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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 27th July)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Not quite of the eclipse energy as this week begins so your social life may be a bit topsy turvey, but isn’t that the point? It’s all about shaking things up Aries, chief amongst it for singles is removing the same old and replacing it with new folks, new connections; new love opportunities.

What you didn’t reckon on was the bossiness, the sense of the big ‘I am’ that someone displayed and that’s really not your thing T. Thankfully it seems as one leaves another, gentler, energy moves in and you find someone who talks and doesn’t command.

Without seeming too down about it maybe you’re best way forward is a little you time? It’s okay Gem, you may feel you’ve had enough of it but a little more would set you up for August’s surprise connection with someone who feels more ‘fated’ than ever.

These pesky retrograde planets are getting right in there, asking what you truly want from your love life and encouraging you to scour your memory banks for experiences that didn’t work, some that were amazing and the occasional breathless one or two. Resetting time.

With Venus asking you to stick to your code, to your what you know is right, you’re asked to make yourself unavailable until he or she makes good with an ex, sorts out some life drama or generally gets their head out of chaos. Wait.

Are you sure you want to proceed, remember what happened last time, are they in to you? Don’t ask for the input of others because that’s what you’re going to get, negativity and questions. How about just trusting that you’re enough and all is well. Repeat that!

What was that eclipse all about? It’s a real opportunity to finally let the scales drop, to be sure about someone or maybe for you to be sure that you’re going through the motions and aren’t truly where you want to be? Trust your new vision.

The weird thing about Jupiter is he’s pushing his agenda with Neptune to bring about some good fortune for new relationships but he’s doing it through awkward circumstances. Spill you coffee on someone, look up not down, connect with clumsy it’s your friend.

There was nothing more to say, you’d said it all Sagittarius and so be it. It may feel like you’ve got more, but is it of any value? Leave it be, an ex, bestie or could have been it’s all about someone new right now. Well. Not right now to be honest, give it a beat.

The Sun has left your relationship sky but Uranus is with you as far as meeting someone new goes. He’s moving forward, rare these days, and asking you to connect with your inner geek energy! Find like-minded collectors, gamers, mad scientists, mountain bikers or CEO’s.

How are you after that lunar eclipse in your sign? Tired and emotional? You’ll be right Aquarius but take some time to undo your frazzle, a hot oil treatment on your hair and maybe some Om time with your favourite yoga teacher. Love yourself first.

What was it you were trying to say when things went sideways? Someone may not be getting the whole message Pisces, but add the word ‘yet’ to that. Give him or her some time, they will figure out how to speak Pisces soon enough.


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