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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - March 2013

Dark Stars March 2013 by Jane Lyle





Are you still longing for that dream lover as March begins? Chances are you’ll be waking up soon. Your red ruling planet, Mars, is coming home to Aries on the 12th, and this marks the start of an important energy shift for you. The main thing to remember is everything you’ve learned so far this year, particularly if you’ve been struggling to make sense of things. From around the 18th March your impulsive side grows stronger, you’re eager for change, and bursting with inventive solutions.  You might fall madly in love or wake up with the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It’s time for action, and for a little self-control as well. What you’ve discovered about yourself in recent months will help you move towards what’s new and exciting without overdoing it and ruining everything.

Sharing creativity and fun with others continues to bring out the best in you. You may even be able to get one project on a more secure footing, or finally see something you’ve worked on for years begin to bloom and flourish. Later on, you begin to look back over the past twelve months and indulge in a spot of pondering. Between the 20th March and 19th April is a good time for this as planets in Aries heat up your subconscious mind. You experience dreams and intuitions, plus a desire to review your life in some way. What would you like to learn? How is your relationship? Are you being true to yourself, or do you feel as if you’ve made one too many compromises? Eclipses in April and May will be offering you the chance to make changes to your attitudes and the rhythm of your days. Now’s the time to be honest with yourself, so that you can prepare to make your move when the time is right.

The question ‘where am I going?’ is all around you during the first two weeks of March. Your dreams, direction, and what you make of your life are all in focus, and with a new Moon in Pisces on the 11th you probably feel under some pressure too. While it’s important to look to the future, it’s also important to realise that others are just waiting in the wings ready to support, inspire, and join you on your quest. Communications get clearer after Mercury turns direct on the 17th, but things will still take time to resolve. Yes, you might be frustrated by a certain person or situation – but nothing lasts forever, and dynamic energies are building up towards the end of March. An exceptional opportunity to work on something shiny and new, or develop your skills in an unusual way is hovering on your horizon. Don’t rule anything out yet, but keep an open mind. That way, you’ll have a chance to surprise yourself.

You’re approaching a pivotal time of year, a time when the spotlight shines on your career and on what you feel you’ve achieved since your last birthday. So make the most of early March – it would be a great time for a short trip. If that’s impossible, why not plan a day out and visit somewhere beautiful?  You must know by now that the old dictum, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ has more than a grain of truth in it. From mid-March you’ll need to hone your juggling skills and be very firm about taking time for yourself. There may not be much of it. An exceptionally high-energy period is building up for us all – and for you, this means extra responsibilities and the possibility of sudden change at work, and in your personal life. It is definitely a time when thinking like a poker player is an asset – use your fabulous intuition to decide what to hold, and what to fold. By the end of April you’re ahead of the game.

Cats are fascinated by fish. And as a feline Leo you’ve been swiping your paw through the waters of fishy Pisces for some time, experiencing myriad emotions,  vivid fantasies and dreams. Enjoy. By mid-March you’ll notice a shift, and begin to look around you. You may decide to travel or study. You may want to refresh your home, wardrobe, or social life. Whatever you choose, you’re in the mood to transform and renovate - and you’ve got the determination to succeed. Friends, neighbours, and unexpected visitors will distract you from time to time, but mostly you’ll be keen to make things happen. Do leave a little space for the universe to intervene though – if your routine is too rigid you could miss out on some extraordinary surprises towards the end of March. What happens then acts as a catalyst for love, friendship, and stunning ideas. Go on, shine like a diamond.

Few know better than you that all that glistens is, most assuredly, not gold. But there’s no need to be too wary. You’ve been analysing your relationships and connections with others, and maybe it’s time to acknowledge what’s good about them? If you decide, in the end, that you’d be better off without a certain person then do make a decision. You need your wit, energy, and focus for other things. Once free from the dreaded hamster wheel of negative thought, interesting developments arise. Lonely Virgos can find love close to home, creatively blocked Virgos re-discover an old, dusty – yet valuable – talent and find fulfilment by developing in fresh directions. Later in March the line-up in Aries brings unexpected encounters in love, or asks you to think about your finances in a new way. Certainly, it’s time for a few compromises but you’ll soon see how these will benefit you eventually. Take the long view - you’ll be pleased you did.

