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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - April 2017

Dark Stars: April 2017 by Jane Lyle

You might want to change how you go about things this April, for some fine-tuning will serve you well. People may seem vague and distracted, but it’s a real mistake to try and chivvy them along this month. Similarly, your closest relationships could benefit from a different, more laid-back, approach. Do be prepared for delays, and watch out for what comes to light beneath the Libran full Moon on the 11th. Things begin to shift when you understand more clearly what’s really going on with others. And if you’re currently enchanted by an old flame, you’ll begin to see why they’ve come back into your life. What you learn towards the end of April can be very surprising, or bring breakthroughs. Opportunities to talk things through, or take things further, will come along in May. But it’s a dynamic time to focus on cash and earnings, take action on any money owing to you, or discover new ways to earn a bit extra. So why not let everything else unfold at its own pace, and feather your nest this April?

Love, art, pleasure and a sense of wellbeing are top of your April wish list. And with both Mercury and Mars in your sign as April begins, you can find all sorts of ways to tell friends and lovers what you want, or what you need. You can enjoy uplifting music, natural beauty, art and chocolate all by yourself though – so please do make time to explore your own delight in such things. Pleasure will open up your heart, and help to attract positive coincidences and opportunities. Gradually, you may find yourself considering a new direction this year. And the seeds of those interesting developments are beginning to sprout this spring.  For some of you, changes involve home and family, for others it’s an opportunity to reinvent or alter your career path. Relationships could still involve much compromise, but again – later this year – you’re entering an exciting new phase for love and commitment. Meanwhile, why not be extra nice to yourself and revel in what this new season has to offer?

When Mercury backtracks, you tend to get frustrated by the slower pace of events. But it’s a waste of your sparkling wit and imagination. And although you don’t like redoing anything, you’ll benefit from reassessing projects or even reviving one you’d put on the back burner some time ago. A dynamic, romantic full Moon in Libra on 11th lights your path, whether you’re looking for love or digging around for new ideas. Women could play a pivotal role in your world this month too – perhaps someone you used to work with gets back in touch, or an old friend suggests a new venture you could work on together. On 21st April, energy planet Mars enters Gemini for the first time in two years, boosting your vitality until 4th June. So, in many ways, you can use the first three weeks of this month to prepare for an exceptionally lively, outgoing phase in May. Watch out for what turns up towards the end of the month, when things can change quite suddenly. Currently, your life is all about the timing.

A source of tension that’s been around since last year is coming to a head. Finally, with a bit of luck, you can shrug off your worries and deal with reality instead. Certainly, a bit of pruning is needed somewhere in your world, and circumstances should make it easier to see the past more clearly and decide what action you need to take in the present. If you get a chance, take a little time off and pay your respects to the sea, or a beautiful, flowing river. You have a deep need to connect with your inner world, imagination, and intuition – and being close to your natal element, water, will help you escape for a while from mundane responsibilities and concerns. There are people around who are happy to help you too, all you have to do is ask. Love and romance can be nostalgic, with many Cancerians taking a slow stroll down memory lane this April. What results from this is up to you, just remember to take one day at a time.

Your confidence and determination are boosted as April begins, making the first week a positive time to initiate projects or get in touch with people. And if there’s something you need to say, you may find you can’t keep a lid on it. When the full Moon rises on 11th April, words flow abundantly. But there’s also much to review or reassess all month long, particularly when it comes to shared activities or joint finances. Plans you’ve made are liable to change, and certain pesky people could prove unreliable, or simply unable to make up their minds just yet. Of course all this is annoying or even bewildering, but what eventually results will prove to be much more satisfying than you can currently imagine. You’ll sense a change of atmosphere towards the end of April, for you’re moving towards what looks like a very fiery, and merry month of May.

Your pin-sharp eye for detail should come in very handy this April. It’s a time when many people will need Plan A and Plan B, at the very least. But not everyone thinks like you do, so prepare for tales of woe and messages from friends or family whose journeys, lives, or plans have been disrupted. It’s easy to get distracted by all this, so resolve to carve out some private time and space for yourself too. Your love life can bloom with the spring, especially if you devote some time to nurturing your relationship. If you’re lonely, the past remains a rich source of influence. Now, either this manifests as a former lover reappearing in your life, or means you’re able to understand your own approach to love and relationships in a new way. These inner revelations can pave the way to happiness, since you’ll see the past differently and learn from what you discover. Once you let go of what’s holding you back there’s no stopping you!

