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Think Twice

Dear Eva

I am feeling very confused lately as i have split with my partner of 6 years last month. I am missing him so much and although we had a lot of arguements  I still love him. Do you think he will come back to try and start again or is this the end for us? His name is Eamon, my date of birth is 16.07.76.




Dear Carmel
Of course you miss the companionship but signs show me that there were major problems between you. I wouldn't advise you to look backwards. Stop thinking of just the good times you had with him, remember the pain that caused the split - get on with your life.

Good Luck




Mars in Relationship House

Dear Eva,

I have been divorced for five years now, and have been told that Mars in my relationship house may impact on future relationships. is this the case?

d.o.b: 06/09/1968


Dear Caralyn
With a positive mind and attitude you can always turn Mars around to your advantage. It is after all the planet of unpredictability. For you, October is a major time of opportunity in new relationships - you can make it work for you.





Cancerian Love Triangle

Dear Eva 

My Cancerian friend is having an affair with an Aries man.  They get on really well and he has promised that he will be leaving his wife.  He got as far as packing his stuff in October, only to unpack it again.  I hate to see her pulled about like this.  I tend to listen rather than advise but am running out of steam.  Do you think she's wasting her time?






It's still the same old story and women keep falling for it. Or does she? She doesn't want to believe that he's a love rat. My advice is she should, as a Cancerian, be firm and tell him that he can't have his cake and eat it too.


Best of luck






Libra and Young Sagittarius

Dear Eva

I have a very compatible relationship with a younger man.  We get on amazingly. Recently his attitude towards me has changed.  He is a Sagittarious.  He doesn't act or sound like his usual self. My age is suddenly an issue and he sometimes puts me down.  He is normally caring and sensitive. Will we continue?  Is this a natural change, or is he being given guidance from an untrustworthy source? I am near to walking away. pls advise tks.


Kris (Libra)



Dear Kris

Start walking. Don't blame others for changes in the relationship. If he is weak enough to be influenced by others then he's no good to you.


Good luck





Single Taurean

Dear Eva
I am a single Taurean Mum and have been single for many years. Is 2008 going to be the year I meet someone special to fill the emptiness I have been feeling for so long?


Dear Jane
Being a Taurus, you are not easily impressed where men are concerned. Just anyone would not suit you. However, love indications for your sign are very significant during August and September this year. For you, events of importance happen very quickly and big changes for the better are forecast for Taurus in general towards the end of this year.

Good luck

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