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What Does Your Rising Sign Mean?

Your rising sign describes the way other people see you, and the way you express yourself physically and sexually. It's the part of you that others first see when you walk into a room, and the secret messages you send out about your sexual chemistry.

Your rising sign is far more potent an attraction factor than your sun-sign, because it's your seductive make-up that's on show to the world. And it's there to attract potential lovers and also to ward off the ones you don't find attractive yourself! Your rising sign also reveals the way you seduce and attract men to you, and it's very likely that most of the time you don't even realise you're doing it.

Find out your rising sign and discover what your sex appeal is really all about, who you attract, and the secrets of your sexual chemistry.

ARIES rising

You need to be sexually challenged and you love to dominate. With all that fiery energy, you can be utterly spontaneous about when you want sex. And will often ask for it at the most awkward moment. So you're ready to be aroused in the most outrageous places. You prefer to orgasm before he does, because you like to be the first in everything.  Outdoor sex gives you the chance to be a bit of an exhibitionist, and you adore giving him oral sex when he's on the phone, or in the car.

TAURUS rising

Slow arousal, and plenty of foreplay are more important to you than fast penetration.  But you need a man who can honour your down-to-earth sexuality. Your own orgasmic rhythms are languorous and sultry, so you must be with someone who respects the fact you connect sex with feelings. You love submissive sex and erotic pillow talk. You prefer luxurious surroundings, and smoochy evenings of slow seduction, and adore wearing sexy lingerie when he gives you oral sex.

GEMINI rising

You indulge in fantasies when having sex, as your mind is your prime
erogenous zone. Your sexual style is sizzling, and anything from erotic literature, to romantic films turn you on quickly. You're aroused by his voice, and you adore erotic conversations over the phone while you're both masturbating.

You need a man who is physically playful, imaginative and intellectually equal, and who can understand how your erotic fantasies play such an important part of your arousal. You prefer sex in dangerous locations or at unpredictable moments.

CANCER rising

You need to feel absolutely secure and trusting before you can be aroused. You are deeply sensitive to your lover's fingers and mouth, and clitoral stimulation is a must. Feelings are as important as physical pleasure, so you need a man who is sensually and emotionally involved.

Closeness is vital in your intimacy, and you need long sessions of oral sex and foreplay. You seduce with a slinky, cautious approach, and adore gentle bondage scenarios, where you keep him aroused for as long as possible while you masturbate yourself.

LEO rising

To really enjoy sensual pleasure you must be the centre of the universe in his eyes. The more adored you are, the more aroused you get. But you also need someone who has no inhibitions about being dominated, or ravished the way you chose.

You are theatrical and passionate about exhibitionistic sex. Particularly having sex in front of mirrors, and mutual masturbation in public places. The more outrageous or erotic the location, the more you'll
be aroused with multiple orgasms.

VIRGO rising

Sexually you're elegant and classy, and convey a deeper exotic quality when slowly aroused. You need a man who is dedicated to your sexual needs, and he must be a skilled lover.  You like timing your orgasms to coincide with his, but you also enjoy submissive sex and then flipping  roles and dominating him when he least expects it. You enjoy sex toys, as well as erotic literature and mutual masturbation. Oral sex in the shower gives your libido an incredible boost.

LIBRA rising

Erotic ideas, words and phone calls are essential for your arousal. Your lover must be beautiful, adaptable, and also a friend. You have a magnetic sex appeal, so finding the perfect man can take a long time. Orgasms must be stimulating and lively, fun and dynamic rather than emotionally intense.

Above all you're an ultimate romantic, so sex must be an experience based on physical perfection. You lover must be willing to be dominated, and you adore experimenting with different sex techniques.

SCORPIO rising

You're sexually smouldering and can be very possessive. But you need to feel you can have sexual pleasure without any inhibitions. Your intense experience of orgasm means that your lover must match your performance. Which is usually powerfully arousing. Sometimes you like to dominate, but usually you prefer oral sex or doggie-style penetration. Mutual masturbation in the bath or shower unleashes your wilder carnal passion.


You are daring, audacious and sexually liberated, and you need a lover who can share your passion for orgasms all night. Sex must be an adventure, and you're happiest when making love outdoors, or in unusual or spontaneous places. Your responses are uninhibited, and you expect your man to be as physically turned on as you are. Orgasms are celebrations, and your lover must be able to keep you on a libido high with sexy phone calls, surprise sex toys and orgasmic adventures.


The bonding power of sexual pleasure is far more important to you than sex for the sake of sex. But you do have a secretive wild style, and it unfolds only when you can completely trust your man. Safe discrete locations and erotic surroundings make you feel aroused, and you need a lover who can be skilful but earthy and funny with it. You need a long-lasting sexual bond, and orgasms for you are an experience of complete affinity with your lover. Sexy underwear and slow oral stimulation are your ultimate turn-ons.


You have a powerful sex drive, and need to experiment with all kinds of unusual techniques. The more you talk sex the more aroused you are. You need a lover who responds to your zany sexual style. You like to take control, and play different roles. You are aroused quickly by mutual masturbation and oral sex, and prefer to be on top rather than be submissive. You are sexually broad-minded, and are turned on by the idea of threesomes or group sex.

PISCES  rising

You have two sexual desires, one is for utter romance, candles, gentle foreplay and the other for intense sexual experience where you are utterly ravished by your partner. You need a lover who is poetic and tender, but also has a vivid imagination. You are aroused easily by having sex in water, or when travelling. Stimulation is a sensual experience, and you need slow sultry nights of closeness and passion, or early mornings waking up to oral sex. 


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