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Dear Astrology Room

I’m a Libra mum 25/09/66 with a Virgo son 16/09/03

We are constantly in turmoil with each other. I find him non-compliant, very difficult to communicate and get along with so please tell me when my relationship with my son will get easier?

Thank you!


Dear Libran Mum,

The need to be in charge is strong, because your Libran nature knows instinctively what is right for your child. 

This is hard to implement with a Virgo child at the best of times. You see, the Virgo child will have been the boss of you from the day they are born. Involving them consistently in the things you want to do, (even though the first half a dozen times, he will refuse), is important. The connection you two have, is the honesty your two signs show and I can’t help but think, you’ve both been guilty of saying things you don’t mean. Librans have had a hard time this year finding a balance between personal and professional but December is a turning point.

Focus on things you both enjoy. Walks and talks are the key for your two to bond, and of course the gift of patience, which although hard to find, is your key to him opening up, and with Saturn and Pluto direct, your stars are ripe for success for communications from here on in. Virgo boys like to think they deserve to be treated as grown ups, so remember to let him say his piece before you reply. This will give you leverage when and if he claims he hasn’t been heard. Keep faith, as this is his way of finding out who he is.

Stay open minded and you’ll discover why you have a world of support and love to nurture together in the years to come! January sees him making a career choice later than you’d hoped, but which takes him on a far better path personally. You know what they say, we take out our stresses on those we love and you have clearly been there for him as your main priority.

Love and Light

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