Yours is the sign of partnerships, as you probably know. Balance and harmony are what you aim for, but you’ll be needing all your silky skills this month if you want to succeed. Others can be unpredictable, erratic, or downright baffling – both personally and professionally. You may be keen to sort out a financial agreement, but do be prepared for some confusion, or delays with communications and paperwork. Your best bet is to coast along, do what you can, and make up your mind to resist getting too stressed by circumstances outside your control. A full Moon in your sign (11th) says things are coming to a head. So why not let them surface and then decide what’s next? Your own wellbeing and pleasure in life is vital, and setting aside some time to relax should be top of your ‘to do’ list. Finances and romance improve as the weeks pass, and May brings some truly lovely possibilities your way.

Listening carefully to what others have to say is always important, and April’s encounters show you just how vital it is. Yes, there may be arguments or moments when everything seems to be stuck. However, during the first week of this month you can unblock emotional log-jams or finally have a truly satisfying – even transformative - exchange of views. Past events and connections remain crucial – both in your working life, and in your relationships. Is there something you’ve missed? Something you haven’t understood? Have you lost touch with your own standards and ethics? Some of these questions float around in your head all month, but are heading for resolution by the time of May’s full Moon in Scorpio. Delving into your creative spirit and plugging into your fabulous intuition is the way to go. And refusing to get distracted by minor annoyances, but taking the longer view is also part of a positive way forward.

Certain situations can be firmed up in April and May, after what seems like a very long wait. But when the time is right, things fall in to place – and you’ll realise that playing a waiting game was the right course of action. Your workmates and colleagues seem to be in an unsettled, changeable phase, and you could be saying goodbye to someone you’ve worked with for quite a while. All this can be mentally distracting, but you’ve learned to recognise your need for a bit of zen in your life haven’t you?  Your ruler, Jupiter, is now backtracking - reminding you of what happened in November and December last year. You can now reassess love, creative projects, and your own emotional wellbeing, with a view to making some more positive changes by August. If all this sounds terribly dull, comfort yourself with the thought that May brings much more in the way of fun and games. To everything there is a season…..

An Aries new Moon at the tail end of March marked a new chapter for you – particularly for home, family, and partnerships. Your own ambitions are also in long-term focus, and at some point in the next few months you may have to make an important decision about what you want to achieve. What’s realistic? Jupiter in Libra spreads positivity, but with Mars in stubborn, sexy Taurus you could be very tempted to overdo it – just remember to seek some balance on a regular basis. So, as you can tell, it’s a memorable spring season in many ways. Tuning in to your intuition and peeling back layers of busyness reveals fresh choices and inventive solutions. Home changes, new ways of working, or even a different career direction in a new location can be the pleasing result. Nothing is final this April, so there’s no need to push too hard. Exploring and researching possibilities prepares you for the next step in love, or at work – climb every mountain, it’s your thing.

April kicks off with a flurry of news and possible maybes. Working from home, or finding ways to make some extra cash from a hobby or interest is a distinct possibility for many Aquarians. Your friends and neighbours inspire you too – casual conversations or unexpected meetings are crackling with ‘a-ha’ moments all month. Days of special electricity are 12th-14th April, and 27th-30th . No need to make special plans, just go to a coffee shop or take a walk in the park. You never know who you might meet, or what you might see. Cash continues to loom large in your thoughts, but what’s held up, or held back, should be released by May. Similarly, a friendship or love affair that’s hit a sticky phase can turn a corner while Mars is in Gemini -  between 21st April and 4th June. Some strategy and patience is needed now, so use all your natural-born reasoning powers and you’ll find a way through April’s labyrinth.

It sounds frivolous, but have you thought about polishing up your appearance lately? How you present yourself sends messages to others – think of how characters look in movies or TV dramas – so now might be a positive time to decide how you’d like to be seen. And what’s more, how you’d like to express yourself. Don’t waste any time - social events in the first week of April offer you a splendid stage if you want to make a lasting impression or attract a new romance. And looking outwards will help you deal with what’s coming to an end this spring. If a job or regular activity leaves your life you may feel a little lost at first. But this is Saturn’s work, and makes a space for something new to unfold. Financially, too, there’s the likelihood of good news and sudden offers springing up out of the blue. Again, it’s about expressing yourself and staying true to your values. You may have lost sight of certain things, but April brings you the chance to re-connect with what truly matters. What a lovely spring gift.



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