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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - October 2017

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for October 2017 by Jane Lyle


October begins with your annual full Moon in Aries, pulling thoughts and feelings up to the surface. You’ll see just how much you’ve learned about your relationships, partnerships and connections this year – so now’s a helpful time to think about what’s working, and what might benefit from some quality attention. And don’t forget yourself either – some time off, a massage, or a simple change to your routines will refresh mind, body, and spirit. Mars and Venus in Libra are sweetening all your relationships later this month, so there’s much to look forward to - plus a fresh start if you need it at the Libran new Moon on 19th October. Any plans you’re hatching for travel, study, writing, or joining in with a local project are looking good. And between now and November you’ll find getting new ideas off the ground very fulfilling. Jupiter will be polishing up your support team over the next twelve months, making group projects particularly relevant. So do let your instincts guide you, and get out there.

Early October stirs up your creativity, and adds a generous glug of playful romantic thinking. This could go in any direction – for it not only enlivens your love life, it offers you a glimpse of a room filled with diverse delights. If you need to be extra-magnetic or persuasive, why not make the most of October’s first week?  Others are more significant than usual anyway, for you’re approaching a meaningful year for all your connections – partnerships, long standing professional links, friendships and supporters. This is because bountiful Jupiter enters your opposite sign, Scorpio, for the first time in twelve years on 10th October. You may get more involved with travel, foreign opportunities, or people from other cultures. You will probably attract and generate lots of enthusiasm for your projects, and meet others who boost your confidence and sense of what you can achieve. New directions, friendships and passions await if you choose to work with Jupiter over the coming year. It’s just the beginning, as you’ll see for yourself in late October and early November.

Having friends round, or guests in your home, offers much food for thought or amusement early in October. You could fall for someone who turns up at your own party, or find yourself successfully playing matchmaker. One way or another, your home promises to be a lot more interesting than usual. But do get moving early, for just after the full Moon (5th) there’s an awkward, spiky phase that needs all your charm to keep things from getting over-wrought – especially with partners or ‘frenemies’. With Mercury, your ruler, in soothing Libra you can pour oil on troubled waters with the greatest of ease, and begin to relax a bit once Venus (14th) and Mars (22nd) enter Libra. Your relationships with both lovers and children benefit from this sweetness, and from a few breaks with habit and routine too. For some of you, this focus on relationships points towards making a deeper commitment in November, while others find unusual, unconventional ways to value those they love.

The whole home and family versus career, life-work balance thing has been in focus for quite a while, as Jupiter and Uranus have been energising those angles of your solar horoscope this year. Now the Moon, your ruler, joins in the debate with a full Moon in Aries on 5th October, and an exciting new Moon in Libra on 19th October. Certainly, you probably feel like something new – and yet you don’t want to disrupt everything you’ve already achieved. Thought-provoking insights pop up between the 6th-10th when what happens with partners and colleagues reveals other options or things for you to consider. Some of this has its roots firmly in the deep mud of your past, and may seem tricky to resolve. So hoorah for Jupiter, entering Scorpio on 10th October for the first time in twelve years. This offers you a beautiful boost now, and on into 2018. If you’ve been feeling tired or uninspired, then Jupiter (and Neptune) are here to remind you just how desirable, creative, and enchanting you truly are.

Are you looking for ways to make extra income? Early October offers much potential – you could hear of something through friends, or begin learning a new skill that can increase your earnings. Other bright and lively days for both ideas and lucky inspiration are around the 16th (Sun-Uranus) and 24th (Sun-Jupiter) – all you have to do is keep an open mind, for opportunities could be unusual ones or involve something you already have that you’ve overlooked or ignored. In some ways, this theme crops up in your personal life too. Friendships and romance connect strongly to your values, and to your everyday social life and neighbourhood. What’s close to home is looking good as planets enter Scorpio, and mighty Jupiter begins a year there on October 10th. You could want to improve your home, spend more time with family members, or find love and good company right on your doorstep by getting to know neighbours or getting involved with local projects. Small is beautiful, you won’t have to search far and wide to find exactly what you need for a fulfilling month ahead.

October begins with a gorgeous boost to your well being when Venus and Mars embrace in Virgo. Yes, this can expand your love life in all sorts of ways – or encourage you to realise that something must be done to improve it. So why not ask yourself – ‘what do I truly desire?’ It may not be what you used to want, for Pluto in Capricorn has been working away to transform your romantic relationships, and your own attitude towards them. Some of you have experienced a strange, lonely, or difficult time - but as the planets of love and desire connect with Pluto you’ll see how doors open to reveal a new way forward. Meanwhile, Jupiter begins to expand your social life. It’s year-long journey through Scorpio is good news if you’ve been feeling lacklustre, for it encourages you to be more communicative, to get involved with learning new things, and to enjoy more short trips and days out. Just try to take it easy between 5th –11th October - you may be in a super-critical mood, and liable to upset all the wrong people. ‘Least said, soonest mended’ could be a helpful motto for a happy October.

