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I feel ready to have a baby but my relationship isn't stable

I feel ready to have a baby but my relationship isn’t stable at the moment, what should I do?


I'm ready to have a baby but things with my boyfriend aren't the best. We are always fighting and have split up and and got back together more times than I can count. I love him with all my heart and would love to have a baby with him, what should I do? 

What do you do if, like Gemma Collins, you feel ready to start a family but you know deep down that your relationship may not be strong enough to survive such a committment. The answer may seem simple but is it really? Claire Petulengro takes a look.


I first met Gemma Collins, when working as the Clairvoyant/Astrologer for Channel Four’s ‘Celebrities go Dating’, last year. I could see straight away that Gemma was a typical Aquarian, always planning for tomorrow and not enjoying the day she was in enough. However, this is not a bad trait, (anything but!) Aquarians always have one eye on their future security.

Having a baby is a life change, even in the best of relationships, but when the union is one which is fraught with splits, very public reunions and rumours of other people, it can seem an almost impossible base to build from.

I see from Gemma’s stars, the need to have a baby, has overtaken who her choice of father should be. The stars tell her to hang on, for by August, I see the GC meeting someone, while travelling for work. So, look up from your phone, Mr Right could well be in the seat next to you!

When the need to be a mum takes over, even a forward-thinking Aquarian can’t see the pitfalls, only the end product they wish to achieve. Don’t accept half measures! This is a sign who needs a partner to share their experiences with. Gemma’s house of work is getting better and better, so she really does make sure that she has someone who loves to change the nappies, while she dons a mike and gets camera ready.

Gemma has to learn to keep a shorter leash on her lovers and not to extend it when her defences are down. She’s got to where she is by having pride and she shouldn’t drop her standards for anyone. Time is more on her side than she thinks and events at the turn of the year, will ensure she was wise to wait. Patience and belief in self-worth, can ensure she ends up living the whole dream and not just half of it. Watch this space!

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