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I just can't let go

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I'm an Aquarius, born February 9, 1982 (00.40 am) near Milan, Italy. During the past 5 months I've been in a relationship with a Libra, born October 22, 1979 (3 pm) in Ancona, Italy. Although I've strongly felt from the very beginning that this was a meaningful relationship for both of us, things were not running smoothly.


I've basically been in a relationship all my life, while he had no more than two short-term girlfriends in the past ten years. I saw that he made efforts to satisfy my needs of a closer relationship, but I felt it wasn't enough. He kept saying he did not trust me and the more I tried to come closer to him the more he drifted away, while still claiming that he wanted me.


Finally, I was so hurt that I decided to end the relationship. A part of me, though, is convinced that he was just the right person for me and that I should have be more patient and accept that he needed more time before committing. Or maybe he was just deceiving me? I'm so confused and I just can't let it go.


Many thanks




Dear Nora

Thank you for writing to us with your concerns over your relationship. Well, I'm going to be brutally honest and say, first that this man is certainly a very dark horse, and not only that, he will never really trust anyone, so don't take his lack of trust in you, personally. He cannot even trust himself.


I am not going to divulge his chart publicly, as that's not appropriate, but what I can say, is that there is a terrific power play between you, and yet a strong and powerful attraction too. Your compatibility is excellent, and I can understand why you felt so strongly about him and that he was the 'one' for you.


But yes, he has a cautious nature, he's only had a couple of relationships, he fears them, because he doesn't know how to relate. Relating is a painful experience for him, so rather than try to embrace the passion, he runs from it. He cannot find his own identity in a relationship, he feels smothered by closeness, he is lost in the jungle of his own emotions. So, don't regret ending this relationship, this man will never find it possible to commit to an exclusive relationship, because he does not have the capacity to trust himself. So no, he didn't deceive you - but he did deceive himself -  for in you, he could have trusted and learnt how to trust in himself too.


Moving on is very hard, but you have the chance now as the planets move on too, guiding you towards a deeper love and closer bond with someone who will respect that too.


With very best wishes




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