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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - December 2017

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for December 2017 by Jane Lyle

You’re poised to surprise everyone as December begins – or perhaps they’ll turn around and surprise you. Either way, you’ve got a lot to say beneath the slippery full Moon on 3rd December. Try to reserve judgement when you can, for once your ruler Mars enters Scorpio on 9th December you’ll see how complex things really are. Eventually, you can benefit in terms of loyal emotional support or financial improvements, but your patience may be stretched very thin. There’s a lighter, sparklier side to December, with old friends and lovers making you smile, or even turning up out of the blue. The free-spirited new Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th energises your dreams about travel, or inspires you to think about learning something new in 2018. Your desire for new experiences can take you in unusual directions, or even prompt a career change next year. Let your imagination roam freely, and don’t feel as if you must act on anything in a hurry. There’s more to come.

Your relationships with close friends and lovers is always important to you, and never more so than this December – and on into 2018. What you share artistically or creatively promises fabulous fulfilment, and for some of you this hints at a fine romance as well. What isn’t working out too well becomes obvious this month, with Mars joining Jupiter in Scorpio to offer both exciting, lucky liaisons and clashes with partners and long standing associates. You’re not inclined to prolong the agony, preferring to seek out people who share your views and values. Certain holiday plans can change at the last minute, so try to be as flexible as you can – and welcome some surprising spontaneity into your world. Changes to your aims and dreams are afoot, whether you’re thinking about moving house or finding new ways to generate cash. Those big themes will become clearer as 2018 gets under way. An exciting year awaits.

A line up of four planets in Sagittarius suggests that others are calling the tune for much of December. And with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde from 3rd – 20th you might as well be as zen as you can be about it all. Yes, some plans will inevitably be delayed or changed, but it’s not a disaster. What you’re thinking around the full Moon in Gemini on 3rd December could be very intuitive and creative, so if you do feel inspired to take a tiny slice of time out – don’t feel guilty. You could discover all manner of riches inside your imagination that will flourish once the holiday is over. Socially and romantically, this month favours long standing friends and partners – and the love and affection they feel for you this month should be heart-warmingly obvious. You could even be surprised by what you hear from one individual – watch for intriguing news or invitations around the time of the high-energy new Moon in Sagittarius on 18th. And although things may slow up a bit over the holiday itself, you’ll be a news magnet well into the New Year.

What makes you feel good? Planets emphasise well-being for much of December, so why not listen to them and enjoy something like a massage or a walk by the sea? A trippy full Moon, plus some tense moments, find you mulling over many things as the month begins. The dreaded ‘work-life balance’ is part of this mood – and many of you will want to make some changes in 2018. Alongside this, your creative, romantic and adventurous spirit is stirring. You may even feel like taking a risk or two – perhaps studying something that’s always fascinated you, or planning an amazing trip. You’re naturally intuitive, and sense change in the air around you. As Saturn enters Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, you’re beginning a new phase for your relationships and professional partnerships. More commitment awaits some of you – while others will form important alliances, or begin a new business with someone, over the next year or two. Some sweetness and joy at Christmas beckons you to set out on your journey in 2018.

Humorous Sagittarian planets gather to signal a lovely, lively time as December begins. Children and young people warm your heart even more than usual, while single Leos can attract an unusual or unexpected romance – perhaps even the return of an old flame. Just remain cool, calm, and collected as December begins, for you’ll hear all sorts of odd things then – or encounter some weird and wonderful individuals. Take extra care of your money, particularly when shopping online – there are some tricky types around and nothing is quite as it seems. Once sober old Saturn leaves Sagittarius, your creative, romantic, and playful side is released, ready to purr in 2018. Yes, you must focus on taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing with Saturn in Capricorn, but if you’ve felt held back in recent years then you can expect a gradual sense of freedom to flourish as we move on into the New Year. Home is where your heart is, so treasure whatever that means to you. You can make exciting changes in 2018, and feeling centred gives you the confidence to have adventures.

If there’s chaos at work, you can blame it on cosmic confusion as December begins. Whatever gossip or scandal you hear then may not be true, so hold off on acting on any of it until later in the month. Focus instead on your own plans. If you’re travelling anywhere then allowing extra time is vital, for Mercury is backtracking in travelling Sagittarius until 23rd December. And friends or family who are coming to see you may have to alter their plans at the last minute too. Threads unravel, but in your personal life a brand new era is about to begin. Mars in Scorpio energises all your contacts with neighbours, and your own desire to write or talk about what you’re doing. Then Saturn enters Capricorn on 20th December, swiftly followed by Sun and loving Venus – all gathering in your house of love, children, creativity and risk-taking. Some very good things will turn out to have their roots in the past – whether that means love, skills, or buried talents. Saturn in Capricorn says take things seriously and you can build on firm foundations now, and on into 2018.

