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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - May 2017

Dark Stars: Horoscope for May 2017 by Jane Lyle

Restless feelings spark impulsive actions as May begins. Do revel in your joie de vivre, but remember to feel the earth beneath your feet from time to time. If you can stay centred, you’ll capture those amazing ideas you’re having - and stand an excellent chance of bringing them into solid reality. If not, you’ll probably drive everyone mad with your hare-brained schemes and flip-flop declarations. This can be an uplifting month for lucky breaks and fortunate encounters, so why not be a bit more sociable than usual? Your energy source, Mars, chatters away in Gemini, bringing opportunities to talk, write, blog or vlog about your passions or projects. Financially, you’ll see some kind of turning point – either in earnings or your attitude towards cash, perhaps both. Take it easy when committing to savings plans, investments, or lending money to anyone. There are a few cosmic mists around money matters, and you could be better off waiting until June to make those important financial choices.

Your lovely ruling planet, Venus, travels through Aries all month, carrying on a theme that began in February. Your unconscious mind has rich treasures to show you, and you can benefit from your own imagination in all manner of ways. This is a fertile time for study, short trips, or researching anything that fascinates you – it’s a moment when feeding your inner world will pay magical dividends. Focus on these when you can, and steer a steady course when dealing with your finances. That means not worrying too much about money, too, for you can burn up a lot of valuable energy that way. Your inner values and beliefs are more important than piles of cash, and you may find yourself in a situation where you have to think seriously about your ethics, morals, or personal philosophy about security, cash, and what you own. Questioning certain friendships and relationships is also highlighted by the powerful full Moon in Scorpio (10th) – is there anything you need to talk about or reassess?

The weeks just before the Sun enters Gemini (20th) are always a time when you feel like mulling over where you are, what you want, and where you’re heading. Looking back over the past year offers some unusual, thought-provoking answers. Your more unconventional friends encourage your flights of fancy, or you could meet up with somebody very unusual at this time. Meanwhile, Mars in Gemini is energising and impatient, prompting times when you want to tell the whole world what you’re thinking. Just be extra cautious between the 6th – 13th  when you may be tempted to fudge the facts. By the end of May you could have to eat your words, or back down, when opposition to your plans, or challenges to your more inventive statements, comes from those who are older, or more established than you. Romantically, Venus in Aries is still telling stories that began in February, but promises some seductive feel-good moments mid-month. A Gemini new Moon ends May by opening a new phase. Everything you’ve learned during this past year will then prove to be invaluable as you forge ahead.

Planets in water signs are in short supply in May. In fact, there’s only dreamy Neptune in Pisces and an intense full Moon in Scorpio (10th) there. This hot and windy cosmic weather means that you could feel a bit off-kilter from time to time, or battle to fully understand the machinations of others. So do make the utmost of certain helpful patterns, for these indicate moments when you can make satisfying progress. The Sun’s link with creative Neptune on the 3rd and 4th, for instance, is a fertile moment for exploring creativity, and spending time with like-minded spirits. And when the Sun flows with Pluto (7th-10th) in the run up to that amazing full Moon you can set sail on a fulfilling journey in your personal and romantic life. Meanwhile, Venus in Aries has the potential to attract helpful, supportive, or seductive people at work. Some of them may seem quite unlikely, so try not to judge a book by its cover. However, you’ve been working hard all year - don’t feel guilty if you choose to enjoy love, art, or a visit to a beautiful place. 

Your fiery charms are boosted by an impressive line-up of planets in fire signs, and the Moon’s nodes in Leo for the first time since 1998-2000. If you feel you’ve mislaid your playful, creative side somewhere along the way, this would be a splendid time to open up your heart and mind – and take a refresher course in having fun. Crackling energies prompt unusual studies, interesting journeys, or new neighbourhood projects and activities. If you want to spread the word about something, or start a campaign, then now’s a good time to begin. In fact, anything that blends existing ideas with fresh inventions is looking good. Romantically, many of you are at a turning point too. Saturn in Sagittarius has focused on your own romantic back-story, and may have brought memories or people to your attention – what have your learned so far? There are opportunities to set things straight, or perhaps renew an old relationship. This summer, you can expect a few romantic or social surprises - whether you revive a past friendship or love affair, or finally discover those fifty ways to leave your lover.

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle bouncing around you as Mercury turns direct, and you experience the lively, chatty energies of Mars in Gemini. Not everything you hear is reliable, but much of it is very intriguing – particularly between the 7th-13th, and again at the end of May. Chances to make some adjustments to your working life, or perhaps discover a quirky new source of extra income, should help you shake off any blocked feelings - or at least learn how to work more positively with what you’ve got. It’s also a good time for a change of scene – so if you can manage a holiday, then please do take one! If not, just a day trip somewhere works wonders and helps you see things in a new light. Dealing with romantic misunderstandings further boosts your wellbeing and confidence. It’s hard to be brave sometimes, but suppressing or avoiding deep emotions isn’t doing you any favours in the long run. If you need to take a relationship further, or talk about your feelings, then why not consider taking a deep breath and plunging in? You could be delighted by the positive response you receive.

