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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - July 2017

Dark Stars: Horoscope for July 2017 by Jane Lyle

Are you over-thinking something these days? Are you going round in circles about a big decision, relationship tensions, or home improvements? It may be hard to relax and let something go, but if you want change you’ll have to step back for a while. Things will come to a head around the full Moon in Capricorn on the 9th July, when much is revealed and situations are likely to shift in all manner of ways. You’ve got plenty of magnetic charisma this month, and can sweet-talk your way into a more pleasing situation later in July. Planets are gathering in romantic, creative Leo – so stick that old dictum about all work and no play somewhere you can see it. Setting goals and intentions at the Leo new Moon (23rd) works well if you’re seeking romance, or looking to expand your imagination and have fun. When you take off your blinkers, you’ll see that there’s a wider, more fascinating landscape to explore this summer, so why not relax your grip a little and see what else is on offer? You could surprise yourself!

Talking about what you truly value in life can really open your eyes this July. Whether you realise you want to see more of the world, learn new things, or spend more time with certain people, you’ll be moving towards a major new phase that’s due to begin in the autumn. So make time now for wise friends and whatever else you find inspiring, and give the kaleidoscope of your mind a few gentle shakes. You don’t have to make permanent decisions yet, but can play around with a few options and see how you feel. Some of you may want to improve or change your home, and with all the game-changing Leo energy building up this summer that could be a positive way to focus your mind and desires. Your status – whether that means your relationship or career – is up for discussion too. Making changes isn’t generally your favourite activity, but if you take things step by step you’ll be delighted by what you can achieve during the next few months.

Do you need to promote something, or impress anyone? Your charm is generally irresistible, but Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo are giving you added sparkle this July. So it’s a great time to use words, social media, and socialising to get your ideas out there – or start dating again if you’re looking for love. Meanwhile, it’s true to say that, for many of you, there are some serious ongoing situations concerning finances, professional partnerships, or brothers, sisters, and cousins to review. Something comes to a head with that dramatic full Moon on 9th July, and whatever rises to the surface offers a feast of food for thought. Towards the end of the month you’ll be in a position to make some decisions, or finally be able to jettison something that’s bothered you, or held you back. This is a summer of changes for everyone, and you’re in a great position to benefit from this topsy-turvy time. You can ponder things a bit more in August, and prepare to make your move in the autumn.

You feel as if you should be making important decisions, yet it’s hard to pick out what should come first. This can lead to a sense of stagnation or paralysis. But there’s a dynamic web of energies currently pushing and pulling in the cosmos, and maybe it feels like your head is turning to scrambled eggs if you think about things too much? However, everything’s in motion too, so pick your battles and challenges with care and you’ll succeed brilliantly. A potent full Moon in your opposite sign, Capricorn, shines a bright light on some of your concerns and focuses on what – and who - matters most to you. Your imagination and curiosity are ready to guide you too, so when tensions build up why not visit somewhere new, bake a cake, or learn to dance? Well, you know, just tuck into some soul food and don’t let others push you into strange and uncomfortable shapes. As a Cancerian, you’re at home on the land, symbolising practicalities – and in the sea, symbolising intuition, emotion, and imagination. Just make sure you get enough of both these worlds this July, and all will be well.

Collaborating with others could work out brilliantly for you this summer, whether you want to make money or get involved with a neighbourhood project. Your optimism and positivity are assets worth sharing, and these sunny Leonine qualities will be budding and blooming more and more as the weeks pass. The Sun enters Leo on 22nd July, joining mighty Mars and those mysterious, karmic Moon’s nodes in your sign. So when the new Moon rises in Leo on 23rd you’ll be dazzling away like a summer firework display. Peak Leo, peak show-off some say, but they’re just jealous. Do revel in it all, but find time to give some thought to what lies beneath too. You may already be pacing up and down, ahead of those August eclipses in Aquarius (7th) and Leo (21st). You know change is in the air - perhaps an inner shift, or potentially a more dramatic change of circumstances is coming. So what would you like to change? Meditation, dreaming, and creativity can guide you towards the answers you seek. Beyond that, simply tune in to your inner hippie and free your mind. The rest is sure to follow.

Your agile mind is full of clever ideas, but you may not be able to act on all of them quite yet. You’ll be in a position to choose soon enough, and have time to think things over more thoroughly in August. So no pressure, simply keep a note of what bubbles up and bide your time. Conversations with helpful people, especially women, could be amazing between the 19th and 31st – prepare for some surprising information, money-making opportunities, or unexpected encounters. And if your love life has been in the doldrums, you’ll also begin to see things from another perspective. If you’re involved with a relationship or friendship that’s been stressful, this is the month when all of that surfaces and can be examined more deeply. Little by little you’re moving towards a time when you’ll want a commitment of some kind – whether in love, or at work. Now’s a good moment to think and talk about that, rather than worrying in private.  One way or another, it’s helpful to prepare the ground now. Then, when the time is right, you can make your move more successfully.

