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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - February 2017

Dark Stars February 2017 by Jane Lyle

February’s fires warm your heart. All you need to remember is to stay centred. And you should most certainly expect the unexpected to alter your plans in the blink of an eye. Mars, your ruling planet, is at home in Aries until 10th March – favouring direct action and clarity of purpose. Magnetic Venus, meanwhile, enters your sign on 3rd February, reverses back into dreamy Pisces in March, and returns again to Aries between 28th April and 6th June. What will you do with all this lively, dynamic energy? Getting out and about will help you make the most of it, for you’re on fire and can make your mark without trying too hard. A lively Leo lunar eclipse (11th) favours unusual creative projects, romantic moods, and playful impulses. Your partners in love, or at work, may be astonished by your energy – just make sure you’re not driving them mad, being overly bossy, or taking ridiculous risks. With a little thought and care, you’ll experience a most amazing spring and early summer.

Your thoughts about your dreams and life direction are emphasised by both Sun and Mercury in Aquarius this month. And around the time of the Leo lunar eclipse (11th) there’s an abundance of inspiration, vivid visions, and illuminating surprises. You could find out something about your family history that changes your views, or discover something about your home and neighbourhood that starts you off on a new adventure or creative project. Unconventional energy feeds into your life from all manner of sources – your best bet is to remain open-minded, and reserve judgment on final decisions. Your beautiful ruler, Venus, begins her long stay in Aries and Pisces this month – finally leaving Aries on 6th June. So the warmth and love you receive from friends and family is a glowing spring theme, while the magical realms of your unconscious, dreaming mind are also energised. This is a fluid, energetic phase in which much remains hidden. Do avoid concealing things deliberately if possible – secret projects, love affairs, or clandestine investigations may not go too well. 

It’s a wonderful time to learn something new, spend time with inspiring friends, or get involved in a group project, club, or team effort of some kind. The planets are mostly crackling away in air and fire signs, meaning that imagination, mental activity, and upbeat communications are burning brightly this February. That’s the bigger picture. The next layer involves home, family, status, and life direction – just as it did in 2016. February’s potent solar eclipse (26th) could make itself felt in your world as early as the 10th, when what you hear or read sparks off an important chain of thought. Much links back to 2016, and you may have to sacrifice something in order to make the kind of progress you really want. This could manifest as something tangible, such as a job or relationship, or appear as a need to move away from certain long-held beliefs about yourself. You may realise, for instance, that what you’ve been pursuing no longer interests you, or was some kind of illusion. Many possibilities will appear over the next few months, so why not gently clear a path and see where it leads?

Keeping your options open is vital, as most of you know already. This month an abundance of energy enlivens your life, promises surprises, and brings unexpected meetings with people who can play an important role in your future. Links between romance, creativity, cash and friendship are strong and insistent – you might go into business with a romantic partner, meet a new love through your work, make money from an imaginative idea, or attract praise or criticism when you least expect it. In an eclipse season, you’re particularly sensitive to your own feelings and those of others. Please do bear this in mind during February’s cosmic carousel ride. The eclipses happen on the 11th (lunar), and 26th (solar) – but function to both hide and reveal many things all month long. Consequently, you may not have all the information you need to make a final choice. Between now and June you’ll see what I mean, for in many ways you’re a magnet for positive opportunities until then. Acting too soon might not be in your interests – so why not just enjoy the journey instead?

Watch closely to see what emerges around the time of the electrifying lunar eclipse in Leo on 11th February. You could be looking at an important inner revelation or inspiration, or experience a meaningful encounter in the real world. This cosmic knock on your door is just the beginning, and there’ll be more on this theme in August, September and October. You could gain valuable insights into what someone close really wants, or finally understand what’s going on with them. Your desire to study, travel, or otherwise expand your life and social circle is another big spring theme – any of these activities can open doors, or guide you towards earning extra cash in some new way. Romantically, too, your chances of finding love are enhanced by travel, doing a course, or getting involved with a community project or neighbourhood event. Travel does, of course, include day trips, visits to local places, or even going for a walk somewhere lovely. What winds up now is making way for all sorts of new potential once the Moon’s nodes enter Leo in May. Think back to October 1998 – April 2000 for clues about what’s fast approaching.

The support and resources of other people are vital now, and on into spring 2017. So if you want to fund a personal project, do some networking, or join in with a shared venture, club or group – now’s the time to get going. You may have to embrace a little chaos along the way, which will be your own personal challenge. Make a conscious effort not to stress about uncertainties or apparent disorganisation around you – things are developing in a fluid and dynamic way that favours unconventional routes to success. Financially and emotionally, this can be a really positive turning point time for you too. The solar eclipse in Pisces on 26th February emphasises long-standing relationships – romantic ones, but also partnerships at work and lengthy friendships as well. Beware of taking everything too personally, and you’ll find that whatever kind of shake-up you experience offers knowledge and spiritual insights. February love could feel very fateful or strange, but settles into something more harmonious by June. Make a little time to review the past couple of years, see what you’ve learned, and prepare for some pleasing springtime developments.

