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I'm surrounded by jealous people - Is there any hope?


 Dear Astrology Room

My birth date is 7th March 1974. I am single and issueless and am at a point in my life where it looks like its all been a waste. Even my career is not looking up with people actively trying to sabotage my professional reputation and prospects.

I thought I had learnt to live without everything that is part of normal life for everyone else like a spouse, kids and a home but it still hurts. I have always felt trapped and controlled by negative, toxic and jealous people.
Is there any hope for my love life and career?


Hello my dear Pisces friend,

I am so sorry to hear how down life has been for you of late. Looking at your chart, I can assure you that things are looking up. I do however, need you to take control of your future at the same time.

The routine you are living is boring you and this is something I know you have been feeling for a while now. Boredom can lead to depression, and this is something which feels uncomfortable for you, because you’ve only ever tried to attract a peaceful life. As you’ve said yourself, you even avoided marriage, children and relationships for fear of them failing.

But… you’re a Pisces and live to the full you must do.

I predict a relationship entering your life by accident and I’m wondering if you will say yes to the upcoming travel ideas which will come to mind by your birthday of next year. Don’t rule out doing a charity trek, or booking something awe inspiring. My goal is, to get you to think outside the box, where you will be able to experience new things.

A change of scenery and a new job would work wonders for you. Working with others less fortunate, is a natural path for your sign to take, as you have an aptitude for dealing with others problems, (just not your own!) Try to think of your problems as someone else’s next time. Use the advice you would apply if it were others best interests you had at heart. It can be the key to your freedom by your next birthday!

Finally, something in your chart shows me you are being emotionally manipulated by family. Block those numbers you don’t want to answer. You have a right to create healthier boundaries. Do it! Your stars are behind you!


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