If there are seemingly insoluble dilemmas in your world, step back – you are not alone. Insights and fresh ways of seeing what’s going on have their roots in the past, and while you can’t rewrite history you can at least see what’s led to where you are now. Solutions and inspiration follow on from the intense full Moon of 9th July that promises to shake a few trees, and upset a few apple-carts. You’re still protected by Jupiter’s generous optimism, and with planets gathering in Leo you’ll see that you’re surrounded by loyal friends and loved ones too. Venus in Gemini adds another layer of persuasive charm to your personality, so if you need to talk your way in or out of any deal or sticky situation you probably can. Certain things will take time to resolve, as you’ll discover in August. But you’re on your way. And as you move forwards, you’ll see that there are new opportunities, directions or relationships you might not have imagined before. Casual conversations and chance encounters offer enticing clues, so don’t hide your lovely light away – why not be open to new experiences instead?

Sometimes you tend to hold back on promoting your ideas, but thoughts and events this month persuade you to express yourself with more energy and enthusiasm. Just take it easy, particularly around the 2nd, 9th, and 19th when Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is in an especially aggressive mood. Less is more, as they say – so let your charisma do the work and lock your inner wild-eyed fanatic up in the attic. You’ll discover so much more by quietly observing what’s going on around you anyway – for your neighbourhood is full of intrigue and events, and your friends and family will have plenty of news of their own and want your opinion on what they have to say. You’ll also need time to think about your work, hopes, and ambitions as planets begin to line up in Leo and bring energy to that area of your solar chart. Bear in mind that August’s Aquarius and Leo eclipses are brewing up some unexpected changes and opportunities, and that interesting doors could begin to open this July. Why not peek through, you might like what you see.

If you’re able to go on holiday, or plan a few days out then July’s the time to do it. Learning something new can also refresh your spirit, particularly while Mercury is in Leo from 6th – 25th July. And if you’ve been thinking about starting a course or making a career move then the new Moon in Leo on the 23rd could be the perfect time to really talk and think about this. The past couple of years have focused on your responsibilities in one way or another, and you may have had to let certain dreams fly away. The upside of this is stability and knowing that what you’ve achieved has lasting value. Talking to longstanding friends or your partner reveals just how much has changed. So you certainly deserve to bask in some Leo sunshine, and bring out your more playful and flirtatious side again. August brings a time of review and change, so don’t fret about pinning everything down now – you’re likely to have to reshuffle your plans again then. Tread very carefully with your finances, but remember - a little romance and much laughter are waiting for you too.

July begins with both Sun and Mars in your opposite sign, Cancer, putting the focus on your partner, longstanding friends, and professional allies. Quite possibly, something serious is afoot, but you’ll already know about this since planet patterns now are chiming with past events and familiar situations. Your own full Moon on 9th July is likely to be pivotal, bringing certain situations to a head. Talking to others is essential, and you’ll receive valuable insights and support if you open up. There’s some good news about finances or support with your career, you can attract surprising generosity and encouragement if you choose. So everyday life can be full of lovely people and experiences that boost your wellbeing, even if your mind is full of weighty questions about the future. It’s good to relax when you can for you may not discover all the answers you’re looking for just yet. August promises further fascinating developments and changes for all of us, and as these ripple out, they’ll shape your own personal plans too. 

You’re approaching the half-way point in your astrological year, when the Sun in Leo  opposes your Sun in Aquarius. It’s time for a little review, and a time when your partnerships are in focus. There’s vibrant energy here, for warrior Mars also enters Leo on the 20th. Being patient with those closest to you is a challenge, but do what you can – it would be a pity to waste all July’s potential on sorting out your relationships. Someone with great vitality is also around, provoking lots of questions or asking you to consider a new venture with them. This looks lucky for you, whether it crops up now or in August.  The August eclipses are pivotal too, and they’re building up right now. How do you see yourself and your place in the world? Are you ready for more exciting new possibilities in the autumn? These are summer 2017’s questions. Meanwhile, take care of your wellbeing, and be extra-cautious about spreading information or gossip – it could backfire spectacularly. Beautiful new emotional beginnings rise with the new Moon in Leo on the 23rd, just remember to steer a steady course through this thought-provoking month. You know you can.

Perhaps it’s been a strange or bewildering few months, and you’ve not been entirely sure of the ground beneath your feet. Your flexible nature has helped you make necessary compromises, and as you begin to think about what’s happened you’ll realise how much you’ve learned and achieved. So do give yourself a pat on the back, and whatever else you need to boost your self-confidence. Taking care of yourself and enhancing your appearance are wise investments this summer. And with Mars in Cancer is still energising your house of romance, children, play and risk-taking until the 20th, there’s plenty to enjoy -  so long as you strictly avoid any financial gambles or dubious investments of passion or cash. You can also be very happy at home, enjoying visitors or some sweet romance on a summer evening. If you’re currently single, the days between 16th - 20th July look promising for chatty dates and encounters. No need to stress about love and creativity anyway, once Jupiter enters Scorpio in early October you enter a much richer, more fertile phase for a whole gorgeous year.



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