Your desire to help others, or act as a mediator, peaks as October begins. Yet, once again, you realise you’re not in complete control of your world – as events or discussions that have an impact on your plans will reveal between 5th – 9th October. The full Moon (5th) brings up partnership issues that you thought had been resolved – personally or professionally - while the Sun and Pluto emphasise challenges on the home front, or within your wider family network. All of this can be most distracting, but ultimately nothing can hold you back for long. Venus, your ruler, enters Libra on 14th October, followed by active Mars on 22nd – enhancing your considerable charm and energy at just the right moment. Jupiter is leaving Libra this month, but brings a protective and optimistic phase for your finances, and your inner values, during the year ahead. Your own new Moon in Libra (19th) suggests that exciting, unusual possibilities are in the air – keep your own counsel, and prepare to listen very carefully to what others have to say.

The friendship, love, and inspiration you receive in early October encourages you to share your creative talents, for you’ll understand that team-work can bring out your very best side. There’s much communication and news, so if you need to explain yourself, find ways to reach a wider audience, or impress influential people this is a good moment to get your message across. Between 23rd and 26th October is another fortunate phase, when the Sun and Jupiter align in Scorpio. This positive energy is a helpful moment to promote yourself, go for interviews, or find ways to improve your income. Jupiter is in Scorpio from 10th October until 8th November, 2018, boosting your confidence personally, and professionally. Jupiter’s protective and uplifting vibrations can help you take advantage of what comes your way now, and during the coming year. Hints of what’s brewing swim to the surface in the week before Halloween. By 4th November’s mystical full Moon, your renewed sense of inner guidance is a strong and beautiful part of the way ahead.

A lucky break or fortunate meeting spells love for some, and new professional possibilities for others as October begins. One way or another you get a boost, and should enjoy positive reactions from others. Your own beliefs about your abilities are uplifted as well, making you more likely to stretch yourself or learn something new, with a fiery full Moon on 5th October shining on some intriguing possibilities. True, there’s a distinctly bumpy patch mid-month – so do rein in impulsive actions or hasty decisions between 7th – 11th October – particularly if you’re in a hurry, or frustrated about progress. Sometimes it’s helpful to look back - and between now and December is an excellent time to review the past few years of Saturn in Sagittarius and see what’s changed. Saturn invariably brings certain things to an end, clearing the way for new developments. Its influence often signifies a phase of very hard work too. You’ll have achieved and experienced far more than you realise until you take stock. Jupiter, your ruler, in Scorpio from 10th October, invites you to get to know yourself better now, and over the year ahead. Why not make a start?

Early October offers you a bit of a roller-coaster ride with enticing, even passionately romantic, invitations on the one hand, and some kind of stand-off at work on the other. If you have a boss, then this is likely to be where changes or tensions are focussed. If you work for yourself, then a client or customer may have very different views and some major diplomacy will be needed to bring back harmony. However, Jupiter enters powerful Scorpio this month, beginning a year-long stay in your solar house of love received, shared projects, and successful team-work. These can all be very fortunate, fertile areas for you over the next twelve months. Not only that, but your ruling planet, Saturn, will enter Capricorn in December – strengthening your inimitable Sea Goat nature and heralding a phase when nobody can get the better of you. Towards the end of the month a dynamic new Moon in Libra (19th October) spells surprises and excitement. Around that time you’ll see the truth in the old adage – ‘if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’.

October begins with a push-me-pull-you atmosphere, and you could find your travel or study plans changing rapidly, or falling into a complete tangle. This does give you time to reconsider what you want, and where you’re heading. Some fruitful possibilities could have been overlooked, as you’ve been forging ahead or eager to dismiss, or even ignore, the past. However, with summer eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, the importance of others in your life is highlighted now and on into 2018. Some established connections can be very helpful or inspiring – and offers connected to long standing friends or associates are certainly worth exploring further. What surprises you around the time of the whizzy new Moon (19th) points to fresh possibilities and ideas – and some of them could be quite surprising. Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10th October, opening a year when your goals and status are under fortunate influences. So this is a useful time to review your aims and ambitions, ready to work with what’s on offer. Keep your options open for now – flexibility brings rewards in the end.

Romance and commitment are on your mind as October begins, and you sense the warm embrace of Venus and her lover, Mars, in your opposite sign of Virgo. So would you like more commitment, or do you feel as if one close relationship needs to change? Single Pisceans may look back at past relationships and wonder why things didn’t work out, or even be tempted to reignite an old flaming ember that’s glowing faintly somewhere in their romantic history. It’s just the start of a longer story, as you’ll see between now and December. Jupiter, your traditional ruler, will be supporting you from Scorpio during the next twelve months and you’ll enjoy some beautiful opportunities to expand your horizons – whether that’s emotionally, through travel, or by developing your creative and intuitive talents. Things could get a bit tricky mid-month, so if you find yourself briefly floundering please do remember that wider horizons are waiting for you to explore them. You’ve had many responsibilities to deal with while Saturn’s been in Sagittarius, but you’re about to see just how much you’ve learned and achieved.



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