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Bad Love Affairs

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room,
I've been very depressed for some time now, I think due to a series of bad love affairs, and not finding the right man.

I've been on my own for about six months, and wonder if there will ever be anyone out there for me? Can you help? I'm a Pisces and the men I seem to fall for are either married or don't want to get involved. Oh, I'm 45.  Anne.


Dear Anne,
This is not an easy time for Pisces, nor for the other mutable signs, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo. In fact over the past few years the rather extreme energies of Saturn and Uranus have been at odds with each other in the heavens, and subsequently influencing your own natal sun in Pisces. You were also born into an era (the mid 1960s, when in fact Saturn and Uranus were opposing each other anyway, but exactly opposite to the transiting aspect in your chart.

Transiting Saturn makes you feel lonely, or cuts you off from others. Transiting Uranus makes you search for an ideal.

We fall in love with the qualities that we assume the other person owns, not us. So we want what they have, or think we want what they have.  Your bad series of affairs is simply a stepping stone of difficult energy, confused ideals with the fear of aloneness, and a frustration of why you keep falling into this repeat pattern.

Pisces is a sign which deceives itself frequently, and this uncomfortable energy may well have led you down this rather deceptive pathway, where actually you're giving out (albeit unconsciously) signals that say, 'I'm free and easy, and I want an affair, that's all.' But then, when you find out X is married or unavailable for more than a fling, you give out the needy signals, "I need you, don't leave me, fix me" and this unconsciously or not, pushes them away.

In the months to come, the energy is changing for the better, and yes, there is someone out there. The signals are mixed right now, but by the end of the summer, you'll be giving off the right kind of message that says, I don't need someone, I just want to love someone. There is a difference.  Peace and love to you.



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