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Capricorn 2010














There is being stubborn, and there is being a fool, and it’s time you started to work out which is which. If you are not careful, you are going to lose the support of the very person you are trying to keep.  Take a step back, and make sure that you’re not acting out of revenge. February is a key time for heart to hearts, and unless you throw your cards on the table and say what it is you really want, then you could end up losing out. June is a key time for beginnings and endings, and honesty and faith are your only tools to make sure you get what you deserve, my friend.

With Pluto in your sign, you are coming into your own. You now know what needs to be done, to find true happiness in life. With this in mind, you’ll be actively pursuing your dreams and goals more so than ever before. You have the energy to work, rest and play, but just make sure you set limitations. I don’t want you to burn yourself out before you’ve started on this fabulous journey.  Team projects are favoured in February and July, and can help you turn all of your desires into a reality.

Your sign rules the knees, skeleton, bones and skin.  With Saturn as your ruling planet, you are self-controlled and self disciplined, and this is often reflected in your health. You are usually proud of your body and rightly so. Joints and bones can be weak and you need to make sure you are keeping your calcium levels up.  You are vulnerable to chills.  Remember to wrap up warm and get more fresh air.  It is normally emotional pressures that tip you over the edge and which can see you reaching for foods, which make you lethargic.  Be aware of this and plan your menu accordingly so that your body is fighting fit for success in 2010.

Finally this year you get to balance your career and your personal life. It’s taken a few years for you to learn how to do this, but 2010 sees you able to do just this.  For many of your sign, from July onwards you start to take steps to turn a hobby into a profession. You cannot do a job you don’t like, because those you deal with will be able to see you are not happy.  Things fall into place for you in the coming twelve months and you start to tailor your life more to your needs. This is why success will follow because people will want to deal with you and work with you.

Idea career for a Capricorn: Computer expert, manager, army general or CEO, travel agent, teacher or estate agent.


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