You sense important changes brewing, but they are just out of sight or out of reach. Planetary heavyweights Pluto and Uranus are working away to gradually change the landscape of your life. And this month, some of those changes will come through partnerships, neighbours, and longstanding friends. Early March is all about your well-being, and would be a positive time for something relaxing, like a massage or a weekend break. Later in the month your ruling planet, Venus, joins a dynamic line-up in go-for-it Aries and things really speed up. By the time of your annual full Moon in Libra on the 27th, you’ll be surprised by others, and even inclined to surprise yourself now and then - mostly in a good way. Just don’t be too shocked if people act out of character – you may be forced to think on your feet more than once. Embrace the spirit of the season, and this turning point month will offer you much more than food for thought.

Do make the most of the first two weeks in March. They glow with potential for you as planets in Pisces support your mysterious, creative, and determined nature. Projects you begin during that time will need a lot of thought and commitment, usually not a problem for you. If you can bear to compromise a little bit, you’ll be onto a winner. It might be challenging to try and understand someone (or something) who is very different from you, but it will be worth it in the end. Romance, too, can be beautiful and intense during this time – just the way you like it.  Later March couldn’t be more different, as you find everyday life gets busy, and each day seems full of pesky things to do. Hold on tight to your dreams, and don’t lose heart. A pair of energising eclipses in April and May promise a further helping of cosmic inspiration to encourage you, and show you that what goes around, comes around.

Someone close to you will really need your warmth, humour and quirky wisdom this month. So although you’re busy with work, do try to make some time for them. And while you’re at it, make some time for yourself too. Your enthusiasm is legendary, and yes – this is a positive time to steam ahead. But a little down time can help you make sure you’re heading in exactly the right direction, and not simply using up energy in pursuit of the wrong goals. Perhaps some fine-tuning is necessary? The second half of March lights up your imagination – love, creativity, and playfulness spring up in the most unlikely places. Single Sagittarians take note, an explosive attraction could really electrify you around Easter time. Happily involved? Then give your spontaneous side a chance to be ridiculous, or romantic. Pin down any unusual ideas you have too, they could be the answer to the changes you’ve been seeking.

March could be a stand-out month, in what is shaping up to be an important year for you. Your ruling planet, serious Saturn, meets up with equally serious Pluto and pushes you forward. This involves a lot of hard work, and a certain amount of give and take in your everyday life. The achievements and results you want seem to take a lot of effort right now, but it’s a time of laying foundations for later in the year. For many of you this means your career. For others it’s about your home and family, and making changes there. Chances are you’ll be delightfully distracted in May, so why not use this phase to get things done?  You can make a great impression with what you write and say now – so whether you’d like to liven things up socially, or meet new work contacts – it’s definitely a good time to communicate, sweet talk, or start a blog. Yes, it’s a whirligig of a month,  do enjoy the ride.

You’re thinking about home and career this month, and wondering how to make money while staying true to your values. If you took a risk last autumn, when Jupiter turned retrograde, then it’s time to see how that’s working out for you. Pluto and Saturn bring a very serious atmosphere with them, but it may be impossible to figure out exactly what’s going on just yet. As the weeks pass, the atmosphere changes  - and unexpected news, or an encounter with someone inventive and eccentric, helps you to see things in a new light. By the end of March your sparky ruler, Uranus, is firing on all cylinders and so is your mind. Inspiration is born from this chaotic phase, and that’s what you need most right now. Meanwhile, keep risks to a minimum and try to get along with everyone. By the end of April you’ll know what to do next.

The outstanding line-up of planets in Pisces gives you a huge pool of possibilities to dive into this March. Plus there’s a new Moon in your sign on the 10th, a good day to begin a project, a relationship, or to change your habits and routines in some way. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will back you up whether you want to learn new skills, get involved with a group endeavour, or plan the trip of a life-time. Now, it’s easy to dream this time away because it all feels so easy and familiar. It can be difficult to stop floating on the blissfully warm waters and start swimming. But it would be a shame to miss out on all this special watery energy. By the end of March everything changes again, and you’ll have to think seriously about practical matters and – probably – cash as well. Expanding your world is a year-long theme for you, and there’s rarely been a better time to begin.





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