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Cosmic Weather (horoscope beginning 30th July))

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Cosmic Weather: Your weekly astro-almanac by Jane Lyle

Monday 30th July – Sunday 5th August




Monday 30th July
Embracing change in a conscious way is a practical and spiritual challenge. So power struggles inside or outside ourselves are to be expected around now as we pick our way along an unfamiliar path.

Tuesday 31st July
Venus in Gemini reaches new territory today after her retrograde journey. So if you’ve been trying to sort something out with love or money, it should be easier for you to see and think more clearly in the weeks ahead.  A trine with sober Saturn firms things up nicely, and favours doing the grown-up thing.

Lughnasadh Eve: One of the great pagan fire festivals of the year, Lughnasadh, or Lammas, celebrates Lugh – god of light, knowledge and wisdom. It’s a harvest festival – it’s a time for the gathering of fruit, and the cutting down of the corn, barley, wheat or other grain harvest. Symbolically, this means the death or sacrifice of the old ‘king’ so that the new ‘king’ can reign for a year. Old folk songs such as ‘John Barleycorn’, and the cult horror movie ‘The Wicker Man’ (1973) reference this ancient cyclical theme of death and rebirth.  If you’re in a pagan mood, here’s a recording of the folk song by Steeleye Span from their album ‘Below the Salt’ (1972).

Wednesday, 1st August:
The Sun is firmly in Leo now - often said to be a glamorous, extravagant sign. If you like a dazzling mix of glamour and mysticism you’ll be intrigued to learn that the legendary Atelier Versace’s new autumn and winter collection was inspired by the spirit and symbols of the Tarot cards.

Thursday, 2nd August:  Full Moon at 10 degrees of Aquarius, the Water Bearer
A buoyant, lively, and rambunctious full Moon boosts original thinking, unusual relationships, courage plus a whiff of righteous anger too. There’s more in the Moon Diary.

Friday, 3rd August:
Deception is often thought of as a bad thing. But sometimes we enjoy it – special effects, magic tricks, masked heroes and falsetto voices are all deceptions that delight. One way or another, the bewitching illusions of smoke and mirrors catch our attention over the coming days. Blame fifty shades of Neptune, or raise a glass in his honour.

Sunday, 5th August:
‘Am I in earnest? Oh, dear no. Don’t you know that this is a fairy tale, and all fun and pretence, and that you are not to believe one word of it, even if it is true?’

The Water Babies, Charles Kingsley

Yes, this is the kind of atmosphere many of us will be feeling around us now.

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