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Are the Stars giving me the OK?


Hi there Astrology Room

I am a Taurus, April 28th 1993. My Fiancé is also a Taurus, May 13th 1992.

We’re planning on making a big move to be closer to my Mum. We feel like things are going nowhere where we live and although we’re creatures of habit, something is pulling us toward the unknown future.
Friction is present between us, but I’m hoping that it mostly has to do with the environment that we’re eager to leave behind. I’ve thought about it before, then got swept back into the mundane cycle of daily affairs. But I feel like it’s now or never.

My spiritual hunches are giving me the big yes, but things like more stable job opportunities within the company that I don’t necessarily LOVE have arisen out of the bushes.

Are the stars giving me the okay?


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I Lack a Sense of Belonging and Security - Please Help!

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Dear Astrology Room

I wonder if you could answer my question or give me some guidance, please?

The birthdate is 22/12/1970 time at 11.50 pm.

During my childhood one parent was ill and for whatever reason, the other didn't look after me and my sibling, we were placed into foster care and moved to another a while later.
Once my parents came home from hospital we were placed home with them and by this time the other parent had moved on with another partner and turned their back on us. The parent who had a period of illness has been very cruel to me all my life, so has my sibling.  

I have grown up feeling scared, unsupported and lacked a sense of belonging and security.  I have tried my hardest to be brave and pursue my goals but life has thrown me boulders which have prevented me from creating the life I have wanted. I have been told that I am on a spiritual path and that everything will work out in time.

I have endured so much bullying by family, so-called friends, colleagues and partners in the past that I have distanced myself from everyone.

I have walked away from family, am no longer in employment and do not have any friends at the moment. I have been single for many years and am hoping that some positive people come into my life soon who will help me to continue on my path and help others who are vulnerable and need support. I really want a career, genuine friends and a partner in time. Are you able to offer some guidance on this matter, please?

Kindest Regards


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I'm Ready For Some Relief!


Dear Astrology Room

I’m a Libra mum 25/09/66 with a Virgo son 16/09/03

We are constantly in turmoil with each other. I find him non-compliant, very difficult to communicate and get along with so please tell me when my relationship with my son will get easier?

Thank you!


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Is This Married Man Stringing Me Along?


Dear Astrology Room

For the past two years I have developed a friendship with a gentleman who is married. I am a Libra and he is an Aquarius, I know that I can not have a relationship with this gentleman despite having feelings for him, I have tried several times to sever ties and he has always gone along with this but for some reason he ends up contacting me weeks later and we pick up from where we left off, it has got me down as I do really care about him and no what I am doing is wrong as I also have a partner whom our relationship is and has been strained for sometime.

I don’t know how this gentleman feels about me if anything at all and is just being a friends with no strings attached, he may find that easy but I certainly don’t and my emotions and feelings all over the place.

My date of birth is 14/10/68 and his dob is 12/01/73

My heart aches each day as I don’t know what to do.

I hope that you can advise and help me find some answers.



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Aries woman/Sagittarius man - Do We Have a Future?

lover friend520x300 

Dear Astrology Room

I am an Aries female wondering if I have a potential future with a Sagittarius male? My gut feeling is so strong that he and I are meant to be together one day though friends and family think it won't happen with us. Our time together since meeting four years ago is like nothing else I've ever experienced with anyone ever, it's incredible, and I am so sure he feels the same. I have never felt a connection like this with anyone ever and fear if we aren't meant to be, that I will never feel this way with anyone ever again. I am 40 and he is 42 and neither of us have married.
I would prefer to remain anonymous.

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