Spring stirs early in your heart and mind. Perhaps you’re restless, perhaps you sense something is coming – yet you’re uncertain about what it might be. Much depends on your friends, partners, and romantic relationships this year, for your associates, workmates, and loved ones are likely to be the bringers of change. You’re in a dance together, and one way or another you’re heading for a breakthrough or turning point now, or in the months ahead. Venus, your ruling planet, is now in fiery Aries until early June (with a little detour into Pisces dreamland in April). It’s an excellent time to review love, social life, creative activities, and your all-important finances. And quite simply, you can also ask yourself ‘do I have enough fun?’. An upheaval or revelation at the end of February could further focus your mind. What’s working, and what no longer serves your interests? No rush, there’s plenty of time to look at all your resources and make some fulfilling long-term plans.

Taking care of yourself sounds a tad dull, but will pay big, shiny dividends by mid-March. And with Mars, your traditional ruling planet, in active Aries, you’ll feel so revitalised if you get a bit more physical and do some exercise. A daily walk, for instance, can bring creative inspiration and insights. You might even meet a new friend or flirtation, or see something that sparks a new interest. Little by little you’re preparing yourself for a brand-new phase that begins in May. So in a way, you’re in training for this new era, which promises to be a time of very interesting developments in your life and career. What you learn around the time of the full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 11th points the way forward, and could prompt you to deal with longstanding issues that centre on your home, family, or past choices. The week of the 20th – 24th also promises intriguing news. It’s a time when you’ll see how much practical and emotional support you have, and how – in endless ways - loyalty matters just as much as money.

You’ve been walking along the road with sober old Saturn for a couple of years now. How’s it going? Are you more serious and sensible? Or are you still resisting Saturn’s call to streamline some part of your life? This is the final year of Saturn in Sagittarius, a time to let go of certain things or attitudes, and a time for yet more hard work. Sigh. But wait! In 2017 you’re blessed by some thrilling, inventive cosmic energy that – allied with Saturn’s hard work and pragmatic approach – offers you the key to a whole new world of possibilities. And while this energy peaks in May and November, you’re looking at a whole year of success if you choose to make that commitment and work patiently with Saturn’s demands. Furthermore, with Venus and Mars in fiery Aries now, your imagination and sparky intuition can attract love, flirtations, or highly creative friendships. What lands in your lap out-of-the-blue around the time of the eclipsed full Moon (11th) is worth taking seriously. As are the surprises or sudden events due to unfold at the end of February.

Generous Jupiter in Libra is currently protecting or expanding your ambitions, and dreams. But there may be a surprising swerve or unusual development to think about this spring. Some of you could be moving abroad, dealing with foreign companies, or even doing some of your work from home. And what about your so-called ‘work-life balance’? Do you know how to switch off? Or do your family and friends complain that you’re always glued to your phone? Giving some quality time and attention to family and loved ones is essential this month, when home is where your heart is and loving Venus is there to show you what really matters most. It’s an important theme that keeps going until early June, emphasising your surroundings, your close relatives, and what lies at the very heart of your mind, body, and spirit. A little digging and delving reveals where you’d benefit from a change of routine, and unearths some intriguing thoughts and desires from your subconscious.

We’re all connected to each other in numerous subtle ways. So when people in your life, or even on the edges of it, experience change there’s a knock-on effect, and your life tends to change too. Be aware of this, and embrace flexibility. You’re entering an exceptionally newsy, busy phase in life – even your neighbourhood is offering all sorts of fascinating distractions and activities now. You could also find that your boss, or the head of a company you work for, is making big changes or resigning. This ripples out into whatever organisation is involved. Your own thoughts and ideas are stimulated, and you’ll get much fulfilment from working or socialising with groups of creative or eccentric individuals. Learn something new if you can, for this will improve your future prospects and boost your own confidence. Long-term love is still in a serious phase, or feels limited in some way. So don’t fret too much about that, for meaningful developments are all set to sprout later this year. Like your Leo pals, you can try to recall the events of October 1998-April 2000 for clues about themes, key individuals, or lessons learned at that time. There’s much more to come.

You can make great strides towards improving your life this month. But you probably already know that you’ll be taking on more responsibility, or clearing out the clutter in some shape or form too. Of course this is a challenge, and may sometimes seem as difficult as digging a pit with a teaspoon. However, the finishing line for this particular race is in sight – so please don’t give up now. At the end of February there’s a solar eclipse in Pisces that promises to stir up the pot by dredging up all sorts of treasures from deep beneath the surface of your inner oceans. Slowly, slowly wins the race here, for you can expect certain facts to remain obscure for a while and must rely on your intuition to guide you. Playing a long game benefits you emotionally and financially, as you’ll be in a position to take up unexpected opportunities when they arise. Ask yourself, too, what’s changed – and what you really want to pursue this year. I know October sounds a long way off, but that’s the beginning of a magical time for you. What you’re doing now is shifting things around so you can take full advantage of that time when it comes.



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