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Does he think about me?

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 Dear Astrology Room

I'm a libran female (19/10/1976) who likes an aquarius male (21/01/1983) but I don't think he thinks about me at all. Should I forget him?


Hi Jude,

I love the romantic side of your sign, but this can also be a setback, as Librans need constant reassurance and constant flirtations to ensure that they still feel wanted and in their prime. I notice your age of 42, and wonder what happened during your Saturn return (between the ages of 28 and 30) This period seems to have left you with some bad habits which you need to unlearn. (As they have been affecting your personal life for a very long time!) One of them is game playing or being aloof, which for a sign who is normally known for wearing their heart on their sleeves, must make you seem very out of character in the last few years, for those who know you well.

The Aquarian you talk about, has clearly sparked an interest in you and it is going to be up to you in the weeks to come to put out the right signals. Not going into too much detail on the net, but you ask if you are compatible and I have to tell you that the physical connection between your two signs would be earth shattering. Surely it would worth showing your true emotions for the chance at such a good connection? However, first I want you to re learn how you want to behave with the opposite sex. Stress for your sign in the family is also evident and I want you to distance yourself from those who have repeatedly not been there for you. It is no use dwelling on the past, or to coin a phrase from my Grandma, 'to flog a dead horse.)

It's time to start living and loving, so why not try being the one to ask to go out for a drink? Aquarians love it when others take the lead!


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