiding seeing someone or having a conversation that might be awkward? Can’t be bothered. I get that, a lot, but sometimes it’s those moments when you don’t want to get involved that turn out for the best. An ex, a difficult colleague, a new perspective could turn into romance.

You can’t have failed to notice just how much someone gets right on your last nerve, he or she really is a royal pain. Bottom lines are being crossed and yet you adjust, something about them makes you want to do just that; adjust. You’re not usually big on such leeway Aquarius, so why now? Admit it, their inner rebel meets your inner rebel and it’s thrilling.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune are all in your sign. And? You have an excuse for a party, cake and all, you have love and conversation with you and you have a big old spotlight right on you. Queue the Moon. On Friday she’s big and bright and directly opposite you, everything aligns for some romantic action but with whom? How would I know? Look around.



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