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Ultimate Compatibility Guide - Leo Woman


leo-glyph.gifSarah's sign by sign zodiac love and compatibility guide for the Leo woman




aries-glyph.gifLeo woman/Aries man
Their fiery enthusiasm for physical contact is envied by their friends, but equally it could burn itself out. There's always a danger of both tiring of the other's self-absorbed attitude to life and love. She wants to be special, he's on a personal crusade. But good for fun, sex, and excitment everywhere they go.

taurus-glyph.gifLeo woman/Taurus man
This man is a sensual artist but he doesn't aspire to flamboyant behaviour. She wants to make a drama out of life, but he'd rather be working quietly behind the scenes which is fine if he's happy to be her favourite set designer. Only problem here is he might get frustrated by her constant need for attention.

gemini-glyph.gifLeo woman/Gemini man
He lives in his head, she lives in her heart. When he’s with her, he’s a prankster but also a bit of a gangster. And although she adores his witty charm, she never can be sure of his complete devotion. She wants to be treated like a goddess, he'll prefer flirting with her friends.

cancer-glyph.gifLeo woman/Cancer man
He's moody and often silent, she's wicked, vibrant and glitzy. Yet her fiery nature dazzles him, and his sensual, secret world fascinates her. Usually a passionate love affair, even though you have such very different desires. Difficulties arise because he needs his home comforts when she'd rather be socialising every night.

leo-glyph.gifLeo woman/Leo man
The drama they generate can develop into a battle ground of wills. They both have a natural desire to challenge the other. Only downside is they're both so proud and righteous, that they'll never admit they've made a mistake. Highly compatible though, if they can both remember to honour those hidden emotions.

virgo-glyph.gifLeo woman/Virgo man
Workable and creative, they respect each other’s different approach to life. But he might begin to resent her constant need for a dramatic quest, while she might get fed up with having to come down-to-earth. Sustainable, if she can be the star of the twosome and he can get on with his personal crusade.

libra-glyph.gifLeo woman/Libra man
Both love to get out and about, look good and enjoy a glittering social scene, but his indecisiveness often irritates her more than she admits. Wonderful for sexual fun, but difficult to pin him down to anything. A short-term fling more likely than long-term love.

scorpio-glyph.gifLeo woman/Scorpio man
She's showy, teasing, and dynamic, he's smouldering, intensely serious and often difficult to satisfy.  Yet somehow, there's a very powerful attraction between them that just won't go away. A highly compelling sexual relationship like most Fire and Water combinations.

sagittarius-glyph.gifLeo woman/Sagittarius man
Great for physical fun, and a mad-cap, passionate affair. But he's a roamer not a fixture and fitting, while she likes to feel he's her personal luxury item. He won't be terribly loyal when adventure and variety are at stake. She'll either have to give him space, or give him up.

capricorn-glyph.gifLeo woman/Capricorn man
Exciting, dramatic and erotic, this often makes for a steamy sensual relationship. He loves her outrageous sexual style; she'll adore his potent, earthy libido. Their only problem is they both need to dominate in and out of the bedroom.

aquarius-glyph.gifLeo woman/Aquarius  man
He believes in non-exclusive relationships, but she believes in utter exclusivity. Like any opposite signs of the zodiac, they seem fated to be together, so this can be an exciting and magical physical rapport. The only problem is, she can get too possessive, and he needs oodles of space.

pisces-glyph.gifLeo woman/Pisces man
A strangely rich and warmly satisfying relationship, where fantasy mixes with outrageous fun.  He wants her to lead the way, but may find it hard to keep up with her dynamic lifestyle. Great for escape, romance and intrigue, but he could get addicted to her, rather than love her.




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