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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope (February 2014)

Cosmic Weather horoscope for February 2014

by Jane Lyle

February was the Roman month of purification, and the last month of the Roman year. As a period of transition between winter and spring, it remains a time for some early spring cleaning of mind, body, or spirit.


Cleaning your home is just the beginning…..This February is also a useful time to review things, and with Mercury retrograde from the 6th February  to the end of the month, mulling over your options and thoughts is a productive use of this sometimes frustrating phase. Mercury retrograde is a natural time for a break from forging ahead, so why not do a digital detox of some kind? Some experts suggest the five/two way – five days on, two days off – just like the hugely popular diet of the same name. Could be an interesting experience.

February’s main theme is a bit like Father Christmas teaming up with the Nutty Professor for a big night out. It’s Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus in Aries, and it heralds a time full of potential, unusual opportunities, instability, and erratic – even fateful - events. It becomes exact at the end of this month, but the two planets are closely aligned all month long. And they will remain close enough for this theme to continue on into March. Meanwhile, that lively, inventive new Moon in Aquarius at the end of January points the way forward this February. There is no new Moon this month, so that one is our lunar signpost.

Religion, the law, travel, scientific research, inventions and political movements are in the news, with the ongoing global issues of social unrest and upheaval not going away any time soon. Powerful links between planets in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn stamp this spring with their dynamic energies. It is all building up towards April and early May, when an unusual pattern called a Grand Cross is all set to trigger some dramatic turnarounds, or fracture unsatisfactory circumstances into countless pieces. Some things are set to fall apart, but however challenging it gets (and there’s nothing easy about it), it’s important to remember this makes space for new beginnings. April’s thoughts and events represent a major turning point in 2014 for all of us, but most particularly for many of you with Cardinal birthdays, or Cardinal planets and angles in your individual horoscopes.

And then there’s Valentine’s Day, with a flamboyant full Moon in Leo lighting up this annual night of romance for some, misery or incomprehension for others. As you might know already, some countries celebrate the joys of friendship on this day too, which I think fits in beautifully with the Sun being in a sociable, quirky sign like Aquarius. And thinking about our connections in new ways is important, since all our relationships are in the spotlight this year – family, friendships, and workmates are all included.

This year, Valentine’s Day planet patterns favour serious romantic commitment, or deep reviews of relationships. No, it isn’t particularly flirty or fluffy. With Mercury apparently travelling backwards, make sure your words of love are crystal clear. Misunderstandings worthy of some cheesy romantic comedy are more than likely. Cupid will be in a mischievous mood, that’s all I’m saying – and the reappearance of former partners or old flames could certainly stir up the heart-shaped pot for many of us. 

By the end of February we’ll certainly be ready for spring, but we might not be quite sure what kind of spring it will be. There’s an intense, creative new Moon in Pisces waiting for us on 1st March, when it will be time to move forward with the awareness and knowledge we’ve unearthed this month.

‘At the down’s top, under the moon, near the outline of a Bronze Age burial barrow, I sat in the snow and drank whisky again. I looked back along the line of my own tracks leading up to the hilltop. Away to the north-west were dozens of other print-trails, spreading far and then further downhill. I picked a trail and set out along it, following those tracks to see where they might lead.’ – Robert Macfarlane, ‘The Old Ways’. 

Saturday 1st February:
Today is the Celtic fire festival of Imbolc, honouring the goddess Brigid, and the return of life and light to the northern hemisphere. Over the next few days the rising Sun will illuminate openings in ancient Neolithic tombs, such as the passage tombs at Newgrange in Ireland, which are aligned with its position at this time of year. It’s a cross-quarter day – half way between the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox in March. This year the exact cross-quarter day is 3rd February when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Aquarius.

This Saturday, the Sun in cerebral Aquarius and the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune in psychic Pisces illuminate both our logical thinking abilities, and our intuitive powers. Light candles! 

If you’d like to know more about Imbolc at magical Newgrange, the goddess Brigid, and the passage tombs:


Thursday 6th February:

Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces

And yes, this fishy business can be most confusing. Mainly, I think, it would be wise to take tall stories or romantic declarations with a small pinch of salt. Misunderstandings, and miscommunications, cannot be avoided right now. Everything tends to dissolve in the fog. But dreamy activities, chilling out, listening to music or practising creative visualisation should all go well over the next week.


Friday 7th February:

Sochi 2014: the Winter Olympic Games open in Russia

Mercury is backtracking very close to deceptive, other-worldly Neptune today – so expect a glamorous ceremony, underlying confusion, and blurred boundaries. With sporty Jupiter and surprising Uranus squaring up to each other this month, we should expect the unexpected during the Games too.


Tuesday 11th February:

If you need to finish something, or make practical plans, then the Sun squaring up to sober Saturn this week favours determination and realism. A feeling of pessimism is around for some of us. But this will fade.


Thursday 13th February:

Mercury retrograde enters Aquarius again.

Mercury, planet of the mind, travel, language and clever tricks, remains in inventive Aquarius until 17th March when it plunges once more into the mysterious waters of Pisces. Computer and technology mayhem is more than likely until the end of February. Spam, internet scams and viruses, social media nonsense and embarrassing email scandals just can’t wait to surface.

