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Dealing with the death of an ex


Dealing with death is never easy, but when an ex dies, you may experience mixed emotions and confusion. Even if you had a complicated relationship prior to their death, it can still affect you in ways you may not have expected. These feelings may be even harder to handle if your ex was a parent to your child and you also have to deal with helping them through their grief, alongside your feelings.

For a Virgo, such as Kerry Katona, this is going to be magnified more than any other sign, as the Virgo’s need for a perfect life can often see them, constantly seeking perfection in themselves, which, let’s face it, no sign in the zodiac can find twenty-four seven!

Following the death of her former husband, George Kay, it has been widely reported that Kerry has joined Justin Biebers Hillsong church for help and support.  This is not uncommon to look to religion for answers, when such an untimely and upsetting event occurs and is likely to be what is keeping her going, through this difficult time.  Kerry needs support and to talk through her emotions, which, from what I’ve seen in interviews, she’s managing to do.  From every negative can always a positive grow and as this year comes to an end and we enter 2020, we should see a more mature and focused Kerry, who if her stars are to be listened to, will be taking her role as organiser of ‘others’ lives and adding some sort of counselling to her skills by next year. 

For those of you who have been touched by these issues, don’t forget you can call or other organisations such as The Samaritans

Talking to close ones, helps you process your feelings. Bottling up, will just take longer to heal.  Find those you love and trust to help you work through things.  Remember, there is always a way forward, you just have to focus and keep eyes on the future. It’s where changes can be made for the better.

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