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Sarah's Love Horoscope (week beginning 17th February)

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Weekly love horoscope by Sarah Bartlett. Mars is now battling through the earthy world of Taurus, making us all aware of the struggles with have with life, or some of us a resistance to change. Yet, with the sun joining Mercury in elusive Pisces, and a full…

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Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig 2019

in Blog
Lunar New Year 2019 – The Year of the Earth Pig By Jane Lyle The brand-new energy of a Lunar New Year begins on 4th – 5th February, 2019. It’s the Year of the Earth Pig which Chinese astrologers tell us is generally lucky, friendly, and good for social…

Moon Diary 2018

Moon Diary: Nights at the Circus - Full Moon in Gemini, 23rd November, 2018 by Jane Lyle.…

Year of the earth dog - 2018

Chinese New Year, February 2018: The Year of the Earth Dog by Jane Lyle. 2018 is The Year…

Exclusive extract: Relationship Astrology

Sarah Bartlett's 'Relationship Astrology' Read this exclusive extract from my latest book…

Venus Retrograde in 2017

Love, Karma, Cash and Caprice: The Venus retrograde 2017, and how to make the most of it…

Sex & Relationships

Know your love signs

in Sex and Relationships by Nicole
Jason Caddy's expert take on the signs in love. There’s no such thing as a duff astrological match. But in the same way it pays to know your opponent in a game of chess, it can’t harm to know a bit about your potential partner or loved one, as determined by…

The Saturn Return

by Sarah Bartlett The planetary cycles of Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus signify specific key…

Love and Compatibility

Why is it that you can love someone but you just don't like them? Our love horoscopes are…

Classic Zodiac Chat-up Lines

Ever wondered how to spot a star sign from what they say? Here's your rough guide to the…

Compatible astrology signs for women

Find out which astrology signs are compatible with your own sign. Noted astrologer Sarah…

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Personal readings with Sarah

Personal Tarot and Astrology from Sarah Our founding member Sarah Bartlett is offering one to one telephone readings to Astrology Room readers.

Personal readings with Claire

Astrology, tarot and clairvoyant readings with Claire Petulengro Who better to trust with…

Trust & Wait or Move On?

Dear Astrology Room I am a Pisces, born 25/02/59 having an affair with a Leo, born…

Leo/Aquarius mix

Dear Astrology Room I am a Leo born on 5th August 1966 at 6.10 am in Liverpool. I have…

Torn between two lovers

Dear Astrology Room Can you tell me what the future holds for me. I met my first…