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Sagittarius 2010














All you need is love. Give a Sagittarian this and they can rule the world. What you have to work on during 2010, is putting the faith back into relationships. The trust factor was threatened for you during 2009, and if your close ones don’t work hard on putting it back into what you have, then you’ll be shutting down the doors of communication. In fact, if someone does not make the effort, you’ll have no hesitation about kicking them out of your life. I like this strength of character, which Pluto has given to you, and so my friend, will you.

Money worries were on your mind more than usual during 2009, but you need to know that all of your efforts, to right any wrongs and find a solution, are going to pay off in your favour, and this will happen during the first three months of 2010 Sagittarius. Be wary of investing in things, which will claim a large amount of your money. By September, you’re going to want to have the funds to make a change to your day to day living, and it’s important you maintain flexibility around then.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, nerves and arteries.  Lust for life and optimism characterize your sign.  You are constantly on the move and your body can be prone to sprains.  Swimming is an ideal sport for you to take up if you’re not already doing it.  When it comes to colds, you have a particularly weak resistance.   You frequently eat on the run and if you can make 2010 your year to slow down and sit down to eat your meals properly then you’re sure to start to feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

Your competitive nature has pushed you to go for things, which you may not really have wanted. Why you feel the need to impress those around you, I don’t fully understand. You’ve already got the respect of those who matter to you and Neptune is showing you how special your life now is.  Try to look at what you have achieved, rather than what you haven’t.  If you can stop treating life as if it is a competition then you should start to find the enjoyment that you are looking for. Relax; you’ve already put in the hard work, now it’s your year to reap the rewards, as events from February will soon show you.

Ideal career for a Sagittarius: Travel agent, photographer, ambassador, expedition leader, newspaper magnate or professor.


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