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Cosmic Weather Forecast (September 2011)

Cosmic Weather September 2011 Astrology by Jane Lyle



September - a month when the season begins to change and we think, more than usual perhaps, about our plans for the future.

Jostling for power is a strong theme this month - some of us will use words, actions, and even force to get what we want.  Others will sidestep the issue, or surrender. The wisest, or most fortunate, will simply wait and see. Yes, it is still tense out there, but there are opportunities too. Keeping communications open and honest is a tall order, but seems to be the answer to many of this month’s dilemmas. And making time for some happy moments, how ever brief.

1st September: Lucky breaks and an enthusiastic mood energise many of us over the next three days. Justice, politics and the law are in focus too.

2nd September: A linear alignment between the Moon, Earth and Jupiter expands all kinds of emotions and energies. Human beings and the Earth itself could be in a restless mood. Finding an outlet might be a good idea before some of us are tempted to punch someone.

3rd September: Have you been feeling frustrated or impatient in recent weeks? Relax. Progress speeds up as Mercury finally begins to move at normal speed.

5th September: Travel and trade preoccupy us on many levels. Being open to new faces and places now can improve our chances or help us find opportunities for travel and friendship.

7th September: Glamorous passions and forceful deceptions erupt today, as our ideals are tested or meet with resistance. War and scandal are linked together.

8th September: Understanding our dreams or psychic intuitions is one way forward, as this is a great time for some peaceful contemplation. Beware of delusions, sob stories, and requests for money. Hard facts will be somewhat slippery and fiendishly difficult to capture.

9th September: Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, returns to Virgo once more, favouring thoughtful activities and sharp wit this month.

10th September: Comet Elenin, a rare visitor from deep space, makes its closest approach to the Sun today. On the 16th October it makes its closest approach to Earth. It passes through the constellations of Leo, Gemini and Taurus on its visit.

11th September: A sombre moment. It is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Adjustments and juggling surround information about - and analysis of - this unprecedented tragedy today. Meanwhile, highly spiritual and romantic vibes bewitch some of us. Beware conspiracy theories.

12th September: A Pisces full Moon magnetises emotions and lures them from their underwater hiding places. Water, space travel, toxic substances and spies are lit up by this Moon. Wild weather events are also likely. There’s more in the Moon Diary as always.

14th September: It’s easy to be a critic today, so do think carefully about what you write in emails or say to friends and family. It’s hard to take things back sometimes.

15th September: Confidence is boosted - big plans and enthusiastic publicity motivate many people. Good time for a trip, or for getting work abroad. Venus enters her home sign of Libra today. All is soft and fluffy on the outside, but Venus in Libra has a core of steel when it comes to getting what she wants.

16th September: Love and money are travelling on a bumpy road for the next few days. Expect power struggles (again) and unexpected upheavals before you (or your government) find an answer.

17th September: Time to consider unusual ideas, unconventional possibilities and fine-tune your emotional intelligence. The same old stuff simply will not work. At least not for long.

18th September:
A day for falling in love, listening to exquisite music, or creating beauty in some small corner of your world. A truly terrible day to go shopping though, especially if you’re on a budget.

19th September:
Mars enters fiery Leo, where he is outgoing, dramatic, charming and occasionally bombastic and arrogant. But always romantic and generous, so we can overlook a few tiny flaws. Venus and Mars are now both placed in loving, romantic, flirty signs. What are you waiting for?

21st September: Powerful or famous women speak out or inspire us. More power struggles are likely too, with arguments and debates about human rights and women’s rights in particular.

23rd September:
The Equinox. The Sun enters Libra and a new season begins - autumn in the northern hemisphere, spring in the southern hemisphere. Either way, it’s a significant, high-energy day for new beginnings. Between now and the 28th it’s another of those times when the energy of the earth is tense and volatile with a strong possibility of more upheavals and eruptions than usual.

24th September: Much talk, many struggles, and probably much sulking and sabre-rattling too. Things have to emerge into the light of day before they can be resolved.

25th September: Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Libra. Librans, this could be a good time to make your mark or pursue something - or somebody - you desire. Financial and legal situations are highlighted.

26th September: Yes, yes, yes - more power struggles and jostling for position in relationships, in the big, bad world, and probably at work as well.

27th September:
A Libran new Moon highlights September’s volatile themes, but also offers us a chance to make a new start and ask for assistance, or invite others to collaborate with us. Negotiations and partnerships are in the spotlight. More in the Moon Diary-.




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