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Aries woman/Sagittarius man - Do We Have a Future?

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Dear Astrology Room

I am an Aries female wondering if I have a potential future with a Sagittarius male? My gut feeling is so strong that he and I are meant to be together one day though friends and family think it won't happen with us. Our time together since meeting four years ago is like nothing else I've ever experienced with anyone ever, it's incredible, and I am so sure he feels the same. I have never felt a connection like this with anyone ever and fear if we aren't meant to be, that I will never feel this way with anyone ever again. I am 40 and he is 42 and neither of us have married.
I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Dear Anonymous,

The good news is that you are both fire signs, which astrologically, is a great base to build on. You say you are friends and that is how some of the best relationships begin. With the stars shining down on you for compatibility, is it going to be up to you to make the next move, or this will we, won't we work out, will drive you round the bend.

Many Aries of your age have suffered let downs from aiming too low in their late 20's and early 30's. Dream big and ask him out for coffee, it could lead to dinner and much more once your two signs find the romantic common ground you crave! Be impulsive, it's what ignites a fire signs imagination and libido!

Good luck, just be you.
Keep us posted!

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