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Aries woman/Sagittarius man - Do We Have a Future?

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Dear Astrology Room

I am an Aries female wondering if I have a potential future with a Sagittarius male? My gut feeling is so strong that he and I are meant to be together one day though friends and family think it won't happen with us. Our time together since meeting four years ago is like nothing else I've ever experienced with anyone ever, it's incredible, and I am so sure he feels the same. I have never felt a connection like this with anyone ever and fear if we aren't meant to be, that I will never feel this way with anyone ever again. I am 40 and he is 42 and neither of us have married.
I would prefer to remain anonymous.

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I'm confused - what's going on?


 Dear Astrology Room

I have a burning question I would like to ask. I am a libra and the person I am interested in was born 12 January.

So I have very strong feelings that I carry every day for this person it hurts me so much that he doesn’t feel the same, but he contacts me frequently and we pick up from where we left off. If I don’t hear from him I take it that he isn’t interested and don’t attempt to contact him out of fear of rejection. He will then contact me out of the blue leaving me confused.

Can you tell me what’s going on?


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Help, I'm a Libra Woman and a Taurus Man broke my heart!

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 Dear Astrology Room

For almost two years for now I can´t put behind me one painful experience, becasue I´m missing the closure- understanding, why he did what he did. I´m I Libra woman (16/10/76) and got my heart broken by Taurus man (17/05/76).
After 1 and a half years of communication and interaction I finally was ready to let him close. Trust doesn´t come easily for me due do lot of hurt in my past. I told him that and he assured his intensions were honest. I fell in love only to get rejected 3 months later. He ended it with just a phone call.  I know I should forget him as he didn't respect me, but my heart wont stay silent.
Waiting your honest feedback !

With regards,

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I'm surrounded by jealous people - Is there any hope?


 Dear Astrology Room

My birth date is 7th March 1974. I am single and issueless and am at a point in my life where it looks like its all been a waste. Even my career is not looking up with people actively trying to sabotage my professional reputation and prospects.

I thought I had learnt to live without everything that is part of normal life for everyone else like a spouse, kids and a home but it still hurts. I have always felt trapped and controlled by negative, toxic and jealous people.
Is there any hope for my love life and career?


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Dealing with the death of an ex


Dealing with death is never easy, but when an ex dies, you may experience mixed emotions and confusion. Even if you had a complicated relationship prior to their death, it can still affect you in ways you may not have expected. These feelings may be even harder to handle if your ex was a parent to your child and you also have to deal with helping them through their grief, alongside your feelings.

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