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Pisces and Love

Dear Eva,
I am a pisces born on march 5th 1964. I have not much luck in love I always seem to be taken advantage of, I just dont understand what I am doing wrong can you advise me?



Dear Gina 

My darling you are doing what every Pisces does, blaming yourself first!  When you get stuck in a rut it can take you a long time to get out of it. This is your time so don't delay but make plans to get out there and start living life again instead of just existing. That means this week - and I want you to write back again to hear about the wondeful time I know you'll have had., The first step is the hardest, the next is the nicest so make it now!  I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Oh and keep away from those Gemini men!






Fire and Earth

Dear Eva,
I have been single for a while but have just met an interesting younger Capricorn.  Do you think anything will come of this?
Aries 09/04/64 at 16.40 Isleworth, London



Dear Karen

All relationships are exciting in the begining which is why many relationships end when life starts to develop a feeling of normality.  As you are a fire sign, you love the excitement of new beginings but earth signs such as Capricorn could well become too boring for an impulsive character such as yourself. My advice would be not to put up a front but allow the real you to shine thruogh from now on. If he can keep up with a character like you then hang on to him but he'd better fasten his seatbelt as life with you will never be what others quite expect - but it will be memorable.  Be true to yourself and don't pretend to be someone your not darling!! Only the real you will attract the right man, not someone you pretend to be and i wouldn't change you for the world!






Scorpio Love Search

Dear Eva,
I have now been single for a year and after alot of inner work on myself i feel that i am now ready for a relationship. Can you please tell me if i have any love coming into my life in the near future.
Many thanks
Fi Scorpio DOB 19/11/68 time: 11:26am and born in Malaysia
Dear Fi
Stop looking and it will find you. You have to be happy with who you are before you are happy to be part of a couple and I know you're still finding that out. What an exciting journey you are on and how I envy the wonderful and joyous experinces life will now take you on. All that pain you have been though will make the next year even more enjoyable. You have personal ambitions, pursue them and then romance will follow naturally but dont' put your life on hold waiting to jump on the bandwagon of someone elses goals, you're too good for that.
P.S Send me an E postcard when you get there!
Dear Eva
Many thanks for replying to my questions. Yes it was all so true that you wrote, i am still finding out who the real me is and its been an amazing journey, one that i am so glad that i began. Yes i have personal ambitions that i aim to turn into reality. Dream....Believe....Achieve.
Many, many thanks
Fi :)

Think Twice

Dear Eva

I am feeling very confused lately as i have split with my partner of 6 years last month. I am missing him so much and although we had a lot of arguements  I still love him. Do you think he will come back to try and start again or is this the end for us? His name is Eamon, my date of birth is 16.07.76.




Dear Carmel
Of course you miss the companionship but signs show me that there were major problems between you. I wouldn't advise you to look backwards. Stop thinking of just the good times you had with him, remember the pain that caused the split - get on with your life.

Good Luck




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