Something upsets your plans as December begins, or maybe you’ve just had enough of one situation and decide to throw everything up into the air and walk away. Step back, and wait for the discombobulating influence of the chattering full Moon to fade before doing anything you might regret. Venus in Sagittarius for most of December emphasises your wonderful charm, so you can probably talk your way out of anything awkward, and have some flirty fun at the same time. By the time of the new Moon on 18th, you’re ready for a fresh start and a more relaxed approach to life’s festive twists and turns. You’ve got time to begin thinking about your home, family, and goals too. Bit by bit, things are moving forwards and a new phase is dawning – one that will see developments in 2018 and beyond. Saturn’s time in Capricorn begins on 20th December, knocking firmly at the door of September Librans to begin with. If you can find some quiet moments at some point over the holiday, you’ll find out what you really think, and what (or who) you really want for Christmas.

There’s always a financial theme in the weeks after your birthday each year. This year, lovely Venus may throw a nice little surprise your way mid-month with something relating to your everyday life and routines. Is Jupiter working a little magic for you yet? Do you feel more open to life and all its strange possibilities? As you probably know, this theme lasts until next November. This month holds much juicy potential for your creative ideas, and also brings you closer to children and romantic partners too. It’s your choice though, as flowing planet patterns tend to just sit there like a beautiful sunny day. It’s up to you whether you go outside or not. Saturn in Capricorn, plus Sun, Pluto, and Venus in late December, show you how working and communicating with other people can be energising and positive. You have Mars, your traditional ruler, in Scorpio from 9th December until the end of January, so this is a great time of year to get things moving, especially fortunate just over the New Year period. So whether it’s work, creativity or love you desire, you could just get your secret wish this year.  

Deck the halls with boughs of holly – Saturn leaves Sagittarius on 20th December. Now, the old boy has a terrible reputation for gloom, but this planet of structure and karma is also vital for our stability and long-term progress. So you’ve definitely achieved and learned a lot in the past couple of years, whatever you might think right now. And thinking straight beneath December’s mad Gemini full Moon (3rd) is a real challenge. Do remember to breathe in and out before charging off at a tangent. Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Sagittarius bring joyful moments and delightful visitors this month. Mercury rewinding in your sign can also unearth some happy memories and shared nostalgia with old friends. Just take extra care with travel plans, and consider that maybe now’s not the right moment to tell somebody exactly what you think of them either. Otherwise, there’s some fine and even exciting moments mid-month, and a vibrant new start with your very own new Moon on 18th December.

Inspiration gleams and glimmers for you when you’re with friends and neighbours this December. You may even experience some unusual moments of telepathy, or hear something thought-provoking from an intuitive or psychic person. You can cultivate your inner life, safe in the knowledge that sensible Saturn, your ruler, is about to enter Capricorn on 20th December. Enjoy a few fireside Yuletide ghost stories, you’re unlikely to be accused of being away with the fairies. This pivotal new era means that your ambitions and dreams will become very down-to-earth during the next couple of years. What you begin to build now will prove to be long-lasting. Saturn does bring certain things to an end, too, but only those situations or directions that no longer work for you. You’re naturally well-suited to a visit from your natal ruler, of course. It should help you make the most of 2018’s gorgeous artistic and creative potential that flourishes when you’re with like-minded friends and workmates. Keep this bigger picture in mind during early December’s uncertain atmosphere, and prepare for an exciting and challenging year ahead.

You can be wildly creative and innovative as December begins. But you very much need to spark off ideas with other people, so don’t be tempted to hide away. Life will come and find you anyway – with unexpected visitors or changes to your holiday plans looking very likely. There should be plenty of social or romantic interludes to keep you happy, yet beneath the fun and flirting you’ll discover all kinds of inspiration and unusual ideas if you care to look for them. Such exciting light-bulb moments  - some with a strong link to the past - are especially likely around the time of December’s new Moon (18th). Meanwhile, your desire to do something that reflects your values, or to put something back in some way, is growing. Taking a strictly materialistic path will not satisfy you, your need for a higher purpose is part of your true nature. Don’t stress if you feel restless, February’s lunar eclipse could shake things up, and help you see which direction is right for you in 2018.

Some very interesting information surfaces this December. Not only are you poised to find out more about home and family stories, your working life is also full of news and possibilities. You may be eager to take on more responsibility, or accept a promotion. Some of you will be reaching escape velocity, eager to shed old restrictions and find new outlets for their talents. Either way, your luck can be enhanced by exploring new ideas, developing your skills, or planning to see more of the world. Someone may leave your life, probably at work, and this inevitably prompts some thinking, and opens up fresh avenues for you to pursue. The new Moon in Sagittarius (18th) is very close to the holiday period, and promises announcements and surprises just before you – hopefully – take a well-earned break. The journey of Jupiter through Scorpio now, and in 2018, means that developing your soulful, creative side is vitally important. It’s a fabulous opportunity, but it’s up to you to accept this gift and embrace the magical, fertile potential.   


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