What first crossed your mind last November and December is now coming up for review. Perhaps you had a stunning idea, or perhaps you had an exciting conversation that prompted you to consider an adventure of some sort. But did you do anything about it? Now’s the time to talk to partners at work, and in your personal world, and see what they think. They’ll have plenty to say, and some of it will be unexpected. Venus, your ruling planet, was rewinding in March and April, and perhaps this means you were contemplating the past – both personal and professional. Now the present and future beckon, and if you can make the very most of your links with others you’ll be able to move forward in ways you may not have considered before. Team-work and relationships are the key, even if you have to make some rather unusual compromises. Balancing acts are one of your special skills, and with your inner self-confidence boosted by Jupiter you’ll be able to work towards a pleasing result with your usual charm and aplomb.

A full Moon in Scorpio (10th) shines on your inner self, and may bring opportunities for deep conversations or profound dreams. It’s good to be in touch with your most mysterious side, it will refresh and energise you. And in a month that’s very short on water signs, you’ll need some soul food now and again. Between the 1st and the 5th looks creative and romantic, so what begins then could carry you through the month. Mars in Gemini stirs up your supporters, and there could be moments when you wonder why others are so argumentative, elusive, or difficult about money. Eventually, you’ll realise that they may not understand their own motives. If you can, back off from any confrontations for these are unlikely to bring satisfactory results. Finding new routines or ways to look after your wellbeing is a better use of your time and energy now. What’s bewildering or confusing now will look very different in June, so why not bide your time and wait for the right moment?

It’s tempting to want everything done in a hurry, but with Saturn rewinding in Sagittarius until August you’d be better off taking things step by step. It’s possible that partners or associates are also in an impatient, restless mood and keen to talk you into something you’re not sure about. And you’re instincts about this are spot on, for when Mars meets Neptune and Jupiter (6th-13th) all sorts of mischief is in the air. Something is ending this month, and towards the end of May you’ll realise that there are new opportunities you were unaware of before, or old ideas you’d shelved that can form the basis of something fresh. Similarly, your social and romantic life benefits from an influx of fiery, upbeat energy this May. Sparkling moments are especially likely during the first three weeks, so try to shake up your routines and get out and about during this lively phase. Bear in mind that seeds sown now may not sprout until August, but you won’t regret making the effort. Cultivate your inner zen master, and expect the unexpected.

The first ten days of May could be pivotal ones for you. Certainly, the days leading up to a potent full Moon in Scorpio are a time when your imagination and creativity can support you. Romance, children, and calculated risk-taking are all favoured, and bring you a sense of fulfilment that might seem lacking in other areas of life. If things have become a bit imbalanced then this is also a helpful time to think about different ways of doing things. What have you neglected lately? Yes, there’s a firm focus on your home and family – with surprises or unsettling situations involving women particularly likely. Practical matters have taken up most of your attention for some time, but what about making a little time for what’s subtle, spiritual, and atmospheric? Your wellbeing would probably benefit from an exercise routine that involves mind and spirit, as well as just your body. So, for example, yoga, tai chi, or some mindfulness could surprise you by producing tangible benefits. You’re naturally down-to-earth, but that doesn’t mean closing yourself off from interesting new experiences of the magical kind.

Your ability to communicate is full of energy, passion, and originality. So if you want to impress others, or get some project moving along, now’s a fortunate moment to get moving. It’s worth digging around in your memory banks too – are there any ideas you’ve had or interests you feel like exploring? Working alongside others brings out your best, and socialising is looking like a very positive thing to do as well. The same energies should boost your love life, particularly if you’re single. Romance pops up unexpectedly when you’re involved with some group activity, local projects, or neighbourhood events. You might even meet somebody special at work. Consider, too, what happened back in 2007-9, for certain things you learned or events you experienced are likely to resurface in your mind, and in your life. A fresh, even eccentric, approach this time around can bring new ways of finding fulfilment from half-forgotten projects or relationships.

Some of your best May moments arrive between the 1st and the 10th. You can be especially imaginative, charming, and seductive during this phase, which favours romance, making new contacts, and social events. A beautiful Scorpio full Moon promises a time of deep feelings for you – and these are likely to be connected with far away locations, study, or people from other cultures. Your dreams are inspired by expanding your imagination at this time, or searching for a class, course, or workshop that gets you out of a rut. The more open you are, the better – for opportunities to do something different (or meet someone new) are likely to crop up unexpectedly. Financial matters are similarly in a state of flux, with curious possibilities connected with travel, art, healing, or education. Avoiding throwing money at everything would be wise, but if you can cultivate caution you’ll benefit from considering new options that are more in tune with your ethics and true values.



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