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Will our love horoscopes help you meet your perfect partner or put a spark back into your relationship? Find out what your lovescopes have in store.

Love Horoscopes (week beginning 12th September)



With flighty Mercury moving forward again in obsessive Virgo, we're all going to assume that love will now work to order. Of course, those who think love is a mystery, not a logic, may disagree. In fact, ' an about turn Mercury' may give us all a sudden wish to return to what we thought was bearable, and to give up on our wishes for more. Yet by the end of the week, we an get on with loving from our hearts rather than from our heads. Although of course, love is from all the parts we thought we never knew existed. This week, time to reveal them.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 5th September)



Mercury retrograde may be stalling plans, disrupting computers, making us think backwards and upside down, but its also slowing down romantic intrigues, and giving us a feeling we aren't as desirable as we thought we were. In fact, this week is simply one where delays will occur and the love bus may well seem as if it's leaving without us. But with Venus and Mars still ploughing through lovely Libra, we'll at least be able to rationalise our moods, and bad thoughts will become good ones again.

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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 29th August)



Did you know we all have two different centres within ourselves? One that yearns for respect and honesty (both one's own and from others) and one which is satiated by fear of inadequacy from a remembered wound perhaps?  How cruel our memories can be when they hold us tightly bound in their grip. But this week, the past diminshes it's figurative and fugitive hold. Imagine yourself in a golden barge of happiness, and there beside you, a lover with soul. One who doesn't stop you from loving yourself, him and humanity because he understands. Someone who, whether already in your life, or  shortly to be, can also sing or say, 'when you're standing at the crossroads, don't know which way to go... I'll stand by you'.  This is a week where we can all stand by others, and feel the power of the universe flowing through us as individuals too.



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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 22nd August)



A floundering Mercury in focussed Virgo, is joined by the sun this week, and we begin to hope that things that were once shattered get fixed, or romance that was shaky is stabilzed. But we're still wondering if what we think, do or say is the right thing. And we'll probably still dither about commitment or stamp our feet and wish love and life weren't so chaotic.  And then, little thanks to the full moon in confusing Pisces, the reality is that as hard as we try to push boundaries, think positive thoughts, pray to our guardian angels or go on a rice diet, the truth is that other people just aren't on our wavelength. So just enjoy being yourself and let the universe catch its breath.

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