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Cosmic Weather (horoscope for week beginning 14th November)

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Cosmic Weather: Weekly astrology forecast by Jane Lyle

Week beginning Monday 14th November.


This is a week of larger themes, as existing planet patterns continue to unfold in the heavens. What we’ve been dealing with will continue to need attention. Venus and Mercury are still travelling together in fiery Sagittarius. Humour is seductive now, but commitment must wait. Meanwhile, Mars in Virgo moves closer to Jupiter, expanding energy for fun with little care for the consequences. At first, anyway.

14th - 16th November: Saturn meets the fortunate fixed star, Spica, in Libra. A positive light shines on matters connected with health, welfare, domestic matters, women and education this week. Spica is a bright, binary star which is imagined as the ear of wheat in the hand of Virgo, the virgin maiden.

20th November: Pluto and Mars draw close. Who holds the power in their hands? Who knows a secret? In just five days time there’s a partial solar eclipse, and it will be stirring things up already. Treaties and agreements come under a lot of strain - try to delay signing anything important. Old, existing contracts may turn out to be full of mysterious clauses and disappointments too.


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