It’s the first day of the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia, or the Festival of the Wolf (13th-15th February).  Legend says that Rome’s founders, Romulus and Remus, were abandoned and left to die. But fate stepped in - Lupa, the sacred she-wolf, suckled the twin babies, and saved their lives. Her annual festival celebrated lust and fertility in all the ways dear to the hearts of those party-loving Romans, for Lupa’s consort was an equally ancient, passionate forest god – he became known as Faunus to the Romans, goat-footed Pan to the Greeks.

On the last day of the Lupercalia, young men ran naked through the chilly streets. Vestal Virgins prepared sacred cakes, and – needless to say - there were blood sacrifices. Valentine’s Day carries the faintest of echoes of this wild and wolfish feast.


Friday 14th February:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Full Moon rises at 26 degrees Leo, suggesting drama, serious romance and more than a few lovers’ quarrels. With Mercury rewinding now, old flames could be looking to light your fire again. This might not be a brilliant idea, but when has that ever stopped anyone? There’s more on the Valentine Moon in the Moon Diary.


Saturday 15th February:


An airy Aquarian Sun and Libran Mars meet in a flowing trine today, bringing a mental energy boost this weekend. Mercury, ruling communication, travel, tricks and thinking meets action planet Mars today and tomorrow too. This is a good weekend for taking some mental exercise.

Sunday 16th February:

Happy Birthday to gifted Aquarian artist and writer, Pamela ‘Pixie’ Colman Smith, born on this day in 1878.

Pamela Colman Smith is best known for designing and illustrating that wonderful classic tarot deck, the Waite-Smith deck, in 1909. It used to be known as the Rider-Waite deck, after the publisher (Rider) and author, the famous occultist A. E. Waite. But without Pamela’s graceful, perceptive illustrations it might never have survived, or gone on to become the best-selling tarot deck in the world.

Pamela was born in London, but also spent time in America and Jamaica. She wrote and illustrated children’s stories, some based on the folk-tales she’d learned as a child in Jamaica. Pamela also produced numerous illustrations, paintings, and set designs. Her theatre work brought her in contact with a number of famous people, such as poet W. B. Yeats, and Bram Stoker – author of ‘Dracula’, and manager of the Lyceum Theatre, where Pamela worked for a while.

You can find out more about Pamela Colman Smith here:

If you’re up late, or very early, you can now see beautiful Venus shining at her brightest in the pre-dawn morning sky.


Tuesday 18th February:

Sun enters the last sign of the zodiac – the water sign, Pisces.

And so we wish a happy birthday month to all those charming Fishes out there. You are sensitive to atmospheres, imaginative, idealistic and often highly intuitive. Many of you are glamorous too. Avoid too much self-sacrifice, and do a regular reality check – self-delusion is what generally trips you up. This year you can make the most of outstanding watery support for your dreams from Jupiter and Saturn until July.

The Moon’s nodes enter Libra
You might think there was enough going on with those dynamic Cardinal signs at the moment. But with the Moon’s north nodes entering Libra, we have even more emphasis on them, and on our own ability to make fresh starts and initiate action. In Libra and Aries (the opposite, south node) the Moon’s nodes signify learning about our relationship with others, and with ourselves. Finding a balance between satisfying our own, sometimes selfish, desires and making workable compromises with others is an important theme now.

The Moon’s nodes travelled through Libra (North node) and Aries (South node) between May 20th 1958 and December 7th 1959; December 30th 1976 and 19th July 1978; and August 12th 1995 – February 28th 1997. If you were born in these years, between these dates, you’re about to have a nodal return over the next eighteen months and begin a meaningful, even fateful, new cycle in your relationships. The nodes move backwards through the zodiac, starting at the end of a Sun sign.

If you’re an Aries or Libran (or you have planets in those signs) the nodes will -sooner or later - energise your Sun, signifying meetings with people who’ll have an important effect on your life – personally or professionally. An astrologer can tell you more about timings as they relate to your individual horoscope.


Sunday 23rd February:

Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Every year the Sun meets Neptune, denoting a period of a few days when mass events can have a powerful emotional impact. Inspiration is around, but the practical details will need work later on.

Tuesday 25th February:

Venus in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio

It’s a helpful day for balancing your budget – whether that means cash, personal energy, or how you allocate your time. Older people can offer excellent advice today, and it’s a time when established artists are in the news.



Wednesday 26th February:

Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus in Aries at 10 degrees.

Science, technology, the law, and religion are stirred up by this ongoing tension between Jupiter and Uranus. Breakthroughs and inventions are favoured this spring, but these are hard won. A general air of unrest, plus the strong desire to make changes can bring instability. It is a time of opportunity and sudden events. This erratic Jupiter-Uranus partnership lasts until May. In September they will meet again, but by then there will be flowing fiery energies and a notably different atmosphere.

Special birthdays energised by Jupiter-Uranus now are:

Aries: 30th March – 2nd April
Cancer: 1st July – 2nd July
Libra: 1st October – 2nd October
Capricorn: 31st December – 1st January

If you have planets in your natal horoscope at 10 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs shown above, then this is a time of opportunity and change for you too. To find out more, why not ask an astrologer?


Friday 28th February:

Mercury turns direct in Aquarius, travelling through this inventive, intellectual sign until March 17th.

Day by day it should now become easier to organise things, communicate clearly, and fix any anarchic technology glitches you’ve been experiencing. Tomorrow’s new Moon in Pisces marks a new month, and the potential for new beginnings in March.





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